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How would GOM, Kagami, Takao, Kasamatsu & Kiyoshi react if their s/o who looked cute and innocent, is actually not a girly girl, princess type girl, has a very much laid back (dare I say boy-ish lol) behavior and is kinda a pervert xD?

what if she was a princess type who’s also a pervert ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i’ll group them up

AKASHI, AOMINE: They both would be surprised but very pleasantly surprised. They wouldn’t really mind if you were a pervert because they’re perverts as well. Akashi smirked as he backed you up against the bed, “That’s dirty play, ____-san.” He said, referring to you touching him underneath the table. On the other hand, Aomine wouldn’t hesitate to attack you as he grabbed you and tossed you onto the bed. Sex between the two of you would be dynamic.

KAGAMI, MIDORIMA, KASAMATSU: These three would be blushing like crazy when you cracked a dirty joke or when your hand crept up his thigh during dinner. Kagami stuttered, “Wh-What are you doing?” Midorima would chide you even though he actually secretly liked you giving him the attention in such a public place. Kasamatsu shook his head and kissed you deeply to satisfy you for the time being.

KISE, TAKAO: Both of them, despite their easygoing and childish personalities, could be intense as well when you noticed that their eyes had darkened. Although they were surprised, they definitely couldn’t complain when you started playing footsie with them. “Who knew ___-chi could be such a tease?” Kise smirked. Takao would smile at you and promise you that you were going to pay for that unfair play later that night.

KIYOSHI, KUROKO: Closet perverts, these two are closet perverts, and nobody can tell me otherwise. They would be shocked, of course, when you started making crude jokes but they’d accept you the way you are. “___-chan isn’t as innocent as I thought,” Kuroko pointed out with a twinkle in his eye. Kiyoshi just smiled down at you before whispering in your ear, “My, my, I didn’t know ____-chan was a pervert.”

MURASAKIBARA: He wouldn’t really care either way even though he would be pretty surprised. “Ehh, I didn’t know ____-chin likes to play like that.” He would start touching you underneath the table as well.

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A short drabble about kid!Kuroko and kid!Akashi as siblings? Like would one of them hog all the toys or would they share everything and be like best friends? This is my absolutely favourite knb ask blog! Your doing an amazing job Akemi-chan~

Thank you so much, love!! I hope this is to your liking <3

Kuroko and Akashi:

He awakens first, blinking slowly and letting his body stretch lightly under the covers.

It’s sunday; their only day off - for now. Despite his young age, the eight year old boy knows that it’s only a matter of time until their father decides it’s time this luxury too is taken from them. A sliver of anger shots through his mind, but he soon forces himself to relax.

He’s not going to bother himself with these unpleasant thoughts so early in the morning.

He focus his gaze on the body next to him on the king-sized bed, and his eyes immeditaly soften; the young heir does not know exactly what are their father’s plans for his younger sibling, but he’s absolutely certain he’s going to protect him.

He promised mommy this, after all.

He huffs out a small puff of air, and his breath barely ruffles his twin’s locks. His efforts are soon rewarded; eyelids flutter open soon enough, only to reveal a pair of sky blue eyes staring drowsily at him. He huffs out again, this time a silent laugh, and his red eyes are full of amusement and mirth.

“Your bedhead is truly amazing, Tetsuya.”

The blue-haired boy laying next to him only blinks blearily, mind still heavy with sleep and unable to process his sibling’s words. He decides to answer, nevertheless.

“Yours as well, Seijurou.”

The oldest sibling laughs again, slightly louder, and supports himself on his elbows, looking with fondness at Tetsuya’s wild hair, so very similar to his own.

“Yes, it would seem so.”

I honestly think Akashi would be seriously protective of Kuroko. He’d let him hog all the toys and blankets, but since Kuroko has been an angel ever since he was born, he wouldn’t give any problems as a child, which only makes Akashi more determined to spoil and protect him. Eventually, this makes Kuroko kind of annoyed, since he can take care of himself just fine, thank you very much. This is the only topic they’d ever fight about, tbh. If Kuroko were Akashi’s sibling, there’s a huge possibility Bokushi wouldn’t even exist - or at least not come out. Kuroko does a very good job at keeping Akashi on his feet, and Akashi actually stops and listens to him because duh this is his twin, Kuroko.

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GoM react to seeing their s/o rode their bike to school in the pouring rain (with a jacket, so no see-through shirt). I always get funny or concerned looks at work whenever I do this.

Akashi :
He always wanted to ask you if you wanted him to pick you up from school everyday, but he didn’t want to come off as pushy so, he pushed that subject aside but, when he saw you riding your bike while it was raining that hard, he threw away his worries and made his way toward you.

Aomine :
He didn’t mind seeing you riding your bike. Most of the students did that anyway (he also had the pleasure to see a few pantie shots here and there) but when he saw you riding your bike in the rain, he was scared that something would happen to you or that you would get a cold out of it. So he did his best to sound so casual or relaxed while telling you to be careful.

When Kise saw you coming to school by bike and the rain was pouring down, he ran up to you quickly.
“___cchi!” You stared at him. “Can I try?” You blinked a few times but moved away from the bike. He flashed you a cheeky smile before riding the bike like a mad man, enjoying the feeling of the rain through his hair.
When he comes back, he would give it to you with a huge smile, saying that it felt amazing, but soon enough, he would warn you about the dangers of riding a bike in the rain and tell you to change your clothes before you catch a cold.
He would have to change his clothes too lol

A worried look flashed across his face as he ran up to you, holding his umbrella above your head, making a part of his shoulder get wet from the rain.
“____- chan please take care of yourself or you will catch a cold.”

He held his umbrella above your head while glaring at you. He knew that you came almost every day to school by bike and he didn’t mind that at all.
He opened his mouth to only scold you about your reckless ways of living and how you shouldn’t do that. But when he saw you raising your eyebrow at him, he pushed his glasses back while blushing about little.
“I-It’s not like I’m that concerned, nanodayo!”

Murasakibara :
Seeing you riding your bike was nothing new. He knew you loved to ride your bike, so why not? When you came to school riding your bike, he just waved and went toward you, blocking the pouring rain from you with his huge body.
Nee~ let’s go inside it’s too cold here.”

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Heyyy good luck with the blogg!!!!!!! Can i request cuddling with akashi? :3

Aww thank you!

The night was silent and only acoustic music filled your living room as you stacked the clean dishes in their respective cupboard. It was a lovely night, you thought. The moon was shining brightly, and the cold summer breeze would brush against your skin as it went through your kitchen window.

Knock, knock.

You were surprised to see your boyfriend upon opening your front door. It was already 7 PM and you were actually planning to go to bed early. “Sei!” you exclaimed, gesturing him to come in. “What brings you here?”

He had a traveling bag and a paper bag with him, which confused you more. “Ahhh. I came to give your shirt and underwear which you happened to leave behind during your last sleepover in the house,” he explained, you blushing upon the mention of underwear. “Also, I came here to sleep.”

You raised an eyebrow before dragging him into your room. He chuckled at your actions, eventually placing his bag on your bed room floor before sitting on your bed.

“Why so sudden? You could’ve at least texted me!”

“My home isn’t really a home when you’re not there. Besides, it’s a Friday night - obviously perfect for slumbers with you. And I didn’t text you because I wanted my arrival to be a surprise,” he answered your questions all at once. He smiled at you before pulling you towards him, making you sit on his lap. You tried to wiggle out of his grasp, but he encircled his arms around your waist before finally falling against the soft mattress of your queen-sized bed. “Don’t worry. I already showered before going here. I really wanted to hold you close like this the moment I arrive here.”

You blushed at his statement, deciding to turn around since your back was facing him. The moment you met his crimson and golden orbs, a soft smile was drawn on your face. His eyes were really unique and you knew that you can stare right into them for the whole day - such a wonder.

“If you keep on staring at me like that, I might not be able to hold back anymore.”

“Hold back?” you inquired.

Akashi smirked before trailing kisses from your jawline to your neck. He still held you close and you swore that it was one of the best feelings. You felt so secured and safe in his arms that you wouldn’t mind having them around you for the rest of your life. Akashi knew how you loved it so much, and was doing his best to satisfy you. ‘I’d do anything for my girl,’ he kept on saying.

He stopped, nuzzling his nose on the crook of your neck before tightening his embrace, wanting to bring you closer than before. “Let me hold you like this forever, my empress. I love the smell of your body soap, by the way.”

You ran your hand through the soft locks of his hair before asking, “so, how’s the day of the absolute Akashi Seijuro?”

“It was really bad - worse than yesterday, even. But everything’s alright now.”

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The GoM, Imayoshi, and Takao are seated in the crowd as their s/o is about to perform (athletic/musical). How do they react when their s/o blows them a kiss before they start?

That one is actually really fun and interesting, so I did a thing of how they would react when they saw it and what they would do after the participation ended!


Kuroko actually asked Kagami to come along and because it was a competition he had never heard of while he was overseas, he had agreed and there you actually were, smiling and waving at some people familiar to you to show your gratefulness for your presences. Then you stopped waving for a bit, as if your eyes were searching for someone in the crowd, as they suddenly stayed on him, making him raise an eyebrow slightly. He thought you were looking at Kagami, but as you smiled and blew a kiss up to him, he knew that you must have meant him, since you didn’t know Kagami. He would put the gesture aside and focus on cheering with Kagami, but still decides to ask you about it after your competition.


Kise would drag his whole team along, very positive that they would enjoy it too, but he would frown when they didn’t play proper attention right before the start. Then, suddenly Kobori mentioned that you were looking in their direction and when he watched you catch his gaze, he was about to brag. But as you suddenly blew a kiss up in his direction and then broke the eye-contact again, he was shocked. But in the next moment he’d fight with Moriyama about who the kiss was for, telling him that he would go up to you afterwards and if the kiss was for him, he would gladly return it to you.


Midorima had be careless enough to let Takao gaze over his shoulder when he received the message in which you asked him to witness your competition and then he had to put up with his teammate’s annoying comments for the whole ride to the place the competition was held at, but as they actually sat there and you stepped onto stage, he got slightly cold feet. What if his disguise wasn’t as perfect as he thought and you actually noticed that he attended, despite saying that he wouldn’t come? He was so focused on your eyes, that when you caught his gaze and blew a kiss up to him, he was dumfounded and almost under shock, until Takao bombarded him with questions. He would head straight home after the event to sort out his feelings and then think about how to approach you at school.


Takao would probably just take his little sister to watch, because she didn’t know of your relation with you or his romantic interest in you and wouldn’t nag him about it. So the two of them would settle down and although his little sister could feel him tense when you stepped up, she stayed silent. Until you looked at them and threw them a kiss and Takao’s sister was quick to react, acting as if she caught it and then slapped it lightly against her brother’s cheek, who yelped in shock from your move and the slap. His sister would probably take his wallet and tell him that he had to talk to you after the competition ended or he could walk home, even if his nerves were on the verge of breaking, so he had no choice but to talk to you about it.


Aomine had come here partly so he had something to talk to you about tomorrow at school and partly because Momoi urged him to, but he still ended up coming, even though Momoi had to make sure he didn’t fall asleep while you weren’t on stage yet. He seemed to manage when you appeared, though, so the pink-haired girl raised a brow at her childhood friend, but shrugged and turned back to the stage, where she was just in time to see you throw an air-kiss in their direction. And when she looked at Aomine again, his eyes were wide and his mouth was slightly agape, but you had already turned away and Momoi immediately started teasing him about it. She would also force him to talk to you later, when you were done, hoping that it was him you threw the kiss at, because she would really like someone that helped her take care of this idiot properly.


Imayoshi merely was asked where he was heading by Susa and he told the Center with his usual smile, which led to him being curious enough to come along. Imayoshi didn’t pay too much attention to him though, only answering his questions about you and your relation with him with vague answers, smiling all the time and at some point, his brown-haired friend grew bored of asking, so he leaned back as the competition was about to start. He then asked Imayoshi which one of the competitors was you and at least he got a useful answer to that question. But a second after he looked at you, he noticed that you were gazing in their direction and when you raised your hand, he thought you were going to wave at Imayoshi. And then you threw a kiss and Susa more or less likely flipped out and even Imayoshi’s face was marked by slight surprised. And then they went home and Imayoshi promised to confront you at school, but he wanted to let the possible consequences of your actions first sink into your mind, before he talked to you.


Mursakibara didn’t really want to go at first, especially without any company, but in the end, Himuro came along, but was surprised when he heard that his tall teammate was invited here by you. He had heard that you were really good at what you were doing, so he was immediately searching for you when the competitors appeared and when he found you, he was watching you closely, interested in how you would perform and occasionally bumped his elbow into Murasakibara’s rips to keep him from falling asleep. And when you looked up at teem and threw a kiss there, he raised an eyebrow at the purple-haired male, who seemed shocked, but then hid behind his hair, because he thought that it was embarrassing. And in the next minute, Himuro was talking to him about why you did that, but his friend wasn’t answering. Murasakibara would have to think about it for a few days, before bluntly re-approaching you with it at a certain moment.


Akashi wanted to go alone, without anyone interrupting his concentration on observing your performance, but somehow Mibuchi wormed his way into coming along and since he was a tolerable guy, Akashi didn’t mind too much. He also commented on the topic the competition was about with his knowledge and maybe even made Akashi get to know it a bit better. And then it started and Akashi’s eyes were on you the moment you appeared in his view, but as you actually stepped on stage, he was slow to react to the kiss that you blew his way, but smirked when he recognized the move and took it as a sign for your confidence (and your interest in him, of course). Mibuchi would make comments about it, but the redhead would stay silent, already thinking of how to bring this matter up in a casual conversation with you tomorrow.


Perhaps something like this.

This was taken after our victory at Nationals in our second year.

The photographer did not notice me standing next to Aomine-kun.

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Guys, who do you think has the best abbs?

Haizaki: Me. Who else?

Kise: I don’t wanna brag, but… yeah that’d be me!

Akashi: I am absolute, so it’s only natural that mine are the best.

Kagami: Are you even seeing this? Mine are obviously the best.

Kuroko: I can vouch for that.

Aomine: Wanna run that by me again? I’m pretty sure we all know who’s is best.

Midorima: Yes we do, mine are the best by far.

Takao: Are you sure about that?

Murasakibara: *Judging everyone silently* 

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I want to send a few asks in, but I hope only requesting the same characters (gom+kagami) is fine! n___n How would Gom+Kagami have their first date with their s/o?

Aah this is so cute!

Alright, so I had two ways of doing this, and I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to do so I wrote both! Normally, there are only so many places you can go to on first dates, and there are a lot of things to consider since you’re still getting to know the person. There are ‘normal’ ideas and then there are the ‘different’ ideas; you can try the latter if you already know the person, while the former are more traditional choices and you can’t really go wrong with them.

Kagami the bae:

  • normal: street basketball he’d want to take you somewhere fun where you could enjoy yourself, so perhaps an amusement park would be his choice. You two would end up having so much fun that during the final ride, the ferris wheel, where he’d planned on asking for another date, you two would have fallen asleep. 
  • different: he’d invite you to have breakfast for dinner at his house. We all know he’s an excellent cook, and he’d want to impress his crush right on the first date, so I think he’d want to do an american style breakfast for them to eat.


  • normal: he’d want someplace reserved enough so you two could talk and get to know each other better, so he’d choose a cafe. I don’t think he’d show up with a gift because he’d think it was too much for a first date, but he’d definitely pay attention to see if there’s any book or game you’ve wanted lately.
  • different: coffee walk. Instead of drinking coffee sitting somewhere, he’d suggest picking up your prefered beverages and going for a walk around a neighbourhood neither of you know very well.


  • normal: street basketball something very casual and not too troublesome, so he’d go for window shopping at the mall. He plans to 'casually’ hold your hand to avoid becoming separated and hopes to see what kind of stuff you’re into.
  • different: go to the mountains. He loves it there, and if he already knows you and asked you out chances are he’s really into you, so he’d want to take you there and try to show you all the fun things he did. At the end of the day, you’d have the perfect view to watch the sunset, but he’d get bored and you’d probably end up making out.


  • normal: a movie date. He’d be the perfect gentleman and let you choose the movie, - not to mention he’d pay for everything - but it’s all part of his plan to steal a kiss from you during the movie, when everything’s dark.
  • different: maybe the zoo or the aquarium. He probably wants as many pictures of you as his phone will allow him to take, not to mention he finds adorable the faces you make when you see the animals.


  • normal: he’d take you out to lunch on a family restaurant. Not only will he have at least one thing to talk about but also he won’t have to wonder what to do with his hands.
  • different: museum. If he already knows you, he’d want to hear more about your opinions and thoughts, so he’d take you to a nice exposition and you two would have long discussions about what the hell does the blue curtain in the left mean.


  • normal: he’d want to take you to a bakery/sweets shop. It mixes both his favorite things, and he doesn’t have to do much exercice other than lift the spoon to his mouth and ask for more.
  • different: go to a street festival. It’s a win-win situation, really; he eats everything the place has to offer, gets to hold your hand so you don’t get lost and gets a kiss from you because he lifted you up to see the fireworks.


  • normal: a walk through the park and later a stop at the tea house. He doesn’t want to rush anything and wants to know everything about you, so a walk through the park under the cherry blossoms seems like his thing.
  • different: horse-riding/ice-skating. He’s got the money and is great at both, so he’d want to both impress his crush and do something different while still having some sort of privacy.