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Kesha sat down for an in-depth interview about her “devastating” year and returning to her roots – and it was actually super sweet

Before the 29-year-old took the stage, the interviewer asks Kesha how the past couple months have been for her, obviously hinting at her ongoing lawsuit against her former producer. Immediately, she starts choking up, saying how “devastating” it is to have something (her music) taken away from her.

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Dr. Luke, is trying to punish and coerce Kesha for speaking up. Kesha claims her finances have been cut off, and that until last month, she couldn’t get accounting statements nor hundreds of thousands of dollars of payments allegedly owed under her music publishing contract.

“It was not until Kesha’s counsel recently threatened further legal action that Dr. Luke released certain funds owed to Kesha in December 2016, two years after they were due.”

“To be clear, Kesha does not seek the renegotiation of contractual terms,” her lawyers write. “She is not demanding more money. Kesha asks for something far more basic: the freedom to make music without being bound indefinitely to the very producer who subjected her to years of abuse and continues that abuse to this day. Dr. Luke seeks tens of millions of dollars in punitive damages from Kesha and her mother. If successful, Kesha and her mother would be penniless.”

Kesha is going broke with no way to put out her album and make the money she needs to support herself. Kesha has already sold TWO houses to pay for years of her ongoing lawsuit. 


The Signs As My Chemical Romance Songs

Aries: Na Na Na (Danger Days)
Taurus: Planetary (Go!) (Danger Days)
Gemini: I’m Not Okay (I Promise) (Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge)
Cancer: I Don’t Love You (The Black Parade)
Leo: Mama (The Black Parade)
Virgo: Welcome To The Black Parade (The Black Parade)
Scorpio: Mama (The Black Parade)
Libra: The Kids From Yesterday (Danger Days)
Sagittarius: Thank You For The Venom (Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge)
Capricorn: Famous Last Words (The Black Parade)
Aquarius: Helena (So Long and Goodnight) (Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge)
Pisces: The Ghost Of You (Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge)


When someone asks me about Kesha

So let me get this straight.

1) Zayn Malik felt uncomfortable being in the band and eventually got out of it after paying a sum of money

2) Chris Brown beat Rihanna and still has a music career

3) Sam Pepper sexually assaulted women and still does whatever the fuck he does

But if Kesha just asks not to work with her abuser she’s asking too much????? Other stars have confessed that Dr. Luke is problematic and abusive but the judge still says there’s no real proof??? How is Dr. Luke confessing to abuse not real proof???? This just proves the oppressive rape culture in society and how hard it is for victims to speak up for themselves. In the Cosby case, it took HUNDREDS of women to come forth and admit that Cosby abused or assaulted them. I’m so fucking done with society and it’s ideals. I’m honestly lost for words. What do I say to something as unjust as this?


okay so I just want to point out some stuff…I know everyone always drags Demi for saying dumb shit and like I agree lmao she doesn’t know when to shut up but how come yall never drag Selena??? like she’s said the n word twice but I haven’t seen any of yall unstan or call her out…when she was asked about Kesha she made it all about herself but yet Demi was the one being dragged for calling out Taylor…yall only like her cause she’s really pretty and skinny and got those aesthetics and shit yall truly just drag Demi for every small thing she does and when Selena does something yall 😴😴 lmao and the worst part is that both Selena and Demi are woc but yall only wanna acknowledge that Selena is a poc but keep acting like Demi is white and keep white washing her but anyways keep doing your stuff and drag Demi for being annoying but not Selena for saying racist slurs

No Logo

Predictably, the assorted malignant shitwits of the ‘manosphere’ are calling for a boycott of the new Ghostbusters movie.  It’s a feminist conspiracy by Sony, they say.  (They might want to ask Kesha what she thinks of that theory.) 

Personally, I just can’t wait to see how they will attempt to overcome the big problem inherent in creating a logo for their 'boycott Ghostbusters’ movement.


For those who are unaware of what’s happening allow me to ellaborate. Kesha has been in the process of suing her longtime producer Dr. Luke for sexual assault and battery. She alleges that she was abused by him for years, even on occasion drugged and raped. As a minor (16-17) Kesha signed a contract with Sony music and Kemosabe records saying that she has to realease 8 albums with Dr. Luke. So far she’s realeased 5. Kesha is asking the courts to let her record with anyone besides him. However untill the legal battle is resolved she cannot release any new music. As of right now, The courts are refusing to let her record music without Dr. Luke. This woman is being forced to work with her abuser for the the foreseeable future or give up her entire career. The fact that this has been going on for over a year and nobody is talking about it makes me want to scream. Even more disturbing, Dr. Luke has worked closely with some of the biggest names in music such as Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. He also plays producer to Becky G, whom he discovered when she was 16. PLEASE. Keep in mind that it must have taken a tremendous amount of bravery on Kesha’s part to take a stand and speak out against someone with this much power and influence in the music industry. She deserves all the support we can give her. This is 2016. THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING.