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Hey there. I have read and loved all your kurtbastian fics. They were seriously amazing. Would you mind reccing me some more kurtbastian which you have enjoyed reading. Thank you and looking forward to more of your gorgeous writing 💞😚

I’m not too good at recs but I’m gonna try my best for you! I think a lot of these fics are actually fairly popular, but none of them are at the level of ACITW, OBCMAH, and the like. Hope this includes something you’ve never read before! I’m not very organized at keeping track of my faves, so this is not even remotely exhaustive. And most of these authors have multiple kb works, so make sure to check out their other stuff too! Remember to kudos/comment/reblog!

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“It’s okay, I just wanna help you”
Sebastian finally decided that he need to help Kurt get away from the lab. And recruited Hunter, who thinks this as a very bad idea, to help him.

continuing the Mer!Kurt AU! with marine biology student Sebastian “story”:)

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Genuine question, not trying to rub you the wrong way... how do you justify shipping Kurtbastian?

No, no, it’s fine. I recognize that’s it’s a problematic ship to have. While I can’t justify everything about it, I do have some reasons as to why I like it and how I do my best to explain my liking it.

It’s not a media represented ship. To be honest, I wouldn’t trust the Glee writers with it especially, but it’s not held out there as the pinnacle of a relationship or something anyone should aspire to. It’s not being viewed by millions of queer kids who might say, “I want my relationship to be like this!”

I don’t ship Kurt and Sebastian getting together immediately after the season three events. Most of my fics and recs take place in an AU verse, and those that don’t are future fics.

I agree that Sebastian’s actions were horrible. Personally, I do think he was just trying to ruin Kurt’s clothing. However, that was still shitty, and he slushied Santana as well.

Most importantly, though, we do see development for Sebastian. He improves. He works on it. Do, I think that Sebastian’s a stubborn ass with pride issues? Of course. But can’t you say the same for Kurt? Look at season one Kurt. He’s a stereotypical Slytherin through and through. Granted, I haven’t seen much of the recent stuff, but from where I stopped watching, he was still a Slytherin, but he learned to control his potentially negative traits better.

Aah, but what I love to see as well is that Kurt holds Sebastian accountable for his past actions. See, that’s what I love in canon-compliant Kurtbastian fics. I don’t want those details to be forgotten. I want Kurt to basically remind Sebastian every step of the way that what he did was horrible. But I also want to see Sebastian apologize and grow.

As for their chemistry — does their chemistry come from their snark? Of course. But it doesn’t have to be hateful snark. There are healthy relationships that involve plenty of banter. It genuinely depends on how the character is. Someone characters get easily offended. Kurt is a sarcastic character with a quick wit. I see Sebastian as the same.

Why are ships like Drarry so popular? We don’t think of it as unhealthy because as most fics would should you, they rely on the development of Draco Malfoy into someone who not only cares but is able to show he cares (as I believe with Sebastian).

Again, we have QAF. Brian and Justin are really popular as well. Granted, I only saw season one and just random episodes from the rest of the show, but even though their relationship doesn’t work out in the end, you see great development from both sides. And do they fight? Yes. Do they make stupid decisions? Both sides do.

I don’t think Kurtbastian is a ship that’s going to rely on love at first sight. I think it’s gonna take a lot of work and time when written well. But I think that it can.

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It's kind of late already, but I just saw your last post and was thinking maybe Kurt and Sebastian with number 4 if it's not too much to ask?

Title: Pick You Up

Pairing: Kurtbastian

Words: 738

Prompt: ‘I’m flirting with you’


Flirting came easy for Sebastian. It hadn’t always, but since he had come to terms with his sexuality and had a few… let’s say false starts, things just fell into place for him. Getting guys was simple and Sebastian didn’t show the least bit of understanding for people who were struggling.

At first it was condescension and plain arrogance and when he grew out of that because he actually grew up, it turned into confusion.

Why didn’t those people try harder? Come on, flirting wasn’t hard.

Then came the day things changed. Suddenly nothing worked and Sebastian wondered how flirting had turned into the hardest thing next to speaking Chinese.

His hands were sweaty and his heart was hammering and when he opened his mouth what came out was rarely more than ‘Uh…’ whenever he tried to flirt.

And Sebastian just didn’t get it. This wasn’t even about a stranger, it was about his friend. Talking still worked fine, until Sebastian tried to say something smart and flirty. Then it was as if his mind was wiped clean and his mouth full of cotton.

The first time it happened was after Kurt hadn’t gotten a callback for a role he had felt perfect for. All Sebastian could think about was hugging and comforting and kissing it better. He tried to shake it off, the perfect line on his lips.

‘If you’re feeling down, I can feel you up.’

What actually came out of his mouth was a mix of ‘Kurt’, ‘sorry’ and absolute gibberish.

That was so bad that Sebastian decided to fuck it out of his system. Which obviously didn’t work.

When he met Kurt the next day, Kurt grinned at him and said, ‘I should get a t-shirt saying my best friend was on a walk of shame and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.’

Sebastian chuckled weakly. He was sure there was something he had wanted to say. Something funny and flirty.

‘I lost my underwear, can I have yours?’

But Kurt’s hair was perfectly high, his eyes bright and his lips kissable.

So what he ended up saying was, ‘Uh… I, uh, lost…’

Kurt raised an eyebrow at him, which sent a shiver down Sebastian’s spine. ‘Did you lose your keys again?’

The only thing Sebastian was capable of doing was nodding. And that was when Sebastian decided to just stop trying with other people. Although he was still able to flirt with them, it changed nothing about his feelings for Kurt.

It didn’t get better after that, it got far worse. The days of smooth, charming Sebastian seemed to be over. What was left was cheesy pick-up lines in his mind and non-sense coming out of his mouth.

He was honestly starting to question where he was supposed to end if this downwards spiral didn’t stop.

Three weeks and seemingly millions of nerve-wrecking situations later, the panic got the better of him. Suddenly Sebastian couldn’t hold it in anymore and all his frustrations burst out of him.

‘Damn, Kurt, I’m flirting with you.’

‘I know.’

Sebastian drew in a sharp breath.

‘What do you mean you know?’

‘Your blushing, all that stammering… At first I didn’t get it because you’re always so confident. But then you managed to stutter your way through your first pick-up line and finally I understood it.’

‘You let me suffer all that time?’

‘Pretty much, yes. It was cute.’

Sebastian’s breathing quickened and suddenly his face felt so… hot. He opened his mouth and it happened again.

‘You, uh… I…’

Kurt stared at Sebastian a second, two, even three, then he started laughing. Sebastian’s lips parted, gaping in wonder at Kurt’s melodic laughter. Under any other circumstances Sebastian would have fled out of embarrassment, but Kurt’s laughing didn’t sound mocking. It was bright and fond and… lovely. And when Kurt stretched his arm out to lay his hand on Sebastian’s, Sebastian thought for a second he might faint. How ridiculous. They’d hugged before and everything had been fine. But this time, it felt like so much more than a friendly hug.

‘Seb, take a deep breath. We’re friends, you have nothing to be afraid of.’

‘I don’t?’

‘Do you want to go on a date with me?’ Kurt asked with a sassy grin.

And suddenly things were easy again.

‘Yeah, I really want to. Because I’m not a photographer, but I can picture you and me together.’


So, in case you aren’t becoming more accustomed to our sometimes impromptu posts that are just text and no fancy writing, this is what that is.

I’m sorry I didn’t get back sooner with Kurt’s response, but we were sort of…. busy.

If you know what I mean.


I’m sorry, it’s me, it has to include our sex life at some point.


Okay, okay. Back on subject. What I pretty much came here to tell you all today is that yes Kurt said yes, and yes we are engaged, and yes we will be getting married, and yes we will be Misters Hummel-Smythe, and also that Kurt is sick and should feel better (because I had to sneak that in somewhere).

Oh hush, Seb. Don’t get them all worried, I’m fine.

Doesn’t change the fact that I am, and always will be, concerned whenever you say you’re fine.

I’m fine. I really am. No need for all this worry, really.

But I love you, therefore I worry about you.

I love you too.

I know you do, honey.  That’s why I proposed.

Kurtbastian Week 2014

Hi there Kurtbastian fandom,

2014 has come and it’s about time for a Kurtbastian week. Therefore, we put up this blog so that we can plan on it with you. The week is going to take place on the week between the 24th and 30th of March so that we almost have a full month to get it settled.

You can submit your ideas for prompts and themes in our ask and we’re going to add them to polls. We’re taking submissions for two-three days and then we’re posting the polls on tumblr so that you can vote the themes you prefer. The whole process should be over in one week, so that we have the time to write/gif/draw for the week.

Here you can find the guidelines about posting and if you have any questions, feel free to submit them in our ask!