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If you're still doing headcannons, first four protagonist of silent hill series? Plus Claudia and Eileen if you want. Thanks!

OH MAN THAT’S A LOT but let’s do this.

Headcanon A: Harry Mason was a practicing Christian prior to the events of Silent Hill– after, he spent a number of years struggling to reconcile his faith with everything that he’d witnessed. Eventually, he somewhat made peace with it, but it was never fully the same afterwards.
Headcanon B: Harry was a nonfiction/true crime author prior to Silent Hill. Then, in an attempt to cope, he wrote one horror novel under a pseudonym, never intending to write another one. Just one. NATURALLY It was a massive hit and publishing houses proceeded to bother him incessantly to do more like it. He occasionally would joke to Heather that half the reason they changed names and kept moving around was to make it harder for his agent to harass him.
Headcanon C: Harry frequently read to Heather as a child, and the most frequent choice was Watership Down. Harry always made a point of placing EXTRA special emphasis on the creation myth, and Frith’s instructions for El-ah-rairah: “All the world shall be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies. And when they catch you, they will kill you. But first, they must catch you. Digger, listener, runner, Prince with a swift warning. Be cunning, and full of tricks. And your people shall never die.”
It was his way of, without frightening her, trying to prepare her for the certain inevitability that the Order was going to catch up with them eventually.

Headcanon A: James has a very, very hard time interpreting and responding to social cues. Getting confused or defensive when misinterpreted is part of the reason he comes off as ‘surly’– it’s easier to come off as antisocial than face anger or ridicule after saying something unintentionally rude, which happened A Lot ™ when he was growing up.
Headcanon B: A defining moment in his and Mary’s early relationship was him finally telling her about his dad’s creepy umbilical-cord box and them going “OH MY GOD?!” “I KNOW!!” about it back and forth for a solid ten minutes while sitting in a parked car.
Headcanon C: Before Mary got sick, James was over-the-moon excited about being a father someday. They both took it for granted that it was definitely going to happen. Spoilers: it didn’t.

Headcanon A: As much as Heather always loved her father, as a teenager she started to resent his smothering, overprotective tendencies (as well as the fact that they constantly moved around) and started openly acting out– smoking, drinking, shoplifting, partying, and getting in fights. 
Headcanon B:  On at least one occasion after Silent Hill 3, Heather scared the shit out of some poor door-to-door religious pamphlet people by wrenching the door open with her rifle in hand and yelling “I KILLED YOUR GOD!”
Headcanon C: Sometimes really late at night when she’s drinking alone, Heather thinks really hard about the fact that by not killing her in infancy and instead raising her like any other child, Harry was literally gambling with the fate of the world. Really, really hard.

Headcanon A: Henry was the youngest in a large, rich family. His quiet, anxious nature meant he was constantly overlooked and all of his siblings went on to have important, high-income careers, he… went to art school, dropped out, and moved off to the east coast to get away from the constant pressure and quiet judgment. 
Headcanon B: Henry may hate socializing, but one of his favorite ways to make time spent in public places bearable is by standing quietly in the background of other peoples’ photos at every opportunity and looking directly at the camera.
Headcanon C: The events of SH4 effectively cured the severest of Henry’s agoraphobia… at the cost of sending him to the complete opposite end of the spectrum. For several weeks after first leaving the apartment complex, Henry was actively terrified of entering ANY buildings and spent more than one night literally sleeping on the streets.

Headcanon A: Claudia suffers from trichotillomania, a nervous disorder that causes a person to compulsively pluck out their own hair. This is why she doesn’t have eyebrows.
Headcanon B: Claudia met with Douglas on a number of occasions before he was actually able to locate Heather, and had to leave Silent Hill to do so. But she has no driver’s license and certainly nobody to get a ride from. So please, if you will, imagine being the unfortunate public transit passenger stuck sitting across from a tall scary woman with no eyebrows, no shoes, and no sense of how long is too long to be maintaining direct eye contact.
Headcanon C: As very young children, Vincent (then a preschooler) really latched on to the early-elementary-school-age Claudia, sometimes even following her straight past his own house on the walk home from school– which usually prompted an exasperated cry of “GO HOME, VINCENT!” from Claudia.
If you don’t think this is sad, please recall the other time that she says those words to him.

Headcanon A: Eileen waffled between a lot of potential career choices before eventually deciding to pursue becoming a conflict resolution specialist, thanks to her ability to get along with virtually anybody (like, come on, she even gets along with RICHARD).
Headcanon B: Out of the entire cast of protagonists, Eileen is the most terrifying and willing fighter out of them all. It doesn’t matter how scary you are– try and mug Eileen and she’ll come at you.
Headcanon C: Prior to SH4, Eileen would have described herself as seeing the best in everybody and trusting easily. Needless to say, that’s not the case anymore– and she has a really hard time not hating herself for no longer being the bubbly, open-hearted person she used to be.   

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Winter holidays with SH survivers as a found family- who hosts? Who cooks? Who brings nothing but $10 grocery store wine? Who falls asleep on the couch immediately after dinner?

Harry Mason

  • Very Official Dad of the group
  • arrives an hour early to prep everything + stays the latest to clean up
  • average-bad cook. im talking food that looks edible, smells edible, but tastes a little hairy :\
  • plays the Beatles during dinner; everyone hates it 
  • probably gets struck with inspiration at some point and now has seven scrawled napkins in his pockets

James Sunderland

  • part of the 30 minutes late squad
  • “Nothing happened, I just didn’t really want to come.” at least he’s honest if nothing else
  • despite his standoffish behavior, he really likes having a get together with everyone
  • cries at one point because he thought about Mary again
  • gets a little tipsy off the $10 wine

Heather Mason

  • arrives fifteen minutes late with Starbucks
  • Supremely Disappointed there are no holiday decorations
  • brought baked goods!! has like eighty boxes of storebought cookies in her bag
  • the kind of person to stick her hands in the snow and then immediately touch someone’s neck
  • makes snowflakes out of the frost on the windows

Henry Townshend

  • accidentally punctual (meant to arrive early, had to work down some anxiety before he could get out of his car)
  • blends a little too well into the background. remains mostly unnoticed until someone (Harry) needs a taste-testing scapegoat
  • brought the $10 wine
  • takes pictures of everything that makes him happy (and ends up with a lot of candid photos :”) )
  • swipes all the cookies and smuggles them into his car; no one realizes until he’s already gone

Alex Shepherd

  • unwittingly offered to host; didn’t realize his Mistake until it was too late
  • has no intention of decorating; cleans up after everyone because the mess is Too Much
  • spends the majority of the night listening to travis’s Wild Trucker Stories and gets WAY too into them
  • enjoys making snow angels
  • very exhausted by the end of the night and kicks everyone out as soon as he can

Travis Grady

  • also part of the 30 minutes late squad
  • has a good reason for why he’s late! too bad no one believes him
  • Looks Like A Friend; everyone talks to him, but somehow he leads the conversation back to his many Wild Trucker Stories
  • someone drops something under the couch and he picks up half the sofa no sweat (alex “PLEASE put the couch down!” shepherd intervenes)
  • sings holiday carols just to have a good time :)

Murphy Pendleton

  • arrives early to monitor damage control
  • accidentally starts a Car Discourse
  • has studied pun books and is ready to Unleash
  • “Did you guys hear about that karate school restuarant that just opened up? I heard they’re only serving chops.” 
  • “I was telling Harry how to make the soup, but I guess I ended up adding in-salt to injury.”
  • falls asleep on the couch immediately after dinner