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Oh my Gosh!

I can’t believe so many of you guys are following me. I feel so tiny, yet so warm and fuzzy inside. If it wasn’t for all of your support, I wouldn’t be here right now. Thank you all so much for being my friends, my followers, and my loyal supporters.

See you all in the new year!

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3000+ Followers milestone!!!!

THANKS! Holy crap, I’ve never thought I could’ve reach this amount of followers so fast! Thanks alot everypony! You won’t believe how much it means each and everyone of you following me, sadly I coulnd’t make a drawing of every single one of you so I’ve drawn just my favorites horses who are following me: (+18 gayben content) (Same as fleet’s)

Again, thank you all, and I hope I can still take care of this blog when I start classes, Cheers!

PS: I haven’t been posting anything these last days because I was just taking a break from this blog.


Seriously though, this isn’t just one movie. It’s two movies joined together by a sexy dance routine.

It’s like somepony was shooting a grindhouse kidnapping movie, and then the pages from an exploitation vampire horror film got mixed up halfway through. And it just makes no sense! Why would the director do something like that? What’s the rhyme or reason behind changing gears on your audience so hard you break the tone and the language? I bet I’m not the only one thinking this, because even the characters are trying to figure out what’s going on!

I’m sorry, I just don’t know how to feel about this movie, and I really don’t want to rip on what it seems to be a cult classic for many of you. I can appreciate the acting (which is excellent all around), the cartoony tone of some scenes, and certain bits of dark humor. But the whole thing doesn’t gel for me. It’s too disjointed, too unfocused, and too wild for my taste.

And speaking of wild, I think I might be busy for a couple of hours. Or days. The movie wasn’t all that spectacular, but that dance routine sure was.

Featuring: After Eight, Level Up, Sketchy Sounds, Mecha, Ask King Sombra, Wild Card, Calpain, Puffy, and Svelte as Satanico Pandemonium.


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Welp, I’ve been threatening this since 2k followers and now I finally got off my butt and did it.

I don’t really know what to say other than a big, huge, heartfelt THANK YOU. I know that 185 ponies isn’t a lot compared to the 4000 of you that decided to hop aboard this crazy-train, but tried to cram as many of you in there as I could without my brain exploding.

Thank you, everyone, for helping me reach this insane milestone. Thank you, particularly, to those of you who have leant me your unwavering support and kindness. Thank you to the anons that might not actually factor into the follower count, but as just as much followers as anyone else. Thank you to that one guy who wrote a mean confession about me that one time. Yeah, buddy. Thank you.

I’m almost at my 6-month anniversary so I guess I’ll save the super-sappiness for that post… but


Traditional celebratory gif will come later.

Sombra and the Secret of the Suspicious Snowcones will continue on Friday.


Seriously though, what a gorgeously creative movie.

This might be one of those few movies where you can actually feel the magic emanating out of it. The fact that Jim Henson and Frank Oz used nothing but puppets to portray the characters and the creatures of this world makes it all the most unique. You could think that this takes away from the experience, but it really doesn’t.

It dragged me into one of the most intense roller coaster rides I’ve ever experienced. This is amongst the most memorable fantasy adventures I have ever had the luck to watch. The characters are very strong and well developed, the story and conflict are engaging, and the setting is just unbelievable.There are some parts where I couldn’t believe how beautiful and imaginative everything was, like every second of film is filled with a different idea.

I can’t recommend this movie hard enough. This is one of the greats.

And now, if you excuse me, I need to finish this quest with the help of our Majesty, King Sombra. He’s a grumpy pants, but he’s a lovable dorky grumpy pants.

(Featuring King Sombra, from Ask King Sombra)


And that’s the end of the crossover with askpun! If you want to know what happens next with Agent 707 and Supremus’ detached legs, give ‘em a follow! You won’t regret it! …Unless you hate puns.

Also, cameo appearance by askthenightguards’ Adamant and Westwood! …Who also kindly lent me their backgrounds for use.

((Also also it’s my birthday on Wednesday ahahahahaaa))