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How long have you known Ludwig? Are 1Ps and 2Ps together from the moment something is founded, or do they find out about each other a little bit later in life?

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“Well, I’m not sure how it is with other 1ps and 2ps, that really depends on who finds them and if they run into each other or not. But I’ve met Ludwig back in 1914….” 

“It uh… also helped me figure out my sexuality. I didn’t know something like bisexual existed back then, because I thought you could only decide for one gender. Strange times, eh? Anyway, we went through a lot together, all of Germany’s troubles to be exact.” 

“He quickly figured out I wasn’t exactly soldier material, not like him at least. He realized fast enough I wasn’t like him at all. Yet I didn’t get the impression that it bothered him too much.” 

“I was always there for Ludwig to cheer him up, because I like to see him smile. I like to make people smile and laugh in general actually.”

“As far as I can remember I’ve always been at his side from the moment I’ve met him. Think what you like, but I just wanted to.. to make sure /he’s/ okay. I didn’t care too much about myself.”

“But it turned out I didn’t really need to, because Ludwig did that for me.”

“We’ve always been there for each other. It seemed as if it was just gonna be the two of us against the world at this time - meaning it was hard to get integrated into the rest of the world again.” 

“But that changed. Ludwig made friends with the other nations. I tried to but uh… they weren’t exactly very friendly to me. So, I was afraid we’d grow apart.” 

“But one very important event drew us back together. And not just us, but also our brothers. It was a happy moment. And I thought the time had come to…. You know, confess? But then….” 

“But then I realized something.” 

“I was such a fool for thinking Ludwig would ever want be with someone like me - someone who has been failing at life and being a country and kept disappointing everyone from the start we met. I’ve lived in a lie.“


Everyone seems pretty fascinated by my change and everything. I’m still kinda weirded out. It’s like being in a body that doesn’t belong to me.

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The dissolution of Prussia

Kontrollratgesetz, Nr.46, 25th of February, 1947. This was one of the many laws by the four allies, who occupied Germany. It meant that the state of Prussia was to be officially dissolved. 

Prussia had always been the militaristic influence on Germany, and thus the allies decided it needed to be gone for good, if another war was to be prevented. Most of Prussia’s territory was already lost right after 1945 and the remains were part of the allied occupation zones (Great Britain and the Soviet Union). Technically, the state of Prussia didn’t even exist anymore back in 1945. However the allies saw fit to officially dissolve it as an administrative state in 1947, to not threaten the young democracy of the “new” Germany. 

Prussia was gone for good. It had been one of the most aggressive and strongest states in the middle of Europe and of course a state with a long militaristic history. After all, it was Prussia back in 1870/71, who had guided the unification of Germany.

Prussia had always been there for Germany. Gillen had always been there for Lutz, even tho their relationship wasn’t perfect. Gillen did raise him and cared for him in his own way. Only now Lutz started to see this, but sadly it was too late. Not just was his brother humiliated with another big territorial loss, it had officially also ceased to exist. Lutz was on his own from now on.