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So I found your writing a few months ago, and I have to start with how much I love it: seriously, right now, every couple weeks I'll just re-read the entirety of Designation Miracle, because it's great. In one of my most recent re-reads, I came across a one of the one-shots from the first Stories of Designation Miracle, where Furihata builds Gold an altar, and Akashi requests his help building one at his house. I was wondering, for a short prompt, how did Masaomi react? Thanks!

There are days when Masaomi is convinced no one will ever be able to understand his son better than him.

That is, after all, why he chose to adopt Seijuurou in the first place. Because he was confident that he understood the kid in a way no one else could.

He knows that the JSDF soldiers—the other people who became guardians for the Teiko Projects—he knows what they are trying to do. They are trying to normalize the Miracles; expose them to what a human family would be like, and given time, teach them how to be a human and how to interact with other people.

In principle, Masaomi can appreciate the theory, but he fundamentally believes they are wrong. The Miracles will never be normal and why is that even something worth accomplishing anyhow? With every fiber of his being, he loathes the idea of taking an extraordinary child and wearing them down until they become ordinary; removing every single thing about them that shines until they resemble everyone else.

It was something the adults in his life had tried often enough when he was a child, and it was the one thing he swore he would never do to a child of his own.


But there are times when, occasionally, he thinks he doesn’t understand Seijuurou at all.

The revelation about the second personality did not come as a surprise, but strangely, the reason behind it had. And now he stares at the altar in Seijuurou’s room and he’s surprised once again, but he can’t fully pinpoint why.

Perhaps because you didn’t expect him to care, says a particularly nasty inner voice that Masaomi tends to ignore most days. Perhaps because you lost everyone in your family and never shed a tear and you didn’t expect he would either.

Masaomi pointedly tells the nasty inner voice to fuck off.

But that thing that might be the remnant tatters of his conscience is probably correct. He hadn’t expected Seijuurou to mourn anyone. Masaomi always made a point of trying not to; it’s hard to wrap his head around the fact that Seijuurou might be different.

Seijuurou might be more human than you after all.

Masaomi continues to ignore this inner voice.

“What are you doing in my room, father?”

“Invading your privacy. It’s my right as your parent, after all. Check for alcohol, porn, marijuana. You know the like.”

He turns and smiles at Seijuurou, who absolutely knows that Masaomi had been looking at the altar—Gold, Masaomi recalls—but he doesn’t say anything, so Masaomi doesn’t.

Later, Masaomi will think how perhaps it is just as well that Seijuurou is normal in this one way. His own way of handling grief is (admittedly) not particularly healthy. It is just as well that Seijuurou is not like him in mourning.

The world is surely better off, at any rate.

A/N: Thank you, friend! I’m glad you enjoy my stories! I am so sorry for how long this took. The original hold up was I knew I was going to be writing Masaomi’s finding out about Gold in the MasaYou story so I wasn’t quite sure how to write this one without going into spoilers for that story. I have now written that scene in that really long story I am writing, and so this is somewhat a reaction to something you will read more about later on! Thanks for the prompt!

(ALSO thank you so much for your lovely replies to the announcement of my new project =D They were so amazing and made me feel even more guilty for how long this prompt has taken but I had it ready for you and now I am posting it and thank you forever!!!)

A smol plant

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Akashi, Midorima, Kise, Aomine, Nijimura, Himuro, and Imayoshi domestic headcanons with their married!S/O?


  • He gets super giddy whenever he calls out “Honey, I’m home!” because it’s so cliché and he knows it makes you all blushy and he just loves it
  • Will attempt to cook for your anniversary, burn down the kitchen, call the chef to fix something up, get an entirely new kitchen, and be “Happy anniversary, sweetheart” as if he didn’t just replace the entire kitchen
  • Super awkward around kids at first, tries to be cool about it, but he’s actually reading up on a dozen manuals on how to change a single diaper


  • 10/10 will not do any of the cleaning around the house until you nag him or threaten to divorce his ass
  • Still loves to cuddle with you and have sex on the kitchen table 23434 years into the marriage because “we have to keep the flame alive, baby”
  • Although he acts all #cool and #composed around the baby and acts as if it came naturally to him (and you believed him for a little while), until you saw him watching tutorials online on how to get babies to like him


  • CHILL AF HUSBAND, like you’ll tell him to do something around the house, asking for help and he’s like, “oh i did that yesterday, do you need me to do anything else?” aka the true blessing™
  • Will take you out on date nights at least once a week, be the best kind of gentleman who will treat yo ass right 
  • But tbh he still loves pranking you so you’ll end up sitting on a whoopie cushion one too many times during your marriage


  • sex sex sex Like Aomine, he’d still be down to try out new things with you, even when you’re feeling a little insecure about being older and such
  • Always knows when you’re tired, he’s some kind of freaking psychic, and will always bring home your favorite takeout and movies during those days and give you massages and just be the perfect husband
  • Fights with him aren’t as frequent because he tries to be level-headed about it and he somehow always knows the right things to say


  • Surprises you with the best things you can imagine aka lots of makeup samples from his shoots, a puppy, a dinner date at the best restaurants, carpet sex, and lots of kisses (always)
  • He helps you wash the dishes every night and thinks of it as bonding and will always snuggle up to you “why is this so fun to you” “because you’re stuck standing next to me for at least twenty minutes”
  • “kise we are noT MAKING ANOTHER BABY” “but i want—”


  • Diapers are the bane of his existence. Literally, who in the world thought it was a good idea to make these? Why couldn’t they just strap on diapers with suspenders
  • Is actually a really good cook and on the days he’s back early, he’d be more than happy to whip up a good meal 
  • Can’t do laundry for the life of him, too many of your shirts have turned brown from white. “I might’ve spilled coffee beans in there.” “Why did you have coffee beans.” “…………lucky item.”


  • Honest to God, would marry him again over and over because he’s the sweetest husband who’s always taking care of you; the kind of man who would pop by your workplace to drop off lunch or make sure you were taken care of
  • Keeps everything in the house so tidy (aside from the box of memories from teikō days); like the ult neat freaK BECAUSE HE WON’T EVEN LET YOU EAT ON THE COUCH
  • Has your wedding photo as his wallpaper to show off every time he switches on his phone “yes, that’s my wife” with the shyest smiles

Twitter Log 3 by みちゅ
Translator & Typesetter: akashikuroko

※※The original artist has authorized redistribution of this comic. Please DO NOT use our translations nor re-upload the images to other websites. Thank you.

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extra game oreshi is my favorite akashi, but all akashi are wonderful! ❤️

some of us favoritize this one huh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

i was game when i saw these panels:

how can he be cool and handsome in one page and then turn into chibi kawaii like:

sometimes his eyes expressions can be this fierce…

and two seconds later giving these gentle smiles to his friends:

Extra Game Oreshi is art

✧ m a s t e r l i s t ✧

H A I K Y U U ! !

t a g s

  1. nsfw alphabet
  2. 30 day haikyuu!! challenge



  1. confessing to crush while they’re asleep
  2. comforting his chubby gf: body worship, nsfw
  3. winter head canons
  4. stressed out head canons
  5. friendship head canons
  6. stressed out s/o head canons
  7. college party head canons
  8. back to me: drunk fights with your best friend
  9. k-pop/boyband au
  10. s/o w/ eating disorder head canons


  1. friendship head canons


  1. moonlight: song fic/soulmate au
  2. friendship head canons
  3. college party head canons
  4. head in the clouds: nsfw
  5. k-pop/boyband au


  1. friendship head canons



  1. stressed out head canons
  2. first date head canons
  3. birthday head canons


  1. friendship head canons


  1. friendship head canons



  1. bokuto x fem!reader confession: college au, fluff/nsfw
  2. starting a family: nsfw
  3. winter head canons
  4. insecure gf head canons
  5. meeting tendou w/ kuroo for the first time head canons
  6. friendship head canons
  7. college party head canons
  8. back to me: drunk calls from your ex-boyfriend
  9. friends to lovers head canons
  10. relationship head canons
  11. k-pop/boyband au
  12. being akaashi’s wingman


  1. magnetic: song fic
  2. friendship head canons
  3. college party head canons
  4. back to me: drunk confessions from your best friend
  5. study head canons
  6. k-pop/boyband au
  7. bokuto being his wingman
  8. friendship head canons pt. 2
  9. the black koi - fairytale au



  1. winter head canons
  2. friendship head canons
  3. college party head canons


  1. karasuno mistletoe special


  1. birthday head canons
  2. friendship head canons
  3. study head canons
  4. relationship head canons


  1. friendship head canons
  2. stressed out s/o head canons
  3. relationship head canons
  4. relationship head canons pt. 2
  5. s/o giving lap dance
  6. s/o w/ eating disorder head canons


  1. friendship head canons
  2. stressed out s/o head canons
  3. relationship head canons
  4. sassy small s/o head canons
  5. friendship head canons pt. 2
  6. s/o w/ eating disorder head canons


  1. eclipsed - noya x fem!reader
  2. bruised after shiratorizawa match
  3. winter head canons
  4. stressed out head canons
  5. friendship head canons
  6. first vacation together head canons


  1. bruised after shiratorizawa match
  2. friendship head canons
  3. first date head canons
  4. in love with best friend: angsty


  1. study head canons


  1. crush asks them out head canons


  1. winter head canons
  2. first time with fem!s/o: nsfw
  3. make out drabble
  4. crush asks them out head canons


  1. first time with fem!s/o: nsfw
  2. asking crush to prom
  3. childhood friend
  4. s/o bottles up emotions
  5. friendship head canons
  6. destress s/o head canons
  7. study head canons
  8. fem!s/o stretching head canons
  9. friendship head canons pt. 2
  10. crush asks them out head canons
  11. birthday head canons


  1. friendship head canons
  2. stages of love - stage 1
  3. stages of love - stage 2
  4. stages of love - stage 3
  5. crush asks them out head canons


  1. study head canons
  2. crush asks them out head canons
  3. fem!reader walks her home



  1. locker room sex: nsfw
  2. winter head canons
  3. friendship head canons
  4. meeting tendou w/ bokuto for the first time head canons
  5. strawberry bubblegum: soulmate au
  6. college party head canons
  7. study head canons
  8. team stuck in storm w/ college fem!s/o
  9. k-pop/boyband au
  10. dad/husband head canons
  11. s/o w/ eating disorder head canons


  1. friendship head canons
  2. relationship head canons


  1. friends w/ benefits
  2. stressed out head canons
  3. destress s/o head canons
  4. having a child w/ best friend
  5. k-pop/boyband au



  1. friendship head canons
  2. college party head canons
  3. a queen and her kingdom - chapter 1: kingdom au
  4. a queen and her kingdom - chapter 2: kingdom au
  5. a queen and her kingdom - chapter 3: kingdom au
  6. dad/husband head canons
  7. nsfw head canons
  8. birthday head canons
  9. s/o w/ eating disorder head canons
  10. pregnant wife


  1. winter head canons
  2. meeting bokuto & kuroo for the first time head canons


t a g s

  1. things you said

G E N E R A T I O N of M I R A C L E S

  1. general college party head canons
  2. sensei/senpai kink: nsfw
  3. stressed out s/o head canons
  4. s/o who wears make-up head canons
  5. disney movie tropes head canons
  6. roommates head canons
  7. k-pop/boyband au


  1. friendship head canons
  2. s/o licking/sucking fingers: nsfw
  3. at the strip club head canons
  4. nsfw head canons
  5. morning cuddle


  1. gf w/ a high sex drive head canons: nsfw
  2. crush sort of confessing to him
  3. friendship head canons
  4. college party head canons
  5. nsfw head canons
  6. artist s/o
  7. massaging gf: nsfw
  8. dad/husband head canons
  9. playing hard to get
  10. happy belated birthday head canons: nsfw


  1. friendship head canons
  2. college party head canons


  1. friendship head canons
  2. crush head canons


  1. first date w/ crush
  2. meeting the team
  3. crush on energetic kouhai


  1. friendship head canons
  2. college party head canons
  3. nsfw head canons



  1. college party head canons



  1. college party head canons

K I R I S A K I  D A I C H I


  1. college party head canons



  1. crush head canons



  1. friendship head canons
  2. college party head canons
  3. crush head canons



  1. college party head canons



  1. college party head canons
  2. crush / friendship head canons



  1. crush head canons

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Omg Tamiii I missed seeing your art on my dash, beautifulkldfkfjdsf. (2A for Kuroko please if you're still doing it //coughs)

2A. THANK YOU CHII ♥ I’m also happy to see you more active here. And here you have your -finger guns- Kuroko.

1A. And an extra~


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Best anime of all time in your opinion?

yeaaaah were not choosing one anime only youre getting my top 5… sorry (also they arent in any particular order bc fuck sorting them i dont have the heart to do that)

1. Haikyuu!! (should not be a surprise)

Originally posted by shokasonjuku

2. Boku No Hero Academia

Originally posted by aishitetsuro

3. Owari No Seraph

Originally posted by kuronashiro

4. 91 Days

Originally posted by studioimagin

5. Yuri On Ice

Originally posted by flecks-of-starlight

also honourable mentions to: assassination classroom, bungou stray dogs, black butler, gekkan shoujo nozaki kun aaaaand kuroko no basket!

sorry if you wanted a more indepth analysis of what i consider the best anime of all time! come back and let me know if you did and ill do it on whatever one i can decide is my favourite!

thank you for asking me this! 

yo come sedate my desire to be noticed dudes i love attention yall dont even know yet

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Rakuzan may have been based on rakunan school, kyoto.

Submitted by anon:

I edited this, also in case you want to use it for the wonderful blog please make me anonymous. Thank you, guys. Let me know what you think.

  1. A dome structure, has a few columns and a half column like things. That’s what’s common in the image 1.
  2. Three parallel buildings interconnected by stairs. That’s what’s common in image 2.

If you want more pics just google rakunan high and youll get the japanese name and if you go to images you shall find all the images i found.

Extrapolating this we can even know how akashi’s class looks like.

Thanks for this, cool stuff! ( ´ ▽ ` )b

Get to know me

Kuroko no basket edition

Kagami Taiga: Favourite knb character?

Kyoushi Teppei: Favourite knb team?

Kise Ryouta: Favourite school uniform/trikot?

 Aomine Daiki: Sexiest knb character?

Riko Aida: Favourite female character?

Akashi Seijuro: Best knb abbility?

Midorima Shintarou: Favourite voice actor?

Hanamiya Makoto: Least favourite character?

Murasakibara Atsushi: Favourite basketball game?

Kuroko Tetsuya: Favourite knb ship?

Takao Kazunari: Favourite minor character?

Momoi Satsuki: Favourite Kiseki? (+ Kagami)

Izuki Shun: Favourite knb eyes?

Imayaoshi Shoichi: Favourite knb character with glasses?

Kasamatsu Yukio: Favourite senpai?

Furihata Kouki: Favourite kouhai?

Tatsuya Himuro: Favourite knb friendship?

Send us a name and we will answer the question! (Feel free to reblog.)

Last Game Summary *MAJOR SPOILERS*

MAJOR SPOILERS! If you don’t want to be spoiled about Last Game just don’t read this. Also, for those who are gonna spazz and post about the summary PLEASE DON’T SPOIL FOR OTHERS WHO DON’T WISH TO BE SPOILED. (There are people trust me). If you are gonna post about Last Game please use the hashtag #last game spoilers so people can block it. Thank you.

The show I went to had the liveviewing for the seiyuu greetings as well so I’ll write a bit of that after this.

Now if you want to be spoiled, please continue!!

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Aomine, Haizaki, Himuro, Imayoshi, Kiyoshi, Midorima, and Nijimura. Their reaction when their gf tells them that they have a sexy voice? XD

AOMINE: “That so? Want me to dirty talk you? Hell, I don’t even need dirty talk. Here. Hey, babe, wanna cook some chicken for dinner tonight? Bet I can make it real tender. Like your ass.” Slap.

HAIZAKI: “Yeah? You like it? How about some dirty talk then? I wanna drag my tongue up that sexy body of yours, babe, roll my tongue around that sweet perky nipple. I wanna bite you, mark you, make you completely mine.”

HIMURO: Lips twitching. “That’s an interesting comment. I never thought about my voice that way. What makes it so sexy? Tell me. Well, I think your voice is sexy too in a way. It’s cute. Turns me on.”

IMAYOSHI: “That’s very sweet of you.” Smile. “Would you like to hear me say more then? Do you enjoy my voice that much?” He ran his hands down your body. “Or would you like to enjoy more than my voice?”

KIYOSHI: “Really? I’ve never noticed. Why did you point it out? Do you want me to talk more to you? Do you get turned on when I talk to you like this? What turns you on? Tell me and I’ll say it.”

MIDORIMA: “That’s ridiculous!” Cue the blushing. “I do not have such a voice. I have a respectful voice.” Cue more blushing. “I don’t! Stop looking at me like that.” He’s tomato red now. “STOP IT. JUST STOP IT.”

NIJIMURA: Cough and slight blush. He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, “Well, I don’t really know what to say to that. Thanks, I guess. I mean, I find your voice sexy too. You should talk more.”

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mayuzumi going 5a ( @ kuroko thanks )

5A. I thought it a LOT.. (lol) so i hope you’re pleased with the results. 🍍 🍍 🍍

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AHHHHH YOU'RE BACK YAY. I wish I could give you a virtual hug. Anyways, how would Hanamiya act when his girlfriend wants to meet his mom? Cause we all know he's a mommas boy.

eyyy love ya <3 and, yes, he is such a baby boy to his mother!

  • acts super casual at first
  • tries to stop you from wanting to meet his mum
  • panicking majorly inside
  • then, he realises he can’t stop you 
  • you’re a hurricane - the more he tries to prevent you from visiting her, the more you ask
  • he starts taking precautions
  • aka long talks with his mum about what to do and what not to
  • “please. just don’t mess up.”
  • it could have annoyed his mum? but, no, cause she knows he just doesn’t want something going wrong in his relationship with you
  • at the same time, he tells you a teeny bit bout his mum
  • like “she’s cool.”
  • doesn’t say too much
  • (hanamiya your inner momma’s boy is showing)
  • eventually lets you meet her
  • and you and her get along so well! it’s really cute
  • lowkey makes him happy too cause the two most important people in his life like each other
  • he’d never admit that though
  • it’s too cliche
  • and makes the bad boy persona fade away a tad

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Akashi fans..Like when you see the people wearing masks and celebrating his birthday like a satanic ritual... It creeps me out but it... makes me kind of HAPPY because Akashi fans are whole another level.. I mean akashi can be sort of creepy? But there are morecreepier characters than him? Yet why do you think he has such a unique fandom?

True story: My friend’s sister upon finding out we love Akashi was: “you guys are scary, just google ‘akashi fans’ to see what i mean.” So I did and–

And so i thought, well… KNB fans are intense in general–probably… THEN i googled images for kuroko or kagami or other kisedai fans… they’re all normal fanarts… Aomine’s one is even SO CUTE like

Are you an Aomine fan?
Like - Yes! \(≧▽≦)/
Ignore - No. (*^▽^*)ゞ

I mean what the heck is this Pure thing i’m… I also have no idea why Akashi attracts people like us… and many more like the ones in the pictures above. smh why do we have to be so extra =_=“

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Aomines gf was just hanging out at Aomines place and wanted to look at his phone for the time and it shows the wallpaper of his phone is her kind of naked like she has a blanket around her and it looks like she has nothing under the covers. And she's not really mad either she's flattered and embarrassed at the same time lol

“I’m going to shower now,” Aomine mentioned before he walked into his bathroom.

“Okay! Don’t take too long, I’m a little hungry,” you insisted. When Aomine mumbled behind the door, your rolled your eyes with a smile. “It’s your turn to cook, Daiki!”

When you were answered with water running in the shower, you laid down on Aomine’s bed. There was something comforting laying down in Aomine’s bed rather than your own. As you held Aomine’s pillow in your arms, his phone slid closer to your body. It must have been underneath his pillow.

As you hovered over the phone, your eyes widened to the phone screen becoming visible. “What the-?!”

It was you. Underneath a silk blanket, naked, that covered up to your chest. Asleep. Hair messy from that one time at the hotel you celebrated your anniversary, from what you remembered. And just like that, your face was as red as a tomato. You could even feel it in your neck.

“What are you doing?”

You turned to Aomine with a stiff face (still as red) and wide eyes. It wasn’t even the fact he had come out of his bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and a smaller towel around his neck. You were used to that. It was the fact you found this picture on his phone as his lock screen. Just how long had he had this as his lock screen?! Immediately, you picked up Aomine’s phone and showed the lock screen. “D-Daiki! What is this?”

“My phone?” Aomine answered as he wiped another towel onto his wet hair, as if it was obvious. It was obvious, but he was missing the point.

“No! Daiki, your picture!” you pointed to the picture of yourself, even a little more embarrassed that you had to say it aloud.

“Oh,” Aomine answered so simply, again. He sat down next to you and shrugged. “It’s you? Man, you really don’t go through my phone, huh?”

You thought back to that conversation when Aomine thought you went through his phone. He unlocked his phone and found a different page. For some reason he got annoyed with that and accused you. Turns out, before he locked his phone, Aomine had clicked on a link bringing him to a new page. Aomine trusted you. He didn’t mind you going through his phone. He just had a thing about leaving things the way you found it when you’re done using it.

Remembering the real matter at hand, you focused back at Aomine. “Why is this your lock screen?”

“You’re hot in that pic,” Aomine shrugged.

“Daiki, when did you even take this?!” you scoffed as you looked at the lock screen again. Your face was still red.

“Obviously on our last anniversary,” Aomine scoffed. Before you could say another word, Aomine snatched his phone from you.

“Hey, Daiki!”

“Look, if you’re so mad, I can delete it,” Aomine said as he began to go through his phone. You could see over his shoulder he was going through his pictures to look for a different picture.

“Wait!” you blurted out as you snatched the phone back. As Aomine raised an eyebrow to you, you pouted. “I didn’t say you had to change it! I just-”

“You just?” Aomine voice lingered as he asked. When you couldn’t find an answer, he smirked. “You like that as my lock screen huh?”

Immediately, Aomine placed a hand behind you, leaning into you. For some reason you leaned back, stammering to find another reason you wouldn’t want him to change it. You sighed, feeling defeated.

You pouted with a small huff. “So what?! I… Yeah, I like it!” You held the phone closer to you, as if it was a little baby bird.

Aomine smirked with a small chuckle. He quickly pressed his lips against yours, and only an inch away from your face, you could swear your whole body went red from how good looking Aomine was. He made you hot.

“Good. Cus I wasn’t really going to change it,”