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10. Loving kiss.

It wasn’t rushed or anything, but as soon as they were locked in the closet together, Armin placed her hands on his shirt collar and stepped forward to close the space in between them. She couldn’t have been anymore nervous at this moment. The blonde leaned in and pressed her lips to his gently. She kissed him for a good amount of time before pulling back because he hadn’t done anything to kiss her back. “Sorry but…it’s just that you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” It was a good thing it was dark because she was blushing so much that she felt like her cheeks were on fire.


Shop Cliche || Closed Thread w/ ask-jeageeeer

Armin sighed as he was finishing making the display for the day, making sure it was nice for the public whenever they walked into the quaint flower shop. He had been able to make it today, and so he close to flood the display with beautiful hues of blue and white. Though displays weren’t always too much, he loved the gradient he made with the colors, white at the top fading down to the darkest of blues. Eyes darted to his watch to check the time only to widen– it was a minute until opening!

Rushing around, he went and made sure everything was presentable, him being the only employee here right now, as he opened the store up. A soft sigh escaped his lips, looking around at the mall that was brimming with a little bit of people. It wasn’t noon yet, it’d be busy then. Well, the food court in the mall this quaint flower shop was in would be, then people would trickle by and then business would really be booming. While he waited for the hustle and bustle of lunch-rushers, he sat in the chair behind the counter, taking out a novel he began to read with a hum, glancing out the window every so often at the tattoo parlor across the way. 

He wouldn’t admit it out loud but he saw a really cute worker there. Armin didn’t have the guts to try to approach him, no, what if he thought he was weird? No, he’d stay behind in the little shop, only leaving when his shift ended or during his lunch break, and he would either go home or to the food court for food during those times.


|| What could possibly go wrong? || RP|| With: ask-jeageeeer || Closed ||


He was actually fucking doing this. Why? Because he promised he would for a certain green eyed brat, that’s fucking why. He was currently on his way to his boyfriends sisters house to possibly either make the worst decision in his life, or the best. Who knows. But he did know one thing and this was for certain.

He was going to get Eren Jeagers name tattooed on his dick today.

Finally pulling up to a small apartment complex, Levi parked his car and got out with a deep sigh. He was really going to do this wasn’t he? Shrugging his shoulders Levi entered the lobby giving a small wave to the person at the counter before walking into the elevator and pressed  button for the 4th floor, the doors closing with a small ‘ding’ Once on the right floor Levi made his way to the right door labeled ‘104′ in gold on a white door and gave it a few firm knocks, briefly hearing someone yelling on the other side.

Best Friend’s Brother

Based off of:

  • your sister is throwing this huge sleepover in your basement and as i look around your kitchen for snacks you come down the stairs wearing nothing but a pair of low sweatpants

It wasn't the first time she’d spent time with Mikasa out of school, but it was the first time she’d been to her house. The raven almost always insisted that they go to Armin’s house because of her brother, but after this incident, she had no idea why she hadn't come sooner.

Mikasa had sent her upstairs to get some popcorn and some more drinks, but as she was looking through the refrigerator, Armin stopped in her tracks and stared. Why has Kasa been hiding this beautiful creature from me? It was a good thing she didn’t drop the food.

There her brother was, also looking for food, but since it was his house too, he didn’t seem to care what he was wearing. No shirt and a pair a sweatpants that it looked like he just threw on in case someone were there. They hugged his hips in a nice way, securely, but lazily. Adverting her eyes from his hips and well sculpted chest, for his age anyway, she finally made eye contact and his eyes were just as beautiful as his body.

Armin was so stuck in shock that someone like this existed and was right in front of her that she just stood there, with her mouth slightly open, unable to do anything. She couldn’t talk, nor did her legs remember how to move so that she could escape the embarrassment.


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"I hate you" [never enough angst lmao]

“…y-you…” Her lip quivered, and she wanted to run away. Why would he say that? She knew the reason. She just didn’t want it to be true. “I’ll leave if you want. You could have said it nicer.” Armin’s eyes began to tear up, and the tears fell uncontrollably from that point on. She put her head In her hands to try and hid it.


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*swirly meme*

12. Strip for your muse

“Sit down here, and let me give you a little show, okay?” Armin said, guiding him with her hands grasping his upper arms and pushing him back to sit on the bed.

Once he was situated, the blonde stepped back and smiled to him. She was unaware if he knew what was going on or not, but either way, he was in for a big treat. “Ready?” Armin said, clasping her hands together in front of her chest.

She grabbed the opposite sides of her shirt, crossing her arms and pulled up, then threw it off to the side. Armin looked to him to see his reaction.