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genderfluidgrantaire  asked:

i didn't watch the iron chef america video you just posted, but from seeing the pictures in the post, i feel like you could probably recreate those faces pretty well? based on the lovely faces you often make in selfies!

I have accepted your challenge

I fear he might be more powerful than me

anonymous asked:

Do you have any fall fashion tips?

  • be nude any moment you possibly can
  • polka dots and stripes. together.
  • stiletto uggs are so in this season 
  • create a suit made entirely out of watermelons and oranges
  • shed your human form and take your rightful place in the void

anonymous asked:

tell an embarrassing sex story

I can’t think of a really good sex story so I keep typing out and deleting makeout stories because they all need like 5 chapters of background information and idk what to do