ask keeby

((summer plans))

((like i mentioned before, i’ll be in summer school, but only from may to june. in july and august i’ll be in a different town doing an internship, where i’ll be working full time, but i should still have enough time to draw since i won’t be doing school c: 


  • an event that includes your guys’ participation (you’ll see what i mean later ovu) 
    • It’d be in comic form
      • They may be finished weekly depending on how quick i am
  • during the event i won’t be answering asks, so i’ll be doing those soon
  • i’ll also do an image exchange at one point


  • bios
  • headcanons page (even though they’d pretty much be the same as the ones in ask-keeby)
  • other relevant pages
  • answer asks (though the quality of the drawings would need to be lowered. i may go back to a sketchy style, or not use colour)

i am hoping i could stream this weekend maybe, since school starts next week ;v; ))