ask luna and venom


“Good Luck, and be sincere with yourself and your friends. I hope this present will help. L.”

(OOC: introducing, Luna’s disguise when she has to walk around during night. This is another really late tribute, i have another one to do, i hope to finish it when i finish all my requests, for now i’ll be back to “normal” answers. Plus, i decided to do something like this because i actually sit down to read Joen’s blog to make at least a decent tribute. IT WAS A MISTAKE, AAAAH THE FEELS.)

Luna:“But it’s still a nice game, i love the gameplay, it’s really fast and entertaining!”

(OOC: Plus all the disney stuff is a lot of nostalgia. But i’m with Tyrranux on this one: the story is starting to be really awful and the characters are starting to feel like “mary sues” (or Gary Stues?) in the Disney Worlds.)

If you want to see Luna’s Keyblade and Dive Into Heart go here.