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This love left a permanent mark
This love is glowing in the dark
These hands had to let it go free
And this love came back to me

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Ive never liked 11, he looks and acts oddly and doesnt seem like what i'd imagine the doctor to be. He's very bland imo

Matt Smith based Eleven heavily off Patrick Troughton’s Two, who is widely considered to have been the one who defined the character of the Doctor as we know it today. 

So you’re entitled to your opinion, of course, but I personally would definitely not call him bland and he’s the most similar to the definitive Doctor than any other in existence, so like…. yeah. 

You can imagine the Doctor how you like, but most of us are going to disagree with the idea that Eleven doesn’t match it. 

You are my River.
—  Matt Smith to Alex Kingston | Alex Kingston, Intervention Con, 2016
Imaginary Friend [11th Doctor and Amelia Pond]

Anon- “Could write something from a Doctor Who AU? It’s where the Eleventh Doctor is really just Amelia’s imaginary friend, and she made him since her Aunt Sharon left all the time and she got lonely and scared being at the house alone. When Rory or Mel’s came over to hang they always act like they can see and hear him just so her feelings won’t get hurt. She knows he’s not real. With the TARDIS, The Doctor just says it’s too broken down to go anywhere so they pretend to hide it in the shed in the yard.”

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Aunt Sharon was never around a whole lot. She had to leave for work, but this left Amelia all alone. It was scary being in a big house all alone with a big crack in the wall. It was even more terrifying at night. Amelia was praying one night when Aunt Sharon was gone for someone to come and fix the crack, to make everything better.

That’s when she met him. He was a raggedy and tall man who was rummaging around the kitchen. The sound of the shelves shutting made Amelia jump to her feet and grab a flashlight. She slowly tiptoed down the stairs as quietly as she could and quickly turned on the light, prepared to use the flashlight somehow. He turned around, wide-eyed and surprised.  He put his hands up and smiled.

“Amelia Pond right? Don’t worry, I’m not an intruder- Do you have any apples? I have had a craving for apples for ages-” He paused and turned back around, looking at the cupboards. He tapped his foot, humming. “Uh..- There!” He ran over to the freezer and opened it. “Ah-Hah! I’m really not hungry actually. Oh, how rude of me.” He whipped around with a grin, shutting the freezer, and walked over to Amelia. “I’m The Doctor or just Doctor. Where is your guardian? They shouldn’t leave you alone like this. I hope you don’t mind that I left my T.A.R.D.I.S in your shed.”

Amelia cocked her head to the side. “Aunt Sharon is at work…Doctor Who and what’s a T.A.R.D.I.S?”

The Doctor pulled out a chair and sat down. “I’m just The Doctor. T.A.R.D.I.S stands for ‘Time And Relative Dimensions In Space’. Basically, she’s a space ship who can travel anywhere at anytime. Although she’s quite broken at the moment..”

“I can help you hide your space ship. Can you fix the crack?”

“What crack?”

“The crack in my wall.”

“I can definitely try.”

Amelia and The Doctor became friends after that. They hung out, hid the T.A.R.D.I.S from everyone in the shed out back, but something was off about her friend and she knew it. He came at a time when she was scared and stayed. The Doctor seemed to always be around when Amelia needed him.

He was imaginary…Amelia knew that he was imaginary.

The Doctor helped Amelia. He made her not feel lonely anymore. Aunt Sharon worked a lot, so The Doctor was really around a lot. He told her stories about Gallifrey, his family and friends there, and adventures he had across the universe.

The Doctor was fun. Even though he had an odd obsession with bow ties.

“Rory don’t sit there! That’s The Doctor’s seat.”

“But I’m already in it…”

“Hey, that’s my seat!”

“Doctor says that was his seat.”

“Fine fine…”

The Doctor grinned, once Rory had gotten out of the seat, he plopped in it. Melody chuckled. It was always funny seeing Rory get pushed around by someone they couldn’t see. This had been going on for awhile now, this Doctor guy at least. Rory and Melody knew he was imaginary, it was quite obvious. Neither had the guts to tell Amelia this though.

“What’s The Doctor’s favorite food, Amelia?“ Melody asks.

“Fish fingers and custard!”

“Fish fingers and custard does sound really good Doctor!” Amelia responded to him with a smile.

“That does sound really good Doctor. I’m starting to get hungry myself. Let’s go see if your Aunt Sharon will make us some.” Rory immediately popped up, Melody raced him down the stairs then Amelia followed after him. Amelia stopped at the door and turned around to The Doctor. “Hey, are you coming?”

The Doctor shook his head and smiled. “No, thank you Pond. I’ll stay here for a bit.” Amelia nodded and followed after her friends. The Doctor turned his head over to the window and sighed. He closed his eyes for a moment. He knew that he was just in Amela’s head, but he cared for her. She was his best friend. That mind of Amelia’s was truly creative and magnificent. Amelia had made up this scruffy-looking man who had lived for a few hundred decades, knew everyhting about the universe, and had amazing fashion sense.

She had made much more then that. She had made a friend.

The Doctor was Amelia Pond’s imaginary friend.

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High key ready to see what direction they go in with Thirteen, but also finding it incredibly difficult to let go of Twelve (my secret fav - don't tell the others!). I'm honestly kind of worried he won't get a proper send-off. Not that Jodie Whittaker doesn't deserve all this fanfare, but so does Capaldi? Please don't forget about my smol son, fandom? Still, here's to the first female Doctor! Hope she's done justice. :)

listen….whom loves that Disaster Man more than me???? The Space Grandpa??? The Lovable Drama Owl???? The Mid-Life Crisis Rock Star???? I’m gonna miss him to death! I still can’t believe he’s leaving so soon! But if anyone could give a performance great enough to be his successor, my money is absolutely on Jodie, she’s great! I’m probably not going to be able to sit through 12′s regeneration more than once, but I also know Moffat’s most likely going to give him everything he deserves for his Swan Song. 


Matt Smith and Alex Kingston at Salt Lake Comic Con!!!!
Matt held my Ten screwdriver!

In the combo op:
Alex: I’ll take this scarf and you do something with this screwdriver!
Matt: I’ll never get tired of hearing “do something with this screwdriver!”

I was laughing for five minutes after that!

i am a negative nancy in that i think it’s fantastic that the new doctor will be a woman but furious that this has been something people have been asking for since before matt smith’s doctor and it’s 2017 and we’re just now getting the first female doctor … it’s an amazing achievement but I’m like, pissed off that it is an achievement in the first place. like angry that it’s 2017 and we’re getting excited over a female doctor. like you know? I’m mad that this is something to be excited over.

whenever erwin and levi sleep together, erwin usually wraps levi’s waist with one arm, brings him too close and engulfs him with his warmth as he spoons him. next morning finds them tangled as one like the previous night. levi groans and opens slightly his eyes, unhappy to welcome the new day. erwin hums behind him kissing his nape and nuzzles there, relishing levi’s scent.

“erwin, get your leg off between my thighs,” levi whines and squirms trying to escape from erwin’s strong hold.

“this is not my leg,” erwin simply replies before leaning into the crook of levi’s neck to such already red spots. levi can’t protest, from his lips a moan already slips away, making erwin to smile and trap levi once again beneath his body repeating the sinful acts of last night.