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It would be nice if they made new outfits for the characters. Have them switch it up once in a while. I mean the girls of Totally Spies have done it. Nickelodeon might be reluctant to give the revival a big budget since it didn't make much money the last time. Maybe if they made merchandise with Hot Topic maybe they will reconsider. What alternative outfits would you give the main characters and even the background characters?

Oh dear. I’m pretty terrible when it comes to clothing designs, so I can’t really come up with things that are that amazing. I’d love to see Danny wear more space/NASA themed shirts and hoodies, though. The usual jeans are fine. He doesn’t seem to be very concerned with fashion. But let the boy wear space.

Sam’s the one I think about most. I love the idea of sticking her in goth harem skirts, boots with dozens of buckles, black lace, fake corsets, goth tutu skirts, striped stockings, grungy jeans, and crazy makeup.

Imagine if Sam was allowed to wear stuff like this.

I actually like the designs of most of the background characters, though. The background goths in particular are everything I wish Sam could be.

True Crime Would You Rather
  • 1. Would you rather have a personal conversation with Charles Manson or Arthur Shawcross?
  • 2. Would you rather have the Zodiac Killer's identity be discovered or Jack The Rippers?
  • 3. Would you rather have dinner with Jeffrey Dahmer (a vegetarian one, of course) or run around in a clown suit with John Wayne Gacy?
  • 4. Would you rather attend an AC/DC concert with Richard Ramirez or go arm cast shopping with Ted Bundy?
  • 5. Would you rather hang out with Dylan Klebold, sharing a Dr Pepper or watch a movie with Eric Harris while chewing on Slim Jim's?
  • 6. Would you rather clear up TJ Lane's skin or give Dylann Roof a new haircut?
  • 7. Would you rather play Dance Dance Revolution with Adam Lanza or play DOOM with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold?
  • 8. Would you rather have a personal conversation with James Holmes or Kip Kinkel?
  • 9. Would you rather try to solve a cold case from 20 years ago or solve a brand new one (if you were an investigator or officer).
  • 10. Would you rather interview a survivor from a mass shooting or interview a person who survived a serial killer's attempt to murder them?
  • 11. Would you rather risk your own life to save others or have others risk their own life to save you?
  • 12. Would you rather be one of the "hot girls" that TJ Lane supposedly responds to or be the only (that we know of) person who has gotten a response from Dylann Roof since 2015?
  • 13. Would you rather watch a true crime documentary or read a book?
  • 14. Would you rather visit the Columbine Memorial or attend one of the annual Boston Marathons?
  • 15. Would you rather only be able to read about your favorite case and no others, or not be able to read about your favorite case but have access to all others in the history of the world?
ask meme: classic rock edition
  • send in on anon or not, as typical for these memes ❤️ y'all knew I'd make one eventually.
  • Slash: What's your hairtype?
  • David Bowie: Who is your favorite person?
  • Marilyn Manson: What's your favorite makeup look to do? (If you wear makeup)
  • Bon Scott: Do you miss someone?
  • Ozzy Osbourne: What's the coolest band shirt you own?
  • Pete Burns: What's your guilty pleasure band/song?
  • Trent Reznor: What do you do when you're sad to make yourself feel better?
  • Rory Gallagher: What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?
  • Mick Jagger: How many people have you been involved with romantically/sexually?
  • Twiggy Ramirez: What's your gender?
  • Peter Steele: Who's your "anti-type" but still attractive?
  • Vince Neil: What's your ideal height?
  • Robert Plant: Who's your favorite band?
  • Axl Rose: What's your favorite magazine?

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Me and my friend were talking about Sam the another day and we pretty much came up with this: 1.) Her middle name is Elizabeth 2.) She's adopted 3.) Sam's natural hair color is blonde and natural eyes are blue 4.) Sam's grandmother - She meet a ghost, both fell in love but unfortunately her grandma had to move on. (Kinda like Casper?) 5.) Sam is Bi (kinda why she's always arguing with Jazz and Paulina) It was something interesting to discuss instead of guys :)

Those are wonderful headcanons. I can get behind a good number of them. I still like the idea of ½ Chinese Sam, but either way works.

If anyone ever wants to share headcanons, go for it! I love hearing your thoughts.

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Sam rocking pastel goth

I HAD TO DRAW THIS ONE FIRST. I love how it came out! Pastel Goth is one of my guilty pleasures. I’m not too sure I can pull it off but I can dream! I hope I did her justice. For some reason Sam is always weird for me to draw, IDK why. Its transparent too!


On July 18, 1984, 41 year old James Huberty had shot and killed 21 people and injured 19 others before being shot down by a SWAT team sniper. This mass shooting took place at a San Ysidro, CA, McDonalds.

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favorite Marilyn Manson outfits?

I knew the moment I posted that someone would ask. I’ll be honest, this was kind of fun because I know so little about him.

I really like these two:

Also there’s whatever is happening in this photo? I think he’s the one on the right and Twiggy the guitarist on the left?

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i think a weird question/headcanon i always had was: how did Danny hide his various bruises/wounds/whatever from the people in his life outside of his friends (and Jazz after she found out). i know he wasn't v popular at school and that his parents tended to be busy but after fighting ghosts on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis you think someone would notice that this poor kid is getting his ass kicked like????

I have more of a headcanon that even though tucker jazz and sam know about his phantom life, he probably keeps most of it to himself. He seems like the type of person to hide the more grizzly side of things from those he cares about either to protect them from it or to avoid issues. He would more likely wear long sleeves all the time and insist that his injuries aren’t as bad to spare them. Honestly, if they didn’t already know about the accident, he would probably keep it under wraps and distance himself from them to save them from it. Danny is a really selfless person (except for some inconsistencies, looking at you season 3). He likely wouldn’t ask for help, bottle it up and eventually it might consume him. I know I got a little off topic here but like, outside of canon I feel like he would wear long sleeves to cover injuries, use makeup, anything really. He strikes me as someone smart enough to hide injuries without raising too many red flags about himself and anything he couldn’t hide he might just blame on dash. Danny’s a smart kid, even if his grades don’t show it. He would find away around it no matter what, I think.