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Head canon thing: Boromir

Headcanon A: what I think realistically

Boromir is beloved.

Boromir is the treasured first son of Gondor, who is loved in equal, fierce measure to the love he gives all of Gondor’s people. Even as rumors spread of Denethor’s becoming strange and remote; even when the hold on Osgiliath slips; Boromir is always there—Boromir who is broad and handsome and dark, whose strength is in his arms, and whose courage is a bulwark against the rising tide of the East. (Not that Faramir is not loved, but Faramir is not Boromir; he is a Prince, not the Prince.)

Boromir carries the whole of Gondor on his back, the White City a heavy crown where it sits at his temples. He wonders, biting his tongue as Lord Elrond calls Gondor lesser, mixed, fallen, declined, if he is alone in seeing it—all that stone the Steward-Princes have inherited, it is nothing, it is only smoke and Boromir’s own delusions of grandeur.

He drinks his wine too quickly, hoping to stave off the sudden stab of baseless panic. Because it is baseless—Boromir has ridden out with armies, said prayers to Mandos over dying men. He would die to keep holding the shield before him, to keep pushing back the dark with all the force of his arm, even if it is for such a burden as he carries. 

(Boromir does die of it, more’s the pity.)

Headcanon B: what I think is fucking hilarious

Everyone except Boromir finds it extraordinarily funny how many maids, cook’s assistants, healers, poets, soldiers, squires, weavers, highborn ladies, lowborn ladies, and—on one notable occasion—a prince have thrown themselves at Boromir Steward-Prince of Gondor. Faramir still tells the story of going searching for borrowed greaves, and instead finding a Dol Amroth harper in Boromir’s bed. She was not wearing even a stitch of clothing, and she had thrown pillows at Faramir’s head until he fled.

Boromir, though, is deeply embarrassed and vaguely horrified by all the carrying on—he loves his father and brother, the sword, his command, and Gondor; there endeth the list. As a consequence, he has perfected the art of a gentle refusal. (Also, sitting on his bed next to a semi-naked woman, patting her hand, and calling her a “very nice girl” even as she wipes snot all over his sheets.)

Headcanon C: what is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends

Faramir had felt a sudden chill, standing beside Denethor on the parapet as they watched Boromir ride out for Rivendell. Faramir had not been able to explain it—the morning sun was already too hot, the miasma of summer laid thickly over Minas Tirith. But the sweat beneath the collar of his tunic turned to ice, and he was seized by a sudden, desperate urge to run, pell-mell after his elder brother, to pull him down from his horse and bodily drag him back to the white hall, where he would be home, where he would be safe.

Beside him, his father gave a sudden shudder, as though awakening from sleep, or perhaps feeling that same cold—

But Faramir and Denethor let the moment pass, in silence.

(Faramir does not know this, but Boromir’s last thought is a half-delirious, brother, I am sorry, brother—)

Headcanon D: what would never work with canon but the canon is shit so I believe it anyway

Listen. It would be really sad if Boromir died a tragic but ultimately redemptive heroic death, but he never died, so we don’t have to contemplate that, do we?

Perfect Recall - Part One

“The first 24 hours are critical in an abduction case” Emily kept pace with the striding police Captain, the team following after her “Do we have an ID yet?”

“Not yet” said Captain Fitzpatrick “Hotel is pulling all the guest records and security but the place has been heaving this week. It will take a while to sort through.”

“There’s a neurology conference here right?” Rossi asked.

“Yeah its one of the most prestigious in the world” answered Reid “There’s some really notable speakers.”

“Which may work in our favour” said the Captain.

“How so?” asked Emily.

“We only have one witness who saw the victim being bundled into the car. She’s here for the convention.”

“It’s busy and crowded and she was likely distracted by the convention” said Emily with a frown “How does that help us?”

“There’s something unique about this witness” said the Captain with a wry smile. He gestured to a young woman, huddled on one of the plush chairs. She had copper hair, braided round her head and there was an angry looking man in a suit yelling at one of the uniformed officers near her. Behind him was an older red headed woman, furiously twisting her beaded necklace. The more wildly the man waved his arms the more the young woman shrunk back into her seat.

“Okay” said Emily, skeptically “Alvez and I will talk to her. Tara and JJ can you talk to anyone in the immediate area, see if they heard or saw anything unusual? Rossi and Reid can you talk to the staff and Simmons call in with Garcia and see what you can do with the security footage.”

Everyone nodded and headed off in opposite directions.

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forthenovel  asked:

um? i love your theme. but anyway. domestic rogues headcanon: hartley and lisa act so much like siblings that third parties think they grew up together (mick secretly takes pictures of them being siblingy on his phone)

ahh, thank you so much! i, too, absolutely adore my theme. and i absolutely LOVE this concept!! lisa and hartley are most definitely a dynamic duo! i hope you enjoy your little snippet!

“Are we completely sure that your sperm donor didn’t sire anymore offspring after you and Lise?” Mark asks, directing the question at Len. The two of them and Mick are stood in the kitchen of their latest safehouse. Mick is preparing a big dinner for them all, and Len is assisting where he can, but Mark isn’t doing much other than rattling on and on, as per usual. “I mean, look at the two of them. They could be long lost twins or something.”

The ‘two of them’ he’s referring to are, of course, Lisa and Hartley. Currently, they’re spread out across the couch in the living room, painting each other’s nails while Mean Girls plays on the television. They’re chattering on about something or another, but whatever it is can’t be heard from the kitchen.

“Positive,” Len drawls out, not looking up from where he’s methodically chopping up bell peppers to go in the big pot of chili Mick is currently throwing spice after spice into. “The devil only spawned the two of us. That’s all he needed to get what he wanted.” He stops for a moment to look up and watch Lisa and Hartley interact. “They just.. have similar interests. We got lucky when we picked up the puppy.”

“Stop calling me a puppy!” Hartley snaps, raising his voice enough that he can be heard clearly in the kitchen. It’s easy to forget that, when he’s wearing his enhanced hearing aids, he can hear more than a typical human.

“Never,” Len snarks back, then returns to chopping up the vegetables. The corners of his lips are turned in amusement and a hint of fondness, but he dares anybody to accuse him of having feelings. “Let them have their harmless fun.”

“Harmless?” Mark asks with a huff. “Last month they tied me to a chair and dyed my hair green! They’re little menaces, is what they are!”

“Marky, you have super powers,” Mick finally speaks up, though he doesn’t turn away from the stove. “You coulda gotten outta that chair if you really wanted to.”

“Shut up, Rory,” Mark hisses back. There’s a hint of electricity crackling in the air suddenly, but one icy glare from Len has is disappearing almost immediately. “They gave me that look. I know you know the one.”

“Yep,” Mick agrees. They’ve all been victims of that Look before, but none more than Mick. You could say he has a soft spot for the two. “Len, do me a favor an’ take a picture of ‘em, an’ don’t complain! Need it for their Christmas presents, but my hands are covered. An’ don’t let ‘em see you!”

send me your domestic rogues hcs/thoughts and i’ll write a snippet

Perfect Recall - Part Two

“Is it for real this Hyper…” Rossi asked with a frown as the team gathered in the local police station next morning.

“Hyperthemesia? Yes it’s real but very rare. There are only about twelve confirmed cases in the world” explained Reid “It’s also known as HSAM - highly superior autobiographical memory. Whereas Eidetic Memory concerns things a person reads or sees and Mnemonism is the ability, with certain techniques and practice, to recall lists of information, hyperthymesia primarily concerns a person’s individual experiences. Some people are able to recall everything from as young as two weeks old.”

“We’re lucky that Lise was the one that witnessed the abduction” said Luke “Her timings were very specific.”

“And so was her description of the victim” said Emily “Garcia do you have anything?”

“I know who she is and people this is not a pretty story. Buckle up.”

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Laz’ab was actually spawned by a comment I received on DeviantArt several years ago when someone said that all the characters I created were the same happy-go-lucky pirate/prankster/thief archetype.

So I tried to create the opposite.

I wanted to avoid creating the melodramatic, wangsty, and/or serial-murderer-rapist typical of my years as a high school mallgoth by researching real-life psychopaths and serial killers. I spent at least six months researching everyone from Dahmer to Gein to Manson to Nilsen before I felt confident enough to attempt roleplaying Laz’ab.

The decision to give him a mental illness stems from my personal fear. The thought of being trapped in your own mind, completely at the mercy of your brain and unable to differentiate between reality and psychosis, terrifies me. Schizophrenia isn’t cool, it’s frightening and it’s for life and anyone can get it.

TL; DR: Technically speaking Laz’ab is fictional, though there are worst monsters out there.

But here is Laz’ab in a nutshell.

And Laz’ab as a witch.

Just in case you needed more nightmare fodder.

let-me-ski  asked:

Isak x Even. The classic

  • Which one sexts like a straight white boy?
    Isak, because he has 0 experience with sexting.
    Bonus: Isak receiving a sext from Even in public, blushing, and looking around to check if anyone is looking at him. 

  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?
    Again I’ll have to say Isak. Mainly because Even would just mention the great cinematography of a movie and talk about the things he could’ve done better (I honestly think Even cannot watch a movie without pointing out its flaws). 
    Bonus: Even finding out that Isak has never seen his favorite Disney movie and not being able to keep his eyes off of Isak because he’s so desperetaly hoping that Isak likes it. 

  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
    I’d trust both of them doing so. Isak simply because he can’t focus on anything that’s not Even for longer than 0.3 seconds. 
    And Even mainly when his mind isn’t at peace, so he just forgets about the fork.

  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?
    During their honeymoon-episode: clearly both. They’re so in love with each other that they do all of the cheesy, cliché couple stuff with each other. After the honeymoon-episode, Even will definitely continue with all of this stuff and Isak will not complain once because he’s still very in love with Even and everything he does.

  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
    Both. Isak to warm himself up on Even’s body. Even for the pure sake of being close to Isak and for the pure enjoyment he gets when he teases Isak with his cold hands touching Isak’s neck/his feet touching Isak’s warm legs.

  • Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon?
    Isak constantly gets pulled into these marathons by his flatmates and eventually (of course he doesn’t admit it to anyone but, eventually, Even) starts to have favorite Reality TV shows and he convinces Even to marathon them with him. 

  • Who laughs more during sex?
    Even. Isak is too devoted during sex and Even can’t help but laugh a little every time he’s pleasing Isak so well that a row of muffled swear words are leaving his mouth. 

    Even because he usually is the one showing more affection in their relationship and Isak insists on being the big spoon so he can make Even feel secure and loved and to give him a whole bunch of affection.

    In Isak’s opinion still not the amount of affection Even deserves, but Isak is still getting used to everything and after a while he gets more and more comfortable with their relationship and showing Even how much he loves him.

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

brightlady-lise  asked:

For the fic game: Boromir + "Revenant"

The news comes to them on the lips of the already-dead: the Lord Mandos has shut the great door to his halls, he will take no more into that green country.  Nienna weeps, but Mandos is implacable, he will not hear Varda’s entreaties, the wisdom of Manwë. 

So the dead return, their bodies bearing unhealing wounds from where they clawed their way up from the earth—or no bodies at all, where their ashes were scattered. Aragorn rides back from Arnor looking haunted, and so he is, dead rangers and soldiers riding behind the living. Their hands are cold, Aragorn says to Faramir, and it might almost be a jest, were it not for the hollowness of his eyes.

Still, even absent breath and blood, the dead are not so strange—Faramir somewhat enjoys sitting on the council to hear the disputes they create. (Can dead men still own land? inherit? are widowers free to wed again if their wife is still upright, and speaking? is killing a dead man murder?) They fold themselves into the fabric of Gondor, and with time, the whispers of Sauron’s evil and abomination die away.

But nothing seems to quell stories of a different nature, of a faction rising in the south—a would-be king in white, crying war and the end of Middle Earth, stirring up the dead.

They say he seeks a ring.

Send me a ship/fandom/character and title, and I’ll post a summary of the fic with that title I won’t write.

Light blue long sleeved button-down shirt, sleeves partially folded up. Skinny jeans, tucked into knee-high riding-style boots. Light makeup, hair plaited into a french braid. This was good enough, right? Erika scrutinized herself heavily in her full-length mirror, no longer paying attention to the music playing in the background. These jeans, they clung to her hips and thighs, making them look bigger. 

She huffed quietly at herself, a little frustrated over the scrutiny she was putting herself under. She was good enough, right? There had to be some reason for Lise to ask her out. Erika fiddled with a rose gold colored watch, struggling to put it on herself. She was terribly nervous still. And goodness, how she wanted to talk to her parents about this, but she was afraid of how they would react!

She checked the time for the hundredth time. More than an hour remained until the time Lise was supposed to come by and get her. She spent several more moments looking herself over in the mirror, searching for mistakes, anything out of place; then busied herself with mindlessly petting a needy Winnie.