ask me about fancy dress one more time!

Playing Dress Up

Word Count: 1458

Warnings: Fluff? Knowing me swearing

Original Imagine:Imagine Dean seeing you dressed up for the first time. 

AN: If you want more, send me a message! I loved writing this one and have ideas about the next one part should you want to read more.

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You walk into the bunker loaded down with groceries, heading straight to the kitchen. “I’m home” you call out to the boys. Honestly you had no idea how the boys had managed without you, you do all of the shopping making sure theres always a decent amount of food in the house, cooked, cleaned and still managed to do more research than Sam. You have lived with the guys for nearly 8 years now, you know them both so well that you can tell them apart simply from the sounds of their footsteps. Sam walks in, grabbing one of the apples you had just set in the fruit basket on the counter.

“Hey Y/N, do you have anything fancy?” he asks before taking a big bite of the apple.

“What do you mean Sam? Like fancy foods? I’m sorry I forgot the caviar at the store” you state with irritation clear as day in your voice.

Laughing, ignoring your irritation Sam says “No, not food, I meant like a dress, I don’t like caviar anyways. Do you have any fancy dresses?” Over the past month he has asked you all kinds of weird questions, your favorites being, your favorite time of day, favorite flower, favorite songs, what your ideal date would be like and your all time favorite, what would be your dream proposal. You had been dating his brother for nearly 5 years now, and Dean had made it more than clear that he never wanted to get married. You were fine with that, content to just be Dean’s girlfriend for the rest of your life. You figured Sam was just fishing for information for his brother, your anniversary was coming up soon, and Dean was never very good at the whole romance thing, always having Sammy helping him plan things.

“No Sammy, I don’t have any fancy dresses. One I don’t care for dresses much and two, last time I checked we’re hunters, and we don’t go to anything that requires me to be in a grand ball gown. What’s with you lately, you’ve been asking me all kinds of weird questions?” you retort to him, getting more irritated by the minuet.

Sam holds his hands up saying “Whoa, easy there tiger, I was just asking. You and I are going shopping tomorrow to get you a dress, every woman should have at least one fancy dress in their closet.”

“Ugh, Sam you know how I feel about dresses, besides what in the hell am I supposed to do with a fancy dress, as I just stated, we’re hunters, we don’t go to grand balls that require us to be that formal.” You complain, even though you know he’s not listening to you.

Despite your best efforts, here you were, dress shopping with Sam. “Come on Sam. Give it up already, this is the 5th dress you’ve had me in, and you didn’t like a single one of them, lets just go home I’m starving.” You complain as he pushes yet another dress into your arms, laughing he replies

“Nope. Go on and try that one, I have a feeling that’s the one” you make grumbling sound but retreat to the dressing room to put on this dress. It was a blue silky number, you had to admit it did feel nice on your skin. You take a deep breath and walk out of the dressing room to face your toughest critic. But Sam doesn’t say anything this time, he simply stares at you. “It’s perfect Y/N. That’s the one.” He finally says. “Hurry and change you have appointments to keep” looking at the time on his phone.

“Ugh, Sam what more could you possibly have planned for today?” he just winks at you before shoving you back in the dressing room.

Once you’ve changed and purchased the dress Sam practically drags you off to a hair salon. “Sam, what are we doing here?” you sigh. Could this day get any worse? Sam ignores you completely, heading over to the woman behind the counter, talking with her for a few minutes, pointing to you and taking your dress out to show her. She nods and smiles brightly before calling you over.

“Oh Y/N, what’s your shoe size?” Sam asks before leaving you in the hands of the salon woman.

“Y/S/S, why?” you ask somewhat nervous of the answer.

“You have to have shoes to go with the dress don’t you? I’ll be back later to get you, I’ll get your shoes, and some earrings too.” When did he become such a fashionista?

“Nothing flashy please” resigning to the fact that Sam was going to get what he wanted whether you liked it or not. Laughing he walks out of the little shop without another word to you.

“Is he your boyfriend?” The woman asked, she had been quiet throughout the whole exchange.

“Sam? Oh no, I’m dating his brother Dean, but for some reason Sam’s got it in his mind that I need to have a fancy dress, get my hair and makeup all done up today” The woman laughs at that, asking how long you had been with Dean. “Almost 5 years.” you say. After thinking a moment something dawns on you “What’s the date today?”

“It’s the 28th of June, why?”

“Today, it’s been 5 years today”  you say with disbelief in your voice, “I need to make a call when we’re done with my hair if you don’t mind”

“I don’t mind a bit. That’ll give me time to set up the makeup” you forgot about the makeup, that was going to be your least favorite part of today. Twenty minutes, a ton of hairspray and countless bobby pins later, your hair was neatly curled and pinned up in a mostly up hair style with a few tendrils hanging around your face, in the back the curls were loosely pinned up allowing them to cascade over your neck like a waterfall. Your stylist excused herself to go get the makeup as you start to dial Sams cell.

“Well hello there beautiful. You can’t possibly be done yet can you?” Sam greets you, you roll your eyes at the title he has given you.

“Since when do you refer to me as beautiful? And no, I’m not done yet, I called because I need you to do me a favor”

“Since now. What do you need?” you tell him the name the store you need him to go to and what to expect

“It’s already paid for, ask for Nic, he will know what to do. And under no circumstances are you to open the box. I’ve got to go now, its makeup time.” you quickly end the call to ensure no further questions were asked, you didn’t want Sam to ruin the surprize.

“Are you ready for makeup?” you groan making her laugh “don’t worry hun, you’re beautiful enough you won’t need much, I’ll keep it nice and light.”

“I cannot thank you enough” you say, letting out the breath you didn’t realize you were holding.

Twenty minutes later Sam was dragging you to your next appointment. Nails, you hated the way the nail salons smelled, and you hated fake nails even more than you hated makeup. You had managed to convince Sam to not put fake nails on, opting instead for reshaping your nails and doing a twist on a french tip, making it blue to match perfectly with your dress.

This time Sam stayed with you, showing you the shoes, and earrings he had picked out. much to your surprise the shoes he picked were flats, silky and blue they looked like they had been made for your dress. The earrings surprised you even move than the shoes, they were simple diamond studs set in white gold. “Sam they’re beautiful” you say without an hint of sarcasm in your voice whatsoever.

“You’re lucky my brother is so in love with you, or I would have gone all out.” He winks at you “Oh why did you send me to get this box? Who’s it for? What’s in it?” you squeal with excitement as Sam pulls the box from his pocket.

“You’ll see later, it’s for Dean. Could you put that in my coat pocket please?” you couldn’t wait to get back to the bunker to look at it, hoping it was everything you thought it would be.

“Ok, let your nails dry and then you are good to go” your nail tech cut in giving you a smile that said she knew more than she was leading on. What on earth could Sam have planned for today? You wonder for not the first time today.

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