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The most valuable thing I learned doing a Masters degree with depression, anxiety and ADHD was to change my “things I’m bad at” list to “things I can’t do on my own.” Stop thinking of them as things I could do if I tried hard enough, and accept that I can’t accomplish them by effort and willpower alone; they’re genuine neurocognitive deficits, and if I need to do the thing, then just like a blind person reading or a mobility impaired person going up a storey in a building, I need to find a different method.

I’m “bad at” working on long-term projects without an imminent deadline or someone breathing down my neck? Okay, let’s change that: I can’t work on long-term projects without an imminent deadline and someone breathing down my neck. So let’s create an imminent deadline and recruit neck-breathers. Find a sympathetic prof who will agree that 3 weeks before the due date they expect me to show them my preliminary notes and bibliography. Get a friend I trust to block off an hour to sit with me and keep asking, “Are you working on your project?” Write a blog post about my progress. Arrange to trade papers and proofread them with another student.

Accept your limitations and learn to leverage them, instead of buying the neurotypical fairytale that they’ll go away if you just try hard enough.

The Peculiar Children as Things That I've Said in the Past 6 Months

Jacob: Nut allergies are only nut allergies because people have them.

Hugh: I have three goldfish named Gordon.

Enoch: How likely would it be that you could just… you know… go away…?

Bronwyn: You don’t need to be strong to protect people, you just need to be small enough to kick them in the nuts.

Millard: Jigglybits is a very scientific term. I should know, I took a biology class for a day.

Horace: Does this sweater make me look like a walking trash bag? Because that’s the look I was going for.

Olive: If people were made to fly, they would have wings. Like flying squirrels; such majestic creatures…

Emma: If I set fire to this piece of paper, how fast would the school burn?

Fiona: When did spring come? I was uninformed about this.

Claire: [when asked for a number between 1 and 10] Triangle.


Miss P: I don’t care if you haven’t come out of my womb; I am your mother and you will listen to me or you will be standing in the rain for the rest of the night. Do you understand me?

pro-tip to any student starting out their university program in science

don’t overdo your writing. 

in highschool we liked to write a lot of detail. In highschool (in mine, at least) teachers would give us a guideline for what to write, but if you just followed it exactly you’d lose marks because you didn’t elaborate further.

In university, if the prof gives you a guideline that says 

  1. Talk about background of topic 
  2. What’s the question?
  3. Summarize methods they used 
  4. Key results
  5. Discuss significance of work and apply it to future work 

Do exactly that. Use headlines and words that show the prof you read the guideline and you’re following what they said. If you don’t, they literally will miss it or argue that it wasn’t clear.

  • Do: Background, Methods, Results
  • If they say no headlines, then STILL highlight the words in NEW paragraphs. Say: “The question asked in the study was___” “The key results in this study were ___”. 
    • Some of my friends think that’s not “advanced” writing and that you should just play on words. But trust me. It saves your life if they can just read it and see it and check it off. You’re not being advanced if the reader can’t find what they want.

Also, note the PRIORITY of the paper to your prof.

  • Does the prof want you to discuss the methodology and highlight why the paper is novel in that aspect? 
  • Does the prof want you to discuss the results and explain them? 
  • Does the prof want you to look at the overall significance of the paper?

When they say things like “key results” they mean that. They don’t mean give me every detail and discuss every figure. Your key results are the ones you can tie directly to the hypothesis/question.  Don’t discuss the back-up tests and figures that they did TO GET TO your key result (unless prof specifically says that).

AVOID FLUFF. When they told me this in 2nd year, I found it really stupid. What do you mean “change in colour was noted/observed” is fluff? But now I think, why would I include that in my paper unless the change in colour WAS a VARIABLE being studied?

  • If we’re just noting it, it’s not a key variable
  • And if it is, then explain what the colour change was and what it indicated and why you’re bothering to tell me about it

Talk to your profs. No two profs want the same thing overall; but they DO all want you to 1. follow guidelines and 2. Avoid fluff.

Questions to ask your prof:

  • I’m unclear about whether you want me to discuss the results in detail (#s, values, figures) or if you just want me to summarize the finding ( __ is associated with __ in ___ way ). Which would you prefer?
  • You mentioned in my previous paper that my paper did not include enough detail. Do you want more detail in terms of results (values) or in terms of explaining their significance/tying them together?
  • For future work, do you mean theoretical advances that I can imagine or future experiments we can more realistically look into at our current stage of knowledge?
  • Do you expect my paper to be focused on my review/reflection/thoughts or is this an informative paper that summarizes the findings?

And of course, I haven’t gotten 100% on all my papers. This is just the stuff that I’ve learned over the past few years and that usually students who do better on papers tend to follow.

DON’T: feel embarrassed to ask the profs specific questions. 

DO: You want a good mark and you want to give them what they want. Ask them to clarify what they’re looking for.

DON’T: feel like your writing will be less “advanced” if you use the guideline and incorporate it as part of your paper. 

DO: take advantage of the guideline and follow it! And if you think that at one point you need to add more or less info or the guideline isn’t clear about that, ask the prof or TA!

Second Chances || 01 (A)

A run-in with your ex causes you to rethink everything. 

Word Count: 4.8k
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst, Smut, College!AU
A/N: Thanks so much to the lovely @seoulscapes for beta-ing my first fic! This series will have about eleven chapters to it and will be updated as time goes on. Feedback is always appreciated! Enjoy the first chapter of my “Second Chances” series!

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In high school I had to do a quick creative writing project where I wrote a story in an hour. Since I did a lot of writing at the time, I finished early and then went back to my computer to start a test (mostly online school).

My school had multiple teachers who all overlooked the students, but some teachers had more one on one time with certain grade levels. The teacher that I turned the paper in to was confused over me saying “goose pimples” instead of goose bumps. She decided to go to another one of the English teachers to ask about it, and the other teacher looked at the first one like she was an idiot. I overheard the second teacher say “she’s using terms from England, where I went to school. She obviously has good taste in literature.”

American teachers think it’s so weird that students read anything from other countries that it flat out had to be explained that I picked up the term from reading about other cultures.

It’s Hard To Say Goodbye Pt. 1 // Fanfic

(Another) Modern Au // Nessian (what else would I write about?)

Three months. Three months. Three months. Three months. Three months. The words kept repeating themselves as Nesta stared at the bright white walls. She felt like she was in a mental hospital, that she was in a dream. This couldn’t be happening. Her cancer was back and she had three months to live. Three months. Three months. Three months. 

“Nesta, I know this is hard-,” 

“Wait, you’ve had cancer too and were told you only had three months left to live?” Nesta snaps interrupting her doctor before she can finished her sentence. 

“Well no but-,” 

“But nothing, you don’t know what this is like,” Nesta says, shooting up from her chair and grabbing her bag. “I guess this is it then. See you at my funeral. Oh wait, I won’t because I’ll be dead.” 

“Nesta, why don’t you take this. This might be something you will be interested in,” her doctor says, handing her a pamphlet. 

Nesta glances at the cover before shoving it into her bag. “I don’t need grief counseling but I’ll be sure to give this to my family since they’ll be needing it,” she snaps, exiting the room, ignoring her doctor who was calling after her. 

She wiped blindly at the tears that were threatening to fall. She wasn’t sure if they were angry tears or if they were sad tears but either way she did not want to cry over this. She wasn’t worth it. 

She didn’t cry when she told Elain, who burst into tears and clinged to her sister tightly. 

She didn’t cry when she told Feyre, who looked at Nesta in pity and told her everything was going to be okay. 

She didn’t cry when she told Feyre to watch over Elain, since she wouldn’t be able to anymore. 

She didn’t cry when she broke up with her boyfriend, Tomas, because of it. Heck, that was the only good thing the cancer gave her. 

She certainly didn’t cry when she told her dad, who was so busy with work that he probably didn’t even hear her. 

“What’s this?” Feyre asks, picking up the crumpled piece of paper and flatting it out. Despite the complaints of Nesta, both Elain and Feyre took turns coming over to Nesta’s apartment to make sure she was okay. “Grief counseling?” 

Nesta paused from the box she was going through. “My doctor told me I should go so I can come to terms with my death sentence.” 

There’s a pause and Nesta thinks that maybe she shouldn’t be joking about her death. “You should go,” Feyre states. 

“Why? I am already going through my things so you don’t have too, I am pretty sure that means I’ve come to terms with it,” Nesta retorts, throwing some old drawings into a trashbag. 

“No, I think your just doing this to keep your mind off of it. I think you should go and I think Elain will too,” Feyre says. Nesta understood the threat behind Feyre’s statement. 

“Don’t call her,” Nesta warned, before sighing in defeat. “I’ll go once. When is it?” 

“Tonight!” Feyre exclaims with a bright smile. “How perfect is that? Do you need me to drop you off?” 

“No, mom, I think I can drive a car fine by myself,” Nesta snaps. 

“My name is Bretha, and I will be your counselor,” Bretha says, from the podium in the front of the room. “How about we go around and say our names and why we are here.” 

Nesta took of sip of the stale coffee they offered to hold back a groan. She had sneaked in late and took the empty seat in the far corner hoping no one would notice her. “Is this your first time here?” someone whispers leaning over towards her. 

“Yup, is it that obvious?” she responds, as people around the room state their names and reasons for being there. She can’t help but roll her eyes. 

“I’ve been coming here for a month, I am glad to finally have someone here who’s finally under the age of forty. Wait, That sounded harsh. I am sorry for the circumstances of why your here but I am glad to have someone who doesn’t go to bed at nine to talk too,” he whispers, scooting over one seat so he’s right next to her. 

“My circumstances?” she asks, slightly confused. 

“Yeah, obviously someone you know died to make your come here,” he says. 

She frowns, wasn’t this supposed to be for people who are dying? She looked down at the pamphlet that she was gripping in her hand. She was in the right building. Room 103. She glanced towards the door to see 102 on the door. She was in the wrong room. 

“I am sorry, did I touch a nerve? I didn’t want to come here but I had too with my line of work. I didn’t even know my mother before she died but I had to go through this program to get cleared to work,” he says, “So who died?” 

“Aren’t you a little forward?” Nesta ponders, but she liked the fact that he didn’t know she was dying. She liked that he treated her like a normal person and didn’t look at her like she was about to break. 

“Cassian?” Bertha calls out, the boy I was talking too turns to the front of the room. “Care to tell us why you are here?” 

“I believe everyone already knows who I am since you just said my name and the same people have been coming to these meetings for the past month,” he annouces. Bertha glares at him. “Fine, fine. I am Cassian and I have been sober for- oh wrong support group. I am Cassian and I am here because my mother died and I need to get a paper signed that says I won’t have a mental breakdown.” 

Bertha lets out a loud sigh, “And you? Your new, correct?” 

Nesta looks up to see Bertha staring at her. She didn’t know what to say, she couldn’t say that she was dying. “I am Nesta Archeron and I am here because…” she paused glancing pleadingly towards Cassian. 

“I think that’s a littler personal, Bertha. We should give the girl some time to get to know us before we ask her to tell us her life story,” Cassian annouces. Bertha frowns but turns away from them and continues on with the meeting. “You okay?” 

Nesta nods. 

“Was it a husband? A boyfriend?” he asks. 

“Boyfriend,” she quickly mutters not wanting to be on the subject of death anymore. Funny how she didn’t want to talk about death when she was a support group for people grieving. 

“I’ll see you next meeting?” Cassian asks, when the meeting finally ends. They were walking out into the parking lot together. 

She hears herself say yes before she can even think it through. Cassian made her forget and made her feel like the world wasn’t as cold as she once thought it was. Shame, she realized that with only three months to live. 

What do you guys think about the new series? I swear one day I’ll stop writing fics and actually do prompts. 

On Wednesday afternoon, while paddling through a week that began with press secretary Sean Spicer’s resignation and was pockmarked by Donald Trump dogging his attorney general, the White House launched a hopeful tradition: letters from children to the president, read aloud in the daily press briefing.

Four hours later, the term #PickleTruther was teeming on Twitter, and things had gotten really weird.

White House incoming press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during Wednesday’s briefing. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

“My name is Dylan but every body calls me Pickle,” Wednesday’s letter began.  Pickle had a few questions for the president. From sharing his birthday plans to asking about the President’s financial status, ‘Pickle’ expressed his admiration for the current occupant of the White House.

Others had questions as well.

Was it odd that the notebook paper, which theoretically arrived in the mail, didn’t seem to have the crease marks one would see on a letter folded into an envelope? Was it unusual that a young child would have spelled “people” and “friend” correctly, but then mixed up “how”? What kind of 9-year-old would request a birthday party themed around a 71-year-old man?

Read the rest of the story and check out the letter: Did a 9-year-old called ‘Pickle’ really write that letter to Trump? Yep, he’s real.

Control Ch. 3

This chapter is lighter, no smut, nothing too dramatic, just Jumin and MC getting tense. I’ll be back a little later to post some slightly smutty scenarios. Hope you still enjoy this!

You turn your head to find Seven and a soft smirk. You scoff lightly.

“You know damn well what I’ve been up to, Seven.”

“Yeah… I just wanted to brag a little. Go on, tell everybody.”

“Tell what?” Jaehee asks, confused.

“I just started this internship at this publicity agency. Seven might have or might have not sent my résumé to them, since I don’t remember sending one myself.”

“You need to start eating food with omega 3 to stimulate your memory, MC, you’re too young to keep forgetting things.” He smiles teasingly, you just roll your eyes and smile, the first true smile of the day.


“There’s something I’ve been wondering if you’d be willing to try.” He says, looking down, you swear he is even blushing a little.

“Go on, tell me.” You say, your hand grabs his in reassurance.

“Remember when you told me I should research things that can be of my interest in bed? I did a little one…”

“Okay. And?”

“Well, I’ve been interested in bondage, MC. Do you… do you know what bondage is?”

“I do, yeah… what about it?”

“I… right, just… know I don’t want to hurt you, MC. And it’s not about restraining you or… it’s just…”

“Having me under your control.”

He lets out a breathless chuckle. “Exactly. I… hope you don’t get me wrong on this, my love.”

“Jumin, honey… it’s fine. Don’t feel bad for taking interest in new things and wanting to try them. Stop repressing yourself, you did this for too long now…” now your both hands hold his. “So, uhm… what will you use to tie my wrists?”

This moment earned a new meaning to Jumin as months passed by. It used to be a sweet memory, the exact time when he knew that no matter what, he could be comfortable on his own skin when you were around, you made him feel comfortable, adequate, normal… happy for having someone who could understand him and support him.

Now, it’s a reminder of how stupid he was over you, it was a warning about who you really were, and he was so caught up under your spell he didn’t even notice. His lack of good sense hit exponential numbers when it concerned you, and maybe still does, since the first thing he did when you walked in that hall for that party was saying huskly “We need to talk”, dragging you to the closest empty room and… well, not talking at all.

But… what would he even talk about? He said it all that night you left, you probably said everything as well. You were scared of him, you lied and he couldn’t forgive you for lying. Neither of you could trust each other. Period.

So why is he still thinking about this? Why did his body claim yours so naturally in that room? Why watching you smile sweetly and laugh of Yoosung takes him back immediately back to that afternoon you showed up at his penthouse and introduced yourself as MC from the messenger?

“You missed this too, huh?” V comes behind him and rocks his shoulder playfully, waking him up from the trance. “RFA parties.” He explains, almost guessing Jumin was wondering if he was talking about something else.

“This isn’t a RFA party, it’s a C & R event.”

“Well, it’s a party, RFA is all here, so… no, but come to think of it, the guest list wasn’t in charge of the guest’s list coordinator, so yeah, it’s not a RFA party even though the whole RFA is here after a long time.”

“RFA and an intruder. Why did you invite her?”

“I told you. I wanted to call a meeting for RFA members. Last time I checked, MC is still a member.”

“Because Luciel didn’t delete her user from the server, even though she doesn’t log in for months.”

“Oh, so you noticed too?” he grins, and Jumin rolls his eyes. How couldn’t he notice, you were online in almost every chat before… all that.

“I don’t want her here, Jihyun. After everything she did, I…”

“Yes, but you see, you keep not telling me what she did that was so despicable, so… if I don’t know, I can’t judge, so she’s welcome here. And I’m not the only one who thinks that.”

Jumin watches as everybody in that table is laughing, even Jaehee, he rarely sees her smiling so genuinely, of course you are playing a role in this.

“Knowing you, you wouldn’t judge her even if I told you what she did.”

“Try me.”

“Nice try. I… I don’t even want to think of this again, so forget it.”

“I will. But then you can’t complain about having her here. Come on, let’s mingle.”

Jumin walks to that table as if his shoes are stuffed with iron, he’s almost dragging himself there, feeling completely inappropriate as your back is getting closer, the same back he had against his body some minutes ago… ugh… how can something so good at the moment make him feel so nauseous a little later?

“Finally! I was wondering if you guys left!” Zen greets them with a teasing tone.

“Of course not, we were just playing hosts, maybe you all should do the same. This is a RFA event, even though it doesn’t look like one.”

“We will, we will, after we catch up on MC’s life a little…” Yoosung shrugs and doesn’t even look at V. You chuckle, some things haven’t changed…

“I told you. There’s nothing much! I started at this internship. Yes, Seven, thank you.”

“My pleasure.” He raises his Dr. Pepper can.

“And uhm… well, I’m working on my term paper, as I’m about to graduate and… that’s pretty much it.”

“Yeah, yeah… we heard about this already. What about your love life, MC?” Seven gags on his Dr. Pepper, Yoosung and Jaehee stop breathing. You knew this was coming, Zen wouldn’t waste an opportunity to make Jumin uncomfortable, he doesn’t even know what happened, but he definitely took your side, and he probably waited for this moment in a while, you can even imagine him rehearsing this exact line.

“I see you’re still smooth, Zen. If you want to ask me out, just do so.” Zen gasps a little, then he blushes and looks away. You smile in satisfaction, and though you cannot see him, you’re pretty sure Jumin is smirking a little too… not that you care, you just can’t let Zen use you to affect Jumin.

“I’m glad you’re catching up, but I think we should take this moment that everybody is together to discus about the elephant in the room.” V says bluntly.

“Yes, RFA’s future.” Jaehee states, taking a sip of her wine.

“What future? We haven’t even discussed hosting parties after MC… left.” Seven says while typing on his phone.

“And now she’s here, that makes me assume she’s willing to… go back to her duty.”

You knew this subject would be brought up eventually, but you didn’t really prepare yourself for a definitive answer, which is probably what V wants.

“I would want to put this for a voting.” Jumin says looking at his wine.

“Put what for a voting?” you turn your head like your worst enemy is ready to stab you on your back.

“Your permanence as RFA guest list’s coordinator.” His eyes meet yours, all you see is coldness.

“I see. Putting it for a vote implies you have grounds on why I shouldn’t stay.”

“I was about to get there. Yes, I do. My grounds are that you were absent from your duty for half a year, which makes you unqualified for this job.”

“I logged in to that chatroom almost every day. There was nothing about a party, so I decided to focus on college.”

“And on work?” he asks bluntly, but only you can sense the judgmental tone.

“Yes. You got a problem with that?”

“What you do with your life is none of my concerns, MC.”

“Thank you, so you do admit putting it for a vote is pathetic.” You turn your back on him. What is this taste rising in your mouth? Victory?

“I don’t think putting it for a vote is pathetic.” Seven says, his eyes finally look away from his phone. What the fuck? “I think it would be interesting, somehow.”

“Seriously? Why?”

“Well, V wants her to stay, and though V is our so called leader, decisions concerning RFA’s future should be decided for all RFA members. But that’s just what I think.” And he goes back to his phone. Oh… so this is not about you, this is about V. Everything has been about V with Seven ever since your first RFA party.

“Couldn’t agree more, Luciel.” V says, Seven doesn’t answer.

“Well… I think we have a good fair of members who want this voting…” Jaehee says carefully, but when she says “great amount” you know she means “V”, sometimes you think she respects him more than her own boss. “I won’t oppose.”

“Fair enough. Let’s put it for a vote, then.Oh, and since I’m in trial here, apparently, I’ll abstain my voting.” You say, you didn’t want to come off so salty, but it’s impossible.

“I think MC should stay.”

“Me too.” Zen and Yoosung don’t even think, they just answer. Gogh, you missed Yoosung so much! And Zen… is obviously trying to make it up for trying to use you before. You know his intentions are always good, but if Jumin is in the way, he lacks a little bit of good sense… hum, funny, you could be easily describing yourself  right now.

“I’ll… abstain myself.” Jaehee says looking down, then she throws a quick glance to you. And, with that, you know you have her loyalty, but… she can’t really compromise herself with her boss like this. You glance back and smile at her in reassurance. No words need to be exchanged between you.

“I vote for her to leave, as I explained my reason before.”

“Reasons would imply that you’re being reasonable, Jumin. Which is not the case.” You mutter.

“I… also vote for MC to leave.” V says. What? Oh… you might have his assistant’s loyalty, but of course you wouldn’t have his best friend’s. And V probably knows all Jumin’s side on this. Ugh… that’s so stupid.

“Okay, so It’s a tie. Seven has the deciding vote.” Zen says, all the eyes in the table go straight to him.

Seven keeps typing without any expression in his face. At this point, you don’t even care what he decides, you have no clue on what he’s thinking! Even Jumin is easier to read for you.

Do you want to stay? Do you want to leave? Is it worth staying in a group where two people don’t consider you welcome? But is it right that you leave just because one of these people is your childish scared of conflicts ex-fiancée? You… honestly don’t know.

“Luciel… what’s your vote?” Jaehee asks impatiently.

“Hmmm… what do you think I should vote for, MC?”

Chapter 4 will be out next week!  

Chapter 2 | Chapter 4 

There is a lot about my grading philosophy that has changed over time.  

One thing is completion points.  Like, I’m really moving away from doing that, and if I DO then, they are minuscule blips in a grade book.

Naturally, it feels, in a college credit literature course, we don’t have completion points. The syllabus and resulting grades are all a testament to the students’ work in different weighting categories:  short weekly writings, 3 creative pieces, 3 unit tests, and one term paper.

For the term paper, I told kids to turn in a rough draft a week early and ask me three questions–specific questions.  Asking “Can you read this and tell me if it’s good?” doesn’t count.  In doing this, I told them I would answer those specific questions and glance at their paper for jarring errors.  With honor sophomores (getting college credit, not less), I still have issues with kids not using secondary sources correctly, using first person, not integrating quotes … so I’d glance for those big/slightly common errors with kids of that caliber.  

But then.  THEN.  Someone asked, “How much is the rough draft worth?”

I snorted and said, “Technically nothing. But what is it worth gambling your term paper grade worth 15%?” 

Seriously, there was NOTHING to lose.  It was pure feedback, praise, constructive criticism.  And there were kids who heard there were no points, and then didn’t turn it in.

And when I look at who got C-/B- ranges (getting lower is rare in this class and the cause of grave, egregious errors), it’s the kids who didn’t turn in rough drafts.  

I don’t want grades that reflect compliance.  That’s why I’m stepping away from completion points, but then in moments like this, I see they don’t even know how to help themselves unless a point carrot is attached.

So frustrating. 

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Kara wanting to adopt a puppy so she goes to the shelter and she meet R there. When R i checking up on Kara and her new pup Kara asks R out? Thanks 💙

Originally posted by goteamdelusional

“So, in terms of the recommended food we gave you; has he been eating it all?”

“Goodness, yeah,” the new dog owner nodded vigorously and scratched behind her puppy’s ears.  “Sometimes I think he eats faster than me.”

“And how about his behavior at night?  Do you keep him in a crate or…?”

“No, he sleeps with me in my bed,” Kara replied.  “I think we both feel better that way.”

“That’s really sweet,” you noted as you scrawled the information onto the paper attached to your clipboard.  “You feel comfortable with the outcome of this adoption?”

“Absolutely,” the blonde confirmed.  “Can I ask you a question?”

“Uh, sure.”

“Would you like to stay for dinner?  Bentley and I would love some company.”

“Oh, um, yes, of course!” you replied after a few seconds of surprised silence.  “I would love to.”

Welcome, one and all, to a very special episode of the Unions, entitled Eyes Wide Shut. No, we haven’t joined a sex cult (not for lack of trying as you will soon discover), I’m talking about my eyes, as this update is comprised entirely of shit that happened on free will while I was makeovering the dormies and not paying attention. I was about to type ‘big mistake’ but honestly, what thing about this family isn’t.

As seen above, Daniel and Gunther are still battling it out over the amazing honor of being Jojo’s #1 best bro. Having picked the genius strategy of pandering to Jojo’s violent tendencies, Gunther is slowly but surely edging Daniel out.

-Damn that std-riddled-almost-morning-after-pilled brat! Jojo is mine, I have seniority!

Ugh, wish I could help, Dan, but I see no way to win this short of letting Jojo murder you. A bond that can never be broken..

..unlike every other bond going on around here. I hear secret society bells! We’re coming, Ronroneo ❤

Aw, newly madeover dormie likes Gunther, how sweet! Well, sis, It’s your lucky day!

-Congratulations, babe, you’re the 200th insignificant rando to be into me! You win a quick view of my topless body and the opportunity to write my term paper while I ask out the hot goth chick next to you. No offense but that dog shirt freaks me out, traumatic pet childhood, you understand.. Can’t be dating people who remind me of my dad.


Gunther’s aspiration bar is about to hit the crapper so I briefly intervene to make sure the date with blue-meatballs-hair goes well. Things are heating up quickly as per us, dog shirt is writing our term paper in the background, all is well, and then Gunther puts his date down..

AND TURNS AROUND AND KISSES THIS RANDO. I took a look at Gunther’s panel and apparently he has already woohooed the rando at some unspecified point in time but this is the first time they kiss! Kids these days. But seriously who the fuck is this girl and WHERE WAS I. Even better, Meatballs has 0 reaction to this even though its happening smack down in the middle of their date. WELL ALRIGHT THEN

Oh nice, gross hippy also wants a piece of this. Get in line, bro, it’s kind of a busy day.






-We have something that you’ll never understand ♡


-Ah, that was a pleasant break.. So where were we? Right, so Victor is like, the bully of the family, a massive asshole tbh but don’t tell Jojo I said so cause he loves him, go figure.. 



WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS DORM. And of course it’s a dream date! Meatballs, no offense, but you’re truly setting the bar for low standards.

-Ugh get with the times, grandma, spending an entire date without fucking at least two people? What is this, Victorian England? 

Yea but all you did was stand there smiling, homework in hand, and then get shooed off?



LMAO oh man did gross hippy pick the wrong guy to pull this shit on. See you @ the pearly gates sis!

AT LAST, JUSTICE, as delivered by the heavy hand of the secret society lunatic who we’re not even friends with. Whatever, get him, girl!


-It meant the world to me, babe, do you have any idea how much I want to resurrect my cat??


Woah, woah, let’s not be hasty here, lunatic Vicki.. I mean if you being alive is the problem, there are ways to solve that. Meatballs, I take back everything, I see your value now.



…But at the end of the day, all that matters is the person sleeping next to you! In different but related news, I’m deleting and I won’t be missed.

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you're so mysterious! would you ever consider posting a selfie or indulging us in your personal life? <3

Am I… mysterious? This amuses me, because I’m the kind of person who wears her heart on her sleeve, I just try to keep this blog DN-only, haha.

Last few times I shared images of myself, people told me I destroyed their mental image of me looking like Mikami, but alright, so be it.

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The Eclipse

By: SassyShoulderAngel319

Fandom/Character(s): Avengers - Peter Parker/Spider-Man + Team

Rating: G

Original Idea: There was an ECLIPSE IN NORTH AMERICA YESTERDAY Y’ALL! I AM THE BIGGEST ASTRONOMY NERD (Okay not really but whatever)! I didn’t get to see the total eclipse, but I had 90% coverage where I live so that was cool too. (I was gonna out this up yesterday but OF COURSE my INTERNET BROKE last night.

Notes: (Masterlist)(About Me) I used a lot of Astronomy terms in this that I didn’t bother to explain, but if you’re interested in what they are, Google them or even send me an ask and I’d be happy to explain as best I can. I took an Honors Intro to Astronomy last semester and got a VERY high A—something my teacher told me is hard to do. I love space and I love this stuff so if you have a question, ask away!

“The Eclipse”


Peter and I held onto each other’s shirts in anticipation, paper glasses on over our eyes and heads craned towards the sky. I was biting my lip in excitement, watching as a dent appeared in the top right corner of the sun. “It’s starting!” I whispered excitedly, giving Peter a little shake.

“You see it too?” he replied. “I thought staring was just messing with my eyes.”

“Nah kid, it’s there,” Tony put in.

The eclipse progressed slowly, the sun slowly rising through the moon, but the difference became noticeable. As more and more of the sun was blocked by the moon, the temperature dropped and the air… oh the air. I grew up in one of the driest states in the country where wildfires were common. Mostly during August, the air would get dark and hazy—almost orange—due to all the smoke. The eclipse had a similar effect on shadows and the lighting. Except, instead of orange, the tint was black.

“This is incredible,” Bucky remarked.

“No kidding,” Steve agreed.

As the event neared totality, it got colder. I huddled closer to Peter, absorbing his warmth and watching raptly. It looked like someone had taken a massive bite out of a giant, glowing yellow cookie. Or the Cheshire Cat’s grin from Alice in Wonderland. Thank science for the eclipse glasses that let us watch it. Peter held onto me too, unconsciously unzipping his jacket and wrapping it around me.

“Look!” I exclaimed as I glanced down. “Look at the shadow bands!”

Everyone looked down and took their glasses off, watching the phenomenon for a moment. It looked a bit like watching light dancing on the bottom of a pool—if the light was absolute darkness and the pool was just the normal concrete we were standing on.

We put our glasses back on and looked back up quickly after making sure we got a picture or a video of the bands.

“What are the beads of light around the moon called again?” Peter asked.

“Baily’s beads,” I answered.

“Thank you, Astronomy Google,” Sam remarked sarcastically.

“Shhh!” I hissed.

“The diamond ring,” Peter murmured as a flare of light on the edge of the eclipse appeared. I smiled in giddiness, giving him a squeeze.

“This is super fantastic!” I squealed quietly.

I wasn’t sure why we were all being so quiet. There was just a sense of reverence to watching. A lot of the team wasn’t particularly religious, but I at least felt like this experience was spiritual and sacred—a testament, to me, of the beauty of the beauty of nature. I had my arms around Peter, both of us holding stock still, and just staring with awe at the diamond ring phenomenon. Until it faded.

Beep! Beep! A little notification went off on Tony’s phone.

“Totality reached!” he announced. “Glasses off! We have two-and-a-half minutes!”

I ripped my glasses off, looking straight up. The hot summer day had grown chill, but not completely cold.

“Wow!” I breathed.

I looked around at the horizon. A 360-degree sunset was wrapped around our area of privacy. The whole team expressed their amazement as the birds and bugs quieted. I gave Peter a little shake, a wide grin on my face. He returned the expression without taking his eyes off the event.

“Look!” Wanda exclaimed, pointing into the sky.

Stars. Just a few. The sky was dark enough for them.

Or, more specifically, planets. There were four.

Vision began to explain something about the planets. I ignored him in favor of looking back at the eclipse itself. “You see the light we can still see?” I whispered to Peter. He nodded. “That’s the corona—the upper layer of the sun’s atmosphere. Total eclipses are the only time we can see it since usually the brightness of the sun blocks it out.”

“That’s cool,” he replied quietly. He glanced down at me. “How ‘bout a kiss under the umbral shadow of the moon?”

“Absolutely.” I tilted up onto my tiptoes and we shared a deep but quick kiss.

“Hey, you two are missing out!” Steve pointed out.

“We’re in the umbral shadow!” I retorted. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance! Like kissing someone on top of the Eiffel Tower or something!”

“I’ve done that,” Tony remarked casually, not taking his eyes off the sky.

Bruce was off to the side with the camera—a special lens on it so it wouldn’t get fried. He was taking videos and pictures. Both for research, and for our own enjoyment. He didn’t say much, but he did chuckle at Tony’s comment and mutter, “Of course you have,” under his breath.

Peter and I ignored them. We ignored Vision explaining Mars and its position to Wanda with his arm around her shoulders. We ignored the fact that for the first time, Sam and Bucky weren’t bickering. We ignored Steve trying desperately to sketch out the eclipse before it was gone—he wanted to get the bones of the thing to fill in later. We ignored Rhodey sitting in the camp chair. We ignored Clint’s kids’ oohs and ahhs, and Natasha’s smiles.

We ignored everything, instead paying our full attention to the incredible eclipse above us. It wouldn’t last long.

“Hey, should we invade the Fire Nation while they’re Bending won’t work?” Peter asked quietly.

“Would everyone stop saying that?!” I hissed back angrily. “One of the themes of season three was the fact that not all Firebenders are evil! I’m a Firebender, for crying out loud!” I snorted. “Besides, an eight-minute eclipse is generous. The one coming in twenty-forty-five will be five minutes, but eight is super long.” I wasn’t actually a Firebender—I just knew that if I was part of that universe, I would be.

Peter chuckled and gave my shoulders a squeeze and my head an absentminded kiss. “I know. I’m just teasing you.”

I sighed. “Thanks.”

“I do love you, y’know.”

“Yeah I know. I love you too.”

Beep! Beep! “Totality ending! Glasses on!” Tony shouted. “I don’t want to be responsible for the Avengers damaging their eyesight. Come on people!”

Everyone looked down to find where they’d set down their glasses. I threaded mine back over my ears and tucked my hair down over them to keep them in place before sliding my hands between Peter’s jacket and his shirt again, seeking his warmth.

For being such an astronomy nerd, I hadn’t realized that the eclipse would make the air so cold. I should have expected it but didn’t. So while I beat myself up over forgetting my jacket, I was grateful Peter had his and was willing to share with me. He was a sweetheart.

We watched the diamond ring and shadow bands reappear—the diamond of the ring now on the opposite side. Somewhere behind me I heard Bruce reassuring Steve that he had taken a plethora of photos and videos he could use for reference to finish his eclipse drawing. The air gradually grew warmer and the sky returned to its light blue. The planets that looked like stars—but didn’t twinkle because planets didn’t while stars did—faded back into the pale blue and vanished. The hazy gray shade cast on everything from the moon’s penumbral shadow receded as the heat of the summer day returned. I retreated from where I’d been snuggled against Peter so that I wouldn’t be too hot. He shed his jacket and let it fall to the ground.

When it was all over, my neck was stiff and everyone had a bit of a headache, but none of us could stop talking about it. “That was beautiful,” I stated, breaking the reverent silence around us. Everyone else started talking too. The bugs and birds had resumed their noises, no longer confused about what time of day it was. They’d gone silent during the eclipse thinking it was night again.

Peter and I sat down in our camp chairs and started talking. I was explaining how the moon was created and its effects like procession and tidal forces while Peter stared at me.

“How do you know all this?” he asked.

I shrugged. “I took a college-level Astronomy course last year,” I answered. “That’s how I knew about this eclipse in the first place.”

“Incredible. It’s such a unique event. Wow.”

“I know. We’re so lucky that we got to see it like this.”

“Yes we are.”

None of Your Business-Part 12

You are a newly graduated MBA student trying to get a highly sought-after job at Wesson Technology.  You have spent your life proving to people that your more than your Omega status.  Will billionaire tech genius Alpha Sam Wesson take a chance on you?

Characters:: Alpha! Sam Wesson, Alpha! Dean Smith, Omega! Reader, Beta! Charlie Bradbury, Omega! Ruby, Beta! Cas Novak, Omega! Jo Harvelle, Beta! Kevin Tran, Mandy (OC, Sam’s daughter)

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Sam’s POV

Y/N got completely hysterical after I told her about Dean.  I couldn’t calm her down.  She was so upset I was worried about her and the baby.  I called my doctor and he came over and gave her a sedative shot to help her sleep.  I knew it was only a temporary solution but I had never felt more powerless in my whole life.

Every time I closed my eyes I saw Dean laying in the dirty alley, bleeding out from the wound in his stomach.  I held pressure while Cas called 911, but my hands were soon slick with his blood.

“What’s taking them so long?” I yelled at Cas.

“They should be here any minute!” Cas said worriedly.

“Hang on, Dean.  Helps coming.” I said to him urgently.  His skin had taken on a grey pallor and he seemed to be having trouble breathing.

“Tell Y/N I love her, always.” It was the last thing he said to me before he closed his eyes and took his last breath.

Reader’s POV

I stirred slightly when I felt arms go around me and lips against the side of my neck. “Hi Baby.” I said without opening my eyes.

“Hi yourself.”  He said and my eyes flew open.

  “Dean!?”  I gasped.

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Date Night

part 2 of this little drabble, which i’m posting over here too because reasons

(adoribull, T, mordern au)

Dorian garners some odd looks when he ducks out of the bar early. The physics department gets drinks together a couple Thursdays a month, usually after one of them’s graded a test and needs to be reminded of the good things in the world. Things like gin and hot wings and people who don’t confuse the Doppler effect for “doppelgangers.”

But he’s had plans for this evening for almost a month in advance, and though he sympathizes– he really does– he’s not about to miss this.

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“Dear useless diary,

Today I spat latte all over my expertly-tailored Armani pantsuit when I heard Kara say "Fist me!" 

I called her into my office to pat me dry with paper towels, then demanded to know why she was telling Cardigan Hobbit to fist her. She looked puzzled and asked if she was using the wrong term. It turns out that her foster sister had told her that "fist me” meant “give me a high five” when she’d first asked about it in high school. I did not disabuse her of that notion.

After Kara left, I immediately cancelled my meeting with Rachel Maddow and spent the next hour compiling a list of various idioms and slang terms. I sense many hours of amusement ahead of me.

More to follow.


The best way to phrase a question for the tarot

I’ve received a lot of vague requests for readings lately. I want to be clear that some types of requests are neither helpful for you (the querent), nor for me as a reader. Based on my understanding and primary use of tarot, the clearer your question, the more helpful I can be to you.

Formulating your question is important for a lot of reasons. One, it helps you understand personally what you hope the reading will do for you. Understanding why you want the reading is the first step in helping yourself through conscious self-awareness, and before you can change your behavior or thoughts to get what you want, you need to know what it is you want.

Second, when created consciously, the question can also help clarify the answer well enough that you find a recommended course of action, real or mental.

Please also remember that the tarot is here as a guide. It’s not going to live your life for you. It’s not going to make your decisions for you. It’s here to help you take responsibility for yourself.

Examples of questions that will likely get you a less than satisfactory answer (and that I will probably not read for):

  • Tell me about my future. (What are you hoping to know about your future? How is this going to help you now?)
  • What should I do? (The tarot is NOT here to make major life decisions for you. Bottom line - you are responsible for yourself.)
  • I would like a reading. (Again, what are you hoping to accomplish through this reading? )

Examples of questions that can help you by making you more aware of your own behaviors, thoughts or preconceptions:

  • How can I best prepare for my career/move/course of study? (This question allows you to take responsibility for yourself by giving you a suggested course of action)
  • What should I be aware of in relation to my career/move/course of study? (This question allows you to take responsibility for your thoughts in regards to your own life)

You can even get more specific, i.e.,
How can I make sure I finish my term paper on time?

For relationships-
Bad examples:

  • What is the future of my relationship? (Your future is determined by your own actions.)
  • What does my partner want? (Please, take responsibility for your relationship, and have enough respect for your partner to ask them directly.)
  • Does so-and-so like me? (Again, just ask the person directly.)

Good examples:

  • How can I improve my relationship with so-and-so?
  • What do I need to keep in mind when asking so-and-so out?
  • How can I talk to so-and-so about x?
  • What am I forgetting or neglecting in my relationship with so-and-so?

Please keep this in mind when asking your question. I want to be able to give you the best advice possible, but it starts with you. Make sure you know what you want first, and try to focus on a question (How can I…) that can help you with your own behavior or thoughts.

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how long does it usually take for you to draw an artwork or a comic? because time management has always been an issue for me and it'll take me around 3 hours just to get a simple sketch out

it really depends, i’m certainly not constant with how i manage my time to finish an entire comic/artwork

it certainly takes me less time to finish a painted picture, because i can finish it in a few hours (in most cases anyway), whereas a comic needs planning, plotting, structuring, drawing various poses, understanding of perspective, angles, coherence, taking in consideration speech bubbles…ITS Really tiresome if you don’t have enough motivation. you most likely cant get an entire comic of over 5 pages done in a stretch if you’re not the kind to work fast with all the points mentioned above, you WILL need a lot of time.

just like you do, i also have problems with time management, i actually have a load of free time in my hands but i use it wrong and procrastinate and shitpost on twitter most of the time because my motivation to draw something that takes several hours of concentration and thinking is not my forte, so i have to actually punch myself on the face to get motivated to finish something, otherwise it gets left in the dust for the rest of forever.

to be 100% honest the amount of time it takes to get your sketch done is probably the biggest factor influencing your motivation. the longer you spend sketching it, planning the panels, thinking of the angles, thinking of the dialogues, the more your motivation decays and you’re thinking “i will never get this done”– contrary to when you have your sketches done and move on to the inking step, it’s less frustrating because you have your whole thing planned out and all you gotta do is polish it

it also depends what kind of sketcher you are. some people would rather just sketch the panels and draw the elements with basic shapes, others would make as much detail as possible while still keeping it simple enough to not pull a pinky muscle doing it. my case is the second, i would rather pull overall details on paper because drawing on paper vs drawing on photoshop allows me to have a better overall view on the structure of the elements, on the proportions of the characters , etc. 

since you asked about my case, sketching is what takes me the longest. in actual accurate terms, it Probably takes me as much as inking, if we count out how much it takes me to think of the panel structure and plot, because i dont plan them ahead, i draw them one by one and develop the plot as i draw it out. theres instances where i blank for several hours trying to think of the next panel and nothing comes up, i am very badly organized, i am not a prime example of productivity. so my time spent drawing sketching it is probably as much as it takes me to ink it on photoshop if u count out the time it takes me to pull out the basic plot etc. overall from the time i start the sketch to the finishing, it could take me at most a week or two. once i’m done w/ the sketch, the inking is done fairly fast because i got most of my details sketched, i can fix any proportions gone out of hand in the sketch and its done generally in 2-3 days with breaks. inking is my favorite part of it, since all the details are laid out on the sketch i just need to fix what looks wrong and make it less sketchy (there was a point before where i didnt even ink and i would make my comics on paper, scan them, then post on tumblr like that). so usually i draw out my motivation to make a comic from this part– “if i get this done, i will ink it all fast and ill be done and ill post it on tumblr and all is great”, taht is basically my only point of motivation.

heres an example of sketch vs ink

i hope this answered anything, time management is important, spending time on your work is important, but dont waste too much time on the parts you like the least or your motivation will flunk and your stuff will never see the light of the day!

You know, you have a (Hellsing) Problem when….

-   your Hellsing-Ordner has over 8,400 images and you have no idea how O.o

-  you’ve read almost every interesting fanfiction, and you acting like a little child on Christmas when a new appears

-   you have over 300 pics, mostly from Alucard on the wall besides your bed

-   you learn Romanian, because of Vlad <3

-   you are going on an excursion for 2 weeks in the Carpathians, just to travel further alone to Cetatea Poenari, the original Castel of Dracula (not Bran -.- ) I’m so excited :D

-  none of your friends want to watch Hellsing with you, because every time when Alucard appears on the screen you squeak happily like a little puppy :3

-   you already know the name of your next pet

-   you learn more  interesting facts about the WWII in Hellsing as you remember from school 

-   you payed already thousands of dollars for fan stuff like cosplay-cloves, t-shirts, guns, books etc.

-  you have already read all history books and romans about Dracula and Vlad the Impaler

-  you writing your master-thesis about Vlad the Impaler because your prof. is  Eastern Europe expert and he research’s a lot on him.

-          you get angry when someone says “Das ist in der Walachei” (In German the word Wallachia also means a vast and barren landscape -.- just few know that it is a real historical and geographical region of Romania)

-  you watched Hellsing in 4 languages and it’s still not enough. (Japanese, German, English, France)

-   you drawing every name from the Hellsing characters on your paper during a lecture like a lovey-dovey teenager

-  you want to learn Japanese just because you want to ask Kōta Hirano a lot of questions

-  you already know your next tattoo(s) and one of it includes in any case “The bird of hermes is my name eating my wings to make me tame”

-  you spend a lot of time day and night with fantasizing about how gorgeous/sexy/handsome/ FUCKABLE Alucard is :3

-  you google hours for terms like schediaphilia, toonophilia, fictophil ect.

-  you seriously thinking of going to a therapist and tell him, that you are madly in love with a fictional character

-  all of your friends twist the eyes when you just start with words like “Alucard” “Vampire” “Dracula” “Hellsing” etc.

- your boyfrind who loves anime and who has bring Hellsing in your life reacts jealously of some specific cartoon character :D but he say it’s alright :D 

-  you are happy when someone like alucards-fine-ass  feels in some points just like you <3 (like Alucards tongue :P  

I didn’t choose this life - Chapter 5

- Jeon Jungkook

Warning: Violence

Words: 706

C1C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9

Masterlist: [X]

He shook her shoulders. “Wake up! Wake up!” Her eyes fluttered open. “Huh?” “They’re outside!” “What!?” She looked out of the window and saw a bunch of men in suits climb out of the cars.

They ran out of the room, using the fire exit to escape the building. They got out on the back of the small building. Quickly sneaking over to the car.

They managed to get into the car, but they were spotted as Jungkook pressed his foot on the gas, making the car speed away in the speed of light.

Originally posted by glamouroushollywood

They rushed onto the high way, speeding past all the cars. She was looking behind them all the way. “Don’t look behind us.” Jungkook said. “If they shoot you’ll get hit by the bullet through the window and I don’t want that.”

She sat facing forward in her seat, Jungkook eventually drove off the high way. They arrived in a small city and quickly parked the car in a parking house.

Jungkook groaned in anger as he slammed the car door shut.

“How the fuck did they find us!?”

“Nothing is impossible in this world.” she sighed. “He probably has eyes on you at all times based on who he is.” She said. “You’re right.” He sighed. 

They walked out of the parking house. The streets were dark and there were no hotels. They eventually found a short-term apartment rent place.

They quickly filled in all the papers and headed to the apartment.

It was big and beautifully furnished.

“We’ll stay here for as long as we can, I think.” Jungkook said.

“I’m worried.” She said, sitting down on the sofa.

Jungkook walked over to her. “Talk to me about it.”

“You said they might shoot?” 


“If they get us will they kill you?” She asked.

“I don’t know to be honest. Either that or my brother will beat me to death.” Jungkook said, sitting down next to her.

“Your brother is an awful person, I’m sorry.” She said

“Don’t be sorry. He is. I hate him.” Jungkook said.

“I hate my brother too.” She said sadly.

“How come?” Jungkook asked, looking at her.

“He beats me…”

“He what!?” Jungkook yelled.

“Remember that time in the alley? That was my brother..” She cried, covering her face.

Jungkook wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him, letting her cry into his chest.

They fell asleep on the sofa, waking up later, early in the morning. “Do you think we would be able to go grocery shopping?” She asked. “I don’t think we have a choice.” Jungkook said. “You haven’t eating since yesterday, neither have I. We have too.” He said.

As the daylight brightened up the city they made their way out to buy food. They made it quick. Walking there and walking back.

They placed all the groceries in the kitchen and began to cook themselves a proper meal.

After the meal she sat down and watched tv as Jungkook had noticed she enjoyed a lot. He went onto the computer in the apartment, searching for a place for them to go. A place for them to start over, begin a new life.

“Busan looks nice.” He said.

“I went there as a child once, it was lovely.” She said from the sofa.


Jungkook shut off the computer and walked over to the sofa. “Anything fun on?” He asked with a smile. “No… not really.” she sighed. Jungkook sat down next to her on the sofa.

The days he had spent with her so far had made him feel things. New things. New emotions. He loved it. An emotion of excitement, freedom. He began to feel free, for the first time in his life.

Originally posted by jungkooksleigh

Distracted in his thought he didn’t notice her looking at him, admiring his face in profile.

Jungkook came out of his thought and looked over at her.

Their eyes meet, but this time neither of them looked away.

Instead, he leaned closer, she doing the same, before their faces were only an inch from eachother. They stayed that way for a while, before Jungkook tilted his head to the side, pressing his lips against hers.