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renruki popping up here! we know that byakuya doesn't have a heir since he doesn't have kids so what if renruki's first child is a boy and byakuya takes it upon him to train the boy as he was trained and make him his heir? like can you imagine byakuya trying to show off to his nephew by showing him his bankai? he'd probably give him his old scarf too! if renruki were to have another child and it's a girl i can picture that man becoming a huge softie and being overprotective of her.

I like this.  (っ◔◡◔)っ ❤

But now I just picture Ichika’s eyes marveling her dear uncle as he trains and shows her his bankai with a composed expression that masks his happiness for her excitement. He could be one of the reasons or inspirations for her determination or training. 

You also know Byakuya is overprotective of his little niece, just as he is of Rukia.

Imagine if Renji and Rukia were to have another child, and this time it would be a boy. A boy that resembles his uncle but with Renji’s eyes and attitude, or a small boy with his father’s hair and his mother’s eyes…oh the possibilities seem endless. Especially if they were to have another girl too.

Rukia and Renji can honestly have more babies and they would all be as unique as them. 

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Hi, I'm currently going for my bachelors in psychology. And my professors keep saying how hard it is to get into grad school. I'm a pretty good student, but I have very severe anxiety so joining clubs and extracurriculars is terrifying to me. This is something my therapist and I are trying to work on, me doing more things. I am only a sophomore in college, but I am scared that I won't get in grad school when the time comes. Do you know what grad schools look for?

hi anon,

take a look at my megapost on this topic- there are also several linked posts that are related to your question. feel free to message back if you have more questions! 

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Don't post this. It isn't meant to be shit post. But you need to know your actions and your snappy assumptions and such effect other people and make people that actually like you, want to avoid you. You have your "sources" and I have mind. Jack did actually cheat on a girl when he was very young. Blindly defending him and being rude to others over it is dumb and you're above it. I still watch and like Jack and assume he's grown up. Doesn't change the facts. Forgiveness is better than lies.

i appreciate your statement and i shall adjust my ‘snappy’ comments in accordance if it bothers you. i see it more as my sense of humor with the ‘sources’ comments and a sense of forgive and forget for the whole cheating thing (which is an issue over on iridescent so idk why you’re mentioning it here). as for everything else, i compel you to speak for yourself only, as i’m pretty confident in saying that i’m overall a very nice and genuine person and i don’t mean to make people want to avoid me, but if i come across that way then i’m sorry.

i haven’t broken any hearts yet and you’re the first 'hater’ i’ve received so i think i’m doing alright so far. if you have any further complaints feel free to message me, as i’d love to have an open discussion with you. :)

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Mark is fire. Mark can bring warmth and joy, or he can rage. Jack is water. Jack is necessary to live, but if things get too energetic, he can be damaging. Tyler is Earth. He is steady. He is constant. Ethan is air. Well meaning and important, but can become too much at times.

“but can become too much at times”

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i have thick thighs and......i hate them i totally hate them. no its not a physical appearance thing but i hate how they burn a hole in my crotch area every time i wear pants :((((( no types of pants survive. its super inconvenient too especially once in middle school, i didnt realize i had a crotch hole from my chub rub and i was sitting down on the floor with my legs crossed and this random girl pointed at the spot and shouted "OMG UR PANTS ARE RIPPED I CAN SEE YOUR UNDERWEAR! *criespainfully*

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I’m so sorry to read this… I too went through similar situations. I too am an advocate for the fashion industry to produce some kind of reinforcement in those areas (we can invent clothing that glows in the dark, a fabric that absorbs 99% of the light, clothes that help athletes; but it’s not practical - to them - to invest on stuff we need in our daily lives, like bigger pockets for women’s jeans and stronger fabric between the thighs or maybe even plus size clothes that are made for actual fat women, with stomach fat and flabby arms and and not just models with a little more meat in their hips and ass and bigger tits and no belly).

What I want you to realize here it’s that it’s not your fault. We live in a society that takes the blame of its own structural flaws and put them in the individuals. We live in a society where bullying and explicit demonstrations of fatphobia (because that’s what that girl did) is accepted, tolerated and even encouraged (and when we have a say against it, we’re suddenly ‘romanticizing’ or ‘glorifying’ obesity, when we’re actually calling for respect). Your thighs are beautiful and I’m sorry you hate them, but the fault is not on you or on your body, but in a world that fails to recognize that different people exist (they usually only recognize that when they want to profit on marginalized groups).

That girl could perfectly well come to talk to you in private and point it out to you. Once at uni, a girl was with her shirt turned inside out, so I tapped her gently and whispered in her ear that her shirt was inside out. She thanked me and went to change. That’s how you point this things out. You don’t point out zits, scars, fat, or other things that are inherently ours. We should be gentle to other people (not in cases of injustice or when we’re wrong, but I’m saying in ordinary situations), to support each other, especially if we’re girls, we go through so much hell already.

I hope one day you can realize that you are beautiful and every bit of you makes who you are, anonie. I know it’s not easy, and I struggle with stuff like that too. But swallowing hatred towards yourself is not good for you, trust me.

My ask is always open, you naughty children. Love, CL.💋

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actually having a romantic relationship from both characters and a beautiful creation from that love #justrenrukithings #justichihimethings

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There was a blog for that.

My little sister would save all their edited pics on her phone and look at them, she barely reminded me of the blog which a few years ago dedicated manga moments as “just ichihime things”, but I don’t remember if they deleted their blog or deactivated it. 

If anyone knows about it I’ll be happy if I can see the edits again, they were really cute. 

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Caught in the Rapture coming soon! Yay! Can you say what the chapter is named?

Hi Anon,

Yup, CitR is coming very soon! I’m working hard to have an update for you guys by the end of the week. The title of Chapter 10 is “The Temptation.” A lot of important research has gone into this chapter, which includes staring tirelessly at the gif below. Because if you are going to write Oliver/Al Sah-him in a towel, you need to make sure the details are accurate. It’s just responsible writing! ;)

Q&A 101

Hi guys! I’ll be filming soon my Q&A 101 on my YouTube Channel for this month and if you have any random questions (witty, advices or any questions under the sun lol), you can send it to my ASK BOX or you can send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE right away! Thank you! ;)