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With one of the previous hiccups in the book being raised by dragons it got me wondering on how you might think the gang and hiccup would react to someone who was essentially raised as a wildling? Of course they would be very different in the way that the dragons are different, but essentially someone who was raised as a dragon and believed they were, and were wild, would certainly be an interesting interaction for sure

It’s really interesting to think about. The first reaction would be shock by everybody. After that, I can imagine different characters giving different responses.

Hiccup would be incredibly friendly and welcoming. Hiccup is an incredibly hospitable individual, willing to trust people he has just met and help them as he can. Hiccup brings Heather into his own home even though he has just met her, and offers her much kindness and consideration. I imagine that Hiccup would treat this wildling with a lot of welcoming consideration and friendliness, too. 

I also imagine Hiccup would be interested in this individuals’ experience. He would want to know about them, what their experiences were like, and more. Since Hiccup is a dragon boy, he’d be interested in this dragon kids’ experiences. I don’t think that Hiccup would be jealous of her, at least not unless she and the other dragon riders really provoked something and “made it a competition” (which Hiccup wouldn’t like).

Astrid would be somewhat leery. It depends on how the wildling acts. If the wildling raised by dragons is ferocious, suspicious, not very trustworthy, or timid of humans, then I think Astrid might be careful around this person, too. She would keep herself on guard and make sure this wildling does not get into trouble.

Snotlout would probably compare Hiccup with the wildling. He might make some blunt, obnoxious remarks about “how they’re alike.” Still, depending upon the wildling’s personality, he might be grudgingly fascinated by them. If the person shows strength, ferocity, and other traits he admires in people like Astrid and Thor Bonecrusher, Snotlout might even go into the crush route. 

It really all depends on the personality. If the wildling is quiet and shy, Snotlout might not get along with her, but Astrid would get along with her. If the wildling a bit snappish and blunt, not very sociable but a little harsh and strong, then Astrid might distrust her and Snotlout might find her interesting.

Circumstances also make this hard to predict. If the wildling is “well-behaved” or “hard to control”, Astrid and Snotlout might have different opinions on them.

Fishlegs would be astonished, intrigued, and fascinated beyond belief. He might accidentally smother this poor individual, yakking with her the whole time. He might study her with unending fervor just like studies dragons, ask her question after question after question, and not give her enough breathing space. It could sort of be hilarious to see him pester her.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut would be interested, too. They’ll want to spend some time with her. Really, all the dragon riders would, just like they were all interested in getting to know Heather (minus Astrid) in “Heather Report Part 1.” She will be a novelty, and the twins will want to check this out. They might ask her if she knows any tricks for more dragon explosions. They might even ask some really ridiculous questions like whether or not she can breathe fire herself.

There are sooooo many ways this story can go. I can imagine MANY different interactions, reactions, and events that might occur were they to meet someone like this. It depends on so many factors. It depends on personality, temperament, trust levels, and more of the individual who happens to have been raised by dragons. Regardless, there could be some fun story out of it!

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Me again, thanks for answering my previous question. I have another >.> I was wondering if it perhaps had something to do with his SOUL?(cus he don't have a heart riiight?)


“Reach for the heart SOUL”

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Did Bellamy stop and think about what his decision might cost Clarke who's currently in Polis? No. Who is going to be the one cleaning up the mess? Clarke. Do the bellarkers even care about the other half of their ship. No.

You said it pal, they are already excusing Bell’s unjustified bad choice when Lexa who had huge reasons to protect her people got all bashed and hated. Clarke worked hard to achieve this peace and what happens in one night? Pike and Bell ruined that.

RIP Farm station you won’t be missed.

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The dynamic between Snotlout and Astrid is interesting to me. You can tell they've known each other their whole lives and while they don't get along most of the time, they genuinely care for each other. (1/2)

I liked how they worked together in Snotlout gets the axe. “I owed you one.” And Astrid’s concern for him in Total Nightmare. Snotlout loves to rile her up but you can tell he cares about her as a friend. (2/2)

I love everything you said. I agree with it. Snotlout and Astrid’s relationship has positively developed since Riders of Berk, and you can tell they have interacted with one another for a significantly long time. It’s subtle, but it’s deeply complex once you dig into it. 

It’s still very much the same relationship as we see in the start of the television series. Snotlout flirts with Astrid. Astrid gets peeved, rolls her eyes, gags at him, or sometimes outright throws him to the ground. They bicker. As you say, they don’t get along most of the time.

All this still happens in Race to the Edge, but there’s more behind it. It’s not just Astrid being annoyed by Snotlout and Snotlout trying futilely to catch her attention. There’s more meat, content, and understanding behind what they do. In one moment in Race to the Edge - I believe “Astrid’s Team” - Astrid throws Snotlout frustratedly to the ground… but then she walks over, reaches out a hand, and thanks him. There’s an understanding that she might vent frustration out to him. In fact, Snotlout was helping her, she got her emotions out, he made her feel better, and she understands and appreciates that.

Snotlout still is in some delusion about Astrid liking him - he tells his father she’s completely in love with him during “Snotlout Gets the Axe” - but they also are on the same wavelength more frequently. One of my favorite moments is the one you mentioned. Astrid helps Snotlout snag the axe from the Smothering Smokebreaths. In turn, Snotlout helps Astrid out when they’re dealing with the Armorwing. He gives a smile, points to her, and says with full sincerity, “I owed you one.” This is Snotlout, without bragging or trying to cover up his mistake, thanking Astrid and saying he’s going to help her back for how she helped him. It’s a tiny little moment, but it’s UBER cool.

And then there are the points that really matter. The really big moments in their lives that make it clear Snotlout and Astrid don’t truly loathe one another. There’s care behind the bickering. Even when they’re younger, you can tell Astrid and Snotlout care for each other and are able to relate during the most important moments. The scene in “Total Nightmare” is one such moment and shows a great development in their relationship since their youth. Another superb moment early in their friendship is in “Race to Fireworm Island.” Astrid shows she cares for Snotlout, and Snotlout is legitimately comforted by her words. I yabber about that moment in depth here and here.

Astrid and Snotlout’s relationship is easy. It’s easy to say “Oh they just annoy each other.” But it’s complex. It’s got depth. It’s got some cool dynamics. I love it, too. XD Thanks so much for stopping in with these awesome comments and beautiful observations. I love what you said.

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I put your grounding Sigil onto a rock and charged it in the sun and now carry it with me and whenever I disassociate I press it to my skin and it helps so much! Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful things! 💕

Yay! I am so glad I was able to help. And I think that is a great way to use that sigil! I do something similar. I have an anti-anxiety sigil on a ring that I fiddle with when I’m nervous. Having something physical like that to hold on to is great. :)

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If I were Clarke, I wouldn't want to go back to Arkadia either. The food, accommodations and company are better in Polis. Emphasis on company. Too bad her vacation is cut short because of a bunch of idiots.

Man if I was there I would move to Polis asap man. Polis is where I want to live for sure bro.

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How do you see Barduil: asexuil, demisexuil, something else? Is that bond they share special, in your opinion?

yes please, let’s talk about ace!Barduil! there is definitely an argument to be made for canon Bard being at least demi. and when you look further into Tolkien’s info on elves, you could definitely interpret them as demisexual, too.

honestly, I headcanon that everyone is ace. everyone, in fiction and real life, I assume are ace until stated otherwise. 

in my fiction specifically, Inexplicable features Thranduil as demisexual. Bard is Ace in Pie Can Wait, and I wonder if one of them is somewhere on the spectrum in They Say These Are the Best Years, but I haven’t explored it too much yet.

I have to admit though, I’m a little nervous to write ace characters in my fanfic? because people read certain stories for certain reasons and I worry they’ll be disappointed if I include ace characters?

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What's does "the hell I do" actually mean

It’s from the show The 100 from Thursday’s episode.

Lexa is challenged by the Ice Queen in a fight to the death. Clarke doesn’t want her to fight because she doesn’t want to lose Lexa. So when they’re alone Lexa tells her that if she does die then today will be the day her spirit chooses a successor and that she needs to accept that. Clarke replies with “like hell I do”

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um... I was wondering if I could change the text on the valentines cards... Last year I couldn't give them out to my class. Due to all the cards are checked by our homeroom teachers. They were not supportive of your BRILLIANT work! It's OK if not but I'd thought i'd ask just in case. :)

Yeah some are a little too far for school. Sorry, I’m sure there are actual STH Valentine’s out there that are tamer :)

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Ok but like Lexa obviously talked with Aden and was like "if i'm going to die, you ~need~ to protect the 13th clan" and she cared so much about Clarke to make sure that she heard Aden say that he will stand by the 13th clan. Like obviously Lexa doesn't want to die but if she should she still protects Clarke (and her people). Ugh I have so many feels during that scene.

Yeah, she meant every word when she swore fealty to Clarke’s ppl. Even after her possible death she is assuring Clarke that she will keep her people safe.