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after test week yes or maybe more than that…

*btw the one in TKG (Kio’s) made to be little bag here but it will be pencil case too, we just experimenting with the sample AND the zip won’t be until it’s sides*

Details and another good news undercut~!

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julietjoice asked:

Love your blog!♡ Can I have some Kuroko fluff?

thank you sweetie <3

Oh my God. “Tetsu,” you whined. “Please, please, please. It’ll be fun and I promise I won’t show it to anyone.”

“Then why do we have to do it?” He asked, blinking at you curiously.

“Because it’ll be fun!” You grinned up at him, wrapping your arms around his waist. He really liked it when you did that and so he sighed. He had to give in into another one of your odd requests. “Yes! Okay, here are the things.” You dumped the bag on his lap and sat down in front of him, an eager look on your face.

Let the ‘My Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge’ commence.

Switching on the camera, you set it up in front of the two of you.

“But you can’t see it until I’m finished. Promise?” Kuroko asked and you nodded with a smile.

Then it started. You felt the smooth gliding of the eyeliner and then the feel of the soft brush against your cheeks. He pressed your lipstick on your lips and seemed to apply just the right amount as you pressed them together. He also somehow managed to put on the fake lashes on you too, which was very difficult but it seemed perfectly fine.

Maybe there was some hope yet for Kuroko. “Done,” he said and when your eyes finally adjusted to the light, he smiled at you. “Well, it’s not that bad.” He lifted up his phone and took a picture. You had hope left for him because it felt as if he knew what he was doing. When you turned to the mirror, you nearly screamed.

He did it well all right. Everything looked perfect. The fake lashes were glued on very neatly and the blush evenly spread across your cheeks. The eyeliner was brilliantly done.

The only problem: They were all colorful.

God knows where he got that green eyeliner and the purple blush with the black lipstick. You looked like a demon ready to kill someone. “Tetsu!” You screamed just as he got up to his feet. “Where in the world did you even get this liner?”

With a feigned innocent grin, he held up a green sharpie.

Your eyes widened. “I’m going to kill you!” You got up and chased him around the house. Nope, never again. You’ve learned your lesson. You will never rope him into these challenges ever again.

anonymous asked:

To GoM, how would you react seeing yourself being shipped with another character in KnB?(ex, AoKise, KagaKuro, etc)

Aomine: I’ve seen myself shipped with half the characters of the series, I don’t think anything can surprise me anymore…
Kise: You should be glad that one of the three main pairings for you is me! 。゜(`Д´)゜。
(Kagami): Excuse me???
Kise: You know… AoKise, AoKaga, AoKuro…
Kuroko: Kagami kun, they ship you with Kise kun too.
(Kagami): Really???
Midorima: And Himuro.
(Kagami): WHAT THE HELL. I thought they shipped Tatsuya with Murasakibara??
Murasakibara: I’ve seen some people ship me with Kurochin…
Kuroko: That is something I can’t understand.
Kise: But MuraHimu is canon, isn’t it?
Akashi: Who am I shipped with?

anonymous asked:

Can I please have GoM and Kagami at work when their s/o comes and adorably embarrasses them in front of their coworkers? ( your blog is so cute!~ you are so cute, I hope you continue!~ <3)

oh im so down for this scenario and thank you so much omg cute wow <3 i’ll use the alternative job choices thing except for Akashi he’s total businessman material

AKASHI: Hearing the soft knock on the door, he told whomever it was to come in. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have enough work to do already. He growled at the copious amount of paperwork piled on the table. However, when he looked up to see you cutely entering with a boxed lunch, he instantly smiled. He forgot about the stress he had and welcome you with open arms.

The two of you had a mini picnic on the floor of Akashi’s office and just as you were leaving, he noticed that some of his coworkers and employees were hovering around his office door. They had been spying. They would gasp seeing the smile on Akashi’s face. Someone had melted the emperor’s heart. “Alright, back to work.” He snapped at everyone, shutting the office door and smiling to himself happily.

AOMINE sexy police hubz: “Wow,” you said as your wide eyes scanned his whole office. Aomine sat there in his uniform, looking dashing as always. He somehow looked even hotter with his police uniform on. He raised an eyebrow, wondering what you were doing there. “Though I’d drop by to give you the spare clothes you forgot to bring.” You lifted up a bag onto the table and grinned.

Seeing Aomine looking slightly more relaxed, his partner laughed at him. “Look who’s whipped.” Aomine glared at the guy before slamming his door closed and prowling over to you with a hungry expression. He smirked and lifted you up onto his big desk, promising you a hell of a good time. Looks like you were going to miss lunch after all.

KAGAMI: He had just gotten back from a fire downtown and he hung up his uniform, exhausted beyond belief. However, he was instantly revitalized when he saw you standing there. “______-chan, what are you doing here?” He asked, blinking adorably at you. You smiled and held up the meal you had prepared for him.

His teammates started cheering for him and, laughing, patting him on the back. He blushed crazily, turning absolutely red before he ushered you out just so the other guys wouldn’t harass you. He thanked you and spent his lunchtime with you, telling you about his day.

KISE: After a successful landing, Kise dragged his luggage out the arrival gates with his coworkers in tow. His copilot was telling him something about the weather conditions in Hokkaido when the sudden weight that attacked him shocked him. You giggled, wrapping your legs around his waist and arms around his neck, planting a sweet kiss on his lips. “Welcome back,” you grinned.

His coworkers cheered at this and even some of the passengers. He blushed lightly and you thought that it wasn’t even possible. He smiled back at you and kissed you back, stroking your back as he let go of his bag. “Thank you,” he said then brought you out of the airport and into your shared home.

KUROKO: He ushered the children into their respective classrooms and sighed, heading back to the teacher’s lounge. He greeted some of his fellow teachers with smiles and was pleasantly surprised to see you there. You’d think he would be embarrassed when you hugged him and gave him a snack. Instead, he would embarrass you by telling you how much he appreciated this and even ducked his head to plant a kiss on your lips.

“Tetsu,” you whispered with pink cheeks and pushed him away lightly. He smiled victoriously as his eyes twinkled devilishly, obviously pleased with himself that he managed to make you blush in front of his coworkers.

MIDORIMA: Midorima was casually having coffee with another doctor and some nurses when you arrived. He always maintained a professional persona during work hours and refused to let anything interfere with his cool, calm image. But when you arrived to kiss him on the cheek and remind him to buy groceries on the way back, he was instantly flustered.

His coworkers laughed and patted his back, not out of mockery, but teasing him because they never saw him in that state. He would stammer out some replies to you before moving you out of the hospital again. His friends wouldn’t let him live that moment down.

MURASAKIBARA: He licked the remains of the frosting on his fingers before heading out to place the cake in the display case. When he saw you there with a huge grin on your face, he blinked several times. He wouldn’t be bothered in the least to have you hovering around all the cakes and asking plenty of questions about them.

His coworkers teased him for having such an adorable partner and he would just smile, nodding in agreement. He might even end up giving you backstage tour of his kitchen where he creates his masterpieces.

anonymous asked:

How would GOM, Kagami, Takao, Kasamatsu & Kiyoshi react if their s/o came running inside their practice court wearing a super cute (or sexy ;3) maid uniform ? (reason is up to you <3)

cute eh? i need a reference so have an edit i did . female pronouns ahead

Honestly, if it weren’t for your horrible memory and lack of organization, you wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. 

You have to make sure you come back in a rush since there will be many customers today! it’s a menu special~.‘ 

Curse your boss for her eccentric thinking. You didn’t think you’d have to dress like a damn maid for this cafe gig, and yet here you were. Oh well, all you needed to do was pick up your bag in the gym… Nothing hard, right? 

Kuroko was minding his own business and doing drills with Kagami as he usually did until he finally noticed you dash into the gym with thundering feet and a panicked expression on your face. 

What grabs his attention is what you’re wearing.

“That you, ___-chan?” Your voice breaks him out of his reverie when he realizes Riko is poking fun at you and your outfit. Your face said everything you were feeling at that moment as you stood before the brunette who had stopped you near the entrance of the gym with a grin on her lips.

“___-chan.” Kuroko waves you over and lifts up the bag you scanning the gym for as he watches you run towards him with a relieved smile on your face. Ah, it’s as if nothing else in this world matters except for your presence.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” You throw yourself on Kuroko, successfully smothering him with your breasts before you release him and race off leaving a trail of dust behind you.

“Was that ____-chan?” Kuroko decides to say nothing as he radiates a cold aura and forces everyone within the vicinity to resume their activities. 

Kise had never dropped a basketball so fast in his life to race over to you scanning the gym for your bag. As he continued to stare at you and call out your name like a child begging for a popsicle, you ignored his presence and continued to circle the gym perimeter looking for the object.

“Just one picture ____cchi! Look here!” You wondered where Kasamatsu was when you needed him to get the blonde idiot off your back, but alas, he was too distracted by your presence to do much. You could feel Kasamatsu’s stare from across the gym with his nervousness worsening when he realized you were nearing him.

“Hello senpai, have you seen my bag here? I left it on accident.”

Before he manages to do anything remotely helpful, a tap on your shoulder rips your attention away as you stare into the orbs of Kise Ryouta, who is practically in your personal bubble.

Here you go, ____cchi.

His close proximity scares you as you step back and bump into Kasamatsu, which makes the third-year leap back a full step in shock as he begins to fumble with an apology. Sadly, you’re already gone as your footsteps are heard going down the gym corridor.

“She’s cute, isn’t she senpai?” Kise laughs as he moves his gaze down to the picture he managed to snap of you looking adorable as you always did. The bonus this time was the maid uniform. 

Aomine had blinked once he saw you run in though he didn’t expect you to just pass him as you moved your head side-to-side as if you were looking for something. Sadly, that something was not him.

“Oi, ____!” Aomine calls, but you ignore him as you shuffle over to the other side of the gym where the closet is. Aomine decides to move towards you before his other teammates get bright ideas of hitting on his girl, deciding this would be a good time to show others who you belonged to.

As soon as he enters the closet, he finds you standing atop a small block as you look for an item that was  supposedly hidden on the highest shelf of the storage. From this view, he has a good angle on your long legs that seemed to have looked especially toned with those black stockings. With a shorter length, he’d be able to see your undergarments, but alas, the glorious sight was out of reach.

But does this stop Aomine from doing anything remotely perverted? Nah.

The tanned teen reaches out a hand that inches closer and closer to the hem of your dress though you sadly move fast enough to slip out of his reach. Mumbling under his breath, he watches you turn and hop off the square as you attempt to walk briskly past him with a worried expression. At that, Aomine moves his arm out to block your path.

“Daiki, now is-” Aomine cuts you off with a brief kiss.

“You look hot.” You sigh and offer him a smile as thanks.

“Thanks, but we can talk later. Work calls.” You lean in to peck him on the lips, but Aomine has other ideas as he moves his arm around your waist and pulls you close to deepen the contact. You struggle to pull free, finally forcing him to let loose as you stomp on his foot.

Later Ahomine.” You depart and leave an annoyed Aomine Daiki to himself in the gym closet room.

Midorima is clearly taken aback as he watches you move your head and lean in place looking for something that isn’t him. Takao and his teammates poke fun at him when they realize his girlfriend isn’t paying attention to him at all, and that outfit doesn’t make anything any better.

“Awww, Shin-chan is getting ignored!” Takao’s stupid teasing was not helping.

“Shut up, Takao.” But it was sadly true. Midorima then doesn’t expect you to call for him as he watches you approach with careful steps.

She’s wearing heels.’ He thinks, and those stockings aren’t helping his thoughts either.

“Shintarou, have you seen my bag? I think I’ve left it in here…” Midorima has let your speech escape his hearing as he concentrates on anything but you. You then wave a hand to his face, forcing him to look at you as he pushes up his glasses while pushing up his glasses. Clearly he’s trying to hide his blush.

“Ye-yes I have.” Stupid stutter.

“Excellent! Where is it?” Midorima points to the side of the gym and directs your attention towards the object sitting untouched. You give the teen a small laugh and place your hand on his shoulder as you pull him down and peck him on the lips. All the players who witness the sight take note of Midorima’s wide eyes before they watch you bow towards them, pick up your bag and promptly depart.

“Shin-chan is blushing~.”


Murasakibara hadn’t noticed your appearance until Himuro pointed it out to him. When he finally realizes you aren’t in your uniform and wearing something completely different, he approaches you and lifts you into his arms.

“Mukkun?” You’re taken aback by his random action as he carries you to the other side of the gym and blocks your appearance from his teammates.

“Why are you here ___-chin?” Murasakibara wasn’t complaining, but the real issue was the others who were eyeing you.

“I needed to get my bag, I forgot it.” Mura nods and tells you to stay in place. You nod and watch him go off as he shuffles to and fro looking for your bag. You watch as various players on the court whisper to each other about your sudden appearance, yet none of them have the courage to approach you. Soon enough, Murasakibara appears with your bag in tow.

“Here ___-chin.” He hands you the object you’ve been searching for and walks you towards the door as he pats your head.

“Don’t show that to anyone else, ____-chin.” You laugh and tell the teen to lean down so you can hug him.

“I can’t exactly promise that, Mukkun.” You give him a quick peck on the lips before departing for work.

Akashi noticed you immediately and pulled you aside before anyone could see your appearance. He had taken note of your outfit, adding more to his cautiousness as he questioned your intentions and whereabouts.

“I just need to find my bag, nothing else.” He nods and offers to help you look though you notice it sitting near the entrance of the gym.

“Oh, that’s convenient.” Stopping you from retrieving it on your own, you watch as Akashi walks over to your bag and picks it up. He seems to be weighing it in his hand as he lifts it up and down.

“I will call a driver to drop you off. Sadly, I will be unable to accompany you.” You shake your head and instead opt to thank the redhead for his kindness. Deciding that thank you isn’t enough, he pulls you close and presses his forehead upon yours. 

In that outfit you are far too tempting.” He’s teasing you, you can feel it.

“So sorry, it’s for work.” Your heart is pounding.

Is that so? Must I warn your manager of their questionable choices?” You laugh and bits of that nervousness melts away.

“No, it’s ok. Haven’t you heard of a maid cafe, Seijuuro?” Akashi only smiles at you and walks you off towards the car waiting for you. He opens the door for you like a proper gentleman though he stops you before you disappear into its depths for a quick kiss.

“I will be picking you up for dinner around seven.” You blink in response to his demand and mentally prepare a protest due to work, yet you can’t find the will to argue.

“Alright, I’ll tell my manager.” Akashi closes the door when he sees you strapped in and looking comfortable, sending you off with a nod as the driver begins to drive off. 

Kagami had led you out of the gym as soon as you entered it with bright red cheeks. In that outfit, you were bound to get the attention of everyone within the same vicinity. You question why he had pulled you out so fast, to which he answers in stutters and scratches of the nose.

“Ye-yeah.” He couldn’t even look at you. You giggle at his nervous disposition before asking him to turn towards you.

Come now Taiga, I want you to look at me.” Your warm palms grace his cheeks as they continue to heat up under your touch. Your eyes are drawing him closer, pulling him in as he leans in with his eyes narrowing.

Sadly, you pull away.

“So sorry, I need to look for my bag!” The teen frowns and mumbles a bit before telling you to stay put as he disappears and reappears with your bag in his arms. You smile at him and offer him thanks with a short kiss on the cheek before running off to catch the next train.

Takao had looked you up and down before he called your attention towards him. He did not like all the attention you were getting and so he pulled you aside and asked why you were wandering around, and in a maid’s outfit nonetheless.

“I forgot my bag here, Kazu-kun.” You go on a small tangent about your lack of organization, to which the teen decides to shut you up by pressing his forehead against yours.

You’re so cute, ___-chan.” That throws you off guard as you completely lose track of your thoughts and settle for flushing while fumbling your fingers together. Takao then tells you to stay put as he had hidden your bag away in the boys’ locker room and goes off to retrieve it. He quickly comes back and gives you a warm hug and a quick kiss on the forehead before he sends you off with a wave and a smile.

“Have fun, ____-chan~”

Kasamatsu couldn’t look at you at all. He had to focus on Kise so he could talk to you, and that alone didn’t help when you were trying to pull your attention towards him.

“Uh… I’m sorry to bother you, Yukio-kun…” Gah, and the use of first name hits the mark.



“Ah! He’s down!”

Kise ended up getting your bag for you as you cared for your poor boyfriend who had collapsed near your presence.

Kiyoshi stared and questioned why you donned the outfit as soon as you entered the gym. Shortly after filling him in on details, he nods and offers to search the gym for you while you wait since he notes that you ‘look uncomfortable’.

“Ah, are you sure? I’m bugging you, aren’t I?” Kiyoshi shakes his head and goes off to find your bag, shortly returning with a smile as he lets you move closer to embrace him as thanks.

“Take it easy, alright? I don’t want you to do too much to yourself…” Kiyoshi nods at your statement and promises to be careful. He then dips his head down and catches you by surprise when he captures your lips in a sweet kiss.

“Ah, you taste as sweet as you look!” Kiyoshi laughs as you stand still with wide eyes.

Even if the both of you were dating for such a long time, you were still nervous around him and his sweet actions.

cottoncandicloud asked:

drabble for Kagami please!! his gf complains to him saying there's a big bug in the bathroom and he scoffs and goes to kill it but its a hella scary bug and it FLIES AT HIM (you know how it is) and he takes off squealing like a little girl and jumps into his gf's arms. but in the end he, or the 2 of them, have to find a way to get rid of it (maybe he throws a basketball at it but its up to you) cuz they need the bathroom xD thanks!


(Using female pronouns as requested.)

Kagami the bae:

“Taiga…” His girlfriend’s soft whine immediately diverts his attention from the stove, and he quickly turns the fire off. Forgetting about lunch for a moment, he takes in the sight of her quivering lip and immediatelly jumps to conclusions, needlessly freaking out.

“W-what’s wrong?? Are you hurt? Are you sick? Are you-” She huffs out a laugh, shaking her head and looking up at him with her pretty eyes. Were he not worried, he’d have melted.

“Taiga, there’s a bug in the bathroom.” She whines, and his first reaction is to relax. Then he scoffs.

“Seriously? You’re almost crying because of a bug?” The red head drags a hand down his face, not missing the pout on his girlfriend’s face and the way her cheeks puff out.

“It’s a really big one!” He snorts, ruffling her hair and taking off his left sandal, going past her and into the bathroom.

“Sure, sure. Don’t worry, I’ll kill it- GYAAAAAAHHHHH”

Suddenly, he screams, which startles _____ and makes her scream as well.


“It flies!! WHy didn’t you tell me it flies?!”

“I didn’t know it could!! Ohmygod, it’s coming this way!! Kill it- KYAAHH!”

“____, watch out!”

“Ohmygod, you watch you, it’s coming-!”

“It’s coming at me HAGSFDASHJDGJ-”

“Don’t come here!!”

“Where the hell am I supposed to go?!”

“Ohmygod, kill it!”

“Like hell I will!”

“But we have to do something!”

“I know! Uh, quick, get me that basketball!!”

“A basketball?!”

“Just hurry and do it!”

“Ugh, okay! Here, but don’t aim at the window for God’s sake-”

“There! Begone, satan!!”


Taiga!! I told you to not aim at the window!!”

“At least I killed it-”

“AAAHH no you didn’t!”



After what seems like a scene from a horror film, the couple shuts the bathroom door soundly, sliding down the door and huffing on the ground, still terrified of the monster inside.

For a moment, they look at each other. As if reading each other’s mind, they nod, and Kagami takes out his cell phone, quickly dialing a number the both of them knew very well.

“It’s done.”

“Thank you so much, Kuroko-kun!” ____ wraps her arms around the blue head in a grateful hug, and even Kagami looks a little less sick.

A chibi version of myself and a new Aomine-kun came to visit today. If you have any questions for them, please be sure to leave your inquiries at their respective blogs.

bambidarling16 asked:

GOM, Kagami, Takao, Kiyoshi, their favorite Shounen jump anime/manga?

Doing only GoM, Kagami and Takao because of the character limit.

Kagami the bae: Slam Dunk

Kuroko: D. Gray-man

Aomine: Beelzebub

Kise: Gintama

Midorima: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

Murasakibara: Toriko

Akashi: Death Note


anonymous asked:

Happy holidays! My ask is Takao setting up a girl in his class with Midorima and then spying in on the date to see how it goes [lets say Midorima has a small crush on the girl]

(This is hella late but happy holidays to you too, sweetheart!)

Oh man I love this request already this is gonna be fun.

Used female pronouns as requested.


He is a genius.

And he also deserves the Friend of the Year award, though he’ll settle for simply (finally) seeing Shin-chan with a girlfriend.

As he adjusts his body to fit better in the small space between the bushes right in front of the cafe the couple is at, he thinks back on everything’s led to this moment, mentally giving himself a pat in the back.

______ was nice enough, was his first thought on the beginning of his first year of high school. She had a nice smile, and was kind and smart. She gave off this calming aura, and her whole demeanor screamed ‘elegant and cool’. 

Then they got paired up for a project, and he saw the real ____ at the end of two weeks.

Contrary to popular belief, she wasn’t always poised and gracious. Whenever she was anxious or nervous, she tended to fumble with her fingers and become extremely clumsy, which led her to being embarassed and to blush. She had a great sense of humor, joking around with him and laughing at his jokes.

Yet, it was clear to them both that they did not like each other in the romantic sense.

Then, one fateful day after basketball practice, Midorima and him had been walking to the school gates when she passes by them, giving a smile and a small wave. Takao, being the sunshine child he is, grins and waves back, though he pauses when he notices his green haired companion isn’t beside him anymore. He turns back, a question already on his lips when the sight that greets him makes his mouth go slack.

Midorima Shintarou, the stoic first year and basketball prodigy, is blushing from his ears to his neck, left hand twitching as if it had it’s own free will.

A wicked grin came across his features, and he let the gears in his mind turn and twist as the most genius plan on existence slowly came to exist.

…though he should’ve given Shin-chan a pep talk beforehand, he muses.

Through his limited vision, he can just see that ____-chan is saying something, a small smile playing on her lips as the shooting guard sitting across from her sips his coffee stiffly, occasionally nodding.

This can’t go on like this, he decides.

Taking out a small object from his pocket, Takao aims carefully and gives the object a small push; just enough to roll gently and stop right in front of their table. The couple is quick to notice the small intruder on their date, and ____ smiles brightly and bends down to pick it up.

“Ah, lucky!” She straightens up in the chair and holds the little ball in her hands proudly, lightly angling it so the green haired teenager can see it as well. “This is the limited edition of a master pokeball! I brought it yesterday because it was supposed to be my lucky item for today, but earlier I thought I’d lost it!”

Midorima’s still too nervous to fully pay attention to what she’s saying, but two special words catch his attention and are enough to make him forget his shyness.

“Lucky item?” He asks, and they spend the rest of the afternoon talking about horoscopes and the difficulty of finding some specific lucky items. 

As he watches his friend ask for another date (only stuttering slightly, to his credit), he gives himself not one, but two mental pats in the back.