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Go on a road trip, they said. It’ll be good for you two, they said. It could be fun, they said. 

That was the last time Mikasa would take advice from the others, and even now, sitting in the passenger seat of the black BMW SUV, the dark-haired girl questioned why she had agreed to it, and more importantly, what had even compelled her to say yes? Silence hung between her and Annie, the air thick with tension, no doubt from their usual rivalry, and a certain level of discomfort as Mikasa kept her gaze focused on the passing scenery. 

It had taken them long enough to get this far, speeding down a near empty highway, midday and the typical ‘perfect’ summer day. Even that was a competition. Arguing over who should drive first; which direction they were supposed to be going; who quoted the line from a movie incorrectly. It was, quite honestly, a miracle no one had been killed yet. 

Something caught the dark-haired girl’s attention and she straightened, glancing at it in the rear-view mirror as it flickered by. “We passed that sign already.” She glanced over at Annie, waiting for her to acknowledge that she had said anything. 

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I'm sorry for what that anon said! Some people just need to get over themselves. You and your body and how you see yourself and who you are is what is important, not what someone else wants you to be. And the fact that that anon was too much a coward to speak their opinion in person just shows what type of person they are. I wouldn't have been able to handle the situation as well as you did, tbh. Way to tell them off!

Ahhh its okay I promise <3 thank you

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It was mid-morning and Mikasa had contented herself with the pages of her book, one leg crossed over the other and her back pressed against the wooden bench. She had promised Claire that they would visit the park today, and, to avoid Claire’s phenomenal pout and puppy dog eyes, Mikasa had been intent on keeping her promise. 

She was glad the day brought nice weather, a clear sky with a light breeze. She glanced up from her book, catching sight of her daughter playing with carefree abandon on the swing set. Seeing her daughter happy brought a smile to Mikasa’s face as she glanced around, watching the other park-goers for a few minutes.

It was surprisingly busy, given it was Saturday and still morning, and Mikasa’s eye drifted towards a solitary figure. She had seen her around before, no doubt about it – of course, it wasn’t that easy to forget the perpetual look of indifference on the other woman’s face, and if she had to be honest, she was intrigued. 

Still, she had never approached the other woman, had never seen a point in doing so. She let her gaze turn to Claire once more before turning her attention back to her book.