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On July 18, 1984, 41 year old James Huberty had shot and killed 21 people and injured 19 others before being shot down by a SWAT team sniper. This mass shooting took place at a San Ysidro, CA, McDonalds.

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Hey Ash! I saw your answer re Harley's favorite songs, & I just wanna say that I think the list was *spot* *on*. 1# Crush is a Harley essential, imo, & I love the inclusion of a Marilyn Manson song;I think "Sweet Tooth" is really good & very JxH, & I'm so glad you included it. "Fundamentally Loathsome" is another MM song that's good from Harley's POV, I think; lyrics include "shoot myself to love you/if I loved myself I would shoot you"--which just screams JxH to me. What are your thoughts?

YES I LOVEEEEEE THAT SONG! It’s so nice to meet someone else who appreciates Mechanical Animals, I usually see people list it among of their least favorite Manson albums but I think it’s vastly underrated and IMO has a neat super villain twist to it (although I guess that could be applied to all of Manson’s albums given his entire career has been based on being an American media super villain, haha). 

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People: So like, what kind of music are you into?
Me: *war flashbacks to mosh pits*
Me: *remembers stage diving off my bed to metal*
Me: *breaks voice trying to scream to the lyrics*
Me: Oh you know…
Me: Acoustic and piano, really calm stuff.
People: *nods*
Me: *head bangs furiously as they leave*