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I have an idea for a stephen king haunted house it would be a compilation of stephen king movie adaptations one scene will include the shining you would walk into the hallways of the overlook hotel jack torrance and many more from the shing would've pop out of the doors next scene would be the sewers from it it could also feature pennywise and his forms including his deadlight form and his spider form next scene would be miser where the infamous bed scene and those are my stephen king scenes

And another scene would be where you walk into a school prom, and then the whole room shakes while lights are flickering and you hear a woman’s voice saying: “They’re all gonna laugh at you!”

I would so much walk into that haunted house, I love this idea!

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Talking about my favourite band: “They’re all total fucking idiots.”
*points to favourite member* “That one right there is the biggest twat”

Jack White and typical sass, Vault Chat 11/2/15

<Honeyhues> what is with your hair?
<Jack White> @Honeyhues it’s perfect

<CMATTHEW10> How does a person get a picture with you? It is impossible. I met someone with a backstage pass but was too nervous to ask…..
<Jack White> @CMATTHEW10 cash.

<2Jacko2> @Jack White will the new single be edible?
<Jack White> @2Jacko2 aren’t they all?

<Meghan Lawrence> @Jack White for what its worth I don’t think you are an asshole.
<Jack White> @Meghan Lawrence haha let’s get married then

Top 10 Most Important Artists In The World Right Now

Natural Selection is a process that is regularly summed up as being survival of the fittest where animals with traits that make them better suited to their environment outlive those who are not adept to dealing with predators or their surroundings. This is seen in all walks of life, music being no different with only the successful managing to have a long shelf life whilst one hit wonder acts mostly crash and burn after their time in the limelight. However there are artists that aim for more than just merely making a lot of money, managing to innovate and inspire rather than dish out the same old stuff album after album. This list will comprise of the acts that I think are really making a difference to their respected genre and have an important place in music at the moment, regardless of how much material they’ve released or how many albums they’ve sold so there’ll, thankfully, be no Jake Bugg on this list, you can give me all the praise and presents to me when I get my knighthood.

10. Peace

Although this band from England may be new, their debut album In Love was released last year, they have managed to gather quite a devoted fanbase thanks to the wonders of social networking as well as their rather infamous appearance on E4’s Made In Chelsea though this hasn’t damaged the band’s popularity in the slightest. Only time will tell if Harry Koisser and co can realise their potential for their upcoming album but with one refreshing and well crafter under their belt it’s clear that there’ll be an audience craving for new material.

9. Kendrick Lamar

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Many people have a naïve opinion on hip hop, saying that it’s all about getting money and bragging about sex and even though there rappers that do this, to avoid a whole genre just because of these artists would be stupid. Why? You’d be missing out on of the best albums to be release this century Good Kid, m.A.A.d city released by Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar who’s rose to mainstream attention after appearing on popular songs by A$AP Rocky and * sigh * Robin Thicke. The storyline and narrative that his albums feature have totally changed the rap game and with a sequel confirmed, prepare for an album that’s like a movie for your ears.

8.The Front Bottoms

Just like when blink-182 changed the whole pop punk genre and made it their own, so to have New Jersey Band The Front Bottoms who last year released Talon Of The Hawk, filled with so much teen angst and adolescent dilemmas that it could have passed for an episode of Skins. Lead singer Brian Sella has a distinct voice that works so well the oddly worded lyrics he delivers over the light-hearted beautiful acoustic sound thanks in part to Matthew and Brian Uychich who play drums and keyboard respectively. Keep your eyes on this trio cause they’ll be sure to fill that gap left by blink’s absence and are a fantastic act in their own right.


By scrapping the repetitive formula of your Examples and David Guettas, Disclosure have managed to provide tracks with more soul and emotional depth, something that electronic music has been severely lacking in since Aphex Twin’s absence. With fantastic live performances at concerts and festivals all around the world, the Lawrence brothers have the attention of millions and if Settle is anything to go by they’re not going to disappoint.

6.Bombay Bicycle Club

They’re the David Bowie of bands and if that doesn’t get you interested then there’s no hope for you. Just like the Queen Bitch himself, Bombay Bicycle Club are not a band that sticks to the one sound (their back catalogue consists of blues, folk and pop) and with each successive release they just keep getting better and better. Knowing that their next album will have a distinct twist on their already successful sound, you’d be silly not to be excited to see what the band come out with next.

5.Jack White

If one word was to sum up the former White Stripes frontman it would be eccentric, his music shows this side with some rather odd lyrics even implementing a different language in the eponymously named track from second album Lazaretto to spice things up. His music is totally indefatigable and ,along with his unpredictable nature, makes for one of the most interesting musicians around at the moment. Yo Mr White, mind keeping up the good work?

4. Vampire Weekend

An easy listening band that are enjoyable regardless if you’re just listening to hits like Diane Young and A-Punk or for the more slow paced yet equally as beautiful tracks like Hannah Hunt, Vampire Weekend are also lucky to have one of the funniest and most beloved frontmen around right now. As well as this they’ve finally found a sound that goes well with the now thought provoking lyrics that were supplied on recent album Modern Vampires Of The City though this doesn’t mean that their debut album and Contra are any less amazing. After being named the most important band in the world by Q, it’s clear that the always charismatic New York band are one that everyone should keep their eye, well ear, on.

3. Biffy Clyro

Call it me being bias but the biff deserve to be on this list. The Scottish rock trio managed to gain a loyal fan-base during their first three incredible alternative albums that have stuck by them since. As well as this, there are the fans who discovered the band after the boys came across a classic stadium rock formula that has served them well with some top 40 singles in addition to their number 1 album Opposites. With fantastic headline performances at Reading + Leeds and T In The Park, Biffy are a force to be reckoned with.

2. Radiohead

Anyone who’s heard about the Thom Yorke lead band know that they are utterly innovative, inspiring some of the greatest bands of the 21st century like Arcade Fire who also never stick to the same sound for too long. Even though they’ve been around for more than two decades, the band are still as relevant as they were before thanks to the song-writing magic that Yorke has a knack for, on top of the fact that they’re able to deliver eerie yet beautiful music like no other band can. With new songs currently being worked on, it won’t be long till we’re graced with Radiohead’s presence yet again.

1. Kanye West

If vanity could fuel a rocket then Kanye could have engraved his face onto every planet in the milky way twice. Whether you find him utterly annoying and arrogant or bold and creative, there’s no doubt that Kanye/Yeezy/Yeezus/ is an interesting character. It’s also clear that Mr West’s egotistical nature definitely improves his music as if it was not for this enormous confidence he has in himself we wouldn’t have got some of the best albums of the past 21st century, arguably ever, such as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and The College Dropout. Whether you’re watching an interview of him or listening to his music, there’s never a dull moment and with this unmatched creativity and innovation on all of his albums it’s clear that Kanye has the right to call himself the biggest rockstar on the planet. 

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hey honest question, why do you and others keep obsessively bringing up soldier 76 almost letting that kid get hurt as proof he's bad? that was after he became hardened as soldier 76. if that's proof he's bad, why isn't gabe using death blossom around children, or that he's a terrorist proof that he's bad?

Good question! I think it’s because fandom has decided that Jack is a good, moral, Captain America, dad type figure…and that view carries on to Soldier, despite canonical evidence to the contrary- that he had to think about whether or not he should let a kid die, that his in-game lines are generally gruff, etc.

In contrast, we know that Reaper is a bad guy because Blizzard says he’s a terrorist, he’s murdering former Overwatch agents, he’s got these blatantly awful voice lines, etc. (which is a whole other thing bc statistically, Chicanxs get very little representation in media, and what we do get is usually negative and/or stereotypical, so that was a Bad call by Blizzard in general). What we know about Gabriel is less definitive, because most of it is from articles that, as someone pointed out before, are part of the mythos of Ovw, written by a fictional journalist who’s not omniscient. It’s a lot of speculation on the journalist’s part. (Though interestingly enough, there’s also mention of Soldier bombing, stealing, etc. for his own agenda that’s like? Not really talked about?).

So on the one hand you have fandom portraying both Jack and Soldier as a good person despite evidence to the contrary, and on the other you have fandom portraying Gabe as abusive, a rapist, a criminal, and generally just a stereotypically antagonistic Mexican despite having? Little to no canon evidence of that? Besides Reaper’s voice lines that is, which don’t necessarily apply to Gabriel too.

Another thing is, I think people assume we’re trying to say that Reaper is innocent and pure? We’re not. We’re trying to say that GABRIEL was a good person. There’s a disconnect between the two, and if you look over the involved previous asks/posts, most if not all say Gabe, “pre-fall Gabe,” and/or “pre-Reaper Gabe.” Even then, literally no one is trying to make him perfect. Most of us talk about how we just want him to be treated like a human; like a flawed, somewhat good, complex, non-stereotypical Mexican human.

Tl;dr: fandom contradicts itself in how it ignores canon to make both versions of a white guy good, and at the same time uses scraps of canon to try and prove why both versions of a dark-skinned character must always be evil, so why not talk about Soldier like that


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Due to popular demand (and just not the Curls Team) the Elvis vs Curls vote off is back on. Round 1 saw over 200 people voting, which was a really unexpected turn out and took us at The Hub HQ by surprise – a lot. But what took us by surprise even more was that more people preferred the Elvis. So do the Curls Team want some redemption? I have a feeling they do.

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