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WE ARE FALLING REALLY REALLY FAST. THERE ARE SEVERAL OTHERS FANDOMS VOTING AGAIST US NOW. ONLY 11 HOURS LEFT. GO VOTE!!!! eonline(.)com/news/760784/tv-s-top-couple-2016-shadowhunters-or-the-100-vote-in-the-final-round

KEEP VOTING KRU, everyone wants to see us fail; we have claimed that ship and made it ours.

Don’t fail Clarke and Lexa, kru, voting nonstop today until the last minute is what we shall do.

Love never dies. Love is not weakness.


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When you say "the main story ends", do you mean it is the end of the UT mob already or that you begin a new arc?

It’s the end! The story with Little Pup and the Skelebros. are coming to a finale, and any additional comics will be explaining some missing scenes or random fluffs.

In other words, this is the final arc. :D

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Finn and Rey are like siblings? Are people crazy? Have they not seen that scene where Rey says she's never met someone from resistance? Like dude, who looks at their sibling like that? Friend maybe, but even then everyone has that one friend they would totally date. And that's just minutes after meeting him!

This gif is ALWAYS worth looking at. The time Rey looked at Finn like she was ready to jump his bones then and there. Let us never forget. 

And also, I’ve never tenderly kissed my brother on the forehead while he’s unconscious, but IDK what other people are up to with their siblings.

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...what if ren actually is a natural blonde and he spends a significant amount of hux's military budget on searching the galaxy for the most potent black hair dye (and of course that hair dye is hidden on jakku for some goddamn reason)

What if Hux noticed when Kylo’s blonde roots are showing and he’s intrigued. What if Hux convinces Kylo to grow it out blonde, I mean it’s not like anyone else is gonna see it except for Hux! Kylo’s probably resented his hair colour because it resembles his Uncle’s, and he’s hated how light and pale it makes him. Hux thought Kylo was handsome before but now, he’s blown away, Kylo’s blonde is the perfect shade. And Kylo’s brown eyes with the blonde make him look softer.
What if Hux praises Kylo’s natural hair colour and gets him to love himself and his hair.


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We're now leading by one percent, compared to the .6 before I think we have a chance

KEEP VOTING, the haters will try to unite and anti-vot us coz they are petty af, remember that NO ONE FIGHTS FOR US!!!

Let’s do this Clexakru, for Clarke and Lexa.


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Hi! First I just want to say that I love your blog and I'm so happy that you're back! I was wondering if you could do how the Nordics would react to having an S/O that's gets flustered really easily and blushes a lot? Thank you!

(I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting with school! I’ll try my best to keep on top of things this time around :P I’m also feeling a little rusty so sorry if its not great)

APH Denmark: I feel like he would be kind of insensitive at times with them. He is loud and sometimes oblivious to others, so I think he might accidentally be like “WOAH YOU ARE SO RED” loud enough for the world to hear, which would embarrass them. After they had a little freak out about his outburst, he would say, “Hey, calm down. It’s cute! Don’t worry!” He would proceed to throw his arm around their shoulders and give them his signature reassuring smile.

APH Finland: Seeing his S/O flustered would be so freaking cute to him. He would pull this stunt where he would try to act cute and innocent himself, but would end up teasing them to make them blush in the process. He would say the most unexpected things to them with this adorable smile that would instantly make their face red. Even if they caught on to what he was doing, they wouldn’t be able to hold back their blush or get mad at him.

APH Sweden: Dude he’s in the same boat as his S/O. Whenever they are together, at least in the beginning of their relationship, they are both red in the face and flustered. Any time they hold hands in public or something the both of them are practically stuttering when they speak. So hey, at least his S/O isn’t the only one :P

APH Iceland: He is also flustered and red like 90% of the time (mainly because he gets teased but still), so he wouldn’t bug his S/O about it or tease them in any way. However, sometimes if they give a flustered reaction for whatever reason, he might act a little worried. Like, “H-hey! Why are you so red?! What’s wrong with you?” and somehow they would both just be a blushing mess. For no apparent reason probably.

APH Norway: A little shit just like Finland. He would make subtle moves to tease his S/O, just to get a reaction out of them. He would know that the slightest comment would light their cheeks on fire, and he would make a ghost of a smirk each time. It wouldn’t surprise me if his S/O never realized that he did it on purpose. He’s sneaky that way.

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Haha. That DC fan is a real dumbass. Civil War was on the Marvel slate way before BvS. He's just butthurt because BvS got horrible reviews and Civil War got awesome reviews. Marvel isn't copying DC. DC isn't copying Marvel. On the latter, that's the problem; they're trying to build a cinematic universe with no foundation. Two directors are leaving films: Flash and Aquaman. The DCEU is in serious turmoil right now. Haters gon' hate.

Bye now.

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So lately I've been second guessing myself. I've always known I've been into girls, and every encounter I've had with a guy has been nothing special. I'm guessing myself bc lately I've found a few guys attractive inside and out, so now I'm just unsure w my sexuality again. Any advice?

Ignore labels. Fuck them. Be yourself. Finding a guy attractive doesn’t mean you’re any less of a lesbian or anything. And if you are attracted to them then so be it. Sexuality is fluid. Don’t fight it. Just go with the flow

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To so many people, dc just can't do anything right. Everything dc does is bad or has other intentions behind it, but if it's marvel then they'll give excuses for almost everything marvel does so marvel won't look bad. Some people actually accuse dc that dc just wants to make people forget the bad reviews of bvs by moving up the date for wonder woman movie. But apparently for those people, marvel pushing back captain marvel movie is because marvel wants to put more work put into it.

Honestly, them saying that Marvel pushed back Captain Marvel because they care about it more is one of the most hilarious excuses they could come up with. Marvel does not care about Captain Marvel. Marvel can make movies, and good movies, quickly. They’ve proved that time and time again. Civil War was a rushed movie because they decided to make it after BvS was announced and look, it’s getting great reviews! So that’s just a bullshit excuse.

If Marvel cared about Captain Marvel, they wouldn’t have pushed it back twice to make room for more white boy movies.

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if blarkes voted for their ship as passionately as they anti-voted clexa maybe they will make it past the first round of every poll, we're just one fandom against like 4 others, clexa affect everyone hsdjaakjsj

Yeah totally, to all f/f friends we need your help. Our last time in this poll, let’s do this for every wlw who died terribly this year.

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I really don't care who ships what (I'm not in SW fandom) and think everyone should be free to ship what they want, but you keep calling people racists for nothing more than their ship when your blog plays what is so very obviously a reference to Hitler's speeches. I'm sorry but there is little more to Hux than nazi imagery. Stones and glass houses.

So, first off YOU’RE NOT IN THE FANDOM!!! So you haven’t seen the racist comments made towards me, John/Finn, and the franchise! People have called him a monkey lover, a coon, a n***er, so…. I mean I’m not calling these people racists because of their white, hetero, ship, I’m calling some of these people racists because of what they’ve said/done! Yea, but of course you wouldn’t know that because you’re not in the fandom! 

I wouldn’t have a problem with R*ylo if, you know there wasn’t a possibility of them being related, Kylo didn’t abuse Rey, and Rey ACTUALLY seemed interested in Kylo! Most of the ship only works because they stuff that they’re coming up with is totally non-canon. So, in a way, it’s not really Kylo and  Rey it’s oc inspired by them!

Hux’s speech was inspired by the Nuremberg Rallies! Yes! That’s canon! But Hux isn’t killing people because of their race, or is hating on races. Ans Hux’s fans/Kylux shippers aren’t calling anyone else derogatory terms like some R*ylos have. (No way am I condemning mass murder, I’m just saying, he’s not genocidal! AND he’s in a war… both sides are going to have casualties!) But again you don’t really know what you’re talking about because you’re not in the fandom!

And if you don’t care, what people ship, I find it ironic that you’re defending an abusive, possibly incestuous, and really racist ship/shippers but you’re attacking Kylux/Hux! Haha, please do your research BEFORE you send me an ask, becuase TRUST, I have and it seems like you really haven’t. BUT- of course… you’re not apart of the fandom, so you really have no idea of what’s happened fandom, and what’s been said by both sides!