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The Other Side - the spin off

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When Elena said that Damon was the love of her life, I just laughed. On TVD, phrases like "epic love," "true love," "the one," "the love of your life" are totally meaningless. They're all a cliché.

Yes, they are. I wonder if that isn’t the point the writers having been trying to make since 4x23 when Lexi had that conversation of “the one” with Stefan.

I love that scene. It’s one of the most mature and realistic discussions on love that I’ve seen on TVD. When that scene aired it scared me, because I knew that Stelena was over, and I was still shipping it at that time. That’s one of the biggest bits foreshadowing that  the writers have done. It signaled that Stefan was going to get a new love interest that would rival Elena. I knew that it was going to be Caroline because of the other bits of foreshadowing in 4x16, 4x19, and 4x22. 

Stefan obviously came to agree with Lexi. 

That’s why I loved the continuation of the soulmate conversation in 6x22. You can see Stefan’s character growth. He’s dropped his naive and idealistic views on love in favor of more down to earth view. This is what love means to Stefan now:


Lexi grinned and nodded, swirling the glass of bourbon in her hand absentmindedly. “No problem. You’d be standing for a while otherwise; those guys down there stay ‘til the sun rises.”

She put her glass down, reaching out and giving his hand a firm shake before returning to her drink. “I’m Lexi. It’s nice to meet ya, sweetness.”

Sam smirked as she shook his hand firmly, nodding once. “Nice to meet you too.” Taking his drink as it was served to him, he took a sip from the glass before asking. “You here on your own?”