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How would Marik and Y!Marik react to Khonsu fusion?


At first, Marik and YMarik don’t know how to react to the fusion. They keep trying to point out which part did Ryou say that, or Bakura did that, but Khonsu its his own. n_n

Khonsu is madly and crazy in love with the Mariks. He accidentally projects floating hearts around!

With Marik: Khonsu is the smooth talker, really wants to use his power to just make Marik fly into the night, make clique romance quotes, and really tries his best to win Marik’s heart. Marik doesn’t want to admit it, but he’s glad everytime Khonsu goes into his dreams and starts brightening his place with gold, bikes, and take him on exotic places in the blink of an eye! (However, sometimes Khonsu forgets his goals and starts to have a little fun with himself and starts playing pranks on Marik)

With YMarik: It’s different. Khonsu also has a huge crush on YMarik but doesn’t really want to get that close. He admires him from afar. The reason? Both Bakura and Ryou get so conflicted over what to do next with YMarik. He’s unpredictable, so both Bakuras have their own versions on what to do! So much so, that they get split apart and back to their forms XD

So, Khonsu is very shy around YMarik :3

This got too long, ooops! I put much thought in my fusions

Thank you for your ask! :D


[texting thread for creampuffsandcardgames​]

Tell me have you ever wanted someone so much it hurts? 
Your lips keep trying to speak but you just can't find the words. 
Well I had this dream once; I held it in my head...

The last thing to ever be on Mariku’s mind was love. Having been offered none of it in his lifetime, it was hard to imagine what it might even look like, or feel like. It wasn’t like that he spend a lot of time thinking about it, anyway. Not until… him… 

Sometime between laying low in his own world and peeking out of his windows tinted with Marik’s point of view, he saw him. He wasn’t even anything special, just an ordinary-looking kid, someone to glance at out of your peripheral, and yet… The want was insatiable. 

There was blood on his arm but he seemed to hardly care. He stared at the others almost blankly, placidly… Like there was something trapped in him too. Mariku wanted to get closer, he wanted to see him better, he wanted to touch him… but in the same moment he had the thought, he was turned away and walked off. 

Cursing Marik, Mariku thrashed uselessly, thriving for control, but to no avail. He was left with the brief image of the pale boy in the striped shirt and eyes so wide they could carry the galaxy. 

She was the purest beauty but not the common kind...
She had a way about her that made you feel alive.
And for a moment, we made the world stand still...

It was days before he saw him again. He fished for a name in Marik’s mind in that time, for anything that sounded like it belonged to him, but every name was so dull and ill-fitting. Sick with the need to just see him again, Mariku grew increasingly restless. Nothing in his Mind Palace entertained him anymore. The luxurious wallpaper of his hallway now faded and each room seemed a little darker. Sound was distant, and though he couldn’t feel or taste, he knew they would have both lost their appeal too. 

It was late at night when he finally took over from his sleeping other self. Slipping out of the room of the blimp, Mariku wandered the halls, his fingertips dragging over the walls and doors. He had no plan, nothing prepared. His thoughts swam with the still picture of him, tugging a smile at his lips. He didn’t even know him but having someone that made him feel–that gave him a purpose… it was enough. 

He paused by the kitchens, his hand flat on the door. There were sounds coming from inside… Pushing open the door, Mariku poked his head in, eyes scanning the tops of the counters for a body but saw no one. Still, there was the unmistakable sound of eating. Slipping inside silently, he moved swiftly into the room, following the noise. The sight that met him on the floor, around the corner from the island counter and before the fridge, was nothing short of a gift. 

The boy looked startled but not afraid. He murmured apologies and made to stand up, but Mariku’s face broke into a smile and he sat with him. 

What’s your name?” 

You had me dim the lights; You danced just like a child
The wine spilled on your dress and all you did was smile
It was perfect, I hold it in my mind

The peace Mariku felt around Ryou was unlike anything he could have imagined. He laughed that night, sharing stolen food and drink, sitting on the floor in the kitchen and they talked. They talked about an infinity of things: about themselves and their lives, what they liked to do and eat, places they wanted to go and people they wished they could meet. Mariku asked more questions than he answered and he stared at Ryou, mapping out his features in his mind to hold on to forever. 

I don’t know when we’ll do this again… it’s not always easy to take over from him… but I liked this, and maybe… we’ll get the chance to see each other again.

It would be for almost another week. It got to a point where Mariku wished he could tell Marik about Ryou and just… ask to be given the chance, but he knew it wouldn’t happen, and with that information in Marik’s hands, well… it was best to just keep it to himself. 

Mariku found it easiest to go at night, when Marik was asleep and his defences were down. Marik’s mind still got to rest, though his body didn’t… At first they met half way, in parks, in late-night coffee shops, in the town square… Then Mariku would begin to frequent Ryou’s apartment almost every night. Ryou gave him his phone number and Mariku memorized it in favor of adding it to Marik’s phone to raise questions. He would message him once he arrived and Ryou would come down to let him up. The sneaking around was fun…

From hours of talking and movie-watching, and from gaming and midnight baking, they soon found themselves watching the stars on the roof, huddled under blankets. It was almost more than enough for him. 

When the summer rolls around and the sun starts sinking down
I still remember you, oh, I remember you
And I wonder where you are; are you looking at those same stars again?
Do you remember when...

They shared their first kiss on that roof on a particularly cold night. It had felt like his heart would swell and burst, but he would have made that sacrifice for just one more kiss any time. Mariku’s favorite things were all about Ryou: running his fingers through the long, white hair, kissing his warm skin, holding him tightly… The small sounds Ryou made when Mariku’s lips found the right spot on his neck, the way he pushed his body against him when Mariku’s hands slid under the backs of his jeans and gripped his soft flesh tightly… The way he moaned his name in a sigh, the way his hands tugged at Mariku’s hair when he went down on him… The soft cries of “more!” when they had their first time and the desperate pleading on his face all clouded with fervour as his breaths came out heavier… 

We woke under a blanket all tangled up in skin
Not knowing in that moment we'd never speak again
But it was perfect; I never will forget...

Mariku had stayed awake their last night, stroking Ryou’s hair as he slept against him. It would be morning in just a couple of hours and he knew he had to leave. His eyes fell to the white head against his chest and his heart weighed down in him like an anchor keeping him to the bed. He slowly rolled Ryou onto his back and wrapped his arms around his small waist, burying his face against his warm skin, listening… to the rhythmical thumping of his heart. Would he ever hear it again? 

He raised his head and kissed his lover softly one last time before sliding out of bed to get dressed. Not for the first time in his life, he resented Marik. He swore to himself somehow, sometime, he would come back to see Ryou again, no matter what it entailed. 

With a last longing look at Ryou, Mariku left. The Ishtars would return to Egypt today and Mariku still had never found the strength in him to tell Ryou “goodbye.”


Ten-odd days of travel and Mariku was back home. He wondered if Ryou hated him by now, from his abandonment and his silence. He hoped he understood somehow… He had been lying on his bed on his stomach, staring at Marik’s phone in his hands. Ryou’s number was still burned into his memory and every day he had been away he had wanted to message him, to call him, just to tell him he missed him. Finally, he composed a message. He would never know if he didn’t try, anyway. 

[New chat - Contact: Ryou Bakura]

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I didn’t know how to… I didn’t want our last night together to be filled with “I’ll miss you”s anyway, I just wanted something good to remember…

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♣ [ omfg yes, I need this ]

♣ trying to chase off stray cats from their house

There was another shout from the bedroom and a loud thud, followed by foreign cussing and a fierce meow. Moments later, a large tabby came darting out of the room, skidding across the tile in the kitchen and upsetting a chair as it scampered between Yugi’s legs and under a couch in the living room, hissing venomously. 

“I FUCKING SWEAR,” Malik shouted from the other room, coming out with a broom a new set of scratch marks on his arms, fuming. “I’m not dealing with this!” he was close to hysterics. Mariku pranked Malik often, varying from eating foods they couldn’t stomach and letting Malik deal with the aftermath to “re-organizing” the apartment, but this was the last straw. Spraying cat pheromones over the furniture and stashing catnip everywhere was the last fucking straw.