some asks 🌿

• 1. have you ever been in love?

• 2. who is your favorite artist?

• 3. what is your favorite music genre?

• 4. have you ever had a penpal?

• 5. are you single or in a relationship?

• 6. what color are your eyes?

• 7. what is your favorite word?

• 8. do you play any instruments?

• 9. what is your favorite color?

• 10. do you have any nicknames?

• 11. what is your favorite flower?

• 12. what qualities do you find attractive in a person?

• 13. do you have any pets?

• 14. have you ever traveled outside of your home country?

• 15. what language(s) do you speak?

• 16. who was your first crush?

• 17. do you wear glasses?

• 18. what is your favorite pastry?

• 19. do you prefer swimming in a pool or in the ocean?

• 20. bright, dark, or pastel colors?

• 21. what is your favorite social media app?

• 22. what is your sexuality?

• 23. do you have any siblings?

• 24. what is your favorite scent?

• 25. where do you want to travel to?

• 26. what is your favorite film?

• 27. who do people say you look like? (celebrity/family member)

• 28. who is your best friend?

• 29. what is your dream job?

• 30. do you know how to drive?

• 31. who is/was your favorite teacher?

• 32. are you a feminist?

• 33. what is your zodiac sign?

• 34. do you enjoy reading?

• 35. do you have any hidden talents?

• 36. have you ever dyed your hair?

• 37. what is your favorite thing in your bedroom?

• 38. what is your biggest fear?

• 39. can you whistle?

• 40. do you make your bed every day?

• 41. do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?

• 42. have you ever been on a roller coaster?

• 43. surfing or skateboarding?

• 44. are you a dog or a cat person?

• 45. what is your favorite animal?

• 46. do you have a skincare routine?

• 47. what time do you typically go to bed at and what time do you wake up at?

• 48. what is your favorite memory?

• 49. how tall are you?

• 50. what is the best gift you’ve ever received?

• 51. do you have a garden?

• 52. do you like bugs?

• 53. what is your natural hair color?

• 54. what is your favorite food and drink?

• 55. do you want kids?

• 56. what is/was your favorite class?

• 57. what color shirt are you wearing?

• 58. if you could time travel, what year would you go to and why?

• 59. what is your skin color?

• 60. hugs or kisses?

• 61. have you ever drank alcohol?

• 62. have you ever done drugs?

• 63. netflix or youtube?

• 64. ice cream or frozen yogurt?

• 65. succulents or flowers?

Flower themed asks !

  • Rose - Who do you miss right now ?
  • Peony - What is your favourite season?
  • Lily - What is your favourite time of the day ?
  • Petunia - What is your favourite food ?
  • Orchid- How long does it take you to fall asleep ?
  • Tulip- Do you have any pets ?
  • Poppy- What colour is your bedroom?
  • Sunflower- What is your favourite TV show ?
  • Periwinkle- What is your dream job?
  • Lavender- What is your favourite smell?
  • Pansy- What colour are your eyes ?
  • Lotus- What is your favourite animal?
  • Daisy- Who is the most important person in your life ?
  • Dahlia- Do you prefer sweet or salty?
  • Buttercup- Are you afraid of anything ?
  • Daffodil- Do you have/want any piercings?
  • Lily- Apple or Android ?
  • Marigold- Do you smoke ?
  • Magnolia- What is your favourite band ?
  • Cherry blossom- Do you have any stuffed animals ?

Hello there! Team Free Will 2.0 is here to cheer you up! They know that sometimes life is really hard, but they say everything is going to be ok in the end because you’re going to get through this! They’re sending you all their love, support and lots of hugs! You’re doing amazing and you’ll get better soon! You’re valid! You’re important! You’re loved!!!

50 questions

  1. What is your fatal flaw?
  2. Rant about something on your mind
  3. Boats or planes?
  4. What is a place you have always wanted to see?
  5. Do you like to draw?
  6. What is a job you want?
  7. What career would be the worst for you?
  8. Ocean or mountains?
  9. Sandy beaches or rocky trails?
  10. What is a recent adventure you have been on?
  11. What is your favorite adventure you have been on?
  12. If you could go back in time where would you go? What would you do?
  13. Favorite Disney movie?
  14. Favorite Disney song?
  15. Your favorite blogs?
  16. Opinion on floral designs?
  17. Plants or animals?
  18. What animal were you meant to be?
  19. Opinion on conspiracy theories?
  20. Favorite musical instrument?
  21. Do you like musicals? If so which is your favorite?
  22. Favorite type bread?
  23. Favorite fruit?
  24. What is the one thing you want to change most in the world?
  25. Favorite time to wake up? Favorite time to go to bed?
  26. How much do you like to sleep?
  27. One food you want to learn to make?
  28. What other culture would you like to learn more about?
  29. How many pillows do you own?
  30. One thing you want to experience for the first time again?
  31. Natural light or manmade light?
  32. What is one of your life goals?
  33. What endangered species would you like to be saved next?
  34. One animal you really want to pet?
  35. Do you like sleeping on couches?
  36. If you could be anywhere else in the world Right Now where would you like to be?
  37. Who is someone you admire? Why?
  38. Who is someone you think could change the world?
  39. What is one life lesson you have learned in a way that impacted you (optional: share the story about how you learned it)?
  40. Have you had enough water today (If not go drink some)
  41. What is one ad campaign you saw and really liked?
  42. What is one cause you support (or would like to support)?
  43. Do you like to be the center of attention?
  44. What is your favorite kind of art?
  45. Do you like to draw?
  46. When was the last time you made a pillow fort?
  47. What is your comfort food?
  48. Do you have a comfort TV show or movie? What is it?
  49. One thing you want to accomplish this month?
  50. Anything else you can think of!

anonymous asked:

I don’t trust those see through eggs!

They’re definitely baby dragons of some sort. I went to check out the eggs to see if I trusted them myself and…

Uh. Are those Light Fury nubs?

We know our lady Light Fury isn’t the last of her kind and that she could be part of this aquatic environment the eggs are resting in. These guys in the eggs are white, have long tails, big eyes, a familiar facial shape, and potentially nubs on the back of the head. Are we seeing Light Fury eggs???