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#10 with Imayoshi, Kasamatsu, and Kagami 💜

@shakethatsassyass​  Hm……. *deeply struggles on where to put Kagami*

10. Cuddle with / Go Swimming with / Take out on a date

- I’d cuddle with.. Kasamatsu! Because I think it’d be really funny (in a cute way) since he can’t handle this type of situation.

- I’d go swimming with.. Imayoshi! Again, probably end up with trust issues, but I can take it.

- I’d take.. Kagami out on a date! I think he’d be so cute that it’d make Kuroko mad with jealousy.

  • Kagami:Kuroko, who do you rather date other than me?
  • Kuroko:Is that even a question? Or are you testing my love?
  • Kagami:What nonsense are you saying? I was just thinking about it. What if you didn't meet me? What if you didn't fall for me?
  • Kuroko:Those are "what ifs", Kagami-kun. I met you for a reason. I fell for you for a reason.
  • Kagami:...
  • Kuroko:...
  • Kagami:Yeah, so who do you rather date?
  • Kuroko:I'd say Akashi-kun.

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GoM + Kagami and Takao sleeping with their gf and being the big spoon. While sleeping, the gf grabs their hand and clutches it against her chest like a plushie. And she has a pretty big chest (boobs!). :D Tnx!

Akashi Seijurou:
Akashi doesn’t move as you shift his hand. Ever the gentleman, he does not touch or squeeze anymore than he has to in order to readjust himself and get himself comfortable. He attempts to take his hand back to relocate it, but when you refuse to move he simply chuckles and shakes his head. “Keep behaving like that and I’ll get tempted.” He sighs, but simply kisses your cheek before settling back down to hold you to him and admire your sleeping form.

Aomine Daiki:
Aomine is surprised at the gesture, but certainly isn’t complaining about it. There’s a smirk that forms on his lips as he thinks many mischievous thoughts. “That eager to have me around, huh?” He chuckles before giving a squeeze probably. If it’s not enough to wake you up, it’s enough for him to try to wake you up for a different kind of activity. “I’m okay with sleeping too, but with a gesture like that I’d think you were into something a bit different~.”

Kagami Taiga:
Kagami turns beat red the moment his hand is rested upon your chest. He sputters and is without a doubt screaming internally, entire body going rigid as he tries not to move a muscle in fear of waking you up. HIs mind thinks through the situation as best it can, but really he’s just really red. He doesn’t move the entire time, or sleep, until you wake up and ask him what he’s doing. The only answer you get is a sputtered and embarrassed slur of apologies and attempted explanation.

Kise Ryouta:
“____cchi!” Kise gasps out in a whisper, face turning red as you snuggle into his hand more. He wiggles and shifts in his position, debating whether or not to wake you up so that you realize what you’re doing. When he sees your sleeping face, however, his gaze turns soft and admiring. He can’t bring himself to do it, so he just settles on snuggling closer to you. “_____cchi is so cute~.” He giggles while kissing your cheek and sleeping again next to you.

Kuroko Tetsuya:
Kuroko feels his face heat up, but he doesn’t say anything at first. When he tries to whisper out your name, you only cuddle his hand closer to you, dragging him so that he’s pressed against your back. He doesn’t squeeze or touch as much as he can, trying to be respectful of you and your space as he sighs softly and justs lets himself be subjected to the cuddling .He adjusts himself so that it’s a more comfortable position for you and falls asleep again.

Takao Kazunari:
Takao chuckles at the action, raising an eyebrow at your sleeping form. “You’re a little troublemaker even when you’re asleep~.” He teases with a kiss to your temple. He wiggles and adjusts his hand, taking it back easily so that he can let it rest in a better spot than directly on top of you, yet still giving you a chance to cuddle it. He rests his head on close to yours to watch your sleeping face for a longer time.

Midorima Shintarou:
His face turns beat red the moment you perform the gesture. At first he tries to keep cool and stay still to let you rest. When it becomes too much for him, Midorima tires to move his hand away. Your grip is solid, however, and he can’t seem to escape it. Instead he tries to wake you up. When you do, and see his reddening face, you chuckle and keep your hand there either way. “D-Did you plan this from the beginning, nanodayo!?”

Murasakibara Atsushi:
“Ahn?” Murasakibara looks down at the sight. His hand gives an experimental squeeze. When you don’t wake up, he tries again. He gives another mumbled, something along the lines of, “______chin is so soft…” Before quitting it and just scooting closer to you. The action doesn’t bother him too much, and he simply falls back asleep at your side without a second thought.

  • Midorima:What are you, 12??
  • Aomine:Yeah, on a scale of 1 to 10!
  • Kuroko:Ah, it must be measuring your obnoxiousness.

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Fluffy Kuroko scenario with female s/o making him her "special" vanilla shakes for some reason or another? (Whether it's because of angst can be your choice-)

If there was anything Kuroko loved more than vanilla milkshakes from Maji Burger, it would be your homemade vanilla milkshake. At the tender age of seven, Kuroko had quickly developed a crush on his next door neighbor. You with your bright smile and brilliant eyes had found your way straight to his heart.

When you invited him over for ‘a cup of tea’, in other words, a playdate, he was beyond elated and bounced over to the house. You greeted him with a smile before taking him into your kitchen. There you seated him on the prearranged seating, which he was more than delighted to follow as long as he saw your face brighten as it did when he complimented your nicely made sandwiches.

The food was amazing. The company even better. When you brought out the vanilla milkshakes you had whipped up, he was sure you were the one.

Only the vanilla milkshakes tasted too sour, too rotten to be actual milkshake. 

Kuroko had gone home with a broken heart and a destroyed stomach, not that you noticed any of this because he was kind enough to plaster on a smile on his face. “Thanks for the meal!” 

Fast forward a few years later and, thankfully, your milkshakes and meals had significantly improved. When you’re not studying for classes or keeping up with your own agenda, you could be found in the Seirin gym encouraging him on. And more than likely with a treat in your hands.

“Kuroko, you’re so lucky.” Kagami had groaned once. His stomach rumbled in complaint but Kuroko could only smile because he was, in fact, very lucky.

On days when practice was particularly grueling, you’d invite him over and sit him down on your kitchen stool. He’d smell the sweet scent of vanilla mingling with the tartness of your fruity perfume. His watchful blue eyes trailed after your figure moving around the kitchen so easily. The uneasiness slowly seeped away from his bones, leaving him with an oddly light feel in his heart. It felt domestic. It felt all too comfortable and Kuroko was more than pleased with it. He loved the idea of you moving around his kitchen or his house even, making him breakfast, preparing to go to school, adjusting his tie. His cheeks tinged at such forward thoughts. 

You set a glass of his favorite drink in front of him and smiled, “Sweet treat for my sweet boyfriend.” 

“Now you’re just teasing me,” he grinned. “But thank you, this really helps.” 

“If you ever need anything, you let me know, okay?” You pecked him on the cheek, earning another blush from him. 

It was a bit frustrating at the beginning, but with Aomine-kun’s help, I was eventually able to develop my Phantom Shot.

However, I would not recommend Aomine-kun entering a profession that would require extensive instruction of others.

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To the GoM + Kagami + Haizaki, would you date someone really short? Cos I am >.<


Excuse me, but I don’t see what the problem could be…


Why wouldn’t I? I’m sure you’re very pretty.


Heh, it’d be funny to see you trying to reach the things I’d steal from you.


It would be weird to walk by a tall girl’s side like me anyway…


Huhh? I would’ve to bend a lot… but I guess it’s fine.


Why should something so shallow like your height matter?


It’d be cute, wouldn’t it? I mean, you know… tall guys with short girls… w-whatever, I don’t really care about that.


Who cares? Once in bed height doesn’t really matter.

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Hiiii! Akashi scenario where he is insecure about his different color eyes and his female s/o comforts him?? It would be good to see the emperor crumble once MUAHAHAHAHA I FEEL BAD BUT... 😎 Thanks so much! 💕

“Sweetheart, what do you want for dinner?” you called out from the bedroom. You could hear Akashi in the bathroom changing into clothes as you scrolled through a few restaurant reviews on your phone.

When Akashi emerged from the bathroom, he sat next to you on the bed dressed in basketball shorts and a regular black tee. He wrapped his arm over you and placed a hand on your cheek, bringing your face close to his lips. It was a small sweet kiss atop your cheek, but it warmed your heart.

“What do you feel like eating tonight?” Akashi whispered into your ear. You hummed while thinking of what you want, trying your best to ignore Akashi pecking his lips against your skin. His lips touched your cheeks, your jawline, behind your ear. As Akashi’s lips trailed your body, the kisses lasted longer, became slower. You could hear his smirk when you hummed a deeper tone to his kisses. “We could just stay home tonight, and have each other for dinner.”

“You know I would love that,” you replied, turning to face Akashi. He didn’t wait for you to say another word to kiss your lips. Akashi left your lips but left his forehead against yours. And when your eyes met, a smile appeared on both your faces. Slowly, Akashi placed his lips against yours again, and it would be sweet like usual, but the sound of your stomach growling interrupted. “But I think our little ones hungry.”

You rubbed your small rounding belly, the both of you looking down at with a smile. Your eyes looked to Akashi a bit, whose smile brightened your world. But as his smile transitioned into something else, you raised an eyebrow.

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” you asked with concern.

Akashi looked to you, almost like he was waking up from a dream or someone had splashed cold water against his face. “Oh, nothing my dear.”

“Seijuro, tell me,” you placed a hand against Akashi’s arm. He looked down to your touch, and then to you with a pained smile. “Is there something wrong with the team?”

“What? No, the team’s doing exceptional. I was just thinking about our child” Akashi trailed off.

You leaned your head onto his shoulder, waiting for his response. It usually took Akashi awhile to respond to his feelings, so you didn’t mind waiting for them. This was the man you fell in love with. So when Akashi rubbed your stomach slowly in circles, you only smiled. There was a different love Akashi gave your child that warmed your heart. It was a different warmth from the love he gave you, but it was alright.

“What if he has my eyes?” Akashi asked slowly.

His worry filled eyes met yours when you leaned away. Your eyebrows raised with confusion. “Honey, then he’ll have your eyes. There’s nothing-”

“No, my eyes. My Emperor eye,” Akashi interrupted, his worry becoming fear. His face was in pain, the way his eyes looked to you, the furrowed eyebrows, the deep frown he had. Akashi had thought about this for awhile.

“Seijuro, it’ll be fine,” you said with a soft voice. But it didn’t falter the fear in his eyes even if Akashi did give a smile. You put a hand to his face and he leaned into your touch. “Trust me.”

“I do,” Akashi said immediately. “But I can’t trouble you more.” Akashi slid his face out of your touch and leaned down to your stomach, your eyes following him. “You have given me the best blessing in the world. A child, a son of my own. But if he were to be like me when I had my Emperor eye, I… I can’t put that on you.”

You ran a hand through Akashi’s hair as he laid against your stomach, his arms wrapped around your waist. He was shaking. He held his face close to your stomach.

Suddenly, you felt a small hit within you. Akashi felt it too, because it was against his forehead. He propped himself onto his elbows and the both of you looked to your stomach, shocked. And then a small laugh escaped your mouth.

“See, honey?” Akashi’s eyes shot up to you, a bit worried at first. But as your smile melted his nerves, he calmed. “Our child is telling you also.”

Slowly, Akashi looked at your stomach with a smile. He rubbed the little spot where he first felt the kick. “And what are you telling me, son?”

“That he already has an amazing father,” you said, kissing the top of Akashi’s head. “Emperor eye or not, he knows his father is going to care for him the best.” A small laugh left Akashi’s mouth, as well as a small tear escaped his eye. “Seijuro, I know you’ll care for him. I know you’ll love our child. And if he does inherit the Emperor eye, you’ll help him through it. And I’ll be there for the both of you. You married me, I married you. I’ll take care of you and you’ll take care of me. That was our deal when we had a ceremony. Okay?”

Akashi couldn’t look at you. Because if he did, he would be overflowing with more happiness then he could handle. All Akashi could do was silently let his tears fall as he left his forehead against your stomach. You felt his body shake from the tears, but you knew Akashi was alright. He had you. Even if his hands clenched onto your shirt while he cried, you knew he was alright. He had you.

“Yes,” Akashi cried. “You take care of me, and I take care of you.” You nodded your head with a content smile. Akashi held on you more, happy that this was real. “Thank you…” You placed a hand on his head, running it through his hair. “Thank you.”

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I wanted to tell you that I LOVE your knb fics, and religiously stalk your blog hoping you'll put one up :) So could you write a oneshot in your Designation: Miracle universe for MidoTaka? Because those two are too freaking cute, and practically canon already! Thanks!

“Wait, if there is a shorter version of the same series, why did you make me watch the version that was two hundred episodes long?” Midorima asks his little sister.

Naoko puffs up in offense, but it is Takao Ayumi who responds. “Sailor Moon Crystal is not the same show as Sailor Moon! You have to watch the original first! It’s an entirely different experience if you don’t!”

“Yeah, Shin-chan, come on. That should just be obvious,” Takao teases. Ayumi’s look of outrage at her older brother makes it clear his teasing is directed towards her.

“So far, the two shows seem remarkably similar,” Midorima remarks. “Only with fewer extraneous absurd-looking villains.”

“Wait until the second season!” Naoko exclaims. “It really picks up when Chibi-Usa comes. Then you’ll see, Onii-sama, the stories are vastly different.”

Takao and Midorima volunteered to baby-sit Naoko ad Ayumi when both Nobuko and Dr. Kishitani had plans that evening. Neither Midorima nor Takao had the heart to explain to their respective parents that all of them, the little sisters included, knew their plans were with each other.

The two girls sit on the floor with a huge bucket of popcorn between them. Takao had claimed the couch for the older brothers “as divine right for the first and favorite children” but Ayumi had claimed the popcorn in retaliation. Midorima has to keep using his powers to lift handfuls of popcorn for both of them because Takao didn’t like having to bend down all the time to reach it.

The third episode starts, and Takao’s hand sneaks its way into Midorima’s. Midorima tenses automatically but he doesn’t pull away, and eventually he squeezes Takao’s hand in return.

He isn’t really paying attention to the TV show. He’s too busy thinking how he never would have expected to be here, if you told him this was his future three years ago.


When Momoi had shown them the files she had retrieved from Teiko, Midorima wasn’t entirely surprised by what he read about the Green Sevens. “Tendency towards psychopathy and anti-social behavior” was something he had experienced first hand with his own batch. He knew, objectively, that he was an outlier—his own makers had remarked that the attachment he had to his Generation was unusual for a Green Seven. But he also knew that it was exceedingly unlikely he would ever be able to form a deeper bond with anyone.

At thirteen, he was sure that he wouldn’t even want those attachments, were they possible.

Caring for people, he rationed, never led to anything good.


The first time he ever admitted to himself that maybe he was capable of those kinds of feelings after all was when the grey-eyed boy fell on top of him during a game of Tag.

It was, Midorima realized later, most likely a reaction to the fact that the grey-eyed boy was the first human that Midorima found he admired. Because he was the first human who ever made Midorima realize that there were things that Miracles could not do, although he did not share that realization with his Generation.

He had always been confident that there was absolutely no area that the Miracles did not excel at in every way. Nothing humans would do that the Miracles couldn’t do better and effortlessly as breathing.

But when the grey-eyed boy easily dissipated a budding fight with charm and a smile and then arranged a game everyone agreed to play, Midorima thinks, Ah, we couldn’t do that. Even Kise, unless he was in a Copy, did not possess the ability to put people at ease. Midorima is sure that it is certainly not something he could ever do.

When the boy falls on top of him, Midorima has just enough time to think he’s cuter up close before his natural revision to physical contact (and his own inner conflict over how appalled he is by his own thoughts) caused him to push the boy away.

He was, however, very regretful when the boy did not come back. But it was probably for the best anyway.


Takao reminded him of the grey-eyed boy when he first met him (and it was only much later when Midorima learned there was a very good reason for that).

After Kise pulled his prank and Midorima realized he had feelings for Takao, Midorima instantly wished he never met the other boy.

He didn’t know how to want.

He couldn’t stand the fact that he now had something to lose.


When he sat in a jail cell for crimes his twin committed, all he could think about was Takao. Takao was in danger, and it was all Midorima’s fault.

He thought about the fragility between the line of “human” and “monster” really was, because if something happened to Takao, surely all semblance of moral code would be erased and Midorima would become every inch a proper Green Seven.


It seemed, really, that peace was something that only other people could have.

But here Midorima is, sitting on a couch, holding hands with his boyfriend, watching a cartoon show while their little sisters hog the popcorn.

“I’m not saying the first two arcs are bad, I’m just saying everything is better once the Outer Senshi gets introduced,” Takao says.

“Who likes the Outer Senshi better than the Inner Senshi?” Ayumi exclaims.

“I do,” Takao says. “Everyone does!”

“You’re just saying that because I made you be Sailor Uranus.”

“Excuse you, you didn’t make me be Sailor Uranus, I insisted on being Sailor Uranus. She is the best. She has amazing legs.”

Ayumi frowns at her brother. “But you’re gay!”

“You don’t need to be straight to appreciate a fine pair of legs, Ayumi,” Takao responds, snagging a handful of popcorn from the bowl.

“Why exactly is Takao Sailor Uranus?” Midorima asks.

“We’re all Sailor Scouts,” Naoko explains. “I’m Sailor Mercury and Ayumi-chan is Sailor Jupiter. Our two friends at school are Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars.”

“No one is Sailor Moon?” Midorima asks.

“It wouldn’t be fair,” Naoko says solemnly. “You can be Sailor Pluto, Onii-sama.”

“No, that’s alright,” Midorima says, remembering on earlier conversation with Takao. Now that he’s watched two hundred episodes and three movies, he has the proper context. “I’ll be Sailor Neptune.”

Takao squeezes his hand again and smiles fondly.

Midorima thinks this is all the peace he never thought he deserved.

A/N: Thank you so much, anon-friend! I am glad you enjoy my tumblr fic. I wish I could post more often for you! I may or may not have recently rewatched the Death Busters Arc of Sailor Moon Crystal and had a lot of feels, so. I was also always Outer Senshi in middle school because all my other friends claimed Inner Senshi and no one was allowed to be Sailor Moon. And I couldn’t resist MidoTaka and the little sisters. Thank you again!!

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Hello! May I ask for a match-up? I'm a virgo, ENFJ, very obsessive, I love to fool around a lot and I love helping people and animals. I can be ignorant at times. I do swimming and dancing and I like playing video games. I consider myself sporty and a quick learner when it comes to those kinds of things, and I'm not so girly. I can be a bit competitive at times and I often worry about many things. I don't consider myself as a flirt bc I don't even. And I also like someone who's a gentleman! Ty!

Hello dear, of course you can! Thanks so much for requesting!


I ship you with… Himuro Tatsuya!

Originally posted by shunsui

Being one of the (MANY, MANY) heartthrobs in KNB, Himuro would definitely love the fact that you’re helpful towards others because he’s friendly and courteous to other people as well. He’s been in (almost) a life-long rivalry with Kagami, so he would understand your competitiveness. In fact, he might even challenge you to a contest or two in a category of your choice, if you’re up for it; But don’t take him so lightly because Yosen’s shooting guard is one to give it his all in everything he does. Since you mentioned swimming, Himuro would be one to love to take you to the beach, since he himself surfs. *wink wink* He could also teach you some tricks with the surf board. Your slight ignorance and purposive silliness is in great contrast with his maturity and level-headedness, so perhaps you could help neutralise his poker face once in a while by sharing a joke or two with him. At the same time, his cool attitude can help you calm down when needed be, since being around someone with his kind of aura is a reassurance enough. You mentioned you liked gentlemen and flirting wasn’t your thing? Well, you can’t be more gentleman than Himuro Tatsuya. He’s extremely good with girls of all ages because he’s naturally thoughtful and doesn’t even have to be teasing about it so… he’s the perfect man for you! 

Other matches: Midorima Shintaro, Otsubo Taisuke, Kiyoshi Teppei


I ship you with… Makoto Tachibana!

Originally posted by izumou

Makoto in general is very kind and considerate to others as well, so he’d admire your concern for both animals (remember that cat near Haru’s crib) and people. You have a lot in common actually, like your previously mentioned thoughtfulness, feign ignorance and love for swimming (duh) and your relationship with this guy would only be strengthened by it. Makoto is someone who enjoys a simple relationship and life in general, but he would nonetheless put up with your constant fooling around as Papa traps he is an extremely patient person. I bet he would also love to do some sports with you since he too likes physical activity and “manual labor.”  Much like you, he also gets anxious quite often and you two could find comfort in each other as you would understand how each other feels. Overall, Makoto is like your twin soul and not only would you two be the best of friends but if given enough time, perhaps even more than that!

Fun fact: Makoto won the “Sexiest Anime Man of 2013” award. You lucky, lucky submitter. ;)

Other matches: Haruka Nanase, Aichiiro Nitori

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What about Generation of Miracles (- Akashi + Kagami) reacting to meeting Hanamiya and being reluctant at introducing their s/o 'cause he's a jerk, but Hanamiya starts to act all nice toward them 'cause they think they're cute? And in the end the s/o comments "I don't see why you speak so badly of that guy, he seems nice!". (Poor guys, lol!)

Aomine Daiki:
The moment the words leave your mouth, Aomine frowns sharply and gives you a look that questions your sanity. “You think just because he acted all friendly towards you he’s some sort of saint?” He scoffs with a roll of his eyes, “Just wait until you see him play, you’ll change that tune in a second.”

Kagami Taiga:
Kagami looks at you incredulously as he watches Hanamiya go off and about his day, flashing a sly smile over his shoulder when you’re not looking. “A-Are you kidding me!?” Kagami scowls sharply at you and points over at Hanamiya, “The guy’s an asshole! His whole team is! Just wait until you see him on the court, you’ll know what I’m talking about!”

Kise Ryouta:
Kise makes a face at your comment. “I heard that he  broke one of the Seirin’s players knees once,” He notes thoughtfully while looking after Hanamiya, distrust clear in his eyes, “I dunno, _____cchi. Think what you want about him but…I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him, you know?”

Kuroko Tetsuya:
Kuroko just gives you a look that makes you feel stupid without even having to say anything. His eyes are sharp and for a moment you’re terrified that he’s legitimately angry with you. “With all due respect,” He speaks dryly, “I’ve seen first hand what Hanamiya-san is capable of…Please believe me when I say you couldn’t be further from the truth, _______.”

Midorima Shintarou:
He frowns at you for a long moment, distrust clear in his eyes as he watches Hanamiya walk away. Only when the other boy is out of sight does he speak about your comment, pushing up his glasses. “I don’t like him,” He huffs, “He seems too…shady, nanodayo. People are different when they’re around others, perhaps keep that in mind.”

Murasakibara Atsushi:
“Ehh?” Mursakibara frowns down at you, “Don’t be a dummy, _______chin. That guy’s awful. Kurochin said so and Kurochin doesn’t lie about those kind of things. Plus the way he smiled at you pisses me off.” He shoots a glare over at Hanamiya, who is still waking away. As if he wanted his words to be loud enough for the other to hear.