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😈 Confession ?
😊 Something that makes you happy
😍 Celebrity crush
😘 last person you said ‘I love you’ to
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Do you have any siblings ?
👺 Someone or Something you hate
💋 Ever kissed anyone
👍🏼 Last good deed you did
🌸 Favourite flower
🐱 Do you have pets ?
🐅 favourite animal
💦 Favourite weather
🍀 Do you have any luck charms or superstitions
🍕 Do you like pizza?
🎊 favourite holiday ?
🏀 Do you like sport ?
✈️ last place you traveled to
🚀 Would you go to space if you could ?
🌇 Favourite city
🎓 Favourite school subject
🎶 Favourite song(s)
🎬 Favourite film(s)
🎷 Do you play any instruments
🎢 Do you like roller coasters
💄 Do you wear make up ?
💿 Favourite album
🔋 Battery percentage ?
🚬 Do you smoke ?
📅 When is your birthday
💤 When do you usually go to sleep
♏️ Favourite Star sign
🕓 What time is it where you are ?
😡 What makes you angry
😳 Most embarrassing moment ?
😱 Biggest fears ?


8•2•15 | 2:36pm

I redid my APUSH notes *again*. But a big part of getting organized is playing around with your style and finding what works for you. I liked this way much better and found it to be more space saving. Also these are my prescription glasses. I need them otherwise I’m blind 😄

Also my ask is officially open, so if you have any questions feel free to send them to me and I’ll do my best to answer 😄❤️

What Are Your Favorite Camren Fanfics?

What are some good Camren fanfiction stories? Thank you :D

P.S I will be making a post of all my Camren fanfic (Tumblr and Wattpad) suggestions soon :)

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tobyvance042 asked:

What do you think of bullet bourbon

Bulleit is easily my second favourite mass market bourbon. 

Their standard is affordable, tasty, and just a touch overproof. Their rye whiskey was my reigning champ in that camp until I discovered defiancewhiskey and their 10 Year is quite delicious, I’m sad I can’t get ahold of it here. 

What do you think of it? 

anonymous asked:

Hi I was just on IMDb and it says katie Cassidy is in vixen I was just wondering if this is true I really don't want her in it its bad enough I have to put up with her on arrow thanx. Jessica x


Oy. Always, always, always take IMDb with a grain of salt. It can literally be updated by anyone. And it has. Or did you not see the piece of fiction called Green Arrow that thirsty fans tried to pass off as Arrow season 4 a couple of months ago? I got a chuckle out of how the show’s cast was listed. LOL. I believe it’s been deleted now. When I see stuff like that, I report it.

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anonymous asked:

What are the things you enjoy about your career the most? What are the things you despise about the most?

I enjoy: 

  • research
  • my clients
  • doing assessments, case conceptualization, and tx planning
  • working with smart, passionate, recovery-oriented people
  • supervision (as a supervisor and a supervisee)
  • putting theory into practice
  • advocacy and community action
  • how many options there are

I despise: 

  • how long it is taking to get to the end
  • how poor I am
  • living far away from my loved ones
  • people who are stigmatizing and otherwise make life worse for my population
  • especially when those people work in mental health and should know better
  • bureaucracy
  • how poorly funded mental health care and research is
  • unnecessary meetings and paperwork