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anonymous asked:

You should really learn to mind your own business. You're not even part of the Vikings fandom, aren't talented enough to rp, are a massive bitch, and think you need to be in everyone's opinion. No one has ever liked you.

Between me and a person who cowers behind anon, I wonder who is the massive bitch… Anyway, I don’t give the slightest of fuck what you think. I am liked (otherwise no one would reblog what I do), I am beginning to be more experienced with my writing and am talented, I am part of the Vikings fandom (LMAO just look at my art and edits as well as fanfics, you’ll see) no matter how badly this season hurt and betrayed me and I am not arrogant enough to believe that I need to “be in everyone’s opinion” whatever it might mean. Whatever the effect you wanted your fasle assumption to have on me, I am sorry, honey, but it is not working. Eat a cookie, you’ll feel better perhaps… Have a great day ❤️ 😘


Visiteur: On a même des p'tits gâteaux ! … Un peu rassis, mais ils ont encore plus de goût comme ça !
Henry: La tisane bien brûlante, il n'y a que ça de vrai.
Visiteur: We also have some cakes ! … A little bit stale, but there are more taste like that !
Henry: Hot tea. It’s the best.