ask lenora


I asked @lenora-rauch for their first impressions of a bunch of NHL players. This is what happened.

“ ‘scuse me —- coming through !! ” rhiannon shouted as she came into the cafeteria, needed extra time to practice her gymnastics she did she by walking into the room on her hands. her legs in a position so that she was perfectly balanced. she made her way into an empty space, bringing her legs around to stand up.


And HERE is the additional interview footage with Aidan Tuner, Lenora Crichlow,  and Russell Tovey! I knew I wanted to ask Lenora about representation so she could talk about it on camera (and we’d had a conversation at her table earlier about it) but since the reporter before me brought it up already, I used my time to talk with the cast about other other things.

Note how Russell smiles when he sees I’m the one coming cover to take my turn, as does Lenora since I’d had a long chat at their table earlier (mostly with Lenora but Russell tuned in/our in-between meeting fans).

Also when I ask Aidan to clarify that his new look at the con wasn’t anything for a role (important to clarify since the Internet is prone to speculation), I didn’t even notice that Aidan did a pirate-”Argh” in response to Russell teasing him for being so manly until I watched the footage back! What a hilarious surprise that was when I went to edit it!