ask irl cosplay

“Me? Oh, well…”

Admin Tweek: Typically I go by female pronouns but truthfully I’m androgynous in mind and body so I’ve gone by either. So, yeah, whatever is chill.

Admin Craig: And yeah, I’m a guy out of cosplay.

“And yes, we’re definitely dating in real life.~ <3 We’re hoping to start up the YouTube channel sometime later in the year so stay tuned for that!″


No… not yet. And I am trying to convince him REALLY hard. /looks at Percy and leans in to kiss him in the neck/ - Nico

Oooh I don’t know if tis is really the good time and place !! - Percy

…. - Nico

… /leans forward to kiss Nico on the cheek then the neck/ - Percy


Day 11: What’s your favorite thing to do with your family during Christmas?

“I could ask Levi the same question…”
🎄  25 Days of Ererimas

🎁  Levi / Eren