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Have you ever given thought to just why it is that Dirk doesn't really seem affected by trickster mode outside of appearance? Any theories? Thats one thing the really bugs me and I just can't wrap my brain around why he would be such an exception

He’s a Heart player, basically. Just as he sees through into the Core of his friends’ identities, so too his fundamental Core is very hard to change in any meaningful way.

All of the Trickster kids’ actions reflect their inclinations and powersets as reflective of their Classpects (more on that some other time) so Dirk’s Heart nature shining through isn’t particularly unique. But maybe a more useful comparison to understanding it requires us to look at a different orange character with existential issues tied to his inherent, inescapable identity as Himself: Davesprite. 

Davepeta lets on that the core of Davesprite’s issues were down to considering himself marginal, irrelevant, and unwanted. It had nothing really to do with his friends and everything to do with his experience of himself as inherently an Extra Dave, the same way Lil Hal felt. What saves him from this?

Nepeta, the Rogue of Heart. By stealing his identity for his benefit, Nepeta frees Davesprite from his own identity, allowing him to experience ego-death and achieve a state close to complete Enlightenment and allowing him to understand the true meaning of his existence as Davesprite in the first place. Davepeta also benefits the audience by cluing us into this information, and Jade (in ways we’ll get into when I write about Jade soon).

So yeah. Essentially, the aspect of Heart is innately linked to a person’s true, undiluted self–so it’s no surprise Dirk’s undiluted self is strong enough to destroy the effects of any corrupting influence.