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The answer is yes

Here is what they say btw:

Toby: Highly Gay
Ben: High and Gay
Kagekao: Spooder
Eyeless Jack: Hentai Material
Jane: THICC Queen
Smile: Urban Dictionary
Jeff: Miss America
Liu: My Bro Was My Plastic Surgeon WBU?
Puppeteer: B My Fren
Bloody Painter: Van Gogh
LJ: Monochrome Toothpick
Tim/Masky: This is David
Brian/Hoodie: Lowkey Dead ( ;) )
Clockwork: WHORE


On̸e̸ n̸i̸g̸h̸t̸ o̸f̸ t̸h̸e̸ h̸u̸n̸t̸e̸r̸
On̸e̸ d̸a̸y̸ i̸ w̸i̸l̸l̸ g̸e̸t̸ r̸e̸v̸e̸n̸g̸e̸
On̸e̸ n̸i̸g̸h̸t̸ t̸o̸ r̸e̸m̸e̸m̸b̸e̸r̸
On̸e̸ d̸a̸y̸ i̸t̸'l̸l̸ a̸l̸l̸ j̸u̸s̸t̸ e̸n̸d̸


Episode 4 update!! 

Finally was able to secure a location to do a rather interesting scene involving the Woods brothers and Jane. If everything goes according to plan tomorrow, we will either be wrapped or almost wrapped on this long awaited episode! I really hope you guys like it. We had to go a different route with the killer trio scene. 

As a gift for being so incredibly patient and understanding, here’s some screen grabs of @spectregeneral66 as Jeff the Killer and @chiropterax as Homicidal Liu. 

Thank you all again for being amazing and supportive! The last few months have been very difficult and I can’t thank you all enough for sticking around! 

I’d like episode 4 to be out by February 19th. We’ll see how that goes. 

ticcitoby2002  asked:

If in Hamilton who would be who?, I think Tim would be Hamilton, and Jeff as Aaron Burr.

I’ve actually thought about this a lot in the past and I’ve included a few characters from marble hornets and characters I normally wouldn’t put on this blog.Bare with me cause this will a long post so continue reading if you’re interested. Also expect some misspelled names, maybe.

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tiernan420  asked:

How many drafts of each episode do you and Matt make before coming up with the final outline?

We go through at least two drafts of the outline. Matt and I each write half and then combine our parts and make some edits. Then Rebecca and our supervising directors, Joe Johnston and Kat Morris (and previously Ian Jones-Quartey), take a look and give notes. We’ll do a rewrite together and then send it to the network execs overseeing the show for approval. If the network has minor notes we’ll address them as we hand out the outline to the storyboard artists, but if they have substantial problems we might have to do a rewrite.

But before we even get to writing the 2-3 page outline, we write a “premise.” This is a single page summary of the episode that goes through the entire process explained above. So in a way that’s a whole other draft.

Now some outlines have had major major rewrites. Sometimes we’ll talk out a story and feel like we’ve got a solid skeleton and when we write the premise or first outline it just doesn’t feel right. Maybe not enough happens, maybe the story feels “muddy” or has too many elements competing for attention. Or it’s decided we should just approach it from a different angle.

The story that had the most drafts I can think of was probably “Marble Madness” which was originally called “Gem Droid”. 

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“The way I see it, everyone would look better in red. It is what’s on the inside that counts, am I right..?”

//Liu being the little psychopath that he is. And yes, I have scissors in the top picture because I couldn’t get a knife from the kitchen shh
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