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How do you Astral project I am gods awful at it and every time I do try to its usually before I got to bed and I get a horrible sleep paralysis dream My friend can almost do it naturally are some people just better at it than others?

Hey there! There are definitely some people that can astral project easier then others. Some it takes a lot of work and practice. Some people cant astral project at all, and thats ok too! As far as how to astral project and more info about it, check out these posts:

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I would like to note that Dagur is the first to 'die' in hiccup's watch. I know that ep 11 is more about Heather and Dagur, but I feel like this would affect Hiccup in the coming chapters more so than we think. Wanna here your thoughts. :))

I absolutely love your comment! I love this so much!

I hope this moment affects Hiccup. Since Dagur is the first one to die/”die” on Hiccup’s watch, it should make a lasting psychological impression on Hiccup. Hiccup has guided his companions through many challenging endeavors for several years now, but he’s never lost someone before. Yet here, we have Dagur, dying in the trap that Hiccup himself was flying his companions toward.

There are only two episodes in S3 following Dagur’s sacrifice, so we don’t get much sense of Hiccup’s changed attitude (if this will be explored). However, it is to note that Hiccup charges right into Auction Island after “Family on the Edge,” showing the boldest move he has made against Viggo Grimborn. This catches Viggo’s attention to the point that he issues the meeting between the two of them in “Defenders of the Wing Part 1.” This might suggest Hiccup taking a more proactive stance against Viggo - maybe because Viggo has left a mark.

What I would hope happens with Hiccup is several things:

  • I hope he realizes he has to be more careful. and open-minded about potential ambushes Hiccup and his companions carefully examined Viggo’s shipyard for evidence that there was a trap and concluded it would be safe to raid. However, Dagur was right in that it was a trap. This trap could have easily killed Hiccup and his companions. Hopefully Hiccup takes this moment, reflects upon it, and takes fewer deadly gambles.
  • I hope that Hiccup either becomes more proactive fighting Viggo, or less. Given the two episodes following “Family on the Edge,” I’m guessing it’s going to be “more.” But I don’t want Hiccup to be stagnant. The fact that Viggo has made a mark and killed/”killed” one of Hiccup’s allies has to prompt Hiccup to react somehow. Hiccup could either back off a little in a desire not to endanger anyone else… or he could fight with greater emotion and effort because the stakes have been raised. Of course, we do have to someday reconcile Hiccup’s aggressive emotions toward Viggo with his pacifistic beliefs in HTTYD 2, but for the moment, and given how the DreamWorks Dragons team have written Hiccup, I can envision him going a more proactive route. (But less proactive would be really cool because it could help Hiccup get to that “we shouldn’t do violent things” philosophy “because people have died when I’ve done it before”).
  • I hope that Hiccup feels uncomfortable and responsible about Dagur’s death. Death isn’t easy to handle and I want Hiccup a bit haunted by it. It would be really cool to get a conversation between Hiccup and Heather about Dagur. Heather would talk about her conflicted emotions now that her brother is gone/”gone.” Hiccup, on his part, would speak of how he feels responsible for Dagur dying… had Hiccup listened to Dagur in the first place, and not gone to the shipyard, then none of this would have happened.

I would hope that we see character development out of this. Some sort of development. Changed motivation. Increased or decreased determination to stop Viggo. Questioning himself and what he is doing. Maybe starting to get a little less rigid and a little more eager to stop the world with words and peace.

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To the anon who said you could choose to be a witch, sorry but not quite. You can choose to practice but you don't have direct control over your religious/spiritual beliefs. Don't you think I'd rather just be Christian and avoid this whole mess if I could? (Saying this as a queer witch)

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I'm thinking about house rules in preparation for the arrival of my spirit companion this week. Do you guys have house rules? If so, what are they?

We do! our contract is very long, but it comes down to 10 main points.

1. Do not hurt anyone, no matter what we think or feel, unless we blatantly say it. 

2. Be kind to each other, and to us.

3. Protect us to the best of your ability.

4. Do not piss off the house spirits.

5. Don’t hesitate to ask for things you desire.

6. Don’t hesitate to form relationships.

7. Don’t hesitate to go visit family and friends.

8. Do not energetically feed off of me or any of my loved ones.

9. Do your best to bring constructive energy to every situation.

10. Know that you are loved and respected, above all.

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Are you ever gonna update your fanfiction? I want to read your stories but I don't like reading them on tumblr T~T

Alright…this is something I haven’t really addressed yet but I probably should. I’ll probably make a link to an answer at some point (this is gunna be a bit long).

My URL was different about six months ago. It was xinaidebenihime just like the FanFiction account you’re most likely talking about. It’s also the account my ex boyfriend is subscribed to and has access to. 

When we split up I changed my URL to x-benihime for a few reasons. First being ‘xinaide’ was a nickname he gave me and I didn’t feel like having that staring me in the face (I’m having enough trouble getting him out of my head as it is I don’t need my URL messing with me).

The second reason was I didn’t want him to be able to find me or have access to my stuff anymore. I couldn’t have him reading my author’s notes or seeing what was going on with me or anything.

However, since he’s subscribed to my other account, I can’t DO anything with it. I can’t leave a link to my new stuff in case he finds it. I can’t update any of my old things because I don’t want him reading it and there are some things I’ve written…if he had access to them…I just wouldn’t be able to write if he was able to read them.

So I made a new, second, account. XinaideBenihime is still up and on FanFiction because it has all my old stories, but everything new I’ve written is under my new URL’s username x-benihime.

That’s the one you want. That one has links to the new stuff like Metalwork, Of No Lamp and Anatomy as well as my ML fics.

It kills me because I want to let people on my old account know what happened and tell them where they can find me…but I can’t do or update anything without my ex being notified and a can’t have him finding my stuff. I can’t and I hate it.

I have added links to both of my accounts on my profile. 

I know it’s a little all over the place, but that’s what ended up happening. Hope the new links are okay!

  • 1. describe the best dream you've ever had.
  • 2. describe the best friend you've ever had, regardless of the friendship's current status.
  • 3. describe your dream dog.
  • 4. describe your favourite person on tumblr and see if your followers can guess who they are.
  • 5. describe your dream life.
  • 6. describe your desired style. who is most similar to that style?
  • 7. describe the best day you've ever had.
  • 8. describe how you want to be when you grow old ( ex. a cranky old man or a rich, posh old woman ).
  • 9. describe what you hope to be in four words.
  • 10. describe your favourite movie without saying the title or any of the characters names.
  • 11. describe the best light you've ever seen.
  • 12. describe the coolest thing you've ever seen.
  • 13. describe the worst substitute teacher you've ever had.
  • 14. describe your favourite spot in your house.
  • 15. describe your pets.
  • 16. describe the dreamiest spot in your town.
  • 17. describe yourself as if you were a character in a book.
  • 18. describe the feeling you get when you see your crush.
  • 19. describe the best spot you know for watching the sunrise or sunset.
  • 20. describe your favourite weather.

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you knows... i just realize why dragons listen to closely... they see it as symbiotic. the humans issue the command yes, but they still also rely on the dragons for it making a symbiotic relationship. this is especially true for toothless as he and hiccup share a bond stronger then most dragons. This bond is not perfect as certain dragons will attack other if they see there partners at risk (windshear) or if revenge is on there mind (Toothless with that whispering death). what do you think?

Responding from this post, I believe.

I love your idea talking about a relationship in which the two species are closely tied together. This integrates very well with what we know about dragon behavior! Lots of dragon species are very social, living together in groups. Furthermore, many dragons live in a hive mind with a leader. For the “common dragon,” they are accustomed to being led by a queen dragon or the alpha. The Night Fury is one such species that appears to be very social, given how Toothless associates with the Red Death’s nest and lingers with the Zipplebacks, Gronckles, Nadders, and Nightmares, despite the fact there are no other Night Furies around. We also know that the Hideous Zipplebacks, Monstrous Nightmares, Gronckles, and Deadly Nadders are highly social species, too, who flock together and may come together in one dragon nest.

It would be interesting to analyze whether or not dragons of different species are more or less friendly to humans based upon how social the species is. I imagine that there could be a correlation between more social species being more friendly to humans, by and large. The seemingly solitary Death Song is harder to bond with than the social Gronckle. Of course, we do have to factor in other things, too, such as how aggressive the species are. Speed Stingers are sociable (within their own packs of same-species dragons), but they are also aggressive hunters, and thus not very easy to train.

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I'm being bullied my an older women at work who constantly tries to humiliate me. she went on leave and when she came back I wished that she wouldn't return to our office. We were then told she had become ill and isn't coming back. She got better and was due to come back, I lit a candle and wished that she would feel 3 times the pain she caused me. Then her son broke his arm and she had to take more time off. Should I be worried? Is this my fault?

While I can’t really say if it is your fault or not, why would you be worried? Isn’t this what you wished for? I am not saying I wish the lady harm, but it sounds like your curse worked in a way thats unexpected by you, but it looks like it is working. And I am not meaning to sound mean either, but its one of those “be careful what you wish for, you are more powerful than you may realize” situations.

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Top 5 favourite candy/chocolate/sweets (YASS HALLOWEEN) or Top 5 Sims EPs/SPs/GPs.

Hey I will do candy and yes I may be aussie but I still celebrate halloween 

1. Dairy milk chocolate

2. Gummy Bears

3. Sour strips

4. I LOVE caramello chocolate also by dairy milk

5. Gummy worms 

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Are companions bound to us? This is a technicale question I was asked and didn't know how to word my response to.

Okay, here’s the way this works!

Imagine you are a tree, and your entity friend is a big bushy vine.

When you get a vessel from us, basically a vine is planted next to you, the tree, where, for a little while, it needs you for shade and downflows of water. Eventually the vine grows, and wraps around the tree. The tree is still itself, but the vine is connected with the tree, and they soak up the same sun, drink the same water, and put oxygen in the same air. (imagine this vine doesn’t harm the tree, if you will.)

That is the bonding that happens with the keeper and the entity.

If the entity is bound to you, it is as if someone just plucked a vine, planted it in the ground, and it grew rapidly around the tree again. Less of a bonding gestation period; and eventually the roots grow together and feed both entities simultaneously - ie. when you get big waves of energy, your entity gets some too and is able to use it to aide you (if you allow them).

The bond isn’t like an entity that consumes a piece of your either and lives in it like a vampyric presence (a negative one at that), but as two symbiotic beings who share the same piece of earth (ie. the same aetheric ‘roots’ on this plane) which is a practice that causes no harm to the entity or to the person connecting with it. The bonding process helps the entity to connect with the earthen plane, to manifest more strongly, and to talk to you in a more efficient way. 

Hope this helps!!

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I love how you write Lucy as Natsus first everything. I can't picture Natsu with anyone else but Lucy even in fanfictions

Well if it’s canonverse then definitely first for everything. With AU’s it would really depend on the story I’m telling and Natsu as a character. Once in awhile I’d think he’d have a girlfriend or two but nothing as serious as Lucy.

I love the two of them together and Lucy being his first too :3

ASK ME tabletop game art/design questions!

I’m gonna be on Alex Mayo’s excellent design podcast Spellcheck soon. In my ask box or the replies of this post, ask me questions about any of the following:

  • Tabletop game art.
  • Information design and layout.
  • Blood in the Chocolate, my new book available soon.
  • Being bisexual and making games probably.
  • Cats.
  • My stupid OCs Rose & Bastion.
  • Diversity and Representation in game design fields.
  • The state of the TRPG industry.
  • How to get a job in tabletop games.
  • Which is the best Godzilla movie.

Stuff like that.

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Hard question: does anyone knows where the last name "Woods" for Lexa in fics came from? Do we know who was the first person in the fandom that started it? I've gotta say that it stuck so much that it's used in 99% of our fanfics and when it's not, and they use a different last name, it's SO WEIRD lol

Im not really sure. In the past fics ppl used Heda, Pine, Forest or anything related to the Woods clan aka Trikru. Suddenly ppl started to use Woods and basically thats like the canon in fanon hahaha but when exactly happened this I am clueless. If anyone here is writing the history and evolution of the Clexa fics pls let me know 🤔

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i would be offended if a witch who wasn't part of the lgbt community used the term "broom closet".. being a witch in modern society sucks but the whole closet thing is a strictly an lgbt term?

It isn’t though? Check this article and this one. Theres more, but I am at work & need to focus on that for a bit. But google “where did the term in the closet come from”, there are tons of articles about where it came from, and the origin of the term is from way before when the LGBT+ community started using it. It was first used for alcoholism, and other secrets meant to be kept. Im sorry you would feel offended if someone who isn’t LGBT+ uses the term, but if a LGBT+ witch can use the term, then a non LGBT+ witch can use the term as well too, in my opinion. Why? Because we are all witches. Thats just my opinion on that though!