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Brine, siren, seafoam?

Hi thanks for the ask Kimmy!!! :3

Brine: Gold or Silver?
- I think I’ll go with silver

Siren: In a fantasy setting would you be a be a warrior, rogue, or mage?
- Ooh I always want to be a mage! I think having magic is so cool! I love it!

Seafoam: Describe your ideal summer vacation
- I would love to go to a beach where the water is clear and beautiful, where the winds are calm, the sky is bright blue, the sands pure white and soft. And when its evening the sunset is a beautiful hue of orange and purple.

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See my problem with got7 is they're so so attractive but famous and older than me and make every guy my age look like complete morons so like ??? If they're not going to marry me why cause me so much unnecessaRY PAIN?!?!

The Kpop world is a scary place, my young friend. The only way to survive is to adapt.

Key abilities you must acquire based on the troubles you have mentioned:

1. Pain tolerance - not only must you learn to endure pain, but also you must learn to LIKE the pain. This might involve learning how to simultaneously cry and smile at the same time and/or scream internally while looking at shirtless pics of your bias at 2am. You’ll know you have mastered this technique when your bias does a body roll (or other rude things) and your heart explodes inside, but on the outside you don’t even flinch.

2. Agility - if you are someone that cannot pick one bias, you have to increase your speed in order to quickly change lanes. Say for example, a group - let’s call them Get7 - come back with a sexy, angry song - let’s call it “If You Don’t”. This era has all 7 members looking extremely attractive (like so attractive you randomly develop a “painting-destroying” or “garbage-can-kicking” kink). You must be quick and agile enough so that every time a new amazing picture of a different member comes out, you switch lanes and suddenly bias another member. You have to be so quick, people don’t even know who your original bias was. You’ll know you have mastered this technique if your friends can send you almost any picture of any member and you’ll yodel about it for 10 minutes.


I was! Σ(゜◇゜)

Rei-chan, your buttCOUGH–ERR I MEAN, your FORM is PERFECT! 
ヽ( ★ω★)ノ  


That’s so amazing~~~ (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*