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Do you think Sandor Clegane secretly despised Joffrey? Or the king`s treatment of Sansa was kind of turning point for him?

Yeah, Sandor Clegane never liked Joffrey.

“The Stark boy is nothing to me,” Joffrey said. “I cannot abide the wailing of women.” Tyrion Lannister reached up and slapped his nephew hard across the face. The boy’s cheek began to redden.

“One word,” Tyrion said, “and I will hit you again.”

“I’m going to tell Mother!” Joffrey exclaimed.

Tyrion hit him again.

- Tyrion I, AGoT

What does Sandor do about Tyrion slapping Joffrey?

“The prince will remember that, little lord,” the Hound warned him. The helm turned his laugh into a hollow rumble.

He’s exactly the sort of sworn sword you want - the sort that thinks someone slapping his charge is hilarious. He knows exactly what sort of person Joffrey is, and so he can advise Sansa about Joffrey’s desires.

Ser Meryn and Ser Arys followed him out, but Sandor Clegane lingered long enough to yank her roughly to her feet. “Save yourself some pain, girl, and give him what he wants.”

“What… what does he want? Please, tell me.”

“He wants you to smile and smell sweet and be his lady love,” the Hound rasped. “He wants to hear you recite all your pretty little words the way the septa taught you. He wants you to love him… and fear him.”

- Sansa VI, AGoT

But note the “save yourself some pain” aspect of his advice. This is good advice in the situation, but it’s not the only thing that someone can do. Sansa refuses to only preserve herself and save herself some pain, but risks herself to stick up for Ser Dontos, Tommen, and the unnamed beggar woman during the bread riots. 

Watching her, Sandor starts to see that defying evil is possible and that not everyone is awful. If not everyone is awful, that means that Joffrey’s service isn’t the only option. Her courage gives him courage - ultimately, the courage to leave.

I Need a Man

//In which Joffery is infatuated with the reader, who is one of the best skilled fighters in Westeros//

“You need to learn combat skills! You’re a king-”

“Yes, a king, uncle. I have men to do that for me” Joffrey waved his hand dismissing the words that came out of Tyrion’s mouth.

“And if the guards happen to be killed? What shall you do then? Call on your mother” Tyrion questioned, the boy stared at the man before turning to his mother whom had surprisingly taken the Imp’s side of the matter.

“As much as it pains me to say so, Tyrion is right you need to learn combat skills” Cersei stated, Tyrion smirked softly before clapping his hands together, he moved his hand toward the door as they opened. Cersei scoffed loudly at what was behind the doors, her eyes scanning over the woman that stood there, her hands holding a thick sword.

“You bring this woman here? A Stark! You are better off getting a drunken fool!” Cersei shouted, Joffrey slammed his hand against the arm of the chair he stood up quickly his nostrils flaring at the woman.

“I will be not be trained by this… this woman! She is beneath me” Joffrey stated, his shrill voice echoing off the walls.

“This woman is one the best fighters in Westeros boy, so mind your tongue or I will have it” Y/N finally threaten stepping into the throne room.

“Did she just threaten the king! I am your king! You bend your knee at me and I’ll show you mercy!” Joffrey shouts his foot stomping on the ground like a child, the soldiers slowly moved forward. She peaked out the corner of her eye as she watched the men slowly slide their swords from its casing. She looked at him watching the slow smirk rest on his lips.

“I bow to no one” she softly spoke, the smirk faded away, Joffrey’s anger rising in him. He pressed his lips together holding in his aggression, Joffrey’s face burning red.

“Kill her! Kill her now!” His voice caused Cersei to wince, the soldiers armed themselves pointing their weapons at Y/N.

Tyrion slowly raised his hands at Joffrey, he knew what she was capable of, she was a dangerous enemy to have. Y/N gifts seemed supernatural. “Please, you don’t wanna do this”

“Don’t tell me what I need to do Imp!” He shrieked, Y/N cracked her cool exterior broken with the vile words spoke in the air. She swung around, her feet kicking the sword out of the man’s hand, she drew her sword pushing it into his throat. She quickly drew it out before grabbing the man’s head that charges at her, she banged his head against another that charged towards her. Y/N sword swiftly slashing through their combined heads. She turned to the man behind her, their sword clashing against each other’s. She bent backwards as another came rushing at her. Hastily she picks up the fallen soldier’s sword.

Tired of the endless sword play between them, she dragged her sword in the man’s groin. He screamed in agony, cutting off the man’s head. She turned the last man, she kicked the sword just as it came slicing toward Y/N. Her sword sliced through his stomach, his hand rushing through his stomach as the contents spilled out.

Y/N brushed the hair out of her face turning Joffrey with a smirk on her lips. “Do think this woman won’t educate you in archaic sword play?” She stated

“Be my queen” he blurred out catching everyone attention, his mother’s mouth hanging open at his words. Y/N flattered by his words, only chuckled. Tyrion suddenly grew jealous of his words, was she be affectionate toward him, was she really falling for his less than sincere words. “I’ll show you the wonders of being a king”

She spit out a laugh, her face contorting into an unreadable expression. “I need a real man Joffrey, not a boy” with that she left leaving the room stunned with her response.

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I LOVE your takedown on Rhaeger and Lyanna's 'relationship'. The more I see/read about him, the more he reminds me of Joffrey. He starts out handsome and charming, but then we get to see the entitlement and manipulation (his actions leads to the Death of a Lord Paramount and his eldest son, he humiliates his intended and then sets her aside, doesn't give one single shit for the consequences of his actions). The only consolation is that they both died choking and clutching their chests.

Hmm, on one hand, I see your point about the points of correlation (though I do not think that Rhaegar set Elia aside to go with the parallel to Joffrey and Sansa. That’s a show-only contrivance), but on the other, this is a very unfair comparison. The Targaryen that is truly paralleled with Joffrey is Aerys, not Rhaegar. Murdering a lord paramount in a sham of a trial, escalating the conflict into an outright war with no hope of conciliation, the crown promising leniency in Ned’s case and safe conduct in Rickard’s case only for Joffrey\Aerys to breach it, taking pleasure in hurting people, hating and deliberately humiliating their Hand (Tyrion for Joffrey, and Tywin for Aerys), sexually assaulting their Hand’s wife, etc. There is a reason Tyrion called Joffrey Aerys the Third in his pov in the books, and that’s because the similarities are numerous. But when it comes to Rhaegar and Joffrey, that’s a different story.

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Can we say joffrey thinks about himself as a more lannister than baratheon ? If so , why does he try to be like robert ? Thanks

No, I don’t think Joffrey thinks of himself as more Lannister than Baratheon. We do see that Joffrey doesn’t feel for his father’s death in ACoK:

“What loss?”

“Your royal father? A large fierce man with a black beard; you’ll recall him if you try. He was king before you.”

“Oh, him. Yes, it was very sad, a boar killed him.”

- Sansa I, ACoK

But nevertheless, he clearly idolises Robert far more than his Lannister relatives, and emulates at least some of Robert’s behaviour (particularly the domestic abuse) far more than he seeks to emulate any Lannister. 

He listens to his mother and learns things from her (there’s a lot of “Mother says” in his dialogue), but ultimately, this is what Joffrey thinks of Cersei:

“My mother says it was treachery and deceit. She wept when she heard. Women are all weak, even her, though she pretends she isn’t.”

- Sansa VI, AGoT

Joffrey’s increasing intractability is an issue of concern throughout the first three books. Sansa notes in Sansa VI, AGoT, that when Joffrey has his mind set on something, Cersei can’t budge him, and that’s indeed what we see later.

He holds Tywin in contempt, too.

“Joffrey, apologise to your grandfather,” Cersei said.

He wrenched free of her. “Why should I? Everyone knows it’s true [that Tywin was afraid of Aerys]. My father won all the battles. He killed Prince Rhaegar and took the crown, while your father was hiding under Casterly Rock.” The boy gave his grandfather a defiant look. “A strong king acts boldly, he doesn’t just talk.”

- Tyrion VI, ASoS

The subsequent discussion gives us a classic example of Cersei failing to realise her children might have different opinions and perspectives to her own, but boy has Tywin misunderstood the situation with Joffrey because of her reports.

“You gave me to understand the boy cared nothing for his father.”

“Why would he? Robert ignored him. He would have beat him if I’d allowed it.”

- Tyrion VI, ASoS

That exchange doesn’t mean Joffrey cares nothing for Robert, it means Cersei’s got just about as much empathy as her eldest son.

Jaime is a non-presence in Joffrey’s life, per Cersei’s request. And, of course, Joffrey loathes Tyrion. Amongst many other examples of their antagonism, particularly of note because by this point Tyrion’s come to the conclusion that Joffrey will kill him:

Joffrey sneered. “You’re the monster, Uncle.”

- Tyrion VI, ASoS

The boy will be as tall and strong as Jaime one day, he thought, and I’ll still be a dwarf beneath his feet. And one day he’s like to make me even shorter.

- Tyrion VII, ASoS

Where the Lannister sigil appears in Joffrey’s clothing, such as the shield on Joffrey’s surcoat in Arya I, AGoT, or his use of a Lannister cloak at his wedding, I see Cersei’s involvement more than Joffrey’s own desires. Frankly, I think the symbolism’s over Joffrey’s head. All in all, Joffrey lived and died believing himself a Baratheon, despite the dedicated efforts of his mother.

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All you Jonsa-freaks are fucking delusional. Its a crackship. Its not going to happen. Sansa is Jons sister, nothing more. Jonerys is canon. Get over it!

Originally posted by newwavepolly

I usually don’t react to asks like this, but this permanent missuse of the term “crack-ship” is really bothering me, so I want to make some things clear concering fandom-shipping-lingo:

The terms “crack-ship” and “non-canon ship” are not and never have been synonymous, nor 100% interchangeable. 

A “crack-shipis something that has absolutely no possibility of ever happening in canon. It’s something crazy, out-of-place or unlikely moving towards impossible. It’s shipping two characters who’ve never interacted in canon and never will, are completely incompatible with each other, or have never showed any sign of any kind of romantic potential. It’s a ship with absolutely zero back-up in the narrative. 

A “non-canon ship” on the other hand, simply is something that isn’t canon. That’s literally the only requirement. Fiction thrives on love-triangles, “will they wont they?”, “whom will she/he choose?” or presenting a main-character with a variety of (potential) love interests over the story. Being “non-canon” doesn’t necessary make something “crack”. If you can find some sort of textual evidence for romantic potential, that isn’t a crackship. Even if it isn’t canon. 

Here’s a list GoT-crackships:

Davos x Jon (never showed interest in each other, incompatible when it comes to sexual orientation and age. But I’ve read things, anon. I’ve read things I will never forget)
Brienne x Sandor (like … to each their own. Why the hell not?)
Missandei x Jorah (she has a boyfriend, he’s obsessed with Khaleesi. Never showed any interest. Like … naahhh )
Jorah x Sam (Peel of my skin and I’ll love you)
Lyanna x Stannis (I read a fun little ficlet about them recently.)
Robb x Margarey (Not all “crack-ships” are super duper weird. This is a pretty cute one, that I really like. But never interacted with each other, never will.)
Robb x Daenerys (This is what canon-divergence was made for, if you ask me.)
Arya x Joffrey (I have actually read fanfiction in which Joffrey wasn’t bat-shit crazy cruel, but only a pretty arrogant, entitled jerk. Arya was the one engaged to him and it was a really interesting read.)
Tyrion x Cersei (the internet is a weird, dark place with weird, dark ideas.)

My two personal Jon-crackships:
Jon x Tormund (because wouldn’t it be cute ???)
Jon x Missandei (because wouldn’t it be amazingly cute ???)

The one I have for Daenerys:
Tormund x Daenerys (First: Tormund is so amazing, everyone would be happy to have him. I ship him with everyone. Second: Mother of Dragons x Warrior-women-loving-wildling? Sign me the fuck up.)

And the one I have for Sansa:
Sansa x Podrick (he’s such an obvious bottom, sorry not sorry. Love this in fanfiction. It’s adorable.)

Here’s a list of GOT-non-canon-ships, that don’t deserve the title “crack-ship” IMO:

Jon x Daenerys (no anon, they aren’t canon yet. Can you look into the future? Leaks don’t count. Canon counts.)
Jon x Sansa (if you don’t believe there’s enough textual evidence to back them, you are the delusional one. You don’t have to ship it, you don’t have to like it, you don’t have to believe it’s going to happen. But acting like other people are delusional for thinking they have serious canon potential simply shows that you feel threatened by them. There, I said it.)
Jon x Arya (grrm intended them to end up together. I don’t think it’s very likely to become canon, but it isn’t a crack-ship either. The creator himself entertained the possibility once.)

Sansa x Petyr (No, not even being “problematic” as hell makes a ship “crack”. This will never become canon, but I can accept that people like to take the underlying dynamics and change the narrative in fanon. That’s what fanfiction is for. You can take two characters, eliminate the canon-things you don’t like and add things to make your imagination come to life. This might be a bit on the verge to crack, but they definetly have enough canon-interaction to earn a place in this list.)
Sansa x Tyrion (I don’t consider them canon. Probably not going to happen. A little problematic as well, but see the commentary above)
Sansa x Sandor (similar to sansa x tyrion in my book. More likley than it, probably, since Sansa acknowledges some sort of romantic feelings as well. Liked the fanon-version - sorry not really in canon - for a long time. Still do.) 
Sansa x Theon (canon-interaction, I can totally see where people are coming from. Nothing is going to happen with like 99,9999% certainty, but I don’t think the term “crackship” is a 100% fair.)

Jaime x Brienne (do I really have anything to add to this ? It’s an absolute fan-favourite. You don’t have to be a fan, but canon acknowledges this having some kind of potential)
Brienne x Tormund (The show is so obviously playing with this => not gonna actually happen - probably, but canon wants us to think about it. So, not really a “crack-ship”.)

Arya x Gendry (has a pretty good chance at being canon ~somehow~, at least on the show. But still isn’t canon yet.)

Bran x Meera (same as Arya x Gendry)

Daenerys x Tyrion (he’s obviously in love with her. Look at all the hearteyes.)
Daenerys x Jorah (bookverse a little to creepy for my taste, but as I said: To each their own. not so creepy on the show. Still not a fan. Still not really “crack”)

I could go on, but I really hope you get my point by now. Not everyone will agree with this lists. There will probably be a lot of shippers who themselves say “naah. That’s my crackship”. Fine, you can define your own opinion however you like. But don’t insult other people who think it isn’t. 

I don’t really care too much about canon, a lot of my all-time otps and ships never became canon (Zutara, Kakasaku, Narusaku, Ichiruki, …). Never stopped me from shipping them. Of course I want to see my ships become canon, but it isn’t a necessity. I’m rooting for Jonsa to happen as long as it’s possible, because I see a lot of foreshadowing for them in both the books and the show. If I’m wrong? I will be disappointed, but okay. Happened before. I’ve learned to be okay with that. 

But what I’m not okay with is being called stupid or delusional for interpreting canon-material differently. For seeing potential that IS THERE. I know what a “crack-ship” is anon, and Jonsa simply isn’t one. Wether they become canon or not. 

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My issue with Ned is that, as a powerful man, he knows that once Sansa marries Joffrey, she will belong to Joffrey. Let's say Joffrey's paternity is never questioned, but Ned finds out who killed Jon Arryn,& all evidence points to Cersei. Ned goes to Robert with the evidence, which allows Robert to execute Cersei for treason. Joffrey will end up marrying, Sansa, whose dad helped kill his mom. Ned doesn't recognize that things like the Trident will impact the J/S marriage& her life at court.

That’s a fair assessment of Sansa’s situation and a very valid criticism. I recognize that Ned is in a difficult position since that betrothal is a turbulent political issue in and of itself, and his investigation of the Lannisters only makes it more so but there is something off in the way he handles this betrothal. The text does not give us much in terms of Ned’s thoughts on Sansa’s betrothal so I’m going to trace it back to Catelyn’s second chapter in AGoT because that is the only time we get a sense of what Ned thinks of this matter.

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Reader x Jojen/ Reader x Joffrey

Requested By Anon

It was an odd sort of thing to have captured Joffrey’s adoration. You weren’t sure if it was love but you were grateful for it, to be an idolized possession that the cruel boy wanted dearly. It was this that kept you from the brunt of his anger, saw you treated like you were the finest lady in all the lands and that you were protected in the same manner.


“She is beautiful, is she not?” Joffrey asked Tyrion as they walked through the palace gardens.


“I dare say there is not a woman in Kings Landing that could rival (Y/N)’s beauty.” Tyrion agreed.

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Hey. Given that other villains have had horribly things happen to them to the extent that (at least) my instinctive reaction was 'they don't deserve this' with a bit of 'were they really that bad?' (Joffery's death, Cersei's walk, Theon's everything), do you think Ramsey is going to have a similarly traumatic fate in the books? One that is fitting, but really nobody deserves? And the same for other villains?

Hmm, there’s a bit of tension between GRRM playing with the audience’s desire to see certain characters suffer (Theon, Cersei, Joffrey), GRRM’s repeated emphasis on two wrongs not making a right, and GRRM’s fondness for poetic justice.

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Sorry if you've already answered this😰 I love how much time you take into answering anons btw it's really nice and you express yourself well. Do you want a Robecca baby? Either with her in the picture and without how do you feel

Awww Nonnie!!! Aren’t you just the cutest little bean?? Almost as cute as….

Originally posted by charitydingle

Thank you so, so, so much. It’s so nice of you to come to my askbox with such an interesting question… I’ve talked quite a bit about the Robecca baby - aka Joffrey Banana (my tag) - but always happy to speculate some more!!! Don’t apologise!

Bear with me, I’m gonna be disregarding the Robecca aspect of your question for a moment… I think you have to… because I still fully suspect that this baby was meant to be The Robron Baby™ of all of ‘our’ most fertile hopes and dreams… At least according to Iain…

(I stole the above gif from @isabellaofparma with her kind permission (don’t steal gifs without permission kiddos!) because Tumblr hates me, but it’s from her excellent gifset parallel which I have linked to HERE. Ivett is amazing) 

Originally posted by lovelyaarondingle

Cos what gets the girlies going like a good-looking fella holding a small, vulnerable child??? WHAT COULD TOP THAT?!?!? TWO GOOD LOOKING FELLAS HOLDING A SMALL, VULNERABLE CHILD I HEAR YOU SAY??!! Sounds legit. And handily enough, if we give them ALL THE CHILDREN, Liv, SugSpawn…. Noah….? (heck lets throw Moses, Gabby, April and Amba to the wall and see what sticks) then maybe we might never have to show them ever having SEX ever again. HANDY. (Unlike what they’ll be… with eachother).

You see, this peculiar cross pollination - of the desexualisation of queer lives (see here for more discussion) and pretty sexist notions of what the Robron “demographic” are desperate to see (women love men and babies right? RIGHT??!? There was a poster goddamit!! It must be true!!! 😬 ) - has resulted in this monster being born unto us. 

So how do I feel about a baby full stop? Not.fucking.great. I wanted them to spend more time luxuriating in being boyfriends (ahhhhh, will I ever not love them calling eachother boyfriends?) before they even got married. But ok. I dealt. Soaps move fast and Vadam, Peyla, even Coira were shoved into conjugal ‘bliss’ too. But a baby? Far too soon, surely? They wouldn’t! I legit thought unless one of them grew a uterus Arnie style - how could it ever be that quick?? (What a delicate little innocent I was!) Plus, they kinda already had the perfect kid, so I saw no point in introducing any more. At least not before Roblivion was established. But we got JUST ONE SCENE of Roblivion (no other characters, just their fam) being happy and domestic together before the wedding.

Originally posted by dingleminyard


And then Aaron was gone, then Liv, Robron were done and life is now a particularly light absorbent shade of grey. I didn’t want or need another Robron baby. Yes, I had issues with how Robron were portrayed (in the early stages of their relationship) when Liv was introduced. But those were never problems with her. OLIVIA. My tiny queen. She remains to this day the only Robron baby I/we/they/HE (Robert) ever needed. She’s so much more interesting for being older and more of a challenge for them. I wasn’t saying never to a little bubba, but it just wasn’t necessary with Liv taking up that space in their hearts.

As well as them having Olivia Flaherty, my grumpy little sunflower, Aaron is, what 23/24? He’s not like Vic, he’s not on a one-track mission to be a Dad. In fact, I would guess, he’s pretty keen to avoid it for now. He has a lot of processing to do to get anywhere close to ready. And unlike so much in his life, he should have been given the choice over how (and when) he does that. 

Robert’s also got quite a substantial amount of Father/Son issues to process. Have we seen any of this translated onscreen - bar that lame arse attempt with the photo in the envelope? Nope. Not at all. I mean why bother behaving/writing sensitively, when you can just ignore something and hope it goes away? It won’t go away Sugs (/Iain).

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You’ve done the deed. Now grow up and follow through. You see, I think TPTB thought we’d buy this. In the end. And now they’re stuck. Backed into a corner of their own design… Because they’ve finally realised that, of course, most of us won’t. Accept it. Not like this anyway. We’re still waiting for the twist. So they’re just hunkering down, keeping quiet, until the inevitable. Personally, I’m terrified that Robert will go from snarky, sneering, leather clad bad boy, to a frazzled father with a baby constantly over his shoulder. For me, they couldn’t have had a better plan to eliminate ALL OF HIS SEX APPEAL, cos what is less attractive than the smell of stale baby vomit and a pleading sleepless desperation in a man’s eyes..? I’m legit scared we won’t recognise him with child… And Aaron, I DO NOT WANT HIM PULLED INTO THIS MESS. But, why it’s so gross? Because of whose child it is… The curious circumstances of its conception… And the weird retcon (contextualisation wtv) of its parents’ past. 

Speaking of which… 


SugSpawn tbh:

Originally posted by blackvicky

Like aren’t they just THE WORST?? Sans chemistry, sans plot, sans anything resembling any sense. Previous abortion forcing notwithstanding… The Rebecca fans hate Robert, the Robert fans hate Rebecca and the Aaron fans hate EVERYTHING. Well, me, this Aaron fan does. EVERYTHING!!!! Robecca are the biggest stumbling block to all of this for me. Rebecca brings out the cruellest, nastiest, snidest side of Robert Sugden… BUT NOT EVEN IN A BELIEVABLE WAY like her gorgeous sister does. He is just a 2D villain around her. And she’s an eternal victim (who takes no responsibility for her own sexual health or moral actions)… Robert’s so villainous though it’s verging on ridiculous, he’s almost self aware. That thing about her being an angel, before he roughhoused her in the pub? I mean WTF? Why are they sacrificing this legacy character at the altar of Rebecca White, who has all the construct of cardboard, except with less purpose?? 

Speaking of which, Robert Jacob Sugden is a legacy character. He deserved a better co-parent for his first ever child. I mean, *cough* Aaron Dingle *cough*…. anyone? He didn’t even get a Pat. Not to my mind anyway. And I’m angry FOR HER… name a scene where we’ve had her POV at all? Where Robron hasn’t had some bearing??? Still, with things being the way they are, and time running out to make up for the non-characterisation - Rebecca could leave or die all she wanted, the stain of the conception and this mishandled pregnancy would still be there, and my heart would sting every time I saw Aaron with the (inevitably) blonde bab. Me tbh:

Originally posted by itsafangirlthing

I don’t know Nonnie. My heart is so bruised by all of this. I wish i had a more positive answer for you. But this is just NOT HOW I WANTED SHIT TO GO DOWN. ITS THE SHITEST SHIT I EVER DID SEE. But hey, maybe I will learn to love the SugSpawn. Who knows, maybe Robert holding a small blonde baby with his big ol’ shovel hands will be the bestest, most aesthetically pleasing thing I ever laid my eyes on? Maybe Aaron (Danny tho, lbr) being unable to resist smiling at a tiny little human person who’s all his husband (lets say RW dies) will make me unable to resist? Who knows, I think that’s what Iain’s hoping for. I just…. SIGH

The simplest answer to the question - Do you want a Robecca baby? No. 

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

No… No. I do not. Not in these circumstances. 

First I wanted Jacob courtesy of @sugdensquad​, then I wanted Ara courtesy of @isabellaofparma​ and @robertssofttouchxaaronssoftlad​, then Annie courtesy of @littlelooneyluna​ - but never in my life did I want a Robecca baby like this. Nope. 

Thank you to the gifmakers xxx

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One of the things that frustrates me about discussions of the Stark kids' education is that our perception of their abilities is framed by comparisons to adults. Who, in their peer group, started out skilled in politics? Joffrey, whose unchecked tendency towards cruelty sent the kingdom into war? Dany, who only knows to do as her brother says to avoid being hurt? Margaery (book), who does seem predisposed to political skill but is still supported by a politically motivated family?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Starklings’ abilities compared to the adults’? I’ve seen discussion of Ned’s and Catelyn’s own education and experiences and how it could\should have influenced their children’s but no one expecting the level of politicking the adults are capable of from the kids. I also don’t think anyone expected them to be skilled in politics, only at least aware of them to a greater extent than shown. Again, age plays a huge role but something like Robb’s complete incomprehensibility of the reality of Theon’s situation in the North or Sansa’s ardent belief that beauty is a sign of integrity or Arya’s lack of understanding that some forms of associating with people from lower classes could pose a danger to them suggest that the Winterfell education system is flawed. Not awful, not bad, just flawed.

The Starks are our protagonists, and Ned and Catelyn are genuinely one of few good parents in the series so that topic of conversation was sure to arise. And it’s exactly that that set the Starks apart from some of the characters you listed - Ned and Catelyn were hands on in their kids’ education and training; they provided good education, they supervised it and instructed the kids themselves, they followed up with the kids, etc. Joffrey and Dany…. one had very bad education and the other lacked proper one. Robert was a neglectful and abusive father who thought hitting his son so hard he knocked out two of his baby teeth a proper method of discipline and teaching, while Cersei enabled Joffrey and taught him an aggressive ruling philosophy, which was the only method the kid was taught since his father couldn’t be bothered with him as he was busy sleeping around, and didn’t know how to rule to be able to teach his kid anyway. Why shouldn’t Joffrey turn out like that when he was taught that being king gave him absolute rights and green light to do whatever he pleased?

And what was Dany’s education exactly? She had an awful childhood shuttled from one place to another and living on people’s charity. She was left to Viserys’ “care” and “tutelage”. What she was taught was a bunch of lies and half-truths, she was taught fear so that Viserys could control her. Even when she made it to Illyrio Mopatis’…. well, the guy planned for her to die among the Dothraki so I don’t think he was too concerned with her political knowledge. Dany never had the advantage of a good education or attentive guardians.

Now Margaery is a very good example since she had the same advantages as the Starks, and she shows that political awareness at a young age is entirely possible. It’s true that she exists on the other end of the spectrum from the Starks - Mace and Olenna actively groomed Margaery for a highly political life in court in a way that Ned never would have done since the guy just wanted to be left alone in the North, but Ned and Cat needn’t be ambitious like the Tyrells to expand their children’s political knowledge or recognize the need for it; there are several different levels of political skill and awareness between “basic” and “Margaery Tyrell” after all.

convincing [oberyn martell]**

summary: imagine being Sansa’s handmaiden but Oberyn Martell being in love with you and the two of you sneak around trying to see each other

requested by no one, just an idea i had, based off of ‘war of hearts’ by ruelle (loosely)


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The light swept over you in Sansa’s room while you waited for her to call you into her bathing room. Sansa had insisted on bathing herself, assured you that she would call you when she needed her dressing gowns, and so you waited patiently for her to finish. You sighed lightly, your fingers tracing over your arms where Oberyn had held you this morning. The two of you had been sneaking around the castle to see each other, for your fear that someone would find out that you were no longer pure. 

There was a light knock on Sansa’s door, and then a familiar voice rang through. “Lady Sansa?” In the other room, the water swirled. “May I borrow your handmaiden for a moment.” You rushed to the door and opened it, Oberyn’s sly smile greeting you while he stepped into the room. 

“Sansa is washing, it’s just me.” Oberyn’s hands immediately found your waist and he walked the two of you back until your back hit the bedpost. “Oberyn, not here.” You whispered, but his lips attached to yours, silencing your protest to his presence. A small moan was held back when he bit down on your lower lip, a single hand traveling to your bare back. His hands were rough, calloused, and they felt amazing against your supple skin. 

His lips moved over and he kissed the corner of your mouth and across your face to your jaw and then to your ear, down to your collarbone, a hand reaching up to cup your breast while he pressed his lower half into you, grinding against you harshly. Just as you were about to moan, the hand that was on your back clamped over your mouth, his lips moving up to your ear. “Now we can’t have her hearing us, little dove.” His teeth nibbled on your earlobe and then he trailed his lips down to the valley between your breasts, his hands following his suspected trail to your ankles so he could pull up your dress. 

Oberyn pulled the dress up over his head so he was right near your clit, his hands traveling up your thighs to the top of your folds before he massaged his fingers between your lips. Just to hold in a moan, you bit your lip, but couldn’t hold back the gasp when he entered two digits inside of you, pumping in and out slowly. Your eyes snapped open and you turned to the bathing room, making sure that the door was still closed. If Sansa caught you doing this with Oberyn, you would be done for in King’s Landing. Abruptly, you felt Oberyn’s tongue lapping at your folds, and you clamped your hand over your mouth to hold in the moan, his fingers moving faster and faster inside of you all the while.

His other hand went to work along with his tongue, rubbing you while he licked up all the juices from you, and then the knot in your stomach formed, traveling down quickly until it exploded at your clit onto Oberyn’s hand. He licked your thighs to clean up the excess and then removed himself from beneath the dress. You watched him lick his fingers and then he kissed you passionately, his hands back on your waist. “Y/N?” 

Oberyn looked to the bathing room where Sansa was calling you, and he pressed his lips to yours one more time before he walked back to the door. “You had better attend to your Lady, so I will bid you goodbye. King Joffrey requests Sansa’s presence in the Throne Room.” You smiled and walked to the bathing room. 

“I’m coming, Lady Sansa.” You opened the door and took hold of her dressing gowns, Sansa stepping out of the tub. 

“What did Oberyn Martell want?”

You swallowed thickly. “He um, he just wanted to tell me that King Joffrey has asked you to Throne Room.” 

Oberyn’s fingers trailed lightly up and down your arm, your head on his chest. The two of you lay naked tangled up in sheets, legs interlocked, your fingers tracing shapes on his broad chest. “Why did you choose me?” The words suddenly came out of your mouth, and you tilted your head up to look at Oberyn, who was utterly confused on why you would ask that. “You could have almost any lady in Westeros and yet you choose a handmaiden.”

He flipped you over so he was hovering above you, and he leaned down, pressing a long and passionate kiss to your lips. “Because you are enchanting.” He kissed one side of your neck, “Because you are sexy.” His mouth moved to kiss the bare spot between your breasts, “Because you are alluring.” His mouth molded over the nipple of your left breast and he ran his tongue over the hard nub and then pulled away, “Because you are bewtiching.” Oberyn bit down on your other nipple and dragged it through his teeth, a yelp eliciting from you, your hands immediately finding his hair, and then you felt the tip of him at your entrance, and he pushed in, his lips darting up to your ear while he pushed in again and again, “Because you are intoxicating.”

Only two hours later and Oberyn climbed out of bed, pulling his clothes on with him. You groaned and reached out, taking his hand. Oberyn glanced back down at you while you knealt on the bed and shuffled closer to him, your hands on his shoulders, your breasts pressing against his bare chest. “Please don’t leave yet.” He planted his hands on your waist and then moved them to your back, moving them down, down, until they rested on your ass, squeezing lightly and pulling you closer to him.

“I have to go, little dove. As much as I don’t want to leave you, I have to.” He kissed you again, and stepped away, walking to his door and leaving you alone. A small sigh escaped you and you climbed off of the bed, walking to the trunk at the end of his bed and pulling out a large white shirt. It fit perfectly, cutting off mid thigh just below your butt. You giggled a little and glanced in his mirror; if he saw you like this he wouldn’t be able to control himself. 

You grinned whole- heartedly and grabbed a book off the shelf, taking a seat on the patio and beginning to flip through the book. The pages blew in the wind, and soon you were enveloped in the pages, so much so that you didn’t hear the door open. The only indication you got was when you saw a flowing dress standing to the side of you. “What are you doing here?” You glanced up at the woman, Ellaria Sand.

Suddenly you felt out of place, like you didn’t belong there even though you knew very well that Oberyn wanted you to be there. You cleared your throat and closed the book, setting it down on the bench next to you, standing up. “I was under the impression that Oberyn wasn’t with you anymore.”

She scoffed and rolled her eyes. “He can’t get rid of me that easily. I came to see him, so do you know where he is?” You shook your head, your arms folding around yourself. She watched you for a moment, sizing you up almost, and you shifted uncomfortably under her gaze, pulling down on the shirt that felt so scandalous now. “He’ll leave you soon enough, don’t count on him to stay.” You were stunned, so much so that you didn’t know how to respond, and all you could do was watch her leave.

It took you a minute until you snapped out of it, and then you looked out over the patio, out over the seas, until the ocean met the sky, and you wished Oberyn was here. he would reassure you that Ellaria wasn’t in the picture anymore, that his promise to you was not broken, and he would tell you to stop doubting him, and even though you knew these things, you still felt hopeless.

You placed the third book you’d read back on the shelf when Oberyn walked in, a large grin on his face upon seeing you in his shirt. “Well you are a wonderful thing to come back to.” Oberyn wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you into him, your hands finding his shoulders while he kissed your lips tenderly. He could immediately sense something was wrong, and he pulled away from you almost immediately. “What’s wrong?”

“Ellaria was here looking for you.” You pushed away from him and crossed your arms over your chest. Oberyn was stunned, and for a moment he remained still. 

“She came here first?” You scoffed and moved away from him, to your dress that was draped over a chair in front of his mirror. “Where are you going?” You slid out of his shirt and pulled your dress over yourself.

“I am still a handmaiden, Oberyn, Shae is attending to Lady Sansa until noon, and it is eleven thirty.” He slid across the room to you, not touching you this time. He knew that you were too hurt for his affections right now. 

“I didn’t mean it that way-”

“And how did you mean it, Oberyn?” 

This time he reached out and grabbed hold of your shoulders. “I told her not to come to my room any more because I didn’t want to be with her.” He stepped closer until the two of you were pressed together again. “Because I’m in love with you.” His fingers curled under your chin and lifted your head up, his lips molding over your own. “And I’ll shout it from the rooftops if that’s what it takes to convince you.” 

You shook your head, pecking his lips once more. “That’s too public, people will find out about us. Besides, I have to convince you that I believe you.” You pushed him to the bed, climbing over top of you, beginning to grind against him. 

Oberyn put his hands on your hips, his fingers digging into your hips. “I thought you had to be with Lady Sansa at noon.” You pulled up your dress and leaned down again, your lips on his neck, sucking softly. 

“We have time for a quickie.”

Evolution of me as a fangirl

Me at age 11: “aww that hockey player is nice”

Me at age 13: “it’s just me or is he hotter than others?”

Me at age 15: “his eyes. smile. hair. voice. abs. he’s a god probably”


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Do you think Joffery would have turned out different if he had been raised elsewhere? Myrcella & Tommen are fine but Joffery is a perfect storm of his parents' vices (Robert is the dad as far as parenting is concerned).

Yes. Different experiences = different character. To what extent, though, that is the question. People have been asking that one for ages and not just in relation to Joffrey.

GRRM clearly intended for some nature vs. nurture debate around Joffrey; not for nothing do we hear about both Joffrey cutting open a cat (past the age he should be able to understand that animals feel pain, as far as I can tell), and hear the response was Robert hitting him so hard he lost a tooth, and see that Cersei by and large had no problems with Joffrey’s behaviour. Not for nothing are both Myrcella and Tommen good kids. 

It’s all meant to lead back to the question: is Joffrey inherently bad?

At the very least, I think the scales were grossly weighted in favour of him turning out cruel and spoiled, right from the day of his birth. Between whatever genetic or psychiatric issues we’d call “nature,” the exalted heir apparent position he was born to, and his parents’ neglect/overindulgence/abuse…it’s a bad stew to raise a child with. (And whatever’s gone wrong at whatever point, GRRM doesn’t let the reader forget that Joffrey was a child, as he depicts Joffrey dying confused and afraid in his mother’s arms.)

Anyhow. A lot would depend on when Joffrey was largely removed from the influence of Robert and Cersei, and who became a parental figure in their place.  To name a few likely substitute parent candidates, I doubt Grandpa Tywin, Uncle Stannis, and Uncle Renly read from the same parenting guidebooks.


Imagine joffrey and tommen constantly fighting for your attention as they’re both in love with you, despite their betrothed.

“There she is” tommen sighed silencing Joffrey at once. You walked into the room with your friend and smiled slightly at the two boys. Both brothers smiled widely as you passed them and joffrey slapped tommen when he saw he was staring too. “Im older tom i get first pick”. “No you’ve got margery my marriage is still open and i pick y/n”. “No thats not fair” joffrey whined “i want y/n, i like her more plus she likes me better, she calls me joff and grabs my arm”. “Well she smiles at me and hugged me once”. “She hugged you” joffrey asked in outrage “why! This isn’t fair! Mother tell tommen he cant marry y/n if i cant!” Joffrey yelled in a strop outraged he wouldnt get to marry you. “Shes not a bone to fight over” cersi replied curtly “if your both so serious about her ask her to choose one of you and we can arrange a marriage”. “Lets do it” Joffrey said immediately and Tommen nodded “the only question is" he frowned looking to jofffrey “who will she pick”.

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"Her desire to be loved and to find someone to love." OMG, i seriously shed a tear, while i was reading your answer. This particular reason though makes me cry. Because while almost every character in Westeros wants power and wants to sit on the Iron Throne, the only thing that Sansa truly desires is true, pure love. And that is so amazing. Even though she has become more cunning, she never lost her hope and her empathy. In fact, she became more empathetic. She's too pure for this world.

I think Grrm really makes the point that Sansa is a naive girl at first who wants love and be loved, and that  trait is both a flaw and a  strength. This is clear in one of my favorite  anti-parallels between the different way of ruling that Tywin (and Cersei) try to teach to Joffrey and Ned way of ruling which inspires Sansa (not to mention how Tyrion agrees with Sansa that a love is a better way to inspire loyality)

“Nothing to say, Your Grace?” his uncle went on.

 "Good. Learn to use your ears more and your mouth less, or your reign will be shorter than I am. Wanton brutality is no way to win your people’s love . . . or your queen’s.“”Fear is better than love, Mother says.“ Joffrey pointed at Sansa. “She fears me.”

and how did that went for  Joffrey: not well.

 Sansa tells Oleanna and Margaery he is a monster, and they kill him. 

The only way to keep your people loyal is to make certain they fear you more than they do the enemy.“

"I will remember, Your Grace,” said Sansa, though she had always heard that love was a surer route to the people’s loyalty than fear. If I am ever a queen, I’ll make them love me.

Sansa is not (at least for me) too good for this world, she has flaws. And thank god for that otherwise she would have been boring…. its her shortcomings, her  journey to bratty and yes selfish little girl, to more smart and matured young woman that makes her fascinating to me. Its her taking from granted her Stark origins only to find solace in it when she is losing everything. She goes from wanting to see Kings landing after dark, to build her home Winterfell  with snow, in a godwoods. This is what i love about her. 

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Doesn't Aaron look happier now without Robert in his life? I don't see how they can make it work with the baby still happening. He will always be miserable with Robert. I want him to be happy like he has been.

Hi Nonnie… Sigh… Sorry, I’m not feeling pumped to answer this because I’ve seen a lot of people answer this exact question better than I ever could… Always me:

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Aaron has looked happy lately hasn’t he? In all his Bartsy scenes and his Aaron and Vadam scenes (which are like, all his scenes atm). But aside from when plot calls for the characters to fall out, when hasn’t Danny looked happy in scenes Adam T?

I actually think he just really fucking loves spending time filming scenes with his best mate. So when Aaron is meant to look happy in scenes with Adam, Danny can’t help but make him look really happy. Because he, as in Danny, just is…

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Adam’s his best mate ya know? Ryan’s a great work colleague and probably a good friend in the way you are with some colleagues, and they do have awesome chemistry. But they don’t have that intense, real world connection that just permeates fiction.

Secondly, I think Aaron is meant to be happy. We saw months of Aaron being miserable trying to cope with the baby. But he was happy when they got married. We’ve forgotten. So happy. Besides, a lot of people get that rush of adrenaline after a long, now-toxic (don’t fight me, it was) relationship is over. Cut off their hair, buy a pet, write a book. And after what he’s been through, who wouldn’t want that for Aaron? Would you rather be watching him cry day after day? But, he also has these brief, fleeting moments where he can’t sustain those energy levels. Can’t sustain the smiles. Usually when no one else is (but us) is watching…

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Danny is great at these. I mean seriously what purpose do they serve, other than to let us know that Aaron still isn’t okay?

So, I think there are mitigating factors in the statement ‘Aaron is happier now’. But, to answer your subsequent questions. Do I think they can make it work with the baby? Nnnnn-… Yes… Look, it won’t be easy. But it’s a soap. Anything is possible. When we watched the lodge did I think this was possible? 

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No I did fucking not. Life moves on in soap. Even faster than it does in everyday life. 

If they continue to labour on with this baby sl (labour? geddit? lol), I have no doubts it won’t be long before we see Aaron like this again. 

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And happy with it too. Question is… Can you be happy watching that? It’s what I’m trying to get my head around… Truth is, I just don’t know Nonnie. 

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If the Tyrells didn't assassinate Joffrey, do you think later on Margaery would be treated just as horribly as Sansa was? I'm inclined to think that he would be much less cruel to her, since Margaery smarter than Sansa, so she might find a way to handle him. If the Tyrells still want Joffrey out of the picture why did not they just wait till their first son in born?

First and foremost. Suffering domestic violence has nothing to do with how intelligent one is. Intelligent people can be victims of domestic violence every bit as much as less intelligent people. Being a victim of domestic violence does not make someone unintelligent. That phrasing also puts the onus of not suffering domestic violence on the victim, who needs to “find a way to handle” their abuser, rather than on the abuser not to abuse.

This leads me to the answer to your question, anon. Yes. Joffrey would hurt Margaery, no matter how smart she is. This is why Olenna and Margaery confirm the rumours about Joffrey with Sansa, Joffrey’s last fiancee. They believe that if Joffrey treated one betrothed horribly, he’s likely to treat his next betrothed the same way. In private, at least, even if he somehow manages to restrain himself in public. It has very little to do with Margaery’s personal qualities, and everything to do with the fact that Margaery would be a woman in Joffrey’s power. Sansa knows this too.

“Joff might restrain himself a few turns, perhaps as long as a year, but soon or late he will show his claws, and when he does…”

“[Joffrey] always played the perfect knight with [Margaery], as once he had with Sansa. She will see his true nature soon enough. After the wedding, if not before.”

- Sansa II, ASoS

This is exactly why the Tyrells don’t wait around in killing Joffrey. He dies before he can hurt Margaery at all. They’re not going to put it on her to “handle” him “somehow” in such a way to prevent violence to her person entirely, because it’s not going to work. The only thing that would stop Joffrey being a domestic abuser is a marked change in attitude from Joffrey himself. Since that’s not going to happen, the Tyrells decide that Joffrey has to go, sooner rather than later.

(Also, Sansa’s one of the smartest PoV characters in the entire series. Margaery would have to be very clever indeed to be smarter than Sansa.)