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Parrish x Reader

Requested By Anon

“Is my Dad here?” You asked Parrish who didn’t look at you and continued typing.


“No, your brother called and he had to go deal with something… I think Lydia found something.” Parrish mumbled.


“Well you’re a lot of help.” You sighed and went to leave.


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Meet The Family - Oliver Queen Imagine

Your POV

“I thought I was the one who supposed to be nervous and you calm, reassuring.” Oliver said, holding me against him. His eyes looking into mine.
“I know but, if they don’t like you it’s going to be weird at Christmas and stuff when I bring you around.” I rambled. He raised an eyebrow at me, “i’m freaking out aren’t I? I’m sorry Oliver.” I took a deep breath, “this last case with Team Arrow drained me.” I whispered.
He chuckled, “I think you have every reason to freak out.” He put my hand to his lips, kissing every knuckle. “just remember, I love you. Even if we have to sit through weird family events.” His arms wrapped around my waist.
I place my arms around his neck. I press my lips to his, whispering a faint I love you.

As we separate only one his arms leave my waist. His left hand ruffling his hair. While my left hand went to his right front pocket, pulling him closer.

I knocked on the door, “if my dad answers you are screwed.” I mutter.
“Thanks babe. You always know how to calm me down.” Oliver grins.
I laugh quietly. Catching the door before it hits the wall when my mom opens it.

My mom embraces me, “it’s been to long.” She scolds.
I grin, “I know. Work has been really busy.” I lie.
My mom eyes close in on the person behind me. “Mrs. Swift.” Oliver greets, holding his hand out.
My mom shakes his hand, “please call me Ashley. Mrs. Swift is my mother in law.”
“I have to say. I can see where Y/N gets her looks.” Oliver compliments.
I rolled my eyes, “I could never be as beautiful as my mom even with makeup.”
“I like you better with no makeup.” Oliver says. “Which is why, I hid your makeup bag again.”
I groaned, “again? Really?”

“I like him already.” A voice speaks up from the doorway.
“Sammy!” I grin. Running into his arms.
“Hey, babe.” Sammy mumbles into my hair as he rocks us back and forth.
I withdrew from Sam’s embrace and joined Oliver’s side. Introducing the two, “Oliver this is Sam. Sam meet Oliver, my boyfriend.”

They shake hands and give each other looks. Looks I can’t decipher.

“Sam, what are you doing here?” I ask.
“John, sorry. Your dad called us here to meet the boyfriend.” Sam looks away nervously, “he invited Tim.”

My body froze. Oliver stiffened besides me. Tim the man who abused me and left me for dead is here. My ex-boyfriend who left me for dead is here. Oliver puts himself slightly in front of me. Something he only does when he goes into protective mode.

“What’s wrong with Tim being here?” My mom asks, confused.
All she knows is that we ended. “He found out about the whole Gilinsky thing.” I lie.
My mom gives me a gentle smile, “I’m sorry.”
I shake my head, “it’s fine.” I look at Oliver.

Oliver, Sam, and Nate were the only ones who knew what happened. Nate and Sam had found me at my house. I told Oliver when we first started dating. He was confused about why I didn’t like yelling and being touched.

“I’m going to take a good guess and say that your dad wants you and Tim back together.” Oliver spoke.
“That’s not happening.” I tell him. “Now let’s pretend everything is fine and enjoy tonight.”
Everyone nodded.

My mom went through the door first. I pulled Sam back, “don’t let him near me, please.” I beg.
“Trust me. Between Nate, Oliver and me he won’t even be able to talk to you.”

We walk into the house. Catching up with my mom, who’s rattling off what you can eat and drink. San slid open the patio doors for us to walk through. I caught a glimpse of Tim in the corner of my eye and tensed. Oliver shifted so that he was infront of me, protecting me. I had only ever seen this side of him when he was in the hood and I was there. I reach forward and grab his hand, squeezing it. He relaxes a fraction.

“Come on, Oliver. You need to relax and act like you don’t want to beat his ass.” I whisper, as Sam and my mom walk away from us.
“But I do want to beat his ass.” Oliver groans, quietly.
“Everyone who knows wants to beat his ass. But, for everyone’s sake we don’t. Otherwise we will have a lot to explain.” I warn him.
Oliver sighs, taking a deep breath. He nods in agreement.

I move my hands from my sides to his face, resting them there. I raise my self on to my tip toes and give him a kiss. Breaking away from him only a few seconds later.

“Come on. You got to introduce me to everyone before we get called away.” Oliver smiles.
“You just had to jinx us.” I laugh.
“Oops.” He shrugs.
I roll my eyes, a huge grin on my face. I take his hand leading him to Johnson and Nate the only guys who could cook without needing supervision.

“Nate.” I hug him.
“Hey, lil’ mama.” Oliver raises his eyebrows at the nickname. “Sorry, bro. We all have nicknames for her.” Nate apologized.
“No. I don’t mind that. You just sound familiar is all. You sound like a rapper Y/N listens to.” Oliver explains.
“Everyone in this backyard with the exception of you and Tim have a music background. We all do something with music. Oh, my names Jack but they call me Johnson since there’s two of us.”
Oliver nodded, looking around. “My names Oliver.” He shakes hands with both Nate and Johnson.
“Don’t eat anything unless my mom, Nate, or Johnson has made it.” I tell him.
“Yeah. Everyone else here can’t cook.” Nate adds.
“That’s true.” Johnson agrees. “Can he cook?” Johnson adds.
“No.” I answer while Oliver says yes. I raise an eyebrow at him.
“I can cook.” Oliver states, sounding offended.
“You can use the grill. Wait, I mean fire pit.”
“On the island we didn’t have stoves and ovens. All I had was a fire pit.”
I looked down feeling guilty. The island had always been a sensitive subject.
“Hey. It’s alright. I can talk about it somewhat.” Oliver reassures me.
I nod, “I’m going to introduce him to everyone else. He’s only met you fools, Sam and my mom.”
They nod, letting us leave the area.

“This isn’t so bad.” Oliver mutters.
“You are only saying that because my easing you into it.” I grin.
Oliver shrugs, “I’ve dealt with being on a island for five years-ish. I think I can handle your dad.”
“Sure.” I mumble.

I look around for Gilinsky but find everyone else. I head for Sam who’s getting a beer from the cooler.

“Where’s Gilinsky?” I ask him.
“He said something about not wanting to see you because of the fake reason Tim broke up with you.” Sam told me, popping the cap off. He held it out for me.
I shook my head.

“Are you ready to meet my dad?” I ask Oliver.
“No but yes.” Oliver answers, looking sort of nervous.
“You’ll be fine.” Sam says. “I’ve know John for a few years. You make Y/N happy, he’s not about to ruin that.”

I squeeze his hand. His grip on my hand tightening as we got closer to where my dad sat.

My dad got up as he saw us come closer. He gave me a hug. “You look beautiful.” He complimented.
“She always does.” A voice from behind my dad sounds.

“Tim.” I thought. That single thought had me scared.

“Thank you. Dad, this is my boyfriend, Oliver.” Oliver glares at me. He hated the term boyfriend. Especially since we had gotten married. Which is the whole purpose of us getting married.
“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Swift. Y/N speaks highly of you, your wife, and friends.” Oliver speaks.
“It still shocks me that she left Tim for you. Someone who had never had to work a day in his life. My dad spoke. His words stinging both Oliver and me.
"John!” My mom yells shocked.
“It’s true Ashley, until I went on that island. I was on a island for five years by myself. Where I was tortured and forced to learn how to be a actually human being. I don’t have much to my name anymore. I prefer it that way.” Oliver says, shocking everyone.

It wasn’t until after Oliver finished that Sam and Nate were flanking me. Johnson was on Oliver’s left side. They were acting as body guards.

My dad ignored Oliver’s words, “honey, please go back to Tim. I can’t see why you are with him. Don’t you miss Tim?”
I start tearing up, “yeah. I just want to go back to the man that put me in a hospital. That put me through hell for three months. Yeah, that sounds great. Sounds like what every girl wants. A man who abuses her.” I snarl.
Tim glares at me, “I should’ve killed you when I had the chance.”

Right as the words slip from his mouth, Oliver punches him. Tim falls over, moaning and groaning in pain.

“You son of a bitch.” My dad says.
“Get out of here.” Oliver growls.
“Or what?” Tim coughs.
“I’ll put you in jail for abusing my wife and threatening to kill her.” Oliver tells him.

Tim hurried towards his car, leaving in less than a minute.

I turned towards Oliver. “I thought we were easing them into it. Not letting it slip that we got married.”
“It slipped.” Oliver defends.

“First, I want to say sorry to the both of you and second married?” My dad questions.
“We got married three months ago. We had talked about it. We had been tighter for I want to say six months by that time. Oliver asked me if I was free on April 15th. I said yes and asked why. When he told me that he had scheduled for us to go get married at the courthouse, I couldn’t be happier. We took Oliver’s best friend/body guard as a witness.” I tell everyone, aware of how fast our relationship went.
“Bodyguard?” My mom wonders.
“He’s a security measure my mom had put in place when I first got off the island. He’s stuck around ever since.” Oliver answers.

Oliver’s phone rings, “Diggle.” He greets. He waits for a reply, “yep. We can leave right now. Yeah we will be right out.” Oliver looks at my family, “a friend is in the hospital. She has some weird poison in her. She may not make it, I’m sorry to cut this short.” Oliver apologizes.
“It’s fine. I can’t blame you.” Johnson says.

As we headed back to Star City, Oliver turned to me, “it wasn’t that bad.”


TG: actually if you were wondering how they took the whole ‘polyamory’ thing

TG: all of our guardians were actually pretty damn chill about everything

TG: even the weird twin/cousincest thing going down behind the scenes

TG: johns dad is proud and relatively open of basically everything that egbert fuckin does our bros have seen waaaaaay too much shit to not be open to other options people take and grandma english dont give a shit about their lifestyle choice

TT: All she wants is to skin us alive in particular, I think. Half of that is Dave’s fault, btw. Dave’s the one who broke her granddaughter’s heart back in highschool.

TG: dont you pin this shit on me how many times did you and jake play 'fix-the-messy-relationship-with-glue-and-ducktape’ game again???

Another possible HSETAU plotline

AR is in Dave’s apartment and WV is in John’s house. WV and AR eventually realize they can use the computers to communicate just like John and Dave. AR talks to WV through Skype call and speaking in native Dersite, usually while John and Dave are at school and their houses are otherwise empty. 

Eventually AR begins to ask WV questions. About Dad, and what Dad and John’s relationship is like. AR compares it to Dave and Bro’s. 

AR judges that Dave is in an abusive household and wants to get Dave out.

WV and AR discuss the possibility of Dave going to John’s house with AR. WV then goes on a subtle quest to discover how to go about it, when WV realizes something.

John’s Nanna is coming to visit him soon, and is travelling by airplane. WV asks John and Dad if he can go to the Seattle Airport with them to see Nanna, and WV takes pictures and notes the entire time on how airport security works. With all of that data in mind, when Nanna starts having “detective” sessions with WV, WV asks more direct questions about what it was like being on the airplane, how to get your own airplane ticket, what is a credit card. 

Once all of that is known, AR now has all the info he needs on how to take Dave away from his abusive older brother and get on a plane to Washington. Maybe Dad starts wising up to the situation and helps WV drive back to Seattle to pick up AR and Dave.

Now the Egbert household has two aliens a granny and a coolkid added to the roster. 

Dad’s gonna need more cake mix.

historyforgot  asked:

frances whines loudly as she's laying on the couch, covered in three blankets, a layer of sweat, and a major cold. "daaaaaaaaad. make me tea please. i'm /sick/. i need tea." her voice is nasally, and she immediately hacks a lung out after speaking, whining again. "i'm /dying/ dad." she grumbles, voice hoarse and throat dry. she /hates/ the fact that she gets sick so often, but she /loves/ the fact that her father is so quick to dote on her completely.

“Oh, querida.” John cooed, smiling a little in amusement as she whined and stated her death. “Shall I plan the funeral then?” He asked, going over just so he could gently brush her curls off her forehead, feel her temperature before pecking the top of her head and quickly walking off to make her some tea in hopes it’d make her feel better. John absolutely adored Frances - she meant the world to him, he’d do anything for her, even if it apparently meant being at her every beck and call, but he didn’t mind one bit. Within minutes, he returned stirring the tea in it’s mug carefully as he sat on the edge of the coffee table and smiled at her. “Can you sit up, carina? I don’t want you to accidentally spill or choke on it.” He told her softly. “It’s hot, so you’ll have to be careful, alright?”

Mary’s Song

Title: Mary’s Song

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Word count: 4,264

Theme song: Mary’s Song (Oh My My My) by Taylor Swift

Request: Can you write a story(stories) or do some imagines with/about teenage!dean?

A/N: This is an AU. I just wanted Dean to be happy. This is so much fluff. Good luck with the episode tomorrow, guys. *salutes*


Your name: submit What is this?


Dean Winchester was not interested in having anything to do with you. At nine years old, with half a foot on you and in his denim jacket, you’d have followed him anywhere, no matter how much he protested. And protest, he did.

“Y/N’s a baby. I don’t want to play with her,” he whined, looking up to his dad. Your mom stood nearby, her arms crossed with a smile over her face.

“I’m not asking you, Dean. I’m telling you. Why don’t you two go to the backyard? And behave,” John said. Dean let out a quiet sigh, his shoulders slumping.

“Yes, sir.”

Your own dad, with an arm wrapped an arm around your mom, watched you and Dean with a bemused smile.

“Y/N,” he called, stopping you from following Dean as he headed around the side of his house to the backyard. You looked back, and your dad crouched down, elbows on his knees as he waited for you to walk to him.

“Go easy on Dean, huh?” he asked with a smile. It made you laugh when he said that, and he always said that when you were at Dean’s or he and his brother at your place. You weren’t sure what it meant, going easy on someone, but you let a giggle out onto the summer breeze as your dad placed his hand on the top of your head and stood.

And then you were gone, off and running to catch up with Dean as your parents continued to chat with John in the front yard. You ran through the high grass that grew unchecked between Dean’s house and his neighbor’s; it was nearly up to your knees.

Dean was already climbing the tall tree that resided in the center of the grassy yard, its leaves stretching to the high heavens, or so it seemed to you.

He ignored you for a bit, and you watched him, the way he worked out which branch to grab next before swinging himself up, ever higher. He was so sure of himself, in his own nine-year-old way. He shone to you. He had done so since you’d moved down the street from him a year ago.

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It was dark outside as the 67 Chevy Impala rolled down the highway your bothers in the front seats staring blankly put the windscreen. You had curled up across the back seat and while your eye were closed and your breathing was steady you were definitely not asleep. Dean sighed glancing in the rearview mirror at you. “She shouldn’t be in this mess” he mumbled. “You don’t think I don’t know that? 90% of the time she’s in danger it’s my fault” Sam snapped twisting round to look at you, your Y/H/C was tied up in a ponytail and you wore your usual hunting gear and a gun in your pocket. “No Sam, it’s not you, it’s the job” Dean huffed. “Although, you remember that time when she was a baby and you dropped her?” He asked and Sam grimaced. John, Dad, had be furious with Sam for it.
You were four years younger than Sam and eight years younger than Dean. Both were inexplicably protective over you. Everyone always seemed to be because you were the youngest and the only female Winchester left alive. But no one was as protective as your own dad. “Yeah, I remember a bit” Sam replied “do you remember when she brought her first boyfriend back from school?” Sam asked and Dean snorted “yeah, and I decked the guy?”
“She didn’t talk to you for like a week”
“Nah, she loves me really” Dean replied glancing back once more. “Oh, what about that time when she ran away from dad because he refused to tell her what we did, then we found her shakes up with a dude in motel?” Dean added. As you listened you grimaced, that had been one of the most awkward days of your life. “Yeah, how pissed was dad? Nearly stabbed the guy”
“Yeah… ” Sam grimaced at the memory. It has also been the night Sam left for Stamford.

There was a moment of silence and you shifted in your ‘sleep’. “What was she like when I left?” Sam asked in a low tone. While he had been back with you and Dean for a long time now he had never asked what you had been like during his time away. “Sam, it was a long time ago, don’t worry about it”
“Great, that means it was bad” he sighed
“She was… Y/N was a mess truthfully, Sammy. She ran away for a long time. Dad found her, dragged her back. She always liked you better” Dean sighed miserably.

“That’s not true” you said sitting up and leaned into the front of the car. “God, how much did you hear?” Sam asked and you shrugged
“Enough, but I can believe you think I would favour one of you over the other” you sighed.
“Do you?”
“No!” Your my older brothers, I love you both, idiots” you rolled your eyes and kissed their cheeks. Sam chuckled and Dean scrubbed his cheek. “Dude, gross” he complained and you laughed falling back in your seat.

You Are My Home

Characters: John x Reader, Dean, Sam
Words: 1138
Requested by Anonymous: Fluffy John x Reader

Originally posted by heytheredeann

           You watched him walk into the motel room and saw the look on his face. The same look he always had after he dropped Dean and Sam off at Bobby’s. But he knew they were safer there than on the road while he hunted.

           “Hey,” you smiled softly.

           “Hi,” he dropped his things on the table, “The boys said to be safe,” he said, “And to tell you to take care of me.”

           “I always do, don’t I?” you asked, motioning for him to sit next to you on the bed, “Come here.”

           He nodded, walking over to the bed, “You do take care of me, Y/N,” he said, “I don’t know what I would do without you.”

           “Lucky for you, you don’t have to find out.”

           “Am I a bad father to my boys?” John asked quietly, leaning his head against your shoulder.

           You ran your fingers through his hair, “No, John,” you said, “You take care of them as best as you can.”

           “They deserve better,” he said.

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017 First Impressions

Request: Can you do more sick Harry?? Maybe one where he wakes up really sick to his stomach but you’re going to your parents and he ends up being sick there and he’s super upset because he doesn’t want to be sick? Thanks love!

Notes: So in order to move the story on and fill in background points, I’m going to use the request above to make this the first time the missus takes Harry to meet her parents. By the way, before anyone accuses me of promoting animal cruelty, the shooting is clay pigeon shooting. Sorry it’s a little shorter than some of the others. Enjoy x

“Harry, if you can’t drive, I will.” You stared at him from the passenger seat as Harry waited at traffic lights before heading on to the motorway to head south west to your parents’ house.

“You are not driving this car.” Harry had woken up sick to his stomach after throwing up all night. He’d couldn’t keep his breakfast down and was gagging at the wheel of the car. You drove in silence with Harry refusing to let you put any music on so as to not worsen his headache. Staring out the window, you wondered whether a) you should be letting him drive at all, and b) whether you should pull out of taking Harry to meet your parents for the first time.

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Julian completely drunk on The Howard Stern Show. If you haven’t listened to this yet, please do.

Embarrassing Stories- A John Swift Imagine (Requested)


“Okay, foods ready!” I called to everyone in the living room. Today my boyfriend John and I had our parents over and a couple of his friends over for dinner. So far everything was going well. My parents loved Johns parents and his loved mine. As for Nate and Sam they were just glad there was free food and drinks.

“Wow babe this looks great!” John said coming up behind me, wrapping his arms around me, resting his head on my shoulder.

“I just hope it tastes as good as it looks.” I chuckled.

“I’m sure it will!” He said kissing me cheek.

“Aw the lovebirds at it again.” Sam laughed.

“You know, they’re like inseparable. Like when we all hang out they don’t even realize they’re hanging out with us. They’re in their own little world.” Nate said.

“Yeah that pretty much sums it up.” I laughed as we all sat around the table.

“Wait, remember that one time you guys forget we were hanging out and we came over and you guys were in the kitchen with the whipped cream and chocolate?” Sam smirked.

“Yooooo stop.” John warned.

“Yeah please.” I said feeling my cheeks turn red.

Meanwhile, our parents were hysterical laughing.

“Tell more, tell more!” My mom said, sipping her wine.

“Or that one time we overheard them…” Nate added.

“NATE!” I screamed.

“Nah not that time. When we overheard your pet names for each other.” Nate said.

“Pet names?” Johns dad asked.

“Y/N calls John boo bear and John calls Y/N baby cakes.” Sam said as he started cracking up.

John and I groaned. This was embarrassing.

“Aw that’s adorable. You know where that nickname came from? When John was little, he named his first pet goldfish Baby cakes.” Johns mom said laughing.

“I definitely did not.” John said defensively.

“Remember that time John flooded the bathroom and completely ruined the tiling?” Johns dad brought up.

I laughed at the thought of John destroying his family’s bathroom, now I felt a little less embarrassed as Johns parents kept going on and on about what seemed to be an embarrassing and awkward childhood.