ask jeff and liu


The answer is yes

Here is what they say btw:

Toby: Highly Gay
Ben: High and Gay
Kagekao: Spooder
Eyeless Jack: Hentai Material
Jane: THICC Queen
Smile: Urban Dictionary
Jeff: Miss America
Liu: My Bro Was My Plastic Surgeon WBU?
Puppeteer: B My Fren
Bloody Painter: Van Gogh
LJ: Monochrome Toothpick
Tim/Masky: This is David
Brian/Hoodie: Lowkey Dead ( ;) )
Clockwork: WHORE



Episode 4 update!! 

Finally was able to secure a location to do a rather interesting scene involving the Woods brothers and Jane. If everything goes according to plan tomorrow, we will either be wrapped or almost wrapped on this long awaited episode! I really hope you guys like it. We had to go a different route with the killer trio scene. 

As a gift for being so incredibly patient and understanding, here’s some screen grabs of @spectregeneral66 as Jeff the Killer and @chiropterax as Homicidal Liu. 

Thank you all again for being amazing and supportive! The last few months have been very difficult and I can’t thank you all enough for sticking around! 

I’d like episode 4 to be out by February 19th. We’ll see how that goes. 

AYE how do you guys feel about me possibly adding Jeff to this ask blog? Like Both Liu and Jeff will be modified to be more unique so you’ll be able to go “oh, this Jeff and Liu are from this blog”



This is why I let Jeff Woods have most of the attention.
“17. In a school uniform”