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I just saw you're reblog on the parent thing AND LATI CAN MOST CERTAINLY BE ONE OF OUR CHILDREN <3


tysm omg the both of you are too sweet !! lati has like fifteen parents and sixty siblings now im so happy wh eezes– pokebirds of a feather flock together!!! ;D

ft the lovely @lugiadaily and @togekiss-daily !!

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What's the hardest thing you've tried to disguise as?

“Incredibly large pokemon- especially legendaries- tend to be extremely difficult to hold for decent periods of time. The less familiar I am with them, the harder it is. Conversely, my easiest disguise and the one I use most frequently would be as an eevee.”

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Do you ever find yourself playing with bubbles when under water?

Most often I try to refrain from doing such things…However, if they were to be one from your infamous songs, I’m not sure if I could restrain myself.

Perhaps you could give me a life performance some time? Or, if you’d be willing, we could perform a duet?

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[asklepidoptera] Acorn: "I don't get it. Every legendary has an important job, so why are some lesser than others?"

That’s it in very basic terms… It’s all very hard to explain. To answer your question directly, minor legends have less power because they have smaller jobs.
It’s easier if I break down what each legend does one by one… If you’re interested in a specific legend, I can explain them individually.


Merry Christmas 2015! <333

This took me ALL MONTH to make, so I apologize if I forgot anyone in this. I CAN’T ADD EVERYBODY. Remember, certain messages will be deleted. 

First panel: me, @sky0neptune, @ylinna, @fimukisza, and @yonamaru

Second panel: @roslue-chie, @nek-0x, @monochrome-felichii-bluesky, @kaindycandy

Third panel: @springy-chan11 (my sis), @moenohimeka, @springgoldette, @jokebanny, and @cocowa-hikamoto

Fourth panel: @grey-wolf-blogger, @grey-owl22, @akiaki-chan, @reirimeku, @tarokin, @nabnabmasooo, and @rosafangirl

BUT! That is definitely not everyone I want to wish a Merry Christmas! I would love to mention: @naonychan (;~;), @the-little-artist-girl, @manglethefox123, @misteryproyect, @marcart115, @marlendesu, @wolfkin0706, @peachdalooza, @blazenstarlight, @greninja1234fan, @snowflakettie, @jenespurr, @saineko64, @cherdanh, @ask-a-daycare-togekiss, @ask-atlas-golurk, @askmanaphy, @straw-cokawai13, @midnightcrystalmelody, @humankittychan, @shiinastuff, @monlett, @ask-pink-spade, @ask-lugia-things, @aless-chan, @elrias-the-au-ra, @17mpenaluna, @kelly-kae, @ask-fnaf2-toy-bonnie, @jade-chan36, @scribblellka, @silverblade2, @deplay-poneh, @watayukiyuki, @asumi-hagino, @imagination-scribbles, @paulepz, @marianjama2, @xopotatoe, @momoe003, @ikorytaiyo, @greathideoutlove, @kkisadorabubble, @juju-be1, @bloodypath32, @rosypie14, @askuxie, @nathy-loussop, @natalieshy, @saki-akagitsune, @shweezyliz, @fastzombie221, @steffydesu, @tara-chan-artist, @cigam00, @sol-latiar, @b-randart, @mangaanimefangirl, @parts-and-services, @refusing2wakeup, @theexplodingcelebi, and @neohime <3

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! <3333

This is my Christmas present for all of you <333

“It’s a-actually quite a relief you could tell; I was worried even with the tail that my costume would be too plain to make out what it was meant to be…

… And you’re… oh my, you’re an actual Lugia! But painted as the mythical Shadow form? You’ve captured the sinister royal violet palette quite nicely, madame! You should see my brother; he’s dressed as a normal Lugia.”

…there lived two deities, Ozuru, Lord of the Sun and the Giver of Life; and Isas, King of the Tides and preserver of tranquility. The two perched upon a set of towers created for them by the people of Ecruteak, and in return the two legends provided them with safety and prosperity.

Many years would pass and Isas would soon be father to a young shiny Lugia by the name of Caprese. The apple of her father’s eye, Caprese never strayed far from her father’s reach. A kind and friendly child, the shiny Lugia made many friends with the various villagers and Pokemon alike, and forged a special friendship with three Pokemon her age: an Azumarill by the name of Kishiko, an Elekid named Inara , and a Magby by the name of Azar.

The four grew under the guidance of Isas and became thick as thieves. As the children grew into their adult years, Isas would insist that his daughter was to be paired with another legend who would watch after her and take care of her, even though Caprese’s heart belonged to another…

Ozuru was picked for the task, and grew to love the Caprese, much to her dismay. The relationship would not last for long, however, as a great disaster was soon to strike to small town…

Part 2 >

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fam you know any good pokemon askblogs?

Good Pokemon Askblogs you say?
I’m so glad you asked! Oh, anon I hope you’re ready for a good long list of blogs I’ve been secretly admiring for afar.

I’ll be featuring a lot of blogs that I think you should check out! If it’s too long, you’re welcome to look through the askblogs I follow too! There’s a lot I’m sure that are worthwhile looking at.

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“We blog moderators are not just common folk…

 …We create worlds and we destroy them at will…

…We bring forth new faces, and then wipe them out of existence with the swipe of a pen or a dance with our fingers on a keyboard…

…We are not just artists. We are gods that create universes.”

(This is some phrase about creators that I made up.)


Anyway, here is finished product of that mod picture that everyone was so excited about. BATHE IN ITS GLORY MY FRIENDS. Every single mod from most of the people in the community, the people that reblogged the “CALLING ALL MODS” post and other mods that I threw in (Some without permission, sorry.) that I know of. ALL IN ONE HAPPY GROUP PICTURE WOULDYA LOOKIT THAT!

To those that believed that I couldn’t do it (You know who you are. Some of you did message me saying I can’t do it) Well, I have something to say to those people. IN. YOUR. DAMN. FACE. I FUCKING DID IT. HAHAHAAAA.

This took about a week and two days. I woke up at 9 am and worked on it until 5am the next morning for OVER A WEEK.

This was a MONUMENTAL task, but I did it! Literally over 50 modsona characters. (Probably rounding up to around 55 modsonas total!) All drawn and colored in by me as a Christmas gift for you and as a big “Thank you” for being so supportive about this blog! I couldn’t have done it without you guys, and every single one of you are awesome! Keep up the good work and never give up! I really hope you all love this picture, because this took FOREVER.


Before I go attend endless waves of Christmas parties to rest my hand after this MONUMENTAL PROJECT. I’d like to point out all the lovely mods in this picture. Now, since they’re ALL OVER THE PLACE and not even in organized rows, I’ll just name all the people in the picture and you guys gotta find them. Sound good? It’s like “I Spy” but with your own modsona! Alrighty, let’s list em’ all!

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