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“Let’s play a fun game, hehehe! I’ll be the good guy, and you’ll be the bad guy. Won’t that be FUN!”

(you can blame the other Majoras for this. I’ve been meaning to update Jora with other Majoras so. eve anyway, I got almost all the Majoras this time. Almost. Left to right:
-AskMajora-, Ask-Majoras-Mask, of course, Jora~, also Ask-MajorasMask, AskMajora, and the Majora from the Terminian Deities askblog -who is the most adorable of all dolls ever-)


Hey guys! Sorry about being so MIA lately

March and April are Extremely Busy months for me every year (as fans of majora have already learned) but the bulk of my work finally finished today. ( Like almost literally an hour ago x,D ) So I’m excited to say I’ll be finding much more time in the following weeks for updates on all my blogs. I might start out a little slow but look out for more updates very soon >3<!

For those curious, In the past six weeks I was working out:

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ask-majorasmask  asked:

Have you ever poked your eye out with your own shoulders?

      ❝I hate to break it to you, but not everyone is as much of an idiot as
       you are. Do I seriously look stupid enough to end up doing such a

      ❝…Answer that question and you are dead.❞