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Musical Asks!
  • Hamilton: What 3 historical figures would you want to have dinner with?
  • Heathers: What crowd did you hang out with in high school?
  • Guys and Dolls: Have you ever badly lost a bet or gamble?
  • In the Heights: What would you do with 96,000?
  • Little Shop of Horrors: Favorite flower/plant?
  • The Man of La Mancha: What's your impossible dream?
  • The Wizard of Oz: What would you ask for from Oz The Great and Powerful?
  • RENT: What's a required quality in a best friend?
  • Something Rotten!: Who's your favorite Shakespearian character and why?
  • Sweeney Todd: Favorite kind of pie?
  • Les Mis: What's your favorite kind of bread?

thechubbyowl  asked:

You said to ask you more about Grantaire and sports headcanon since you have a thing, I'm here to ask for the thing?


- like i said, grantaire is kind of ripped from all these sports right? but heres the thing

- he like never takes off his shirt. ever

- even when les amis decide to go to the beach for a couple of days

- and theres grantaire, surfing while also doing a handstand or like dominating beach volleyball without breaking a sweat but also wearing a shirt the whole time

- and enjolras has like realized his absolute pining for this boy and it becomes The New Cause to get Grantaire without his shirt on

- another idea is that over the course of the ultimate friendship that is Les Amis, they all learn that when it comes to grantaire, just assume he’s good at sports

- eventually, after grantaire kills them all at the pool table at the corinthe, combeferre snaps and says “is there any sport you can’t do?”

- grantaire hums and takes a sip of his beer. he shrugs and says “basketball. never quite clicked”

- for whatever reason, enjolras is IN LOVE

- another thing

- enjolras can’t stop looking at grantaire’s butt in his baseball pants

- its Too Good

- (   ͡°  ͜ʖ  ͡° )

Les Misérables Character Asks

Azelma: Who is your role model?

Babet: Do you lose things often?

Bahorel: Have you ever been in a fight?

Bishop Myriel: What is the last random act of kindness you did?

Bossuet: What is the unluckiest thing that’s ever happened to you?

Claquesous:  Tell us a secret about you.

Combeferre: What is the coolest random fact you know?

Cosette: What are 3 things you like about yourself? 

Courfeyrac: Do you have a crush?

Enjolras: What is your vision of an ideal world?

Éponine: What’s something you miss about your childhood? 

Fantine: What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve made for someone?

Fauchelevent:  What has someone (or something) done to make you change your opinion about them?

Feuilly:  What is something that your proud of that you had to work hard to achieve?

Floréal:  Have you ever had to chose money/stability over love? 

Gavroche: Do you trust your instincts?

Gibelotte: Do you have a nickname?

Grantaire: What is one thing that inspires you? 

Gueulemer: If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?

Javert: What is something you try to live your life by?

Jehan: What’s your aesthetic?

Joly: Are you superstitious?

Louison: Name five things you couldn’t live without.

Marius: Do you speak more than 1 language? If so, which ones? 

Montparnasse: What’s the laziest thing you’ve ever done? 

Musichetta: If you could ask your future self anything, what would you ask?

Napoléon: Who is someone (or something) you like that everyone else hates? (Or vice-versa?)

Thénardier: How far are you willing to go to get what you want?

Tholomyès: Have you ever ghosted someone? 

Ursula: Are you frequently mistaken for someone else?

Valjean: Have you ever been punished for doing the right thing?

Enjolras: What’d you want, Jehan?

Jehan: Oh I didn’t need anything, Grantaire wanted to talk to you.

Enjolras: …

Enjolras: He did?

Jehan: Yup! He’s doing a computer thing. People like ask questions and he answers them! Maybe it’d be a good way to get word out about Les Amis?

R: Jehan-!

Enjolras: Oh! Grantaire, what a good idea.

R: …

Jehan: Here, I’ll scoot, you sit.

Enjolras: Right!

Jehan: I’ll talk to you later, R.

Enjolras: Okay so how does this work?

R: …

Enjolras: Well?

R: *sigh* 

R: Questions get asked, you answer them.

Enjolras: So what first then? They don’t know who I am.

R: Then introduce yourself. The internet is watching.

Enjolras: Alright, well. Hello, all, my name is Julien Enjolras, but don’t call me Julien. Please just call me Enjolras.

R: Or Enj. Or Angel Arse. Or Apollo, or-

Enjolras: Enjolras. Anyway, I’m in my third year of university and I’m one of the founders of our group “Les Amis de l’ABC”! Our mission is to make France and the world a better, more accepting and inclusive place. We hold rallies and protests and generally try to actively make change! Our meetings are Thursday nights from seven until nine at the Café Musain. We’d love to have you join our ranks or ask any questions about our group or starting one of your own!

R: Y’know, Apollo, I did say to introduce yourself. Not your justice club.

Enjolras: What am I if not a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves?

R: …alright, whatever. Look, you guys, just ask him questions about himself since he can’t hand over the information on his own apparently.

Enjolras: Hey-!

R: You all got what you wanted. The ask box is open for Enjolras.

[ask box is open for Enjolras!]



Bet you thought I forgot about this one but nooo! :v

I even made a gif, hope it works? The thing with Jehan is that they’re very talented, but every 1 of 5 diy they do end up badly, tangled in christmas lights badly.

Someone help them. 

Also they were trying to do that skirt with lights as starts that was going around. (Can’t find the post!)

Enjolras and Grantaire Modern AU

However,  G r a n t a i r e  had one fanaticism. This fanaticism was neither a dogma, nor an idea, nor an art, nor a science; it was a man: E n j o l r a s

anonymous asked:

What's ur les mis head canons


- Grantaire is of course good at fencing and art and dancing and all that canon business BUT he is also really oddly good at most sports? like. everything from football (both american and actual football) to rock climbing/bouldering to water polo. he’s in Very Good Shape (ps plz ask me more abt this one i have a Whole Thing)

- Courfeyrac sleeps with curlers in his hair

- When Cosette was little, Val Jean let her paint his finger and toe nails more times than he could count. he was the ultimate tea party buddy

- Combeferre has massive sleeve tattoos (btw infinite-mirrors also head cannons this and has some AMAZING art)

- Enjolras chews a lot of gum. you want some gum? enj has got you covered. grantaire has definitely found gum in his mouth that wasn’t there before after making out w enj

- Éponine is a big ol’ lesbian and she was actually in love with Cosette the whole time 

- yes i know she was in love with marius

- let me liVE

- Bahorel with dreads 

- Feuilly and Bahorel are super gay for each other but couldn’t seem more straight. their gym bro friends are so affronted when they find out. they promptly dispose of gym bro friends