ask kid!loki

(this is a small trial of art to draw to kid-loki and kid-thor )

I shall begin to make a comic of Loki and Tom Hiddleston
(Thor, Chris Hemsworth and possibly Iron man, Hulk, etc)

what do you think of idea? please tell me :)


(Pequeño ensayo de arte para dibujar a Loki y Thor de niños)
Estoy pensando comenzar un comic sobre Loki y Tom Hiddleston(Junto a Thor, Chris Hemsworth y posiblemente, Iron man, Hulk, etc)

¿que os parece esta idea? ¿Les gusta? Diganme plis cx

trottingthefox : asked for Loki giving kid!Thor a piggyback ride– except I don’t think I exactly drew him looking unimpressed– ksdlfj ahh sorry– I think I’m really bad with drawing exactly what was asked…

anonymous asked:

Can we send asks to the kids?

((Mun here! 

By all means if you want to ask Valkan/Cascade/Skadi/Angel/Raven a question send them in! 

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Seriously I’m open with that, it may take a while for me to answer them since I may go and talk to @xxashes-rebornxx about their personalities/character etc. But yes you can talk to them if you wish!

This will not detract from me answering questions as Loki, after all that’s why I set this blog up (the kids were a development I did not predict)

Sorry for the long winded ramblings that should have been a very short answer,

Any way… All the best