ask jeff the killer cosplay

So after a long time being away jeffs back !!

not as you may know him . time has taken its tole and jeffs found him self locked up . we are excepting letters through to him .


ASK OPEN ! feel free to send jeff lots of questions .

you can also ask his other friends questions as well .

after a long wait i felt it was time to bring life back to this old once cosplay blog known as jeff the killer cosplayer even though the cosplays long dead i thought its worth a shot bringing my jeff back but in art form this time . so do feel free to send in asks i shall also be working on comics on the side xx

anonymous asked:

You are cool as fuck but you have failed to make me scared. Love the cosplays.... A lot

Jeff: Hey ho …Joker ….that little Guy isn’t scared about us …do something!

Joker: How about a magic trick?

When I was young I wore my sister’s clothes.I liked to paint my nails and I had secrets no one knows But now that I’m grown up I cook dinner for my wife I still carry my secrets along with a butcher’s knife


Jeff and Jack throw a house party… 

What could possibly go wrong?

anonymous asked:

Hi so I just saw a pic of you and oh my Lúcifer! I'm sooo in love with gothic people and super crazy bout Marilyn Manson.. and ur pic it was just super awesome! Can u send another pic ? Sorry for asking

Honestly I have so many different faces:….

the cute schoolboy:

(okay ….I am not cute …don’t say I’m cute)

The Killer:

( And I’m still NOT cute)

The Joker:

( and even if I’m wearing a Hawaiian shirt I’m not cute)

And Me:

but now I just want to fucking drink my coffee ….


Jeff the Killer’s legacy…