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Dear Anonymous,

Umm… Yu-kun? Translation, please?


Rise and Marie have a crush on me, Yukiko is interested in me, Kanji apparently has an unnoticed, emm… “effection” for Naoto… Hmm, I don’t know who that “Weaver” is, but apparently that person is supposed to have a crush on Yosuke, “while Chie steals him away”. And I’m Margaret’s “special friend”. 

And Teddie is alone.

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Fuuka's Christmas Corner. Day 12

Ah, Christmas… What a magical time of the year.

Jun Kurosu. A highly intelligent, usually mild-mannered man with a love for flower language and astrology. Existed as a Persona User in an eliminated timeline; in the current timeline he has no Persona ability and his last name is “Kashihara”.

Ah, Christmas… What a busy time of the year.

> Keisuke Hiraga. Studying medicine because Destiny Says So. 

Ah, Christmas… The perfect time to get a good book and enjoy the calming winter-atmosphere.

> Naoto Shirogane. Lives in the only mansion with a fireplace in the entire Inaba area.

Ah, Christmas! That’s when you’re ‘spossed to jump through folks’ roofs to give 'em a surprise, right?

> 5G A.S.S.W. Labrys. Slept through the past 10 Christmases of her life. Was born 10 years ago.

Ah, Christmas… The perfect time to find yourself a wonderful princess… or twenty!

> Ryoji Mochizuki. There is a timeline where he understand the meaning of “monogamy”. This is not that timeline. 

Ah, Christmas… What an utterly wasteful time of the year.

> Takaya Sakaki. Designated asshole.


> Fuuka Yamagishi. Utterly overwhelmed with the size of today’s cast.

Hm… Interesting…

> The Fortune Arcana. Apparently the reason most of the people above just can’t have nice things. 

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Dear tunaro,

Y'know, I’m startin’ to think that they were probably really just pervs.

At this point, I would honestly not be surprised if this assessment proved to be correct.

…Oh well! Can’t say I really had a reason to complain about that of all things. it’s nice bein’ able to fit into all the clothes the others get me. If I were some hulk, that wouldn’t work!

That is true! And if my model had been masculine, I would not have been able to share a room in the dorm with Yukari-san once Mitsuru-san and Akihiko-san graduated from school!

…You’d still have been able to stay with Junpei-kun, though, I’d reckon? 

If absolutely necessary, yes.

…If absolutely necessary.

Well, Ouch. I almost feel sorry for him.


~5G. A.S.S.W. Labrys

~7G. A.S.S.W. Aigis

Dear Anonymous

Saving him… in exchange for my own life…?

We… I… never considered such a possibility before, but… perhaps, if it is actually possible…

Yukari-san… Mitsuru-san…

> Koromaru whines and nuzzles Ken’s legs.

….To be given the chance to undo your worst regrets, huh? I didn’t expect the prize for that to be anything other than brutal…

But if it were indeed possible… to give one of our lives in exchange for his… then, perhaps…

Would that be… the correct choice?

Of course it wouldn’t be!

…Ah… Sister…!

Look, I ain’t gonna claim I knew the first thing ‘bout that guy you’re talkin’ about… But that person sacrificed everything to make sure you guys would be happy, right? So, if you just went and threw that all away, no matter the reason… What kinda friends would that make ya, huh!?

What… kind of friends…? 

Friends… but he… he wasn’t just…a…


Labrys is right, y'know.


The prize isn’t worth it. Look, Makoto… He wanted us to live. When we became friends, he was always looking out for us, always making sure everyone else’d be fine around him… smiling. So what if he’d be alive again? You seriously think he’d be happy? You seriously think he wouldn’t be in pain regardless? Because if that’s what you think… you’re wrong.  You can trust me on that… Just on that one thing.

Yeah, I think so too…


We wouldn’t be reunited… We’d just be trading one kind of loneliness for another, right? For ourselves, and for him…

He would be in pain… I do not wish that on him. This pain…

Our pain…

…Let’s instead fulfill our promise. Let’s keep working to make sure his sacrifice wasn’t in vain. We’re gonna make him… gonna make them proud of us and of the life they gave us.

Agreed. We’re not gonna back down ever again.

*waff, waff!*

~The Shadow Operatives

~Fuuka Yamagishi

somanyfandommuses  asked:

''You're one of those robot people my Daddy likes! He said to stay wif one of them if he's gone,which he is.'' Shon wasn't afraid. He was a brave little boy,even if he is five and wasn't really born but made in a mitosis like way from magic.

“Hm? Alright, but erm, what’s your name? Who’s yer daddy?” Labrys asks as she couch down to be more on his eye-level. “Ya wanna find yer pops?”