ask me how hard i laughed omg

But consider this

I still have like two unfinished shidge fics so IDK if I ever will write this so here are my hcs for it

Your Obligatory Pidge is neighbors with Single Dad Shiro and his son Keith

-early 30s single dad Shiro and his son 5 year old Keith living in an apartment

-20s Pidge just moving next door

-awkward “Oh hey good morning!” followed by the “I made too much food would you like some?” nice moves pidge

-the “yeah sure thanks”

-the “Would you like to come inside?”

-the “let me go get my son”

-the omg he has a son?! He is married I have zero chances damn oh well time to hide my feelings in a dark void and be a good neighbor

- the “must be hard having children at a young age” followed by the explanation that shiro is in his 30s and Pidge laughing it off as a joke until he tells her he is serious and she is like HOW

-but also Shiro being busy with work and asking Pidge to take care of Keith for the night

-I’m guessing Pidge is into programming, tech stuff, freelancer so their time is pretty much at their control, although most of their freelance work comes from Altea Tech, their friend Hunk works there

-the Keith looking at Pidge’s photos hung on the the wall and seeing Pidge’s mom and asking “What are moms like??”

-Pidge realizing Keith never had a mom but yeah pidge has to say something “moms are nice, heartwarming. They take good care of you. Sometimes, they do scold you but that is because they love you and wants the very best for you.”

-”That sounds a lot like dad.”

-”Yep. Shiro is cool like that.”

-”Doesn’t that mean dad is twice as cool because he does both?” “Yeah. he is.”

-cue Pidge watching Lilo n Stich or maybe treasure planet with Keith and Keith falling asleep, Shiro getting home, thanking Pidge and carrying Keith back to his apartment

-Pidge hesitating because they may be intruding but then going with it saying Shiro is a very admirable and strong person as they are able to raise a wonderful son and also be amazing with their work

-Shiro being ???? then realizing that Pidge knows, probably from Keith, and then smiles and says thank you and good night before leaving

-Pidge closing their door and collapsing on the floor because how can shiro be this good-looking and perfect?! It is unfair, unjust

-Pidge meeting with Hunk to talk about their frustrations

-the “If he is single, then why don’t you just date him?!”

-”but what if he isn’t looking for someone and I end up ruining our good relations???”

-Also, previous neighbors the Sanchez, aka Kiddy Lance playing with Kiddy Keith with a really bad crush on Kiddy Keith because they thought Kiddie Keith was a girl, Curse u MULLET, and now they feel betrayed and confused af with their feelings somebody help these poor children u need to tell him it is ok to like boys pls

-by previous neighbors, I mean the Sanchez family  used to live in Pidge’s apartment, they saved enough money for a house so they moved to one, still in the neighborhood though

-Lance sleeping over because his parents had to do stuff (and by that I mean Lance crying like a baby because they miss Keith)

-Keith being all sparkly and excited and everything, Shiro is a happy dad

-Keith inviting PIDGE over, because Pidge and their movie collection are cool and not overrated and also because Keith wants Pidge to meet Lance

-because let’s face it, Shiro buys overrated movies, no time to go hunt the net for the good secret ones, but Pidge knows what is up

-the kid watching Brother Bear, Pidge brings popcorn and the kids swear they make the best popcorn

-Shiro falls asleep fast, poor dad needs rest, taking care of a 5 year old son and keeping up with work is a difficult job

-Keith swears he always does this in movie nights. Pidge drapes a blanket over shiro

-cue crying because Brother Bear is full of feels and shiro waking up because crying noises, note everyone is crying even Pidge 

-Shiro trying to not laugh at them, at pidge specifically, because Pidge cried watching brother bear, omg

-but Keith doesn’t know it is pidge he is laughing at and goes all defensive and like Brother Bear is an beautiful movie about ummmm…. brotherhood and bears, dad. You can’t laugh at brother bear when you slept on it.

-And Shiro just ruffling Keith’s hair saying yeah he is sorry and then looks at PIdge and winks (Pidge is internally and eternally screaming) as some form of I am sorry I laughed at you

-they finish the few remaining minutes of Brother bear and kids go to bed, Pidge goes back to their apartment

-Also Pidge, no car Pidge, bringing big bags when they go buy groceries coming down from buses and Shiro seeing that

-Shiro offering Pidge rides to the grocery store with him and Keith and Pidge saying yes because that would be a hell lot easier also GROCERY DATES

-Keith is in the cart obviously, Pidge is nice enough to make “vroom vroom” sounds for the kid, shiro never thought of that also they have dinner outside after this

-COOK DATES, aka Chef Dad Shiro, teaches Pidge some goddamn cooking because Pidge only knows how to cook pasta

-Shiro lowkey realizing he might be falling for Pidge but opting to just keep it to himself because Pidge is at their Prime, they can do anything in their 20s and well a single dad with a 5 year old kid isn’t exactly what people in their 20s are looking for (Joke is on you Shiro)

-Basically Shiro liking Pidge but considers his feelings something that will hold Pidge back so he doesn’t do anything about them

-How’s about daddy holt not going with non-binary and pidge being 100% done so they left their home at 18 bless matt for offering them a place to stay

-And how’s about some sad nights for Pidge because they remember daddy holt and they go drinking and moon viewing in the balcony

- cue accidentally breaking one of their pots and getting Shiro’s attention who hurries to their balcony because something just broke n they see pidge drunk in the moonlight

-the “Pidge are you okay? Is something wrong?”

-the “Oh hey Shiro. *hic*”

-the “You shouldn’t be here. You’re drunk, Pidge. It’s dangerous.” with the I am genuinely worried look

-the “tis fine. I’m perfectly fine.”

-the “Is something bothering you? Would you like to talk to me about it? I mean, if you are okay with it.”

-the SMILE in the glistening moonlight of pidge

-the arms stretching “You’re right shiro. I shouldn’t be here like this. I should hit the sheets. Good night.” before leaving

-the morning with the holy shit this HANGOVER and the need to go to the convenience store only to find a bag of Hangover coping drinks and meds on your door’s handle with the message:

“You’ll need these. Take Care,” -Shiro



-after the movie keith is like I am Nemo Papa is Merlin nemo’s papa and Pidge is dory

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Every time I watch your video on 10 things never to say to a writer, I laugh so hard I cry! People are already asking me literally every question you listed, oh how lovely that shit is :). Omg!!!

Oh yes, welcome to the writer life. It’s filled with assholes. This is why I rarely leave the house. 

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omg about taekook bubble i relate SM. like besides my friends i think i follow only taekook fanartists (noran, tofu, ally, pansy, gunny ..., plus some krn kv artists) & fic writers. ALSO kookvbot nim and bms nim cos obv...! surrounding myself w the good bangtan/taekook content only 😎✌️anyways what is your @ if you don't mind telling? i'll follow u 👍💕

HAHA me tho!! but mmm honestly i am not hard to find at all but you can ask me off anon! :’)

Hi how are you? Can i request a gifset of the hobi domino effect in bangtan choreo? Thank youu btw i love your blog 😊✌

sobs i’m sorry i’m not taking requests at the moment :-( i’d love to but akjsdnfkjsdf

Im laughing omg none of the boys mentioned kehlani they’re like yeah i wanna collab with drake chris brown and she’s like “UHM BOOOYS IM THIRD WHEELING RN BUT I EXIST TOO I WANT A COLLAB HELLO I WANT FAMEEEE” LMFAO dont get me wrong i like kehlani, its just funny to see- but wow bts be getting it

dskjnsjkd LOL THEY DID MENTION KEHLANI THO!! not for the collab part but as one of their influential female artist :’) but sobs,,, they’re getting so known.. my heart…


OMGGG anon you’re so cute to make me laugh so hard omggg lol

you ask a eremika trash that “eremika is complete shit”?? OMG HAHAHAHA LOL

well,as a eremika trash,now that you ask me kindly,
Of course I also generously give you more and more “eremika shit I drew” ^^

BTW,where are your mother?
maybe you need to go back and please your nice mother teaching you how to respect others.

Thank you for your ask,Bored anon.^^

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omg I hope i'm not too late for blurb night but can you pls do one on these two prompts: “I took my eyes off them for 30 seconds, they couldn’t have gotten far!” & “How did they get up there?! How are we going to get them down?!” with either Michael or Luke (the imagery I'm getting in my head with these two and that scenario is making me laugh so hard right now) :D :D x

Michael swore he left Sophia in the play pin while he went to use the bathroom. He couldn’t have been gone for more than a minute but when he got back, Sophia was no where to be found and the blanket she carried everywhere was left draped over the railings.  

Michael tried to stay calm, Sophia could barely walk she couldn’t have gotten very fair especially not with two adults in the house. Sure, one of those adults was napping with your newborn son but still! Michael scoured the living room, looking under tables and moving all the cushions on the couch, just in case. He checked her playroom and even double checked the coat closet before he decided to wake you up. 

“Don’t freak out,” he said. “But Soph is missing.” 


“I went to the bathroom and when I came back she wasn’t in her play pin.” 

Sighing, you climbed out of bed following your husband out of the living room and back downstairs. Sophia couldn’t climb the stairs so the two of you figured she had to be down here somewhere. Michael searched the kitchen while you doubled checked the rest of the first floor. 

“How did you get up there!” Michael shouted from the kitchen. “Babe!” 

You rushed into the kitchen to find your three year old perched on the shelf of your pantry. Her hand shoved into a goldfish cracker box with several goldfish littering the floor. 

“Funny,” you said. “You always disappear to the kitchen too. Like father like daughter.” 

daddy!5sos blurb night with @honeybeeisme​. Send in requests and tag us in your writing!