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Kunal Jaisingh and Shrenu Parikh Compatibility Test -  Bloopers Part 01  

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How is UNIQ's relationship with Inception?

In case you didnt know - and I guess  a few of you at least didn’t! Inception are the three dancers with UNIQ!

L-R: Ko Seunghyun, Kwon Cheoljun, mysterious someone we couldn’t identify yet, Song Wonki

this is YX w Cheoljun! He did most of the choreos of their practice videos huhuhuhuhu, look!

YX hugging Wonki (mystery solved!) he helped Seungyoun with pronounciation!!!! 

Anyways, they’re super talented cutie pies, and you can see they’re close, right?

INCEPTION MEMBERS Cheol Jun Kwon - Twitter: @hg537 // Seung Hyun Ko - Twitter: @kokingkang | Email: | Instagram: kokingkang // Won Ki Song - Twitter: @swg126 | Instagram: Songwonki

So now you know!!! They’re not just back up dancers, alright?!?!? hehehehe ♥