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meruem it's finals week and im stressed can u offer me some words of encouragement

“I commend your pursuit of education in your chosen field. Review to the best of your ability, but do not neglect your health in focusing on your studies, as Komugi often does….”

“I understand an exam is like a game…there is pressure to perform, but if you have internalized your plays, they will come to your mind when your opponent presents you with a puzzling situation. When the time comes for your exams, I have confidence you will perform admirably.”


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  • part of me doesn’t even want to come up with a coherent background or plot for this like i really wanna just wild out and talk abt how cute a boyfriend he is but i gotta set a #mood
  • okay so this isn’t set in a universe where bts are famous, tho it is set in a universe where they’re all still inseparable friends bc,,, in what universe does that not exist
  • anyway
  • so in this universe i picture jin as a very dreamy type?? like he’s already dreamy in this one but i mean like he’s the kind of dreamy boyfriend you see in hallmark movies that the self-proclaimed inadequate female lead thinks she won’t end up with but ends up with anyway
  • like he’s so amazing he can sing (which he does for family and friends during the holidays like his voice is so pretty they almost asked him to sing his own damn birthday song), he’s a natural charmer, and he’s just naturally beautiful
  • but!!! seokjin’s pride and joy is and always will be cooking
  • ever since he was younger, he’s always been obsessed with food
  • he’d sit on the counter as his mom made dinner and he’d ask to help always
  • even if it was just passing her things from the fridge or setting the table she always let him help
  • she was so happy that he was so interested in cooking and jin always had this look of wonder on his face whenever his mother made anything bc he was just so mesmerized? like is this woman a god? how does she create masterpieces like this every night
  • from childhood he just wanted to be like her
  • he took all kinds of recipes from her cook book and every holiday, he’d make at least one bomb ass dish for dinner 
  • people would lit come up to him begging him to make more and he’d just smile and wink and go “you can get some more of my stuffing next year, helen, don’t worry”
  • and while he’s good, he wants to be great
  • he’s very adamant about making food that will wow his future spouse and children
  • it’s his passion
  • so, despite his mother and pretty much everyone whose ever tasted his food telling him he doesn’t have to, jin is like no!! i’m taking a cooking class and that’s final
  • it takes jin a long time finding who he wants to learn from, but there’s this really elegant place downtown that holds cooking classes every thursday afternoon and as soon as he sees the pastel blue french doors and the intricate design of the place he’s like yep, this is my haven
  • jin comes super prepared
  • like he knows exactly what he has to do and will no doubt succeed in this class but like he wants to tone it down a bit so he doesn’t intimidate anyone
  • especially since the class is lit only for beginning beginners like the infants of cooking basically
  • you happen to be one of those unfortunate infants
  • your family has always been both amused and depressed at the fact that you literally cannot cook to save your life
  • it’s not like you haven’t tried!! it’s just… hard ya know
  • you can make instant ramen and that’s good enough in your book
  • but after you start a fire in your house making cookies your fam is basically like “ok you need to learn how to cook before you like kill yourself”
  • they sign you up for classes and pay for it and everything and are just like “just show up” and while you’re kind of offended you know,,, it’s for the best
  • when you show up to the class you’re super embarrassed bc almost everyone there looks eons better than you will ever be at cooking even though this class is for like the worst of the worst
  • you’re sulking and sliding behind one of the many counters and tying the complimentary white apron around your waist when you feel a warm presence beside you
  • you look up, and then look up (who needs to be this tall)
  • there’s this tall, very handsome man standing beside you, hands clasped behind his back as he looks you over with a smile and goes “hello beautiful, i’m kim seokjin. and you are?”
  • he holds his hand out to you and you gently take it, nervous out of your mind and mumble your name back
  • you think he might be turned off by your shyness but he’s still smiling bright as ever “that’s a very pretty name”
  • your cheeks are on fire already omgggg
  • thankfully the chef/teacher comes in shortly after and he tells you all to wash your hands first and foremost
  • you and seokjin happen to reach for the facet of the sink before you at the same time and when you look up sheepishly he’s chuckling to himself before withdrawing his hands and telling you to go first
  • embarrassed, you quickly scrub your hands (splashing water on jin in the process) and wipe them on your apron as he does the same
  • the chef basically tells you that the first dish you all will be making will be a simple batch of caramel drizzled cupcakes
  • immediately, jin’s eyes light up
  • jin loves cooking in general but if there’s anything he loves more than average food, it’s baked sweets
  • the chef says that the person next to you would be your partner for the duration of the course, and then he begins writing down the measurements of what you’ll need on the chalkboard behind him as you scramble to figure out what to do first
  • you’re clueless as to what to grab first, as the ingredients are all laid out before you but you don’t know what to do 
  • and then, gently, jin reaches around you for the bowl and smiles down at you “we should mix dry ingredients first, alright?”
  • you blink at him, surprised at how at home he seems to be with the assignment, but you don’t question it bc you need help lol
  • so he instructs you to start mixing the dry ingredients first, and gradually adds the wet ingredients too, asking for your help with other things when he had to take over
  • whether it be pouring in milk, stirring, or cracking the eggs into the bowl, he’s making sure to include you in every step
  • jin notices how hard it is for you and realizes that he should be patient with you, so he tries not to show off too much, and sometimes acts clueless so that you don’t feel intimidated
  • he doesn’t want to make you feel bad, bc you look so cute when you’re frustrated over cooking
  • jin is so good at helping you that even tho you can hear the chef instructing people, you aren’t even paying any attention to him
  • the chef happens to stop by your station and jin stills awkwardly, still stirring, and the chef looks you both up and down before smiling and saying “good job you two!” and then he’s on his way
  • jin lets out a sigh of relief
  • “why did you just sigh like that?” you ask, still stirring as jin stands and surveys beside you
  • “like what?” he tries to smile to seem impassive, but it seems you’ve already caught on
  • “you… you already know how to do all of this stuff, don’t you?”
  • jin is like what?? pshhhh. no. what? no. what’s a frying pan?
  • but you keep looking at him with those honest eyes and he can’t lie to you so he softly nods but then he’s like “please don’t tell the chef! truth be told i want to be better at all of this. i really only know what i know from my mother, but i want to advance past that”
  • instead of being embarrassed abt being so clueless in front of someone so talented with cooking, you become curious
  • “your mom taught you?” you ask, as jin nods with a happy light in his eyes
  • “yeah!! i used to sit with her and she’d just tell me what she was doing while she cooked. i really love my mom and her cooking. i want to be able to cook something nice for her one day”
  • his reasoning is so pure and sweet that you end up gushing and telling him that you think he’d make his mother proud with anything he makes
  • and you actually make him blush?? like he seemed the type to not be bashful about a compliment but his cheeks turn pink as he smiles, “that’s very kind of you to say”
  • jin discreetly helps you a lil more now that you know his secret
  • he helps you spoon the batter into cupcake holders, and when you both finish them, the chef gives you two a glowing evaluation
  • all of the ppl in the cooking class want to be jin’s partner now but he’s like nope :)) all of the praise should go to this lil one right here
  • and you’re like HUH
  • he puts his hands on your shoulders and announces “this is (y/n), she’s an amazing cook, right?? she made these cupcakes so well. i barely did a thing”
  • you have no idea why he’s lying through his teeth but then you realize that like,,,, he’s kinda right
  • while he demonstrated a few things for you, you pretty much did the majority of the work
  • he had simply been the little fairy on your shoulder guiding you through the entire process
  • you start smiling and everyone gives you a pat on the back and you hear a bunch of whispers like “wow, i wish i was that good off the bat” and “she must be a natural!”
  • jin just shoots you lil smiles out of the corner of your eye throughout the rest of the class until the chef is like “k yall can eat these i’m outta here lol see yall next week”
  • as you and jin eat your cupcakes, jin starts telling you about his love of food and how his mom helped him cook at a young age and so forth and so forth
  • soon, his phone is vibrating and he’s like oop gotta go
  • but before he can leave, you gently call for him, and when he turns, you smile at him with a small blush “heh do you wanna maybe exchange numbers? since we’re like partners and all” 
  • and jin smiles before nodding toward the counter, “the answer is in the caramel glaze”
  • at first you’re like uh what
  • but then when you look over on the counter, sure enough, jin has written his number in caramel glaze
  • complete with a ;) face
  • after that, jin becomes like your fairy cooking godmother
  • whenever you want to make something for dinner or a dessert for friends, you call jin and you’re like “yo how do you make this” 
  • the first few times you do this, he asks to stay on the line with you and walks you through making them, but then when he finds out where you live, he just starts. coming over. to your house
  • you: hey!! can you give me your recipe for cream cheese stuffed wontons?
  • jin: i’m on my way
  • he claims that he doesn’t trust you alone with cooking but in reality he just likes being around you a lot
  • he always puts on some cute jazzy tunes and dances around the kitchen with you while you wait for something to bake or for something to boil
  • when he introduces you to his friends and family, they find you absolutely precious (also his aunt low key tried to bribe you with embarrassing secrets about jin from his childhood in exchange for his chocolate fudge cake recipe)
  • his mom even gives you a cooking lesson of her own and jin is just cheesin in the corner of the kitchen like “my two favorite girls :DD”
  • when jin’s mom sees jin being super attentive of you while you cook and making sure you have everything you need, she knows you’re the one
  • it’s only one day when you ask jin for assistance on making something that he ends up confessing to you
  • it’s a stormy snowy night, and right after making peppermint brownies for a christmas party you’re invited to tomorrow night, the power goes out
  • jin helps you light every candle in your house
  • most of which are scented and the combination of pumpkin spice, vanilla cookie, and apple pie are starting to give him a headache ( i have all three of these lmao)
  • but you help ease it as you two curl up on your couch in a big comfy blanket and pig out on eggnog spiked with vodka and a plate of devil’s food cake you’d made a few days ago
  • now, you’ve never seen jin drunk before
  • he’s never let you see him drunk before
  • for good reason
  • when jin is drunk, he is… a delight :)
  • he starts playing a bunch of sensual songs on his phone, thrusting and nearly falling into your fire place bc his thrusts are so Unnecessarily forceful and uncoordinated
  • jin: *staring into space* you know, sometimes i turn to food to hide my emotions
  • for some reason, will not go anywhere in your home without the blanket you two use wrapped around his shoulders like a cape
  • he keeps pointing his finger at you when he talks, even though you are very much paying attention to him already
  • he’s both hilarious and alarmingly clumsy but you can’t help but find it adorable
  • halfway through this shit fest jin just plops down beside you, cup empty, having drank all of the alcohol you have (which wasn’t much to start with)
  • “mmm, you know, i had a dream yesterday” jin starts “i got a call *hiccup* from you. and you said ‘jin!!! come over!! i need help with something’. so i *hiccup* came. and i asked what you needed help with and you said *hiccup* that… your lips were lonely and you needed some lovin” 
  • despite your laughing at his recollection of the dream, your heart stutters in your chest as he lays his head on your shoulder, looking up at you with glassy eyes illuminated by the flickering candlelight
  • he gently reaches forward, and without a word, presses a sweet kiss to your lips, before slumping back against you, as if he had not just kissed you
  • you’re suddenly stone still, very aware of every breath he takes as they begin to even out
  • you can tell he’s finally worn himself out and he’s about to sleep, and while the wind howls outside and the warmth of vodka still bubbles in your belly, you tug the blanket around you both tight and tuck jin in, watching as his eyes flutter closed
  • “i kissed you, just in case the dream was a prophecy”
  • you get up and blow out all the candles, hesitating on the last as it illuminates jin’s sleepy, calm expression, and then you blow it out
  • when you wake up the next morning, jin is tangled with you, his hot face pressed into your neck as the morning sun filters through the blinds, making your head hurt
  • you groan and that seems to wake jin, who is literally laying on top of you “jin… wake up”
  • you nudge him, but he only snuggles into you deeper, wet lips brushing against the base of your neck and sending a shiver down your spine
  • “don’t wanna” his voice is husky, both from all the screaming of christmas songs from last night and the exhaustion of waking up early
  • “did you dream again?” you inquire, and he slowly lifts his head, hair poking this way and that and remind you of a baby chicken
  • so much so that you burst into giggles, attempting to cover your mouth with your hand as you laugh harder at his confused expression
  • but before you can jin grabs your hand and gently pins it to the couch cushion, before leaning down and capturing your lips in a much more sober kiss
  • initially, you’re shocked that he had remembered, or that he even wanted to kiss you, but you press into him and kiss back, smiling as he nips at your bottom lip with a huff, “i did. i dreamed about waking up next to a beauty with terrible morning breath” “fuck u jin”
  • now onto the good bit
  • so already u know jin is a bomb cook right
  • it is commonplace for jin to stop by your place every other night with a tupperware bowl or a glass dish like “hey! i made *insert mouth watering food here* let’s eat it together yeah? yeah”
  • since you’ve already met his family, it’s normal for you to stop by with him whenever he visits
  • sometimes you go alone just to spend time with his family bc they’re so nice
  • and his mom tells you embarrassing stories of teenage jin and you can’t pass on that
  • jin is as avid an eater as he is a cook
  • seconds after putting something down in front of him he’s already inhaled half of it
  • you’re always mad he eats all your food but he makes up for it by making more so it’s all good
  • boyfriend or middle aged mother from book club? who know
  • jin unabashedly does “traditionally feminine” things with you
  • since he loves pink it’s like the main color in his wardrobe
  • sometimes he’ll be dressed rlly immaculate in this beautiful outfit and you’ll be in sweats and a tee and he’s like oh no no no no we are going to match and be the most attractive couple at that dinner party or my name isn’t kim seokjin
  • actually sits and watches dramas with u
  • gets very invested and sometimes you’ll be sleeping and jin will shake u awake at 3 am like “i finished that one drama you know the one? like what the fuck”
  • you try to go back to sleep but jin is like no we are talking abt this i will recap each episode scene for scene and do an in depth analysis on why im not having this today
  • gets super excited for holidays and helps you shop for decor
  • morning jin is uncoordinated jin
  • he bumps into walls, probably isn’t wearing pants
  • “what day is it???” he keeps asking
  • hubby material amirite
  • it’s no secret wherever you go that ppl are always looking at seokjin
  • at first u were kind of weirded out by it but jin doesn’t mind
  • “looking at me? i think they’re looking at my very gorgeous girlfriend”
  • he always manages to make you smile sooooo hard
  • don’t forget the puns pls let’s forget the puns
  • is CONSTANTLY making jokes that you have to reply to or he’ll get snippy
  • whenever you hang with him and his friends and he makes a joke it’s always a game of “who has the strength to force a laugh and take one for the team”
  • one time jin tells this really clever one and yoongi nearly strangles him
  • speaking of friends, all of jin’s friends come to your place now
  • even if jin isn’t there they know your address like if they need you they’ll come to you
  • some of the maknae line low key wanna cook but they won’t ask seokjin bc he gets a big head abt it with them so they say well!!! (y/n) is just as great and way nicer abt teaching
  • ideally it sounds cute but just imagine taehyung, jimin and jungkook zooming around your kitchen yelling and banging pots together, trying to make a simple pan pizza
  • sometimes you end up having to call jin so he can forcibly remove them from the premises
  • they always help jin with rlly elaborate date ideas tho
  • some of the weirdest and funnest ones have always come from hoseok and namjoon
  • late at night, after a tiring day and jin stays over, he always has a routine of kissing your forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and finally mouth before he goes to bed
  • jin always sleeps kind of haphazardly and might kick you in the shin in the middle of the night but he always makes up for it in the morning *cough* morning sex *cough*
  • seokjin thinks you are the most precious person in his life and he never wants to lose you
  • his favorite thing to do is casually mention ur future together
  • “you think our kids would be like master chefs one day?? like really beautiful master chefs. our children would be amazing wth”
  • overall, jin is your super sweet super beautiful super delicious bf and wow make him ur husband today or i will pls
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Royally Your Dork- Chapter One

Okay so I finnally got around to participating in @lgbtqpjo 3k week thingy??? I’ve been wanting to do this for ages but the dates completely slipped my mind and ye….

So anyway, this is for Time Travel Tuesday that I guess is set in the medieval times??? I don’t know if this really counts as a past thingy bc it’s technically a Solangelo royalty AU??? But ye here it is! I’m thinking about making this a multichapter fic so if you want me to write more please let me know!!! <3

Read it on ao3

Nico turns his head toward a skittering noise in the dark tunnels. The boy by his side tenses, wondering what dangers have come upon them this time. There was still blood on his clothes, some of it his but most of it from one of his brothers, who died that morning from an arrow piercing his heart. They lost control of their kingdom, and now Will was forced into hiding.

“It’s just a rat,” Nico says, sheathing his sword again. Nico was one of the palace guards, asked by his majesty himself to look after the next heir to the throne. There never really seemed to be a reason for Nico to be there, other than keep the prince company. Not that he was the most talkative type, but Will ranted to him anyway, because who better to talk to than the boy that was always there?

It seemed that most of the time Nico’s job was pointless. The kingdom has been in peace for so long and one of the best allies to the other kings and queens, considering their long history in healing remedies. But something has been brewing among a few of the people of the twelve kingdoms, and they’re starting to target the weakest kingdoms. They’ve already raided the kingdom of Queen Demeter, cutting off the people’s crop supplies.

Nobody was sure what the rebels intentions where, but a few theories where circling, the most popular was to cut off the most powerful of the twelve kingdoms from all resources. They’ve taken their food already, and now the healers are falling under their control.

“Where are we going?” Will asks, trying to push down his fear. It doesn’t work and Nico flashes him a look of concern.

“Wherever is safe. Hopefully we can get to Queen Athena’s kingdom before nightfall.”

“What about my brothers and sisters? My parents?”

“They’ll be fine. The other castle guards will make sure of it.”

“If it was so safe, then why am I here?”

“Because the king asked me to bring you here.”

“Why me?” Nico turned to him, his expression annoyed. Will could make him glare like that like nobody else could.

“No more questions.” Then, suddenly Nico hears something and he presses Will and himself against the wall swiftly, moving like a shadow.


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*Blinks slowly" Hmm? Oh hello Hypaa. It seems that we haven't talked for a while. Or spent time with each other at all. Especially in bed. Would you care to come back and join me? It's comfy and very much to your taste, I'm sure. If it isn't then I'll personally make it so. - Older!Noctis

Do you mean… you’re inviting me to partake in…

THE ROYAL BONER™ (coined by @louisvuittontrashbags)???

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What the hell, why the fuck do you people always have to ruin innocent things and make everything fucking gay

I am actively trying to ruin your poor straight life because I want a cartoon character to like a girl because I too like girls, obviously.

Maybe…. you should go outside once and a while?? Call your mom…. or something……..

Her Majesty [Anakin Skywalker x Amidala!Reader]

Part 2

Summary: The reader is Padme’s younger sister and when she became senator, the reader became queen. Because of an attempt to end the reader’s life, Anakin is assigned to protect her. They go back to Naboo and where there’s a ball held. Anakin gets jealous when he sees someone hitting on the reader.

Word Count: 4000+

Warnings: Brief mentions of death

You pulled your hair up into a knot at the back of your head and frowned at your reflection in the mirror. You looked so tired. Shadows seemed to be painted under your eyes. Your brows seemed permanently furrowed in careful concentration. “I feel so helpless,” you sighed. “Everything is happening far too quickly.”

Behind you, your older sister Padmé was helping you pack for your journey back to Naboo. She was a saint, really, and the only person with whom you felt completely at ease. Padmé smiled and shook her head. “The galaxy doesn’t slow down for anybody, but there are some people who are able to keep up with it. They might get tired from running, and they might feel lost at times. But they’re still called queens.”

You released your hair and turned around to face her. “Do you think it’s a bad thing that I sometimes like to forget I’m the queen? Like now, for instance… I don’t have anything fancy on. No red and white makeup. I’m not surrounded by handmaidens, and I’m with you. It’s nice and comfortable.”

“Not at all,” she assured you. “When I was queen, the best part of the day was when you were around. I felt like myself. Even as a senator, I can understand that.” She held up a deep purple gown. “Is this what you’re wearing to the ball tomorrow evening?”

You stared at the dress. You had never worn it before, but it looked complicated to put on. “Yes,” you confirmed. “It’s going to be a nightmare getting into it, though. Could I borrow that white dress that you wore at the Gungan’s parade?”

“Y/N…” Padmé sighed.

“I’ll give it back, I promise,” you swore. “It just looks so much easier. Things would be better if I was allowed my handmaids…”

The previous month, there had been an attempt on your life by one of your own handmaidens. The girl had been killed, but not before taking down two of your most loyal friends with her. The survivors had been forced to leave service, for their safety and yours. Padmé knew that you thought it was a great injustice that they all had to leave because of one traitor in their midst.

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What made you want to start CoE?

I saved this question for last thinking I was going to have a really nice, thought-out reflection on where I’ve come the past two years.

The short version is that I’ve always enjoyed the idea of telling a story involving species swaps, and Fluttershyder just happened to be on the mind in late 2014. It was a transformational moment when I caught myself thinking “Man, why can’t I draw a story with her? … holy crap, what is literally stopping me from trying to?”

I had a lot of free time as a result of being unemployed, and I went into CoE telling myself not to worry about drawing “on model” because doing so would keep me from exploring ways to improve my drawing. So if you’re out there somewhere, with a story in your head but uncertain of whether you can do it well enough, well, I have a secret for you:

You’re not ready.

I wasn’t. And I never will be.

And I used that. My starting date suddenly changed from two-years-off to right that very moment, because I discarded all requirements of where I needed to be before I began. It might be counter-intuitive, and *results not guaranteed, but anything I’ve drawn since then is infinitely better than having never done them at all.

Feisty Little Hobbit

Summary: You’re Bilbo’s little sister, but you are the exact opposite.

Chapter Summary: You are asked to join a quest.

Notes: I’m going to be continuing from my other one-shot and I’m going to try to make other stories too. Have fun! Also no pairings just yet.

Chapter 1 Chapter 3 Chapter 4  MASTER LIST

“Bringing along one hobbit is reckless enough, but two? That’s absolutely ridiculous. Plus one of them is a woman. She has no place amongst us,” Thorin says, making you scoff.

After the unwelcome dwarves had welcomed the leader of the unwelcomed Company, you decided you had had enough. Before you could insult every single person in your home, you made your way to your room, but you left your door open so you could listen in on these silly conversations.

“We should bring her in here to talk about it. She can handle a weapon. She stole yours to prove it and she’s very feisty. She’d be a great asset to our company, Uncle,” Fili states.

You don’t know how, but you know that it is his voice that is speaking.

“Very well. Master Burglar, would you please get your sister. It seems that I will not get rest if I do not at least speak to her,” Thorin says and after hearing Biblo agree, you hear footsteps coming to your room.

You feign sleep, but you know it’s not going to work. Not with your big brother.

“I know you’re awake y/n. You cannot fool me no matter how hard you try,” he says and you sigh, sitting up.

“I’m not going to speak with those silly dwarves,” you say stubbornly. “They won’t rest until they get an answer. Just hear them out and then turn them down,” he says. You sigh and stand, following him back to the dining room.

The company turns towards you, but your attention is turned toward Thorin.

“How can I help you, your majesty?” you ask sarcastically, bowing slightly. He sighs and rubs his temples. He’s only met you for five minutes, but you were already becoming a pain in his royal ass.

“My nephews want you to join us on our quest,” he states.

“You’re going on a quest?” Bilbo asks, coming to stand next to you in the now crowded area.

“Let us have a little more light,” Gandalf says and Biblo moves away to grab another candle. You move to stand on the other side of Gandalf and next to Dwalin.

Gandalf brings out a map and explains the purpose of the unexpected party.

“I do not understand why Bilbo or myself will be needed,” you say, breaking the silence that has ensued after Gandalf’s explanation.

“Bilbo, and yourself if you decide to come, will acquire a gem inside of the mountain. A gem that proves that Thorin is the rightful king under the mountain,” Gandalf explains,”while Smaug is used to the smell of dwarf, he is unaccustomed to that of a hobbit.”

“Bilbo and I will not be going on this absolute suicide mission,” you reply shortly.

“I’m afraid I have to agree with Miss Baggins. They are hardly burglar material,” Balin says and that makes you almost want to join the quest. Almost.

“Aye. The wilderness is not a place for gentlefolk who can neither fight nor fend for themselves. Especially a woman,” Dwalin says and you resist the urge to slap his bald head. That comment makes you scoff and Gandalf upset. Before he can say something, you open your mouth.

“And how do I know you’re not women? If I remember correctly, you can’t really tell the difference between a male and female. For all I know, King Thorin could actually be Queen Thorin,” you say and you hear a choking noise from Gloin who had just taken a sip of ale. Thorn is glaring at you again.

“We are all male , thank you very much. Gandalf, I will not be taking these two hobbits with me,” Thorin growls out and Gandalf’s eyebrows furrow.

“You asked me to find the 14th member of this company and I have chosen Mr. Baggins. There is a lot more to him than any of you know, including himself,” at this, he looks at Bilbo,“If Miss Baggins decides to join as well then it will be a company of 15.”

Thorn looks at Gandalf and nods.

“Very well. Hand them a contract,” he says and Balin stands and holds up two pieces of paper.

” It’s just the usual; summary of out-of-pocket expenses, time required, remuneration, funeral arrangements, so forth,” he explains, handing one to me and the other to Thorin who shoves it into Bilbo’s chest.

“Funeral arrangements?” Bilbo asks, whimpering. He has always been the soft-hearted one. You read over yours quickly and Bilbo voices what you read.

“Oh, up to but not exceeding one fourteenth total profit if any. Seems fair. Present company shall not be liable for injuries including but not limited to laceration, evisceration… incineration?” he asks, looking back at the company and you smile a little. He’s going to faint.

“One coin says that he’ll faint,” you whisper to Dwalin. He looks at you and then your brother. “He doesn’t seem that weak. You got a deal,” he says, holding out his hand. You shake it earning a small smile from Thorin.

“Aye, he’ll your flesh off in the blink of an eye,” Bofur states. Bilbo chokes and goes back into the hall.

“You alright there, laddie?” Balin asks.

“Yeah. I’ll be fine. I need. I need air,” Biblo says again and you give him another 40 seconds.

“Think furnace with wings. Flash of light, searing pain and puff. You’re nothing, but a pile of ash,” Bofur explains, yet again and you laugh quietly.

Bilbo straightens and looks at you and looks back ahead. “Nope,” he mutters before promptly fainting into your arms.

“Aye. How did you get there so quickly lassie?” Bofur asks as you gently lay him on the ground.

“I’m his sister. I know everything about him and you, Master Dwalin, owe me a coin,” you say smugly as Gandalf scolds Bofur.

It was decided then that you were going to be a part of this company whether Bilbo joined you or not.

85. “It doesn’t bother me.” [SVT’s Joshua]

Genre: fluff, prince!AU again! lol. 

Word Count: 1.31k

Admin: Rianne⭐️

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Do You Understand?

TITLE:  Do You Understand? (Rise For Your King Part 10)
PAIRING: Reader/AU King!Castiel
SUMMARY:  The reader was betrothed to the prince but when a neighboring king decides to dole out justice to your future father in low, he destroys the royal family, leaving you with the two youngest princesses. The mage king takes an immediate liking to you, letting you live. What will you do with this opportunity?
WORDS: 2,252
WARNINGS: Language

Part 9 || Part 11 || Masterpost

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Kiss It Better

Crowley x Reader

Word Count: 1254

Warnings: None

A/N: This was written for Moeyy’s 1k Fluff Fest Challenge !! @waywardmoeyy

English is not my native language, so excuse any grammar mistakes etc.

Prompt:  “I thought you forgot about me.”


Originally posted by supernatural-stuff-of-course

It’s been a few weeks since the Winchesters brought Crowley at the bunker, keeping him locked up in the dungeon in order for him to break and reveal every demon and the vessel they possessed that roams around on earth.

Despite giving the boys a hard time most of time, he was always surprisingly nice to Y/N from day one, but knowing a demon he was probably doing it to irritated the boys and nothing more. And yet here she was, standing a few feet away from the dungeon’s doors with a first aid kit in her hands.

“I’m so going to regret this.” she told herself sighing heavily.

From the moment she met him she knew he was trouble, he was a demon after all, but she couldn’t help having those feelings for him even though she knew her love for him was doomed because he would never return those feelings and he would unknowingly made it worse for her every time he looked her way or make a compliment.

 Taking a deep breath she finally pulled the doors open feeling her heartbeat increasing at the sigh of Crowley all messed up. Kevin had messed him up pretty good when the two of them came down the dungeon the other day.

“There you are darling.” he said gazing up at her “I thought you forgot about me.”

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