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Boyfriend! au - Wooseok

Ok so warning before I was told this has a different feel than my other aus but thats cuz wooseok is my bf & i have a different kind of love for him lol

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  • Ok just so yall know this is gonna be based off one of my dreams of wooseok and it was great so ur welcs
  • Now it might not sound great at first, but wooseok gonna be a fuckboy/troublemaker lol
  • Like i know wtf…..but just imagine his dark ass clothing…..& the fuckin lip ring
  • Yep that lip ring haunts me in my dreams cuz it was so hot lol
  • Ok so u & wooseok in college, u both work hard in ur majors, but in ur free time u guys are dipshits lol
  • One thing u guys like to do is prank ur friends (sorry pentagon lmao)
  • This is literally how u guys became friends lol
  • Like one night u guys both end up being at some boring lake house party
  • & u were inside for most of the night just relaxing & talking to people u know no biggie
  • But as soon people began moving inside to sleep or ;) u were like bye nasties
  • So u walked outside to see the mess of what was a party
  • …but then u see this super tall skinny guy, obviously drunk, trying to toss this other tall guy into the lake thats just laughing
  • & ur like oh shit trying to save the drunk guy from drowning lol so u grab a really large floatie, big enough for the drunk guy to lay on, and run over to them
  • & u didnt think the guy was sober enough to actually throw the other guy in the water, or realize what he was doing for that matter, but even if they both passed out right there they could drown
  • So despite u telling the super tall (& super attractive) guy he should just put him down he refuses and keeps mumbling “I…have to get…Yuto back for….putting teriyaki sauce in my drink..”
  • And ur like wtf is up with these children
  • But ur also not the type to give up a prank

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anonymous asked:

So you want Na/li to be canon? What about Lucy who would you ship her with if she wasn't with natsu then

Just to clarify, I ship Nalu above Nali. Let’s just put that out there, first off.

Basically someone had made a post of how he’d like fairy tail to end and it was actually really satisfying- despite it having Nali as endgame. So I was just saying that I wouldn’t be mad if that was how it did end. Here’s the thing (I talked about it a bit more in another ask) whether Nalu is romantic or platonic is still up in the air. Although I ship them as a couple, I don’t want to be biased and let that cloud my judgment. They haven’t had moments yet that explicitly imply a romantic interest in one another unlike Gruvia, Jerza and Gajevy (NALU FANS PLS DONT @ ME) The love is DEFINITELY there, but we’re just gonna have to wait and see if they become canon or if Hiro leaves their love as platonic. Judging by the title of the last chapter, I’m really leaning towards the latter. HOWEVER, if nalu does become canon (I mean… natsu still has that announcement he wants to make…) ya girl will be over the moon! 💚💚💚

As for the second question, if I had to ship Lucy with someone else, it’d definitely be Loke 💚 (but ya know, he’s kinda just disappeared from existence)