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Important message

Hi there, ma hearties

I’ve been struggling for a long time to never have to write this kind of notice. Hoping to be able to get some free time and “resources” to re-activate this blog to create more than one post every four months…!

But sadly the time has come to give notice about the fact I don’t have time enough to dedicate to the blog :( Which is sad, as Hetalia is still strong in me (I’ve been living in England for the last 3 years and it inspires me a lot!) 

Changing laptop several times, losing the gif and video editors I used to use… Probably you noticed the low quality of last creations xD

I hope it doesn’t take me a long time to reverse the situation, but work and this so-called “adult life” generally absorb too much of the free time I used to enjoy before embarking on the adventure of emigrating to another country.

So until then, you will probably see a different type of posts, probably more oriented in the line of drawings, photos and headcanons. If there is something really fantastic about England as a manga/anime character is that it offers so many possibilities!

Of course I will continue  responding your asks in due time. I don’t get many lately, which gives me more time to respond without delays (always look on the bright side of life :P) So please, feel free to send asks ^^

A very big hug to everyone out there,


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