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Talking about my favourite band: “They’re all total fucking idiots.”
*points to favourite member* “That one right there is the biggest twat”

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hey honest question, why do you and others keep obsessively bringing up soldier 76 almost letting that kid get hurt as proof he's bad? that was after he became hardened as soldier 76. if that's proof he's bad, why isn't gabe using death blossom around children, or that he's a terrorist proof that he's bad?

Good question! I think it’s because fandom has decided that Jack is a good, moral, Captain America, dad type figure…and that view carries on to Soldier, despite canonical evidence to the contrary- that he had to think about whether or not he should let a kid die, that his in-game lines are generally gruff, etc.

In contrast, we know that Reaper is a bad guy because Blizzard says he’s a terrorist, he’s murdering former Overwatch agents, he’s got these blatantly awful voice lines, etc. (which is a whole other thing bc statistically, Chicanxs get very little representation in media, and what we do get is usually negative and/or stereotypical, so that was a Bad call by Blizzard in general). What we know about Gabriel is less definitive, because most of it is from articles that, as someone pointed out before, are part of the mythos of Ovw, written by a fictional journalist who’s not omniscient. It’s a lot of speculation on the journalist’s part. (Though interestingly enough, there’s also mention of Soldier bombing, stealing, etc. for his own agenda that’s like? Not really talked about?).

So on the one hand you have fandom portraying both Jack and Soldier as a good person despite evidence to the contrary, and on the other you have fandom portraying Gabe as abusive, a rapist, a criminal, and generally just a stereotypically antagonistic Mexican despite having? Little to no canon evidence of that? Besides Reaper’s voice lines that is, which don’t necessarily apply to Gabriel too.

Another thing is, I think people assume we’re trying to say that Reaper is innocent and pure? We’re not. We’re trying to say that GABRIEL was a good person. There’s a disconnect between the two, and if you look over the involved previous asks/posts, most if not all say Gabe, “pre-fall Gabe,” and/or “pre-Reaper Gabe.” Even then, literally no one is trying to make him perfect. Most of us talk about how we just want him to be treated like a human; like a flawed, somewhat good, complex, non-stereotypical Mexican human.

Tl;dr: fandom contradicts itself in how it ignores canon to make both versions of a white guy good, and at the same time uses scraps of canon to try and prove why both versions of a dark-skinned character must always be evil, so why not talk about Soldier like that

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Hey there! I have a question about self expression and you were the 1st person I thought to ask... I'm biologically female & also identify as female but I've always been drawn to male clothing and have recently decided to start dressing however makes me feel most comfortable. I guess my question is, is it wrong to want to dress male/masculinely if I identify as female? Would I have to call myself genderfluid if I switched back and forth between masculine & feminine fashions? Thnx!

hi! i’m glad you asked because i’ve had quite a few people come to me asking the same thing before and it seems to be quite a common confusion. first off, before even getting into your gender identity you have to understand that the way someone dresses does not directly affect their gender. there are a LOT of female identifying people who dress masculine. i can assure you that most of them are very happy identifying as female and shouldn’t have to reconsider their gender because of the clothes they choose to wear. this goes for male identifying people wearing feminine clothing too! basically what i’m trying to say is that unless you’re feeling gender/body dysphoria, or feel wrong identifying as female for some reason other than just wanting to wear masculine clothing, then you don’t have to worry about it. don’t feel like you HAVE to identify any certain way, just do what feels right to you! just know that fashion isn’t a gender, nor is fashion gendered.