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Hi Hi! I have a request for your designation: miracles stories! I am hoping this message reaches you as my tumblr hates when i sends asks lol. This is my second attempt so please ignore if you received my first. I always send a second just to be safe. ANYWHO I love how you write Akashi and Furihata, so may I request something with those two? feel free to add the other miracles as well hehe. Maybe along the lines of what Akashi's reaction would be to Furi being around children hehe. Thank you! :)

“Akashi…are you scared of the four year old?”

Akashi pulls himself up with all the injured dignity of a cat. “No. Don’t be ridiculous, Furi. I just do not see the point of interacting with creatures whose cognitive capabilities have not fully developed yet. Please take it away now.”

I don’t know his parents! That would be weird. I’m pretty sure there are rules about interacting with other people’s kids.” Furihata looks down at the sticky four-year-old boy, who is staring up at both of them wide-eyed, gnawing on a popsicle.

“Furihata,” Akashi says, his voice slightly odd. “Do you not know how to take care of children?”

“Well, not particularly,” Furihata says, sounding doubtful. “I mean, I’ve never really been around kids all that much. All my cousins are around my age, and it’s not like I have any nieces or nephews, so I just never had much opportunity to interact with them.” The kid is getting closer to them so Furihata smiles encouragingly. “Hi!” He wants to pat the kid on the head, but again, he’s pretty sure you’re not supposed to just touch strangers’ kids, even if the woman had left the boy under Akashi’s watchful eye.

“I see,” Akashi says, moving slightly back in a way that was almost unnoticeable. “I was somewhat counting on the fact that you would know how to handle children.”

“Why?” Furihata asks quizzically. Akashi doesn’t respond right away, but the child takes another step forward and Akashi takes another step back almost automatically, and then it clicks. “You are scared of kids!”

“I am not afraid of anything,” Akashi seethes.

“You are!” Then the rest of it falls in place. “Wait, were you expecting me to do all the parenting? Of any hypothetical future children?”

“Not all of it,” Akashi replies stiffly. “Just until they’re about thirteen. Then I am sure I would be able to do my fair share of the responsibilities.”


“Or we could adopt after they are already in their teens, as my father did. That seems like the most reasonable solution.”

“I can’t believe you!” Furihata is equal parts thrilled by the fact that Akashi has been thinking about their relationship in long enough terms that he’s imagining children, but also super irritated that he had been slotted as the sole caregiver for all children under twelve. He bends down to the small child and says, “How are you?”

The small child stares at Akashi. “He’s very red.”

“He is!” Furihata says gleefully. “You should go give the red onii-chan a very big hug.”

The boy giggles and flings his sticky self (complete with popsicle) at Akashi, who is visibly flustered as he tries to escape, “Stop! Don’t touch me– ack.”

Furihata laughs at the expression on Akashi’s face– he’s never seen Akashi so off-balance before. Since Akashi didn’t actually Order the child away, Furihata figures their future children will be OK.

A/N: Thanks, friend! Sorry for the lateness! And thank you, anon-friend, that is so kind of you to say! I don’t see Akashi getting embarrassed too easily, but I thought him being flustered would work quite well with this other prompt I had, so I hope you enjoyed!

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Akashi, Midorima, Kise, Aomine, Nijimura, Himuro, and Imayoshi domestic headcanons with their married!S/O?


  • He gets super giddy whenever he calls out “Honey, I’m home!” because it’s so cliché and he knows it makes you all blushy and he just loves it
  • Will attempt to cook for your anniversary, burn down the kitchen, call the chef to fix something up, get an entirely new kitchen, and be “Happy anniversary, sweetheart” as if he didn’t just replace the entire kitchen
  • Super awkward around kids at first, tries to be cool about it, but he’s actually reading up on a dozen manuals on how to change a single diaper


  • 10/10 will not do any of the cleaning around the house until you nag him or threaten to divorce his ass
  • Still loves to cuddle with you and have sex on the kitchen table 23434 years into the marriage because “we have to keep the flame alive, baby”
  • Although he acts all #cool and #composed around the baby and acts as if it came naturally to him (and you believed him for a little while), until you saw him watching tutorials online on how to get babies to like him


  • CHILL AF HUSBAND, like you’ll tell him to do something around the house, asking for help and he’s like, “oh i did that yesterday, do you need me to do anything else?” aka the true blessing™
  • Will take you out on date nights at least once a week, be the best kind of gentleman who will treat yo ass right 
  • But tbh he still loves pranking you so you’ll end up sitting on a whoopie cushion one too many times during your marriage


  • sex sex sex Like Aomine, he’d still be down to try out new things with you, even when you’re feeling a little insecure about being older and such
  • Always knows when you’re tired, he’s some kind of freaking psychic, and will always bring home your favorite takeout and movies during those days and give you massages and just be the perfect husband
  • Fights with him aren’t as frequent because he tries to be level-headed about it and he somehow always knows the right things to say


  • Surprises you with the best things you can imagine aka lots of makeup samples from his shoots, a puppy, a dinner date at the best restaurants, carpet sex, and lots of kisses (always)
  • He helps you wash the dishes every night and thinks of it as bonding and will always snuggle up to you “why is this so fun to you” “because you’re stuck standing next to me for at least twenty minutes”
  • “kise we are noT MAKING ANOTHER BABY” “but i want—”


  • Diapers are the bane of his existence. Literally, who in the world thought it was a good idea to make these? Why couldn’t they just strap on diapers with suspenders
  • Is actually a really good cook and on the days he’s back early, he’d be more than happy to whip up a good meal 
  • Can’t do laundry for the life of him, too many of your shirts have turned brown from white. “I might’ve spilled coffee beans in there.” “Why did you have coffee beans.” “…………lucky item.”


  • Honest to God, would marry him again over and over because he’s the sweetest husband who’s always taking care of you; the kind of man who would pop by your workplace to drop off lunch or make sure you were taken care of
  • Keeps everything in the house so tidy (aside from the box of memories from teikō days); like the ult neat freaK BECAUSE HE WON’T EVEN LET YOU EAT ON THE COUCH
  • Has your wedding photo as his wallpaper to show off every time he switches on his phone “yes, that’s my wife” with the shyest smiles

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Omg Tamiii I missed seeing your art on my dash, beautifulkldfkfjdsf. (2A for Kuroko please if you're still doing it //coughs)

2A. THANK YOU CHII ♥ I’m also happy to see you more active here. And here you have your -finger guns- Kuroko.

1A. And an extra~


  • Kuroko: Would you like to have dinner with me?
  • Akashi: I'd rather have you for dinner, to be honest, but okay.

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Hi! I've just finished reading the first story of the Designation: Miracle series and I loved every bit of it! I actually cried because of HInata in the end, it was so emotional. I really don't know if take prompts or something, but have you ever thought about writing a spinoff with IwaOi/KasaKise meeting at the "party"? It'd be so fun! (they're my OTP from both anime ahah) BTW, thanks for writing it! It's really amazing!

“We are going to crush them.”

“You’re getting awfully competitive about a game where we literally just made up the rules five seconds ago,” Iwaizumi remarks.

“Iwa-chan, there is no point in playing anything without performing our absolute best. And also, we need to prove that we are better than those basketball players, don’t you think?”

“We have basketball players on our team,” Iwaizumi points out. “They have volleyball players on their team. The whole point of this absurd made-up game is so that we’re working together.”

“Alright, fine, we have to prove we’re better than the Miracle.”

This makes even less sense, and Iwaizumi resists the urge to throttle his captain. “The only reason any of us are here is because you wanted to support the Miracles.”

“Right,” Oikawa says. “We supported them, and now we’re going to make sure we prove we’re the best.”

Iwaizumi just stares at him. “Why are you like this?”


“I don’t like him,” Kise announces.


“He’s too pretty,” Kise says.

Kasamatsu frowns and follows Kise’s glare to the captain of the current Basket-Volleyball team they’ve been playing against. He’s had some solid moves and got past Kise a few times. “That’s a weird thing for you to say,” Kasamatsu says. “Besides, I think he’s a lot like you.”

“What! Senpai, how can you say that? He is nothing like me! He seems far too frivolous.”

“Right,” Kasamatsu says. “Bit like you.”

Senpai,” Kise whines. “Look at him! He’s clearly smarmy. He flirts too much and also he smirks. People shouldn’t smirk all the time.”

“So… exactly like you?”

Kise continues to pout, with a wide-eyed puppy-dog look that creates the perfect picture of injured prettiness.

“Can’t even tell the difference, really,” Kasamatsu continues, “Maybe I should go ask him out, he looks like my type, and maybe he’d be better about picking his clothes off the floor—”



“Wow, where did they even come from?” Kasamatsu remarks, marveling at the fact that a crowd of girls have already encircled Oikawa.

“They just sort of pop up out of nowhere, like fruit flies,” Iwaizumi says, resignedly. “Although, I do think some of them were originally here for your boy.”

Kasamatsu twitches slightly at the idea of Kise as “his boy” and carries on with, “Well, that’s even more impressive. I didn’t think anyway could pull fans away from Kise. That’s a definite testament to the charming abilities your boy has.”

Iwaizumi, to his credit, only nods apologetically, as if acknowledging his own fault. “Yeah. It’s pretty annoying. Doesn’t help that he panders to his fans, you know?”

“Oh, for sure. Kise’s a model too, so we get it everywhere. And it’s kind of obnoxious, because you almost have no room to complain because he’s still incredibly talented at basketball,” Kasamatsu says, like a man who has never kicked his underclassman for pandering to his fans.

“Right. There’s no denying Oikawa is the best setter in the prefecture, so it is really hard to object to his crazy,” Iwaizumi agrees, like a man who has never thrown a volleyball at his friend’s head.

You’re obviously really talented, though,” Kasamatsu says. “You’re reflexes are amazing.”

“Thanks, back at you. Have you ever thought about playing volleyball?”

“Eh, not my sport.”

“Fair enough.”


“I don’t like you,” Kise says.

“I don’t like you, pretty boy,” Oikawa says.

“And if that spikey haired guy gets any closer to Senpai, I’m going to kick his ass.”

“If you hurt Iwa-chan, I’ll destroy you,” Oikawa says with a smile.

Kise eyes Oikawa and gets the feeling that Oikawa might be a human, but he was a human who knew how to do unpleasant things in the dark without anyone ever knowing what was happening. Oikawa, on the other hand, is realizing there were a lot more unpleasant geniuses besides Kageyama and he almost wishes Kise did play volleyball, if only so Oikawa could have the satisfaction of making him cry in public.

“Keep him away from Senpai and we’ll call a truce?” Kise offers.

“Deal, but only because I’m feeling generous since my team beat yours.”

“Only once and I demand a rematch!”

A/N: Thanks, friend! I am very glad you enjoyed the story! I have always meant to write a KiKasa and IwaOi interaction because that was something a few people remarked on wanting to see, so here we go! It’s my headcanon that Oikawa and Kise are probably people who will get along really well after awhile, but when they first meet they hate each other’s guts. Thanks again!! Sorry for how long it took! (If anyone is interested in random thoughts on basket-volleyball, they are here).

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mayuzumi going 5a ( @ kuroko thanks )

5A. I thought it a LOT.. (lol) so i hope you’re pleased with the results. 🍍 🍍 🍍

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I love the D:M universe and all the extras you post! I've been meaning to ask for a while if any of the Miracles ever use their powers for mundane tasks?

“Shin-chan, a little help?”

“Don’t be lazy, Takao.”

“Oh, excuse you,” Takao says indignantly, “Just yesterday you didn’t want to carry your bag so you were floating it above your head the entire time. It freaked the hell out of some First Years, who thought we had ghosts.”

“That was different,” Midorima sniffs. “I had my hands full. I had to carry my lucky item.”

Takao rolls his eyes. It had been an obscenely large raccoon statue, and Midorima had done his best to convince Takao to carry it, but Takao refused. “The point it, you use your powers all the time.”

“I am not going to summon your lunch just because you are too lazy to walk to the kitchen.”

“Shin-chan,” Takao pouts, “Your loving boyfriend carries you around on a rickshaw all the time. The least you could do is bring me the sandwich my mother left for me on the counter. Besides, I’m comfortable where I am. Aren’t you?” He waggles his eyebrows up at his boyfriend, who doesn’t blush exactly, but does look away, faintly embarrassed.

“You two are disgusting,” Ayumi says as she walks into the room. Takao is currently sprawled on the couch, using Midorima’s lap as a pillow.

“Ayumi! Go bring me my sandwich.”

“No! Go get it yourself!”

“Bring me my sandwich and I won’t tell mom what you got on your math test.”

“Guh! You are the worst!” But she storms into the kitchen, so Takao counts this as his win.


“Where did you get that?” Momoi demands.

“Kyoto,” Aomine says, shoving the rest of the burger in his mouth.

“You went to Kyoto without telling me?” she says hotly. “I would have asked you to bring back some Kyo-wagashi.”

“That’s why I didn’t tell you,” Aomine says. “You would have given me a huge shopping list, and I wanted to make this a quick trip.”

“Well, you shouldn’t be using your powers like that anyway,” Momoi says.

“Yeah, OK,” Aomine scoffs. “And how did you make enough money to buy that Coach bag?”

Momoi pretends she didn’t hear the question.


“Kuroko, you jerk, quit using me as a distraction.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about, Kagami-kun.”

Kagami snorts, because he has long since come to recognize the difference between when Kuroko’s natural lack of presence and when Kuroko is actually deliberately using his powers to get through a crowd. Both times, Kuroko usually depends on Kagami to draw the attention of others.

“Did you at least bring me back something?”

“What kind of boyfriend do you think I am?” Kuroko asks, dropping the shopping bag with their lunch in it.

Kagami can’t help but think about how Kuroko’s ability would be incredibly useful in LA.

A/N: Thank you so much for the question, friend! I am so glad you enjoy this series! I am sorry for how long it has taken to respond, and also how short this one is. I meant to do everyone, but also wanted to keep this short. (I am trying to write shorter tumblr fic, in hopes that I get to prompts faster from now on). The answer is yes, they all use their powers for mundane tasks, all the time =D Thanks again!!

  • Momoi: Here you go, Dai-chan, a nice hot cup of coffee!
  • Aomine: *takes a sip* It's cold.
  • Momoi: A nice cup of coffee.
  • Aomine: It's horrible.
  • Momoi: A cup of coffee.
  • Aomine: I'm not sure if this is even coff-
  • Momoi: Cup.

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Can I have a female reader x teppei scenario? Like they've had a very long day and they're just relaxing in bath together. Lots of kisses and cuddles please!!!

of course! soft teppei is what i live for

Kiyoshi crouched down and dipped his hand in the water, feeling the warmth kiss his skin before he nodded approvingly. “Okay, water’s ready.”

“Turn around.” You ushered him towards the door, facing him to the outside. 

He only chuckled, holdings his hands up in surrender and turned away from you. You slipped off your bathrobe, leaning down towards the bathtub to run your fingertips over the warm surface of the water. However, you were jerked upright when you felt a cool body press up against your back. 

“T-Teppei!” You chided, wrapping your arms around yourself as heat flamed your cheeks a deep shade of pink. The sort of color Kiyoshi loved to see on your face. “I told you not to look.”

Smiling, he pressed a kiss to the back of your shoulder as one arm wrapped around your waist. “I couldn’t resist.” 

Despite the many times he’s seen you naked, he’s never once been left unimpressed by your beauty. You always took his breath away with your soft skin and the curves that adorned your body. Yet, every single time, you would shy away from him, choosing to switch off the lights before you slipped underneath the covers next to him or to hurry around in the morning in his oversized t-shirt just so he wouldn’t see you exposed in the sunlight. 

Kiyoshi slipped into the water first, settling back against the wall and gesturing for you to come in. With your arms still around you protectively, you stepped one foot in then two before sitting yourself down and leaning back against him. He pressed soft kisses onto the back of your neck, humming contently with the position. “How was your day, sweetheart?” 

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Kuroko no basket edition

Kagami Taiga: Favourite knb character?

Kyoushi Teppei: Favourite knb team?

Kise Ryouta: Favourite school uniform/trikot?

 Aomine Daiki: Sexiest knb character?

Riko Aida: Favourite female character?

Akashi Seijuro: Best knb abbility?

Midorima Shintarou: Favourite voice actor?

Hanamiya Makoto: Least favourite character?

Murasakibara Atsushi: Favourite basketball game?

Kuroko Tetsuya: Favourite knb ship?

Takao Kazunari: Favourite minor character?

Momoi Satsuki: Favourite Kiseki? (+ Kagami)

Izuki Shun: Favourite knb eyes?

Imayaoshi Shoichi: Favourite knb character with glasses?

Kasamatsu Yukio: Favourite senpai?

Furihata Kouki: Favourite kouhai?

Tatsuya Himuro: Favourite knb friendship?

Send us a name and we will answer the question! (Feel free to reblog.)

It would be hard to miss the bright red hair in a crowd, and Takao has always been observant to the faces around him. He sees Akashi first, with just a second long enough to wonder why he was in Tokyo, before spotting Furihata and two people he doesn’t immediately recognize.

He decides right there to pretend he didn’t see them—it’s really only the nice thing to do, since they’re probably on a date, and it’s not like Takao wants to hang out with Akashi. So he turns to walk in the other direction, but then the light-haired boy (who seems familiar, at closer glance) suddenly looks right at him and chirps, grabbing onto Furihata’s arm.

Furihata leans in and then follows the boy’s gaze and sees Takao. Before Takao can escape he’s being enthusiastically waved over, so he plasters on a smile and saunters over to where the four boys are sitting.

“Hi, Takao!” Furihata says cheerfully. “You remember my friend, Mihashi.”

Takao looks over at the light-haired kid and it clicks. “Oh yeah! You wanted to talk to Shin-chan.”

The boy smiles and nods shyly, and it comes back to him now. He was one of the kids Teiko abducted. Midorima had been in a strange mood after the meeting—sort of quiet and pensive.

“This is Mihashi’s boyfriend, Abe Takaya.” Takao looks at the stern, bristling young man sitting between Mihashi and Akashi. Abe nods his head in greeting when Takao looks at him.

“What is this, a double-date?” Takao quips. And then at the mildly sheepish expressions of Furihata and Mihashi (and the pronounced indifference of Abe and Akashi) Takao bursts out laughing. “You are on a double date! Oh man, well, don’t let me interrupt you!”

“You’re not interrupting,” Furihata says. “You’re more than welcome—”

“No, no—no one wants a fifth wheel! You lovebirds enjoy yourself.” Mihashi and Abe both look embarrassed by Takao’s pronouncement. Takao walks away, chuckling to himself, and marvels at what a strange world it is sometimes. He can’t wait to tell Midorima that Akashi was on a double-date.


He has a lot of shopping to get done in the area, so it’s not wholly surprising when he runs into the dark-haired bristling kid in the men’s bathroom of a department store.

“Hey, Abe-kun, right?” Takao says delightedly.

“Yeah,” the kid says warily.

“Takao Kazunari,” Takao reminds him. “I’m also dating a Miracle, if Furihata didn’t fill you in.”

“Oh,” Abe says, relaxing somewhat.

“You must love your boyfriend a lot to come all this way for a double-date,” Takao remarks, remembering that Mihashi lived in Saitama.

Abe makes a face of grumpy embarrassment. “He really likes Furihata, so…” he shrugs as if to say, What can you do?

“I mean, it is serious dedication to go on a double-date with Akashi Seijuurou,” Takao continues.

“There are worse people Ren could insist I hang out with,” Abe says darkly, leaving Takao to wonder who on earth could be worse than Akashi in this boy’s mind.

“I have to ask,” Takao starts. “What’s it like going on a double-date with Akashi?

Really weird,” Abe says, to Takao’s gratification. But then to Takao’s surprise, Abe continues with, “That guy has no concept for money. We go everywhere in a limo. He keeps suggesting concerts and fancy restaurants and offering to pay for it all. It’s like spending thousands of yen every hour is just pocket change. I feel like I’m hanging out with a movie star.”

Huh,” Takao drawls; this presents a whole avenue of problems he hadn’t even considered at the prospect of double-dating with Akashi Seijuurou. It also, quite frankly, isn’t the first concern that would have come to mind. “So he hasn’t…” he stops as he tries to think of a way to ask, ‘has he threatened to gouge out his own eyes and/or anyone else’s when you’re out in public’ without sounding too alarming. Instead, he finishes with, “Isn’t he kind of…intense?”

Abe’s brows furrow as he contemplates the question with an odd gravity that seems out of place in the men’s bathroom of a department store. “Yeah, kinda,” he says slowly. “It’s kind of just intense being in the same room with all of them, sometimes. Every now and then I remember that I’m the only one who wasn’t abducted by mad scientists and that’s kind of a strange minority to be.”

Takao jolts, but Abe doesn’t notice. The other boy continues with his confession, “Sometimes I feel like I’ll never be able to understand what Ren went through. Akashi does a pretty good job of explaining it, though. I like that about him. I mean—he lived it, yeah? That’s all he knew. But he’s still always been really understanding about what it means for Ren. I appreciate that.”

Takao has never known Akashi to be particularly understanding about anything. But then, they hadn’t really interacted much outside of basketball, so it was perhaps unfair to judge.

Granted, the eye-gouging threat was a pretty distinct first impression but it did stand to reason there was more to the guy.

“I better get back. Ren gets nervous if I’m away too long.”

“Bye,” Takao says as Abe retreats, and he continues to mull over Akashi for quite some time after that.


A/N: Thanks for the prompt, @you-saved-more-than-my-life I am sorry it took so long! To be fair, I really don’t think the others have interacted with Akashi all that much, and Akashi hasn’t left the best impression when they did. But I thought you made a valid point! So I tried to fill your prompt the best I could. =D Thanks again!