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samsteve + "our friends half-heartedly set us up on a blind date and we sorta dislike each other. but we wanna get them back so we unite by pretending we're dating now" OTHERWISE KNOWN AS REVENGE FAKE!DATING (my two favorite concepts together--revenge and fake!dating)


  • bucky and natasha are convinced sam and steve are gonna click. like, 100%. “you’re gonna love him. hot. buff. really funny.” except, they completely DO NOT. steve thinks sam is too smug for his own good, and sam is irked bc he thinks steve is super fake. their group coffee outing kind of ends in a really heated argument about the state of politics overseas. bucky apologizes profusely to steve, who’s just mad that buck even thought he would like a guy like that–“how long have you known me, dude? what the fuck?” and sam complains to nat that “he’s the fakest guy i’ve ever met and i know SEVERAL models. why the fuck did you even give me his number, nat?” and she just kind of grimaces apologetically.
  • EXCEPT NOW THEY BOTH HAVE EACH OTHERS NUMBERS AND ARE PETTY AS FUCK! so that night, because sam is still irked, he texts steve: “doubt u will be in2 this but what if we got ur friend bucky + natasha back 4 today” and steve almost immediately texts back “fuck yeah dude” and they determine that they’ll pretend to date and then have a DRAMATIC BREAK UP to make them feel bad for trying to interfere w/their personal lives. they schedule another ~group outing~ for that saturday. (the two of them get SO EXCITED when sam and steve tell them they’re trying the whole “dating” thing out. SO excited. it’s a little unnerving.)
  • they get to the coffee shop early and determine their course of action. “so we’re gonna–we’re gonna hold hands, right? or like, sit next to each other.” “yeah, yeah. maybe be a little touchy. i don’t give a fuck as long as we don’t have to stick our tongues down each others’ throats for them.” “you’re not an exhibitionist, huh? no fun.” “don’t ruin this before it starts, rogers.” bucky and natasha get there a few minutes after, and steve squeezes next to sam so that they’re touching at almost every point. it would be fine if steve wasn’t so damn warm, because sam is starting to relax into the touch a little and it’s not–that’s not how this was supposed to go.
  • they go out to dinner one night, the four of them, and while bucky and natasha go up to order their drinks from the bar, sam settles into his chair a little more. “hey. d’you think we should, like, hang out more?” steve raises an eyebrow at him. “what, like we like each other?” sam snorts and shakes his head. “nah, man, like–we should have pictures of us being together outside of just hanging out with these two. y’know?” steve pauses. “i mean, if you’re cool with it, that is.” after another beat of silence: “you’re right, wilson. what’re you doing tomorrow night?” the two of them look up as bucky and nat’s voices start to filter through the crowd, and sam grins, shakes his head. “hanging out with my boyfriend, i guess.” steve laughs and grabs his hand for show as their friends sit down opposite them.
  • omf….they make dinner together at steve’s place (something simple, since neither of them want to put the effort in to make the other like them that much) and make sure to take a few pictures together. they actually…have fun? sam is surprised that steve makes him laugh this much. steve finds that he likes listening to sam talk and be genuine. they stay up late chit-chatting. sam falls asleep on his couch. steve doesn’t say anything, but drapes a blanket over him before heading to bed with a light feeling in his chest.
  • they’ve kissed before–planned, of course, to let buck and nat know that things are going “well”–but the first time they kiss unplanned, it’s steve that initiates it. they’re casually grabbing coffee, as they usually do monday afternoons, and sam says something snarky to bucky. steve laughs so hard he almost falls off his chair, and sam keeps him steady so he doesn’t hit the floor. “careful, babe,” he says, rolling his eyes a little at steve, and steve grins quietly, nods, and then kisses him softly. (sam kisses back.) when they part, nat wolf-whistles a little, and steve’s face is BRIGHT red. sam realizes–shit. he might actually like steve.

send me a pairing + AU and I’ll give you 5+ head canons about it

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Hey what do you think of mother 1 aka earthbound beginnings(or earthbound zero)

After I beat Earthbound I went to Earthbound Beginnings right after
I SWEAR I TIRED to get into the game but it’s just a downgraded Earthbound and more harder to beat enemies to me so I stopped
I really wanted to play for the story but it’s not worth going through all of that
From what I played though it just had all the concepts and ideas that were also used in Earthbound

so ye otherwise cant really say

cr1tikal sentence meme


  • “How was I supposed to know to keep my child alive? There should be a message at the beginning: child is useful, do not murder. Otherwise how would I know, this is ridiculous.”
  • “Alright, now I wanna sound nice, formal, and normal.”
  • “Taste the titties with every bite.”
  • “I have strategically placed sea sponges on my body. Sometimes I’ll even use sea urchin if the price is right.”
  • “Well fuck you, not even exchanging pleasantries?”
  • “What the fuck does ASL stand for? Asparagus… Sex… Live?”
  • “Do I like to talk dirty? Is that even a question? That’s like asking a telephone if it likes ears.”
  • “Look at this guy, running all the way from Lithuania just to give me the business.”
  • “Is that titty seaweed?”
  • “Bitch, I will sprinkle Scooby Snacks all over your face.”
  • “Alright, I need to get dancing. If the phantoms see I’m not busting a move, fuck’s gonna get shit.”
  • “Stop conveying such a wide range of emotions!”
  • “Are you really off balance after one cocktail? You’re a fucking lightweight. And you call yourself an alcoholic?”
  • “Good afternoon fellow sober citizen! It’s a very nice day out here.”
  • “It’s probably all the cocaines she has in her system. She’s got some cocaines there, a lot of cocaines. At least 50,000 cocaines.”
  • “His head just popped off like a lego, that’s all.”
  • “It is very hard to control a vehicle after bumping three lines of coke!”
  • “Toy Story 4: rated R for strong language, sexual themes and ass gore.”
  • “Let’s find out who’s masturbating upstairs.”
  • “What if I told you that was my husband, huh? Bet that’d take you for a surprise.”
  • “Okay then, I’ll go fuck myself. Thank you.”
  • “If I was ever gonna have sex with with a towel, now would be the ideal time to do so.”
  • “Your mouth says ‘not bad’ but your eyes say ‘everything’s bad.’ You look extremely sad.”
  • “This is not my home! My home has porn and stuff.”
  • “Just talk about ass cheeks or grass or something, that’s what I usually do.”
  • “I might as well go into my closet and grab a fucking Boppet, try to have a conversation with that.”
  • “Where are we going? Probably some weird fucking place- ooh, I guessed right.”
  • “Somebody fuck me. I don’t know what is going on.”

Here you have it; Tiny-Septic-Box-Sam’s Anti-Said Master List. After I reblogged some pictures similar to this someone asked to see it.

If you wanna use any of these (and I highly encourage that you do) but don’t know the exact meaning of the word, then I highly recommend that you Google it. I classified these by emotion, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some variance in the words. (Example: I used to use “sacrilege” in reference to common swearwords before I knew it specifically meant words going against religion. Oops.)

Otherwise, feel free to reference this whenever you want! I hope this helps some of you guys with your writing. :D

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becauce there are still characters I haven't sent you requests for: So I watched Bloodbath and I was wandering if you could write a story where Gibbs finds out that you have a stalkerand he gets all protective? Please?

OKAY BUT I LOVE THAT EPISODE OKAY?? HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I WATCHED THAT EPISODE YOU ASK? TOO GOD DAMN MANY! I LOVE THAT FUCKING EPISODE I’M GONNA BUST A NUT THINKING ABOUT IT. Okay my bad, I abuse caps. I use it more as a tool for emphasis and not yelling, but internet etiquette says otherwise so my bad.

I’M GONNA WRITE THE SHIT OUT OF THAT SO HARD OMFG. (That was totally me yelling.) *p.s. I’ll probably make the title Bloodbath because I don’t wanna call it anything else. I don’t have an obsession with that episode nope. Protective Gibbs doesn’t effect me at all. nope. nope. not at all*

hey what’s up helLO i’m jay, i use they/she pronouns + i haven’t rp’ed in …. soo long i’m probs rusty af. also this is my first time writing adam and while i’m excited as heCk i’m also kinda nervous so be patient with me i beg .. i’ve still gotta make icons but while i do that consider this a starter call. cap is @ 3 bc i’ll hate myself otherwise but if you wanna plot or anything hmu via inbox/ims or feel free to ask for my skype!

Rare pair weekend starts tomorrow! <3

I just wanna remind everyone that the tag we’re using is BBS rare pair weekend. I do recommend that you use it, as creations for obscure pairings might be hard to find otherwise. 

If you’re not sure your pairing has a name or what the ship name is, then feel free to ask! I might not know what it is either, but someone following me might, so we’ll figure out.

Have fun ♥

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Hedvig, Paulette! How has your relationship changed over the years? How did you guys meet? What was the point in your relationship that things changed, for the better and the worse? Ooh! And how do you deal with each others differences?

Hedvig: Paulette, ya wanna answer part of it and I’ll answer the other part?

Paulette: ‘Viggy, they’re asking the both of us, I’m quite certain that they’ll want an answer that comes from both of us, not one or the other. Otherwise they would have asked just one of us.

Hedvig: Aye. Fine. We first met at some League party after Champ became, well, Champion. She introduced us. We both didn’t like the other much –

Paulette: “Didn’t like”? Hedvig, we were on the line of nearly getting into a physical altercation when we first met! “Didn’t like” isn’t strong enough for how little we cared for each other back then!

Hedvig: We did? Must’a forgotten ‘bout that. Point is! We didn’t get along. There was an event that ended up bringin’ us closer.

Paulette: Mmm. It’s not one I like remembering, but yes, that did bring us closer. Over time, we ended up talking to each other more often and got to know the other a lot. We definitely still had our arguments – what couple doesn’t? – but we worked through them, and got help when we needed to.

Hedvig: Do ya remember that fight when we got lost in that damned maze for an entire day? 

Paulette: I still can’t believe we both were too stubborn enough to admit that staying together was the better bet after we started arguing over a stupid map.

Hedvig: Our relationship hadn’t exactly been smooth sailin’ leadin’ up to that point. It was the last straw, for the both of us. ‘Lette, though, had the idea to sit down and talk with a mediator to keep things – how’d ya say it? “Mature” – between us. It was hell, and that was our lowest moment I’d say.

Paulette: When you proposed to me, I think that’s really when our relationship changed for the better. You somehow managed to propose so simply, so you, and yet also made sure that you put some of my own personality in it with the little things that let me know that you had been paying attention from the start. It was beautiful, and I loved it.

Hedvig: Good to know, maybe one day I’ll recreate it for ya. ‘Course, that’ll mean having to make sure everythin’ goes the exact same as it did when I proposed, and that’ll be hard.

Paulette: It’s fine, don’t worry dear. I say we deal with the other’s differences quite maturely, wouldn’t you?

Hedvig: Aye. When it comes to interests, sometimes we do an activity together. I don’t like fancy things or shoppin’, but I know ‘Lette here does, so I’ll occasionally go shoppin’ with her or help her with her designs.

Paulette: And I personally cannot stand the outdoors and I don’t particularly enjoy exercise, but I’ll go exercise and go outside exploring with her every now and then. 

Presenting: Malec Monday

So what is Malec Monday? Malec Monday is where Malec takes over my blog for the day, for us all to celebrate the ship, the character and each other! 

Malec Monday is a thing that’s going to happen here at Owlwithafringe every Monday (unless stated otherwise because of personal reasons/exams/vacation etc). 

During that day, my ask box is going to be wide open for everything - got a Headcanon you wanna share? Send it in so others can squeal with you! Think Matt Daddario is the best thing since slice bread? Same here. Got a prompt for me? I’ll try and write it! Every Malec Monday, I’ll also try and put up a fic recommendation so we can spread some love for fic writers, as well as reblogging Malec fanart! 

It doesn’t just have to be a celebration of Malec though - this is for the people who make this fandom: if you’ve had a bad day, or tell me what you had for dinner that day or just want to hang out, then send a message! Because I want this to be a safe space for everyone; Like a giant Malec-themed sleepover!

We’re going to be using the tag ‘#Malec Monday’ so if you ever want me to see/reblog something for you, then use that tag, or tag/@ me at Owlwithafringe! To find past posts, you’ll be able to find them easily on my blog in the navigation, titled ‘Malec Monday’ or you can click the link here.

Start sending in your headcanons/prompts/everything for Malec Monday on the 23/5 (UK/GMT). Spread the word!

In regards to >> this event! <<

Message us or reply to this post and I’ll draw a nice fruity fusion (but no guarantees because I’m away the weekend and don’t have much time otherwise..) 

This is also the go-ahead if you want to draw your muse fused with mod juicy (’:

Only mod juicy is interested so don’t ask about the other mods unless you want it unanswered

new years challenge
  • hey losers 2016 is almost upon us and all of us are still on here (kidding youre not losers), so that means a language new year challenge! feel free to follow it but if you do please tag it as #afny please thanks. this will be tagged as #AFNYORIGINAL for reference. if youre not advanced enough to do something, try to do as simple of a form as possible. if you cant think of a simple form, send me an ask. also, if you feel like it, include an english translation. i wanna read what youre saying (otherwise ill google translate it). and yes i kNOW this is like speutchlish's but they havent been very active lately but if theres a problem w me doing this what u do each day is following:
  • jan 1: what are your goals for 2016? answer in full sentences if you can
  • jan 2: what's your favorite holiday song? why? the more you can answer here, the better.
  • jan 3: translate said song into target language/native language if its in the target one/english if u can. otherwise just try and talk abt what it means, or how much u understand
  • jan 4: tell us abt your day
  • jan 5: do a random search on wikipedia (search special:random) and write about it.
  • jan 6: find one musical artist in a country of your target language and write 6 facts about them
  • jan 7: congrats! one week. talk about something youre really glad is over
  • jan 8: tell us abt ur day
  • jan 9: whats ur fave thing to do in winter?
  • jan 10: translate a song into target language/native language if its in the target one/english if u can. otherwise just try and talk abt what it means, or how much u understand
  • jan 11: What was the best thing that happened to you this weekend?
  • jan 12: what do you like to do?
  • jan 13: what music do you listen to?
  • jan 14: what are you looking forward to this weekend?
  • jan 15: write a poem
  • jan 16: talk abt ur day
  • jan 17: whats your happiest memory?
  • jan 18: (last one) translate a song
  • jan 19: whats your favorite poem?
  • jan 20: what is something youre dreading to do
  • jan 21: whats your favorite and least favorite part of your language?
  • jan 22: if you could go to one place, where?
  • jan 23: whats your biggest regret?
  • jan 24: make a list of vocab of the first ten things you see around you outside. be as specific as possible!
  • jan 25: write abt a hero
  • jan 26: write abt your day
  • jan 27: do a random search on wikipedia (search special:random) and write about it.
  • jan 28: whats the worst thing youve ever eaten? why? and what was the best?
  • jan 29: whats the weirdest dream youve ever had?
  • jan 30: free day! write about whatever you want, whether that be on this list that youve already done or something else. use your imagination! :)
  • jan 31: do you think youve improved? why or why not?
Strangers in the night / EXO reaction

Suho: Laying in the floor after being smacked…

What is wrong with this girl…

Baekhyun: *dodging a bottle*

One day I’m actually gonna rob her…

Chanyeol: So accustomed to you throwing things at the door, comes in with a baseball glove.

Sehun: I thought you were a burglar…


Jagi stop it’s me!

Originally posted by osehu

Kyungsoo: After recognising his squishy shadow you turn on the lights

Are you okay Soo?


Kris: Every time it happens…

This kid…

Tao: Get’s smacked in the head, but he immediately asks if you are ok.


Jagi you can’t attack me cause I’m a wolf

Chen: *get’s hit in the head*

No fries please

Lay: *objects start to fly towards him*


It’s the seventh time this month!


Damn girl, you’re strong, wanna use that strength elsewhere?.

Hope you like it!

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