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it takes more fabric to make a size 4xl top than it does a small one. more fabric means it costs more. which means to get the same profit as they would other shirts they have to put the price up some. the message on the shirt is irrelevant if you want something with more fabric you have to pay more money for it

Yeah sure but if you’re going to sell a “plus size princess” tank top don’t you think it’d be good to, I don’t know, work that into the price initially and charge the same rate to everyone 

Or maybe not sell it in sizes small, medium, or large, just sell it in plus sizes

Instead of charging people of smaller sizes less for a tank top that’s meant for plus sized people in the first place 

idk man I think there’s a something a teensy bit wrong if I, a person who weighs literally 106 lbs, can purchase one of these “plus size princess” tank tops IN MY OWN SIZE and pay less for it than an actual plus sized person would 

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Do you have any fall fashion tips?

  • be nude any moment you possibly can
  • polka dots and stripes. together.
  • stiletto uggs are so in this season 
  • create a suit made entirely out of watermelons and oranges
  • shed your human form and take your rightful place in the void

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When have you last masturbated?

Back in Wednesday 10th of September 1806 we Set out very early this morning and proceeded on very well with wind moderately a head at [blank] P M we met a Mr. Alexander La fass and three french men from St. Louis in a Small perogue on his way to the River Platt to trade with the Pania Luup or Wolf Indians. this man was extreemly friendly to us he offered us any thing he had, we axcepted of a bottle of whisky only which we gave to our party, Mr. la frost informed us that Genl. Wilkinson and all the troops had decended the Mississippi and Mr. Pike and young Mr. Wilkinson had Set out on an expedition up the Arkansaw river or in that direction after a delay of half an hour we proceedd on about 3 miles and met a large perogue and 7 Men from St. Louis bound to the Mahars for the purpose of trade, this perogue was in Charge of a Mt. La Craw, we made Some fiew enquiries of this man and again proceeded on through a very bad part of the river Crouded with Snags & Sawyers and incamped on a Sand bar abou 4 miles above the Grand Nemahar. we find the river in this timbered Country narrow and more moveing Sands and a much greater quantity of Sawyers or Snags than above. Great caution and much attention is reguired to Stear Clear of all those dificuelties in this low State of the water. we made 65 Miles to day. we Saw Deer rackoons and turkies on the Shores to day one of the men killed a racoon which the indians very much admired.

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Please expand more upon why you had to write an essay about how saying Xmas is destroying our nation

from kindergarten to 8th grade I went to a really tiny fundamentalist christian school

One day before christmas break in 8th grade my english teacher went off about how saying “Xmas” instead of “Christmas” removes jesus christ from the holiday and removing christianity from this country will be its downfall yadda yadda yadda

So she then decided for our midterm project we would have to write about this ***urgent topic***

and although I thought it was absurd, I didnt want to compromise my grade and so I decided to write the most ridiculous shit I could think of like tHIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON CHRISTIAN MORALS?? WHAT WOULD WASHINGTON THINK??? IF WE SAID XMAS??? HE’D BE DISGUSTED THat’s WHAT, HOW DAR E THOSE HEATHENS TRY TO DESTROY THIS HOLIDAY„,JESUS CHRIST 4 LYF

I got an A 

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will you be getting an xbox one

yes of course I’m going use xbox ones as the main building material for  a fort I am making I am going to buy as many xbox ones as it will take to complete the structure complete with a pool and everything so the next time there is a zombie apocalypse/bomb threat/alien attack/anti-pro-choice protest coming my way I will be safe behind thick walls of absurdly shitty microsoft technology 

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There are a selection of cock boxes arranged in front of you. In one box is a three-foot bad dragon tentacle monstrosity. In another is a selection of actual men, of surprising girth and length. In the last is twenty individual men, of completely average size. Which cock box do you choose? You must choose one, or your friends get sent out of an airlock.

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make her a member of the midnight crew

you called?

oh but id be the worst midnight crew member ever

u guys can go ahead i got lord english hes mine ill get him ill destroy his pathetic bum

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TMI: Dirtiest fantasy?

I push cinderella into a puddle of mud. She is dirty. Her dress is ruined. I begin laughing. She is angered for a few moments, but soon begins laughing as well. She stands up and we begin walking back to her castle. She takes a shower. I tell her I’ll bring the dress to the cleaners the next day and see if I they can clean it. She says “No I’m a princess I’m rich I’ll just replace it I bought it at JCPenny anyways”.

After staying for dinner I return to my home. The road is muddy. My shoes are dirty. I slip and fall. I am dirty. Karma is a bitch

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how nice is your butt?

it’s a very kind butt

it always has nice things to say and never talks negatively about people

it’s very compassionate and is always willing to help others

my butt says that youre cute and it hopes you have a wonderful week

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What is your opinion on the whole Robin Thicke controversy?

Haven’t I made myself clear with all of the posts I’ve reblogged omg

The lyrics of Blurred Lines make me very uncomfortable and I think it’s pretty unacceptable for a song about the “blurred lines” in consent (spoiler alert there ARE NO BLURRED LINES IN CONSENT) to be so popular 

It’s really really fucking gross that so many people think positively of the song and see no problem with it becoming so popular

The video is also very unsettling for obvious reasons (and no, robin, your video is not “liberating” for women, nor is it a clever parody of the representation of women in media, no matter how hard you try to say it is. It just doesn’t work. Even if that was your original intent, you failed miserably)

Unfortunately the tune of the song is very catchy so I listen to parody versions of it because for the most part the lyrics are much more acceptable and the singers’ voices are much better

On a non-lyric/video related note, Robin Thicke’s voice sucks horribly and ruins the sound of the original version