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Last Game Summary *MAJOR SPOILERS*

MAJOR SPOILERS! If you don’t want to be spoiled about Last Game just don’t read this. Also, for those who are gonna spazz and post about the summary PLEASE DON’T SPOIL FOR OTHERS WHO DON’T WISH TO BE SPOILED. (There are people trust me). If you are gonna post about Last Game please use the hashtag #last game spoilers so people can block it. Thank you.

The show I went to had the liveviewing for the seiyuu greetings as well so I’ll write a bit of that after this.

Now if you want to be spoiled, please continue!!

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Can you draw akashi coming into seirin practice and shocks the whole seirin team when he kisses furihata and announces that theyre going to get married (or are together ) hahaha

they did get married in the end. five years later. sorry akashi, school always comes first ^p^

(pls forgive my grammar mistakes and that crappy linear :’’’’’’’’’))

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Idk what’s going on but I’m assuming Luka is a new character who the fandom is assuming to be a romantic love interest for Adrien?

(from what I’ve heard) There are gonna be two new kiddos to the class. Luka and Kagami. Kagami apparently is gunna crush on Adrien and be like a “love rival” or W.E and Luka is gunna have a thing for Mari and we’re all gunna have headaches. 

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Can i get a scenario or headcanon of Aomine finding out and reacating to finding out that his s/o brother is Kagami.(Bonus, if Kagami finds out that his sister is datinng Aomine) Your blog is one of my favorites.

hi! thanks for sending in, lovely! you’re such a sweetheart; thank you for your support :)

Aomine Daiki

  • You’ve brought up to Aomine how you wanted him to meet your brother, and although he was reluctant at first, he eventually settled in and agreed. The two of you decided to meet your brother before your next date. 
  • Aomine was internally nervous at how your brother would react and try his best to look proper. He did not expect Kagami, out of all people to show up at the exact spot you had told your brother to be at. He gaped at the two of you in shock as he just now noticed the similar hair tone and nose shape. 
  • Although he felt a bit thrown off that he was basically having sex with a female Kagami, he loved you nonetheless so he found it a bonus that you were related to Kagami. He would use this as a perfect opportunity to tease and provoke the red head by kissing you in front of him and becoming very touchy with you.

Kagami Taiga

  • When you had told him how you wanted him to meet your boyfriend, he did not expect a lazy, perverted someone to be standing next to you as you waved him over. 
  • Walking over, he prayed he wasn’t seeing what he was seeing. Walking closer to the pair with his mouth wide open, he felt a sense of dread and a will to fight your partner. Out of all the people in this world, you’d choose this guy? 
  • He couldn’t believe his fate and contemplated punching Aomine or reprimanding you. Aomine looks surprised, too, but soon an evil glint is shown in his eyes. Ahomine began to kiss you in front of him and he was left to become a boiled, hot mess. “AHOMINE! Take your nasty mouth away from my sister!”

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(This is the Tobirama and Tsunade nonny.) I just want to say I'm glad I found your blog. There's been times my days just been awful but One re-read of your zombie comic or looking at your Artwork just brings up my spirits. I want you to know you are very gifted, and I hope your wine glass is never empty. :)

I’m sorry to hear that you had some awful days! But I’m happy to know that my blog had brighten you, even if only a little <3. I hope things are going to be better for you, and in the meantime have this little doodle of Tobirama ad his favourite Uchiha! <3 

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Can I ask for Kagami and s/o cooking together? Fluff and maybe some making out?

“Babe, you’re cutting the carrot’s too wide,” Kagami pouted.

“Eh?” you whined. Kagami had half a smirk on his face when you pouted. He must think he’s such the cook since he can stir the soup and lecture you about cutting vegetables. “The book says at least an inch. This is an inch!”

Kagami’s laugh was cute. Always cute, even when you were a little bratty.

“Here, like this,” Kagami began. He turned the fire underneath the soup to a low heat and stood behind you, each of his hands over yours.

You let Kagami’s hands take over the knife and carrot and watched him cut the carrot swiftly and evenly. As he reached the end of the carrot, he held up a piece you cut from the carrot earlier and a piece he just cut.

“See, babe? Yours are too big. Try to match this,” Kagami instructed. His smile was too proud for your liking, but it was also too happy and contagious for you to get mad.

“Yeah, yeah,” you chuckled. You brought your small lips to Kagami’s cheek. “Whatever the master says.”

“Master, huh?” Kagami murmured lowly. Kagami smirked to your nickname, bringing his lips at the edge of your lips, slowly kissing it.

“H-Hey, not like that!” you corrected.

But there was no stopping Kagami. You could already feel something hardening against your back. His lips would only be seconds away from your skin, the moist kisses making your stomach warm. The aroma of the soup was delightful, but Kagami’s touch made your knees weak, and your voice lightly moan to his touch.

“Geez, you idiot,” you sighed, turning around to smash your lips against each other.

Somehow, the soup tasted a bit different that dinner. It was left on quite longer than it was needed.

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Kiyoshi, Akashi, Kagami, Kuroko and Aomine having a bath with their s/o? Like how they could sit and what they would do ^_^ sorry to hear about all your asks, love your blog <3!


Kiyoshi: Bathes with him would be very relaxing. He’d offer to wash your back or hair. He wouldn’t get too touchy and let you have your space but if you wanted him to be closer he would get closer. He’d make the bath with lots of bubbles and use bath salts to make everything smell nice and be super fun. He’d make bubble beards for you and him as well. He loves seeing your smile when taking a bath together and will smile with you and the night ends on such a happy note. 

Akashi: He has a super huge bath which he would take you to when you wanted a bath with him. No matter how tempted he is to pull you close to him, he’s a gentleman so would give you space unless you gave him permission to be close.  He’s not one to start a bubble or splash fight but if you were to begin one you better know he’d go all out in the war. The bath water temperature would always be to your liking of course and he’d never decline if you offered to let him wash your hair or body.  

Kagami: A blushing mess is all he would be the whole time. He did enjoy taking bathes with you but he just couldn’t help blush saying you are so beautiful, especially covered in  bubbles omg. He wouldn’t know what exactly to do so would keep changing how he was sitting. Poor thing could never get comfortable and splash so much water everywhere, the floor is always soaked after bathes. 

Kuroko: He always enjoys bathes, especially with you. He’s make the bath with lots of bubbles. It will be even harder to see him even though he’s right across from you at times since the bubbles basically eat him alive. Once he put all the bubble bath in there and bubbles went everywhere. He likes to help you wash up and will let you do the same for him. He’d start a bubble war and you’d both end up covered in bubbles omg the bathes would last forever, a forever filled of smiles and laughter.

Aomine: He’d be cool with bath sex or actually taking a bath, so don’t get too flustered when before the bath he asks “so are we having sex or nah?” Saying it’s a regular bath, he’d have a fun time soaping you up and letting you soap him up. He really likes to wash your hair the most though. he’d sit very close and get a bit touchy touchy. He’d insist the two of you get dried in the same towel though.


kagami’s the only one who still takes those morons seriously

everyone else is 100% done, especially satsuki who has to bail them out

tatsuya knows nothing about it, leave him alone

[based on this]



“F-uck, Daiki,” Kagami gasped, arching his back so the kitchen counter pressed almost painfully into the small of it. He had his legs wrapped around Aomine’s hips, his hands clucthing onto the edge of the counter that he was barely on.

Aomine huffed a laugh, thrusting into Kagami harder. Another arch, and Aomine squeezed his hold on Kagami’s hips.

“Feel good?” he asked, between breaths, and Kagami didn’t even raise his head, tussled hair fanned out on the counter. All he did was give a loud, obscene sort of moan in response. The kind that had Aomine shuddering. He thrust in particular deep, watched Kagami’s cock jump, flushed and completely untouched against his belly.

It was almost a blur how this had all started. Aomine had tried to lure Kagami when they were still in bed, but the redhead had been so damn cuddly that he’d ended up laying there for a good extra half hour, just enjoying it. After all, one didn’t just deny a sleepy Kagami Taiga cuddles when he asked.

That had turned to Kagami scrambling around his kitchen to get some snacks, to Aomine pressed up against him, rocking his hips gently, and Kagami falling back so easily against him. Then from sweet neck kisses ended in a frenzy tongue fest. And suddenly here Aomine was with Kagami clinging to him with those ridiculous legs gasping and moaning like this was the first damn time Aomine had touched him.

He sounded like this almost every time. It still blew Aomine’s mind. Always would, he was sure. He was in such utter awe of Kagami, even if he kept it to himself. Always had been.

“Dai…Daiki,” Kagami gasped, bringing Aomine back to the present. “…right there…good,” He arched again, the counter digging into his back once more, and Aomine gripped his hips tighter. He was afraid if he let go Kagami would fall- didn’t matter how strong either of them were, maybe this hadn’t been their best decision, position wise. But it was hot, Aomine wouldn’t lie.

“Get yourself off for me,” Aomine breathed and lower his voice, “C’mon Taiga, I know you can.”

Kagami released his white-knuckle grip on the counter edge with one hand, wrapping it around his cock, stroking up and thrusting into his hand, before back down on Aomine’s cock. The bluenette eyes rolled back for a moment, nearly losing himself right then and there with that obscene hip movement.

God, Kagami was a dream.

“That’s it,” Aomine breathed, feeling his own orgasm so close. No, not yet, but it was so hard to keep at bay, with Kagami being so utterly perfect beneath him. “Just like when I touch you.”

Kagami gasped, squeezed the head of his cock, losing his rhythm quickly as his movements became desperate, until he was coming with a loud cry, Aomine’s name broken in the string of sounds.

Aomine didn’t even make it three more thrusts before he was following suit, bowing his head down and groaning, hips jerking a few times as he filled Kagami, before stilling. They were both panting, and carefully, Kagami released his other hand from the counter, managing to push himself up on his elbows, glancing up at Aomine through his tussled hair, smiling.

Aomine was smiling back when there was a key turning in Kagami’s apartment door, and a moment later it was open, slamming shut, and a voice was calling out, “Hey Taiga~ you up?” Neither could move before Alex rounded the corner to the kitchen, pausing with her mouth open, ready to say something else. But the words were lost.

He stared for a minute, both Kagami and Aomine staring back, before she grinned.

“You guys better sanitize that counter really damn well. I make food there.” she pointed out, and Aomine glanced down at Kagami, saw his cheeks flushing deeply. His own cheeks felt hot- god, he was still inside Kagami, and Alex just folded her arms, staring at them with a smug smile.

“Uh,” Aomine started, before Kagami cut in,
“Can you give us a minute?”

“Yeah, sure,” Alex said, turning and waving her hand behind them. “Seriously guys. Clean the counter. I mean scrub. Clorox wipes aren’t enough.”

Alex walked out of the room, and Aomine slowly pulled out of Kagami’s body. The redhead shuddered, once, hating that empty feeling, as Aomine helped to support him as he untangled his legs, feet planted firmly on the floor a moment later. He tried to straighten up, felt his his liquid trickling down his thighs, and shuddered. His lower back ached, and he knew he’d feel it even more later.

“You okay?” Aomine asked, grabbing their clothes off the floor. He handed Kagami’s to him, and he stepped into his underwear, not bothering with his sweatpants.

“Yeah. Just gonna feel this later.” He reached back, rubbed at the small of his back. “I forgot I gave Alex a key. Since she’ll be here for a while.”

“Well. We won’t forget that again.” Kagami nodded, running a hand back through his hair.
“I’m uh…gonna go clean up.” Aomine nodded, watching Kagami hurry from the kitchen. He stepped into his own underwear and sweatpants, before leaving the kitchen, heading towards the living room and finding Alex sitting on Kagami’s couch, her laptop pulled from the bag, which she’d left on the floor.

“You know, when Taiga gave me a key, he said just make myself at home and don’t be a stranger.” She glanced up at Aomine. “Probably should have figured I should still call. Or something.”

Aomine shrugged a shoulder, walking around the couch and sitting down.

“We uh…probably would’ve missed your call,” Aomine admitted, and Alex grinned.

“Uh-huh. I guess it doesn’t matter then.” She didn’t look up from her laptop, but continued speaking. “Not that I blame you Daiki. I mean. Points for holding him in that position and all.”

"Fuck….” Aomine felt his cheeks going hot again, glanced away.

“Dammit what’s Taiga’s wifi password?” Alex glanced up now, “I forgot and my laptop didn’t save it last time.”

“Uh…” Aomine shrugged. “I’ll go ask him.”

“Thanks Daiki!” Alex kissed his cheek.

He pushed himself up, heading towards the bathroom and leaning against the door. He could hear the shower running. He knocked once, then, “Hey, Taiga?”

“You can come in.” Aomine opened the door, shutting it behind him quickly. The room was hot, filled with steam already, and Aomine could see Kagami’s silhouette behind the shower curtain.

“Alex wants your wifi password,” he started, as Kagami pulled the shower curtain back, just enough so that Aomine should see a single shoulder, his pretty eyes, the way his wet hair clung to his forehead and neck. There might have been more to his speech, a comment or something, anything, but it died in that moment. All he could do was stare.

Kagami said something, and Aomine barely registered. Only when it was his name did he snap out of it.

“Oh, uh.”

Kagami rolled his eyes, repeating himself.

“Keep staring like that and you might forget how to breathe, Daiki.“ Kagami chuckles at him.

God that smile. Aomine cleared his throat, fighting down the urge to just pulled Kagami and making him a mess again.

“You’re just…you know. Pretty and all. And sometimes I can’t believe I’m actually here. With you.” A nervous shoulder shrug, and Aomine watched Kagami blush. He’d probably blame it on the hot water.

Aomine didn’t need to get into the crush he had harbored on Kagami when he’d been his rival, when Kagami had become Kuroko’s new light. Kagami knew everything. He knew it all, from weak moments in the dead of the night where Aomine opened up, far more then he ever meant to. But really- so much had gone wrong in Aomine’s life, that it was strange to think something as right as Kagami Taiga could actually happen to him.

“I’ll…go tell Alex,” he said, but Kagami shook his head, lifting one hand so it was visible and gesturing Aomine over with a curl of his fingers. Aomine listened- was there ever a question of him not- stepping closer until Kagami would reach out, sink a wet hand into his hair and pull him in, kissing him. Slow, sweet, the kind that had Aomine feeling like his inside were melting, mixing together, diluting into an utter mess of everything he was.

“You know,” Kagami whispered against his mouth, “I love you, right?”

Aomine nodded, slightly, felt a single drop of water roll down his neck, from Kagami’s wrist. And Kagami smiled at him, the kind that stopped Aomine’s heart. The kind that was just for him. He’d seen it so many times and he could never have hoped he’d see it now.

“Now, go tell Alex before she goes into a rampage not getting to catch up to her soap series.”

Aomine chuckled, pulling back, turning and walking to the bathroom door. He tossed it open, calling out to Alex the password.

“Thanks! Took you two forever.” came from the living room, followed by, “Now go clean the counter! I want Taiga to cook me something.”

Aomine rolled his eyes, but walked towards the kitchen anyway. Smiling. He wasn’t sure he would wipe this smile from his face, even if he tried.

** I know it’s cliché. Tell me what you think of it? :)

An incredibly important scene. Incredibly important.