ask kranki kankri

If the request w9uldn’t 6e t99… f9rward, I supp9se. 9h, it seems I failed t9 first say hell9. I w9uld adress y9u 6y name, 6ut y9u’re an alternate iterati9n 9f myself, s9 I 6elieve t9 d9 s9 w9uld 6e a 6it redundant, s9 t9 speak. Anyh9w, yes, I w9uld like t9 inquire if y9u w9uld like t9 dance. N9t t9 assume that y9u w9uld, as assumpti9ns can lead t9 many pr96lems. I w9uld understand if y9u reject the suggesti9n, as I’m n9t particularly experienced in the area 9f dance, and my “m9ves,” as 9ne w9uld say, are likely a crime t9 dancing. I w9n’t say it is a mutual trait shared 6etween us, as I have yet t9 see y9ur dancing in acti9n. 6ut I have g9tten t9 excessive ram6ling and distracted myself fr9m the main p9int. S9, t9 reiterate my questi9n; w9uld y9u dance with me? 

#Severe ina6ility t9 dance 


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9f c9urse! S9 y9u’re an alternate versi9n 9f me, eh? Nice hair.

TW: #Alternate Versi9ns 9f 9ne’s Self #Dancing badly