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Marco thinks that feeding me sugar cubes is just about the funniest thing in the world.

We don’t get a lot of sweets, what with the rationing and all, so if it means I get to eat sugar, I will play along with him …

Shingeki no Musicals (excerpt from Sunday's shoot ...)
  • Hanji: Ok, Jean, for this shot you're going to be singing to Marco. Marco, come stand behind the camera.
  • Jean: [laughing fit]
  • Hanji: Jean, stop laughing! Marco, stop making faces!
  • Hanji: Ok, Jean, so your eye-line is weird. Can you look lower? Like, sing at Marco's belt ...
  • Marco: [inappropriate gesture]
  • Jean: You want me to serenade his dick?
  • Levi: [facepalms]
  • Hanji: ...
  • Jean: Like it's a freckled microphone?
  • Jean & Marco: [more laughing fits]
  • Hanji: ...
  • Hanji: We're not gonna finish, are we?
  • Levi: We are *never* using these two in a scene together again.

Commander has agreed to our suggestion to retire all the service horses and replace them with motorbikes … “As soon as you two idiots can sit on one properly, without doing the stupid poses." 

It looks like we won’t be getting new bikes for a while.