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Legendary. Abs. Deal with it.

These abs, you mean? Karkat plz. Just because John has a sizzling hot swimmer/superhero bod doesn’t mean you can just use him as your personal griddle wherever you go.

Idea was mine, execution was obviously the lovely and incredibly talented Jove-bluh. I know I’ve said it before, but I can’t get over Jove’s doodle style. It has a life all of its own, somewhere between just plain adorable and realism. I think it’s Jove’s wonderful shading that gives it such an elegant feel. Thank you, Jove!





its called ALTERNIAN SLAM POETRY but hes right i do this all the time

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Okay, so I went through about 50-something pages of your Homestuck tags and realized this: You had begun drawing out RMWT as fanart but then after awhile you ended up helping with the panels. Damn, how cool is that, becoming a fan then actually being able to help with the projects!? I guess I know the feeling because I got really exited when Raine had started talking with me. I ended up helping with some of her editing stuff for her fanfic (No Happily Ever Afters).

Thank you for going through my Homestuck tag and holy shit, you’re right, I have over 50 pages of HS stuff on my artblog. I hope you enjoyed going through them.

Yes, I did start out RMWT as a fellow reader and fanartist before being a panel artist and it’s HELLA AMAZING. senpai noticed me \;v;/ Thank you again to BR and Sgt for having me be a part of their fantastic story.

I totally get you. I nearly shit my pants when they started talking to me too. It was amazing

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idk if the inbox is open i'm on mobile but could i get a shipping thing? :O for red pale and black quadrants please, i'm a short butch-ish lesbian with red hair and i'm really skinny, i love to draw all the time and listen to music whenever possible, annnd i'm really shy and cry easily. ty!

In the red quadrant, I ship you with Porrim Maryam!

I think that you need someone nurturing and caring as your matesprit. Porrim is very caring and forgiving, and she would help you open up and get over your shyness. She would be with you whenever you are sad or crying, and comfort you!

Other possible ships: Kanaya Maryam.

In the pale quadrant, I ship you with Rufioh Nitram!

I think that as a moirail you would need someone with a lot of confidence, and Rufioh is basically radiating it. He is caring too, so he would comfort you when you are feeling down, and I think that he would make you do things that you aren’t really comfortable with, ti help you get over your shyness.

Other possible ships: John Egbert.

In the black quadrant, I ship you with Dave Strider.

I think that Dave would be pissed by your shyness and constant crying and you wouldn’t like him because of his cool kid façade, therefore, you would be a pretty strong pair of kismesis.

Other possible ships: Karkat Vantas.


okay i might as well make some new rules here about the ask box. no karkat and dave or john and dave or whomever bull shit. we are her to talk about me not about the person who i am fucking in the closet. for the love of god i cant believe i have to say this. I am not meant to be eaten. eaten out? maybe. but actual eating my flesh? he no. Hannibal Jr. go find some other face to bite. thats about it.have some fun your fucking nerds or i will get the fire out again


DAVE: i think thats enough memery for now