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“Alright everyone, take a break!” the manager called out.

Donghae sighed in relief, they were shooting a teaser and it was tiring. They had no time to rest in between their many activities; Donghae knew that Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, and himself had not gone home or rested for two days.

Heechul and Kangin were there too, arguing about goodness knows what. Donghae could tell because of how Heechul had his hands on his hips, ready to deliver sass and Kangin’s arms clenched ready to hit him. Donghae wasn’t worried though, that was just how their friendship worked. Donghae grinned as he and Yesung walked towards them.

“Will you stop glaring like that, you big brute.” Heechul said to Kangin.

“Listen here Kim Heechul you-” Kangin began.

“HYUNG!” A loud cry was heard backstage.

Donghae looked over to the sound of the call, Kyuhyun never called anyone hyung, ever.

“What’s wrong?” Eunhyuk called.

“HYUNG!” Kyuhyun called again.

“We’re coming! Aish maknae,” Heechul complained.

They walked across the stage to the back hallway, Kyuhyun was standing at the snack table, apple in hand, back turned to them.

“What is it?” Kangin asked

Kyuhyun turned around with a look of panic on his face. Donghae was confused, why would Kyuhyun look like that?

“What’s wrong with your mouth?” Kangin asked.

Then Donghae noticed the blood dripping out the side of Kyuhyun’s mouth.

“I found, I-I found, this,” Kyuhyun gestured to his other hand, “In my apple.”

“What are you talking about?” Eunhyuk peered closer, “Oh my god.”

Donghae looked closer to and his jaw dropped, along with his stomach. In Kyuhyun’s other hand was a razor blade.

“I’ll go get a manager and call a doctor.” Eunhyuk rushed off.

Kangin took the apple and the blade from Kyuhyun’s trembling hands. Heechul wrapped his arms around him.

“Open your mouth, let me see,” Heechul demanded and Kyuhyun obliged.

Kangin and Donghae looked closer at the apple; there was more than one razor in it.

“I might have swallowed one,” Kyuhyun whispered.

Kangin looked up and immediately paled.

“We’re going to the hospital, now,” Kangin declared.


He hadn’t swallowed any.

They were so relieved when the doctor came in with the good news. To say everything was alright though, would be a lie.

Donghae was sitting outside with Eunhyuk and Heechul. Heechul was currently on the phone with a hysterical Leeteuk. Kyuhyun was being interviewed by the police and had surprisingly, not let go of Kangin.

“God what if he had swallowed it? Eunhyuk trembled.

“He didn’t, he’s okay.” Donghae reassured him, “He’s okay.”

“But what if he had?” Eunhyuk cried, “What if had gotten really hurt?”

“Stop it! Stop scaring yourself,” Donghae ordered, “Kyuhyun is safe and not hurt.”

Eunhyuk stopped talking but continued to cry and Donghae sighed as he hugged Eunhyuk. Truthfully, he felt like crying too but it was more out of relief than fear. Donghae glanced over at Heechul as he hung up his phone and placed it in his pocket. Heechul sat down next to them with a sigh.

“Leeteuk is going to see if he can cancel his scheduled to come here,” Heechul told them.

“Why?” Donghae asked.

“You don’t care about Kyuhyun!” Eunhyuk wailed, “How could you ask that?”

“No, no,” Donghae corrected, “It’s just, there’s nothing he can do about it and if he isn’t injured we’ll probably be leaving soon.”

“Eunhyuk, you need to get a grip.” Heechul snapped at him, “I know you are worried about Kyuhyun, we all are, but you cannot take it out on others.”

“I’m sorry,” Eunhyuk apologized to Donghae, “I know you care about him, it’s just ever since the accident I always worry about him. You weren’t there when he was just…”

“Sh, that’s enough Eunhyuk,” Donghae comforted, “You need to take a breath okay? He’s not hurt, you don’t need to worry.”


“Can you think of anyone who might have a grudge or has threatened you recently?” Officer Oh asked Kyuhyun, “Anyone who seems suspicious?”

Kyuhyun was sitting on the side of the hospital bed while Kangin stood next to him. He only needed a butterfly stitch of the side of his lip and the cuts inside his mouth weren’t deep.

“We are idols, sir,” Kangin interrupted, “We have anti fans and sasaeng fans who are always threatening us or stalking us.”

“There has been in increase in hate mail for me recently,” Kyuhyun spoke up, “And I did get some threatening mail in my home mailbox, not the company fan mailbox.”

“Okay, where are those letters?” Officer Oh asked.

“I gave them to the company, I’m sure our managers know where they are,” Kyuhyun answered.

“Okay, I’ll go talk to him for a second.” Officer Oh nodded, “If we have anymore questions we’ll give you a call.”

“Thank you sir,” Kyuhyun answered politely.

“I didn’t know about that.” Kangin questioned, “Did you tell any of the others?”

“No,” Kyuhyun shrugged, “The company told me it is to be expected with the solo album.”

“Kyuhyun, you should have told us,” Kangin scolded gently, “These things could be important. Kyuhyun I feel like you don’t tell us everything, why are you keeping secrets?”

“I’m not keeping secrets from you,” Kyuhyun defended, “I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

“Not keeping secrets? What about the solo album?” Kangin replied, “Kyuhyun, why wouldn’t you tell us about that? That’s an exciting thing! We were so happy for you when you told us and we could have supported you more when you were working on it if you would have told us.”

“I didn’t want you to hate me!” Kyuhyun trembled, “It would have been like- I just didn’t want to okay?”

“Kyuhyun, it would have been like what?” Kangin pressed.

“Cho Kyuhyun, you’re free to go!” The doctor cheerily walked in.

Kangin sighed at the terrible timing and gathered his things and left with Kyuhyun to find the others.


Heechul watched Kyuhyun from the kitchen; Eunhyuk had sat down on the couch and forced Kyuhyun to lay down on his lap while Donghae had taken hold of Kyuhyun’s feet. Heechul shook his head at his dongsaengs’ antics, Kyuhyun didn’t look thrilled either. Just then the front door opened to reveal a rather disheveled looking Leeteuk and Siwon.

“We came as soon as we could,” Leeteuk stated, “Kyuhyun are you all right?”

“Yes I’m fine,” Kyuhyun smiled and sat up, “There’s no need to worry.”

“We need to talk about somethings,” Kangin interrupted, “I found out some interesting things going on while I was with him in the hospital.”

As Kangin explained the threatening mail; Heechul felt his blood boil. He was so angry at the people who were threatening to hurt Kyuhyun. Then he started to get upset at Kyuhyun when Kangin talked about the secret keeping. Kangin was right; Kyuhyun kept to many things to himself.

“What’s wrong with you?” Heechul asked after Kangin had finished talking, “Why don’t you trust us?”

“I do trust you.” Kyuhyun defended himself, “I trust you a lot. All of you.”

“Obviously not.” Heechul scoffed, “If you’re not going to tell us, what’s the point of being in a group?”

“No that’s not it!” Kyuhyun started to cry.

Heechul stopped his scolding in surprise, Kyuhyun never cried. He was impossibly stubborn and would cry somewhere else when he was upset.

“Kyuhyun, please don’t cry, it’s okay.” Siwon leaned down to hug him, “We’re just worried about you.”

“I know you must be scared right now.” Leeteuk comforted, “So let us help you okay?”

“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to hate me.” Kyuhyun explained finally, “I didn’t say anything about it because it was related to the solo album because I didn’t want anyone mad.”

“Why did you think that we would be mad?” Eunhyuk asked, “You know the anti fans are crazy.”

“Everyone hated me when I joined Super Junior,” Kyuhyun answered, “A lot of you were upset that I was chosen to host Radio Star, I just didn’t want anyone to be mad anymore so I distanced myself. I started focusing on my individual activities and I was offered a solo album. It hurts so much when people you care about hate you so I decided to give you space from me.”

“Kyuhyun, please don’t do that anymore. We were being jealous and petty,” Donghae glared harshly particularly at Leeteuk, “We were being assholes to you; I didn’t realize how much those instanced affected you.”

“Kyuhyun, I can’t defend my behavior when you debuted and I wasn’t a part of the radio star problems,” Siwon hugged him tighter, “But I can tell you that we are all so proud of you and this album. We don’t want anything to happen to you; we always want to protect you.”

Kyuhyun returned Siwon’s hug and relaxed in his hold. As Siwon let go Kyuhyun wiped his face and yawned.

“C’mere. You need to take a nap before dinner.” Leeteuk grabbed Kyuhyun’s hand and lead him to his room.

Heechul smiled at their retreating forms; no doubt the leader was going to do some serious apologizing and comforting for Kyuhyun. Heechul glanced at the other members.

“Yah, did he say you all get to nap” Heechul clapped his hands, “Let’s go, we have things to do!”

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Hiya can i get a scenario with Donghae you have been dating for 3yrs and the other members know your secret, the secret is that you LOVE Donghae's torso and the boys tease you about it then Donghae overhears it and teases you also. Sorry if this makes no sense at all kinda rushed it anyway thank you , and take your time on this.

This was my inspiration for this snippet.

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Teuk: I was Worrying about what to give for the auction, i used to think of auctioning my underwear…

Kangin: The one you are wearing, Teuk hyung…now…

Fans: Wow~~

Teuk: What is the “wow” for??

Fans: We love it!

Kangin: So with the underwear you are wearing…in front of everyone…

Fans: Yeah!

Teuk: Ahh ! that male fan seems very happy, is this the right size for you? is this size correct? [c]

Eye Contact

based on the VCR 

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“Ya, the professor really doesn’t like me.” Jungkook looks at his friend. “Isn’t it bad to be so prejudiced.”

“Kangin, it’s because you always fall asleep.” His friend glares at him. “And you never know what’s going on.”

“That’s right,” their other friend, Seojoon joins in on the teasing. “I counted today and I think you yawned at least 10 times.”

“I did not.”

“Yes, you did, I sit next to you.”

“You do not know, you always have your head lowered.” Seojoon and Kangin bicker like that all the time and Jungkook is always the one who just smiles in amusement.

“You make it sound like I was dozing off, but unlike you I actually pay attention.”

“What did you say?”

“Ya, ya, ya,” there is never a worry of it escalating but they should be enjoying their lunch. “Eat up you two, don’t let it get cold.”

Both of them focus on Jungkook now. “Aigoo, Jungkookie really loves food.”

“It’s love.” He smiles cheekily and in that moment something catches his attention.

The two girls at the table across from them, somehow managed to make Jungkook forget about his lunch. Particularly the girl who had bent down to pick something up from the floor, had garnered his interest.
Usually Jungkook would have looked away or paid no more attention but there was something that made him return his gaze back to her.

It might have been the smile she had while she kept chatting with her friend. It might have been her hair tumbling down her shoulder.
He’s not sure what exactly it was, but something had caught more than just his eye.

She sits back up. With her back to him it gives him the chance to look at her a bit longer although he really wanted to see her face, her smile.

While watching as if in a daze, Jungkook notices that she would run her hands through her hair. When she talks, her hands would move articulately.

“Do you know her?” Kangin asks, snapping him out of his trance.

A little bit flustered at being caught by his friend, Jungkook smiles sheepishly but shakes his head. No, he has never seen her before today, which makes it even weirder as to why he was so attracted.
It took him one look at her smile to fall- wait, no, he wasn’t falling for her, that’s crazy.

Despite his inner denial, Jungkook still finds himself glancing at her again. There is no way, is there?
Even though he could only see her back, she naturally emits that pure beauty. She is beautiful and he hasn’t even seen her face completely, yet.

As if reading his mind, she suddenly turns to look over her shoulder, right at him, her hair bouncing due to the movement.
Their eyes meet and Jungkook registers a split second too late what exactly was happening.
He looks up which was probably a stupid idea because who would look at the ceiling with that much interest, but it’s too late.

Slowly, fighting the urge to peek at her, Jungkook lowers his head and scratches the back of his neck catching the knowing look from Kangin.
He shouldn’t have been so obvious, now they will only tease him.

“He’s cute.”

His ears peak up at the words coming from the girls’ table. Could they be talking about him?

“Cute?” It was faint as their voices were speaking softy. “He’s mostly described as handsome.”

She takes a moment to respond to her friend. Could it be that she doesn’t think so? “Hm, well, seems so.”

Unable to hold it back, a smile breaks out on his face and just one last time he dares to look at her beautiful back.

~ ~ ~
Rounding the corner to go to his next lecture, Jungkook halts in his step when he sees her talking to the professor in front of the classroom She was wearing heels and it’s something he doesn’t see often at the university, in general he doesn’t think he has seen her before.

Could she be a new professor of some kind? That would make it impossible. Wait, when had he decided to make it something possible.
Jungkook shakes his head, his brain was really surprising him today or rather the lack of.

“Jungkook-ah!” He looks up at the voice of the professor calling him.

And of course she was focused on him too now. How is he supposed to walk without tripping and making a fool of himself?
But somehow he managed just fine, still, having her eyes on him was unnerving him even more than an exam would.

“This is the student I had wanted to introduce you to,” the professor starts off. “He is one of the top students in my class and has a promising future ahead of him.”

Jungkook bashfully bows his head and when he lifts his head he finds her looking at him curiously.

“Jungkook,” it wasn’t easy but he made himself focus on the professor. “________ is thinking of transferring and she visited today to have a look around.”

Ah, so she is not a professor.

“There is no one sitting next to you, right? Would you mind taking care of her if she has any questions during class?”

Jungkook’s gaze flickers over to her but she wasn’t looking at him but at one of the button pins on his jacket. “No, not at all.”

“Great, I knew I could rely on you.” He pats Jungkook’s shoulder once. “Go on in, the lecture will start in a bit.” The professor walks off down the hall where Jungkook had come from, leaving only the two of them.

“Shall we?” Standing must be uncomfortable in heels.

“Yes.” She has a nice voice.

Jungkook takes the lead and passes the many students already seated and takes the small steps to find their seats.

“Oh, you’re in this class, too?” He stops when a guy steps into his way but his words were directed at her.

She blinks with her brows slightly pulled together in confusion. “Yes, but who…”

“You don’t remember me?” That must have been a blow to his ego, as he is pretty popular with the girls. “Earlier in art class… I told you my name.”

“Ah, sorry but I met a lot of people today. Really, sorry.” Somehow Jungkook had to smile at that but she doesn’t sound terribly apologetic.
She steps closer to Jungkook and says the same he had. “Shall we?”

Hiding his smile by pulling his lips into his mouth, he let’s her take a seat first, pulling out the chair for her and then sits down next to her.

They sit in silence for a moment.

“Earlier,” she begins carefully, turning towards him. “It was you in the food hall, right?”

No use in denying it, she could just ask her friend later. “Yes.”

“Ah, I knew it.” Now that he has an excuse, Jungkook looks at her and is momentarily blown away by the smile she had directed at him. “Your name… It’s Jungkook?”

“Yes.” He nods his head slowly and only now does he realize that unlike with the other guy she had been able to remember him from the food hall and also his name from earlier. “And your name is ________.”

“Yes, that’s right.” She holds out her hand for him to shake. “Nice to meet you.”

She is confident without being overbearing. Jungkook puts his hand into hers and shakes it briefly, but that brief moment was enough to make him want to hold her hand again.

“You must have been looking at me because I stick out like a sore thumb right?” Again she runs her fingers through her hair.

Jungkook takes in her features and smiles softly. “I looked at you because you’re pretty.”
He’s looking at her now because she is beautiful.

She turns her head away but he still see the smile, when she looks at him again she has an eyebrow arched. “Then you must be looking at a lot of women.”

It’s like she is daring him to deny that statement. Truthfully he usually doesn’t but today something had made him do just that.
Jungkook leans forward just that tiny bit closer and gazes into her eyes. “No.”

That’s the only answer he gives but it’s enough as her teasing expression slowly vanishes, in place she seems to be looking at him in awe.

This time when she turns away she seems to be nervous and again tugs her hair behind her ear while breathing out slowly.

The professor walks in beginning his lecture.

From the corner of his eye, Jungkook can see her peeking at him, he can feel it. He shifts his eyes to her and is amused to see her looking away flustered just like he had.

Seems like the tables have turned now.

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I just couldn’t resist ok, I just had to… I’m still not over this VCR and you best believe that I screamed and fangirled so hard when I first saw it…
But you understand why right? I mean look at him, LOOK AT HIM!!!!

I spent 3 hours today just watching the DVD and I was so emotionally drained afterwards because it was so moving and beautiful to see them being together with ARMY, but also sad bc they have gone through so much and you can see that when they have their talks…
Namjoon though… wow… his words blew me away… the boys are just wonderful…

Anyway, I hoped you liked this ^^ feedback would be much appreciated and of course and fantastic day or night :D


“Old Story” Once upon a Time~Lee Donghae had to Save Money to Go to L.A…..

Members : He will steal all the small changes from members’ hands…
Yesung: I was holding some changes, and a spider hand would grab the money quickly and went into donghae’s big water bucket safe!
Teuk: donghae said he needed to save money to go to LA!
MC: so donghae, you are still doing it?
Haw: YES!
Teuk: A really big water bucket about 20L
Kangin: He used the big water bucket, made a hole on the top, but then worried that others would take the money away, so he sealed it with tapes.
Hee: then he will write on it : WHO TAKES IT, WHO DIE!!
Kangin: It’s ok to save money, yet not saving his own money,but take money from hyungs to save…when he sees us, he will say “hyung, can you give me those changes?”
Hee: He will ateal from everyone…and put in the bucket!
Kangin: we asked him why? the he said he had to save money to go to U.S. come on, give me quick!”
Hee:  Hae said he needs to save money to take airplane!
Kangin: But the most annoying thing is, because the money was saved in the water bucket , so they were mostley creased, and the bank would probably complain, so he should do something himself, but he came to me:“Kangin hyung, come here, let’s iron the money together!”
then we ironed around 400,000 won together, all in like 1,000 or 100 notes… after finished, Donghae would give me 1.000 won, and said: “ Hard work, take this money to buy something nice to eat….and  DON”T follow me!” (c)

You were annoyed with your boyfriend. Today was your anniversary and he hadn’t done anything slightly romantic. Not even a card. It was a normal day for him. He had forgotten. If you were being honest, you could understand why he had forgotten - you knew how busy he was lately and his days had melded into one. Despite that, he had never forgotten anything and he knew how much of a big deal anniversaries were for you.
At first, you were convinced he was pretending to have forgotten and he had something planned for later, but as the day turned into night and Kangin was slouched on the sofa watching TV, that thought went out the window.
“Kangin, can you get me some juice, please?” you ask sweetly, shaking your empty glass at him. He looks at you, then the glass, then back at you.
“You have legs. You do it.”
“Pretty please?” You shoot him your best puppy-dog eyes.
Kangin sighs but he can’t help the smile that pulls at his lips.
“Okay then, but only because that face gets me every single time.” He gets up and takes the glass from your hand before shuffling off to the kitchen. A minute later, he reappears, your empty glass still in his hand.
“I’m an idiot.”
He must have seen the calendar. You innocently on purpose moved it to the fridge and drew a ring around today’s date with red Sharpie.
“I’m such an idiot. I’m so sorry, baby. I honestly didn’t mean to forget - work just got in the way. I swear, first thing tomorrow, I’ll call and get the weekend off and I’ll make you breakfast in bed and we’ll do whatever you want and–”
“Kangin, it’s fine, really.”
“No, no, it’s not. It’s not fine,” he replies, rushing over to you and enveloping you in his arms, pressing numerous kisses to your temple.
“I tell you what we’ll do. Start packing and we’ll go to the airport tonight and get on the next flight that’s leaving. We’ll have a spontaneous vacation.”
“But what about work?”
“I’ll call manager-hyung. He’s bound to let me have a few days off. You still have some vacation days left, right?”
“I’m pretty sure I do.”
“That’s sorted, then. Don’t forget your passport,” Kangin says with a smile. You can’t help but smile back.

You run through the terminal of the airport, hurrying to the first check-in desk you see.
“When is the next flight departing that you have 2 seats free on?” Kangin asks a little breathlessly.
The woman behind the check-in desk blinks a few times before pressing a few keys on her computer.
“We have 2 seats left on the flight to Rome,” she says.”
“You want to go to Rome?” Kangin asks you, sliding his arm around your waist.
“Of course!”
“The flight leaves in 20 minutes.”
You and Kangin look at each other.
“Screw it, let’s risk it.”
“This is why I love you,” Kangin replies, pressing a kiss to your cheek as he hands over his credit card.
It isn’t long until you and Kangin and running hand in hand through the airport to get to the gate, laughing the whole way. People turn and point and give you strange looks, but you couldn’t care less. You reach the gate just in time, panting for breath, your hand still clasping Kangin’s. It isn’t long until you both collapse into your seats on the plane, still laughing and holding hands.
“Happy anniversary, baby. I’m sorry I forgot,” Kangin says before kissing your hand.
“It doesn’t matter. I think this is going to be the best anniversary yet.”


140930 Sukira - Kangin call out to Eunhyuk:

*Kangin said recently there’s a member that does not pick up his phone calls at all

-calling out to hyuk-

*Kangin asked Eunhyuk to introduce himself.

Eunhyuk: I think our Kiss family knows who I am when they heard my voice~

Kangin: Our KISS family

*Hyuk: Hyung r u eating candy or something cause I kept hearing the 쩝쩝 sound


*Hyuk called back,kangin was like “PD nim,eunhyuk calls me again what to do”

Ending phone call to Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk suddenly said “KISS family, tomorrow we…” about to say ending line.. Kangin immediately stopped Eunhyuk and said “No~ No~ I should be the one saying this” “hahaha Let’s listen to MAMACITA”

Kangin asked Hyuk to introduce MAMACITA by imitating another person. After Hyuk doing that then Kangin went “ (go to) sleep, 임마”

cr: elf_ninida,ButtsBonbon 

Something quick and (hopefully) funny for y'all that’s inspired by this

“Where’s my phone?” Leeteuk asks out loud to himself, looking around him on the sofa. He checks down the side of the cushions, under the throw pillows, even on the floor. It’s nowhere to be seen.
“Yah, have you seen my phone?” He asks Kangin, who is sitting on the adjacent sofa.
“No, why?”
“I can’t find it. Help me look for it.”
“Why should I? It’s your phone,” Kangin replies, not taking his eyes off the TV. Leeteuk sighs to himself and stands up, throwing the pillows over his shoulder. One of them flies across Kangin’s line of vision of the film on the TV.
“Yah! Can you not?!”
Leeteuk ignores his protests and feels along the crevice of the cushions of the sofa, trying not to grimace at the amount of crumbs and bits of fluff that lurk there. His fingers find an empty, crumpled chocolate bar wrapper. Henry. He finds a few more wrappers, a battery and one or two identifiable pieces of plastic, but no phone.
Leeteuk stands and puts his hands on his hips, his lips pursed in annoyance.
“Hyukjae-ah, have you seen my phone?” The leader asks his dongsaeng as he enters the room.
“How could I have? I’ve only just come home,” he younger replies with a jaw-dislocating yawn. “I’m going to bed. I don’t think I’ve ever been more tired in my life.” He drops his gym bag by his bedroom door and closes the door behind him. Leeteuk hears the faint sound of bedsprings squeaking and a loud groan of someone who has never known so much comfort as a bed after 42 hours of being awake.
Leeteuk gets on his hands and knees and looks under the sofa, under the coffee table. Finding nothing, he stands and pats his pockets yet again. His eyebrows begin to furrow.
“Lost something, hyung? “ Asks Ryeowook.
“Yeah, my phone.”
“Where did you have it last?”
“In here. Right here, on the sofa. I remember looking on Instagram about 20 minutes ago. I put it on the sofa beside me and now it’s gone.”
“Perhaps it fell between the cushions,” comes Ryeowook’s voice of logic and reason.
“I already checked,” Leeteuk replies, gesturing to the sofa that looked like a bomb hit it.
“Would you like me to call it?”
“It won’t do much good - it’s on silent.”
Ryeowook chews his bottom lip as he thinks.
“And you’re sure you had it in here last?”
“Yes!” Leeteuk snaps. Ryeowook blinks. “Sorry, Ryeowook. Yes, I’m positive I had it in here last. I haven’t moved in nearly an hour.”
“Hey, Sherlock Holmes, can you solve the mystery somewhere else? I’m trying to watch this,” Kangin says. Leeteuk picks up one of the throw pillows that were still littered on the floor and throws it at Kangin’s head. Kangin grabs it and makes a visual threat to throw it back at him hard, but Leeteuk casts him a look and he changes his mind, holding the pillow close to his chest and turning his attention back to the film.
“I just don’t know where it could have gone.”
“I don’t know either. I’d stay and help you find it but I’ve got to get to the studio.”
“That’s okay - you go. Thanks for your help.”
Ryeowook leaves Leeteuk to continue the search on his own.
“Be honest - did you take my phone as a joke?”
“No! God, can I just watch this film in peace without being accused and constantly interrupted?!” Kangin stands and storms out of the room to his bedroom, slamming the door shut behind him. Leeteuk sighs again. That’s another apology he’ll have to make, but it’ll have to wait. He tries to think back to exactly when he last had his phone. He was definitely on the sofa, checking Instagram. He definitely put the phone down on the sofa beside him. Then…then what happened? Donghae came in. He sat down. He didn’t stay long - he was gone again in a few minutes. It must have been him.
Much like a criminal returns to the scene of the crime, Donghae strolls in.
“Where’s my phone?” Leeteuk asks straight away, holding his hand out. Donghae cocks his head to the side and blinks.
“What phone?”
Damn Donghae’s childish nature and his acting skills.
“’What phone?’ My phone! My phone that you sat on and then stole!”
“Oh! This phone?” Donghae reaches into his pocket and pulls out Leeteuk’s phone, placing it into his hyung’s open palm. Leeteuk blesses the Heavens that wasn’t lost forever.
“Hope you don’t mind, but I made some adjustments to it,” Donghae says in a sing-song voice as he swans out of the room. Leeteuk quickly unlocks it and he immediately greeted with a black and white picture of Donghae taken in the bathroom as his background.
“Lee Donghae! You’re dead!”


SS6 in BKK Day2- Eunhae moments:

*donghae went backstage and met hyukjae who just come back out from backstage and the two of them tried to stop each other

* Hyuk kept staring at hae while dancing Mr.simple


*hae kissed hyuk cheeck again. hyuk even pushes his face closer to hae for hae to kiss[after so long, they finally kissed for real ;;]

*wook took off hae bracelet, then kangin took the bracelet from hae and wore it on hyuk wrist

*kangin feed hyukjae seaweed. hae wanted some. so kangin ask hae to eat from the one in hyukjae mouth. and hae went to take a bite!



@donghae861015: I love you ^^ Good night !! ELF !! (c)

Fanaccount/SS6 Tokyo Day1: Kangin asked if ELF remember that they turned off lightstick and turned it on at once in SS5 Tokyo before. He then said why didn’t they show that to Teuk hyung. And so they did it just like Donghae’s instavid ^^ Leeteuk saw it and cried ;; (1) (2)

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hey:)can i ask you something?you don't have to answer if you don't want to!since you are an ELF for so many years,what's your opinion about Kangin?i am an ELF myself,but only for the past year and even though i really enjoy their music and all,Kangin really puts me off!he seems rude and arrogant,and i know Heechul is sometimes like that but atleast he does that to people he is comfortable with/his friends!after his rude comment about Lovelyz and Amber,i really stop trying to like him!

Hello sweetie! Of course you can. ^.^

Ahh my dear pabo  Youngwoon aka Kangin. I will tell you how I see him… from everything what I saw and learned during past 9 years. You have to understand that each member in Super Junior is very different from each other. They’ve been in this business for way too long, and sometimes they don’t give a damn about ‘’idol’’ image. (Heechul I’m looking at you) They’re just humans and they make mistakes, just like everyone else. Youngwoon is not an exception to that. 

Many people misunderstand him thinking he is a very rude person. However, if you get to know him better, you’ll realize that he is far from that. Generally,  he has that manly image, with a tinge of sternness, that some argue is sometimes mean/rude. True though - Youngwoon has appeared to many as a very stern and strict character, holding his morals and ethics close to his heart, and easily becoming angry at, say maknae Kyuhyun or my beloved Hyukjae (whom he calls ‘’pest’’ lmfao) for annoying him… or anyone/anything else that seems to annoy/intimidate him. However, despite having a slight “mean/rude” attitude, it isn’t a cruel kind of mean, but rather the kind of meanness that is actually being presented to overshadow something greater. (but how possibly can those netizen haters know this. They don’t even know him yet they just wait to jump on him or any SuJu member as soon as they see a slighest chance for it). Kangin is very very very conservative person and he’ll act according to it (especially when it comes about his hoobaes.) I know that he has mostly absolute zero tolerance of disrespect ( it’s always amusing to watch such a conservative clash with the rude impudence that is our maknae Kyuhyun ahahah). I’m sure you already saw how he treats Kyu sometimes although he cares for him deeply.   Kangin revealed  that he (very obviously) is not a touchy, emotional person and not at all one to express his feelings openly.

And then we come to the problem.
2. JOKING IN KOREA IS DIFFERENT THAN ON YOUR SIDE OF THE GLOBE. (Koreans are OFTEN  like that like it or not, in Korea, they’ll act certain way and it’ll be okay to them, whereas in the West (let’s say) they’ll be called  super sexist, body-shaming, misgendering, racist… you name it. But to them, it is normal. Believe it or not. If you want to start pointing fingers, then do it at the whole nation… Everyone who doesn’t understand this - go and study whole nation a bit. Then compare your western and their standards, you’ll be shocked. 
3. Unless you don’t understand Korean language, don’t take all the things you see translated as something that was really said in that manner and that it was meant to sound like that. ‘’You are female idols, you need to lose weight’’ - if you knew Kangin, you’d know that he’s saying this in a way of throwing shade at whole damn country of Korea for how they perceive WOMEN. Do you know about ‘’beauty’’ and ‘’body’’ standards there? DO YOU KNOW how many years Kangin himself was bullied by the Korean media and NETIZENS because he always had that more masculine image, ‘chubby’’ and not being able to lose weight? 
4. As for Amber, they are friends. Just please watch on TY (there are many) Amber - Kangin interactions and you will see how their conversations look like.
5. In past, whenever Kangin acted wrong, he admitted to it and apologized. I’ve seen people saying ‘’Oh I don’t know much about SuJu or him but he is a bully’’. Really? People (especially those on internet, have become sooooo sensitive that it’d be best to shut up and do nothing - you might hurt someone.)

HOWEVER: if you want to burn him on fire for that - go ahead. You, or anyone else for that matter. There’s NO idol, male or female (and I’ve been too long in this mess to see what they’ve been saying) who hasn’t made a mistake and said something what’s considered rather offensive (especially by the International fans) at some point. I wonder how many times all of you said something in jokingly manner but didn’t really mean it, or how many times y’all made a mistake? But, you know… 

 As for me, my opinion: I respect Youngwoon a lot. You see, he is like ‘’father’’ figure in Super Junior. In Super Junior, members will say whatever they want to one another. They don’t give a damn. If one member is acting wrong, they’ll call him out. Donghae said that Kangin is not how people perceive him and that in fact he is one huge teddy bear who cares about others deeply.You see, I believe Donghae. If my fishy Hae likes someone - that someone can’t possibly be a bad person. On the other side, he has AMAZING voice. Back then, when I heard ‘’Twins’’ for the first time, he was my fav vocal member lol. 

As a conclusion: I don’t care what people think. I’ve seen many people through years being butthurt over 100000 things. As most of my followers know, I am person without a filter. If I see someone being a bastard, I will call him/or her out for it. Also, I have learned that people worldwide are very different… what is normal in USA, is not here where I am. What is OK in Korea, is not in USA. People are talking without thinking. People are judging, people are hating. People are apologizing. Also, if you don’t like Kangin, and he puts you off, no one is forcing you to like him. Just do you. You hate me for what I wrote? Go ahead. You don’t agree with me? That’s fine too. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. ^^ Mwahh 
I don’t know man, I am at that point where almost all SuJU members are like a family to me… I just don’t care. *shrugs*

And the Globe keeps spinning… peace (y)

What Kangin did was stupid. People make mistakes, some big and some small, and one hopes that they learn from those. Ultimately, the individual has to decide what they take away from those events.

What Kangin did was stupid, it was dangerous, and it was immature. I won’t defend those actions. I will, however, say this - he is human and humans are allowed to make mistakes. Even the same mistakes multiple times.

I will also say that what he did has nothing to do with SM Ent., it has nothing to do with other artists in the company, and it has LITTLE to do with the rest of Super Junior. They are a group, yes, but they are also adults living their own lives. The accident was Kangin’s fault, and he needs to take responsibility for that. 

I am disappointed in Kangin, and I hope that he reflects on this and truly learns from it. 

HOWEVER, I will not bash him. I will not scold him. I will not yell, scream, curse, or hate on him or the other members of SuJu. I am allowed to be disappointed in an action and still love a group, in the same way they are allowed to make mistakes and continue on living. 

I am thankful that it seems as though no one was injured. I am thankful that Kangin came forward. I am hopeful that he will use this as a learning experience. 

I still love Super Junior. I still support them. This does not change that.

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I don't understand how some E.L.F wanted Sungmin out when he got married but they're defending Kangin when he's had 2 DUI + Hit and Runs. ( I'm in no way saying that Kangin or sungmin should get kicked out, just making an observation)

Till now I haven’t seen any ELF defending him here on tumblr. I’m glad that ELF on tumblr are realistic and understand how serious the situation is. We would be lying if we were to say we’re not disappointed.

Those kinds of ELF that wanted Sungmin out of Super Junior AND the ones that are defending Kangin don’t love SJ enough.

Humans make mistakes, and idols are nothing but humans.

Sungmin’s marriage was sudden, and many of us were hurt. But, if you really do love Sungmin you would try look at this from all the sides, which includes his point view. He didn’t know how to announce this because he knew many would get hurt, but at the same time he should’ve trusted us, but we go back to his point view of how some girls exaggerate and REALLY do love idols. And I don’t mean love as an idol and a fan.

But wanting him to leave was out of the question.

Sometimes I would regret that we weren’t celebrating with him so much, and even SJ regret this. But now he’s married, he’s still part of Super Junior and we still love him.

As for Kangin, they need to understand that defending him because he’s their “Oppa” is just wrong. They need to stop being oblivious and ignorant of the situation.

If they really do love Kangin, they would let out their true feelings over this situation. Hiding their disappointment will do nothing but put shame on the fandom and add (more) fire to Super Junior’s image.

Your oppa is not perfect.

ELF are disappointed, but he’s still family.

You can’t abandon family no matter what.