ask luna and rarity


Rarity: Luna, darling, we simply must get them together!

((Annnnnnnnnnnd we’re back! I’m so so so sorry for the huge unexplained silence. I’ve been extremely busy, and with a mixture of busyness and lack of motivation, this blog kinda ended up unused. I’m finally back, with lots of motivation for it, so get hyped up for the PipPound Arc! While Rarity and Luna scheme, how about we check in on Pound Cake? :D ))

I was asked to make an OC for Princess Luna (and the fabulous Rarity) herself, Tabitha St. Germain and Princess Cadence Britt McKillip.  Who could say no to such an honor?  Not me!  

Here’s Alicorn Tabitha.  Is it possible to combine the fabulousness of Fashion Horse and nocturnal cred of Moon Princess?  I hope so!


((VICTORY SCREECH WELL HI THERE. So yeah. I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOO SORRY for the two month absence! QAQ -bows- I have been struck with a deadly bout of laziness for quite awhile now, but I have been magically healed by unicorn tears! Huraaaay! \o3o/

But yeah, in my time in the hospital thanks to the terrifying illness of boredom, we’ve missed quite a few milestones. One of which was the blog’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OMGOMGOMGOMGSCREEEEAMS and the other was 1,500 followers!! The 1,000 followers HUUUUUGE post is still a WIP, so I think I’ll just make it the 2,000 followers post and for now just shower you all with love and affection and sincere apologies for not doing anything :’D

BUT I have a week’s worth of updates done and ready to be posted, so I’m going to try and keep ahead of myself! SO YAY! Love you guys <33333333333333333333333333333))