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Copy Cat appreciation post.

decided to try my best at trying to copy the styles of people that i admire. the art styles i copy belong to there respective artists and this is just a appreciation post because all of these people are awesome!

sorry for my bad skills -_-

Artist include:

jitterbugjive - so many awesome expressions!!!

azula-griffon - The ribbon butt

isle-of-forgotten-dreams - land of giant hair and nice nice ponies :3

dennybutt - amazing!

eleanorappreciates - Senpai :3

braeburned(NSFW) - awesome guy :) braeburnedart (clean blog)

ask-ickle-muse - Amazing person (also Senpai) sorry, i kind of butchered you style -_-

atthefrozenhorizon(cold blooded twilight)(NSFW) - Amazing art, amazing person, when i start drawing better, i want to get into the more detailed anime avenue she does. (also Senpai)

I hope you all like this, i had fun making it and trying to learn about other styles, thank you and have a awesome day!

(ps. new tumblr is not that bad)

Petina looked up at the top of Penwright’s front doorway with a note of disapproval.  “You’re missing something, I see,” she said.

“Missing what?” Penwright asked, glancing up and seeing nothing amiss.

She gave him a playful shove.  “Mistletoe, silly pony!  It’s bad enough that you don’t have any lights up, but c’mon!  Where’s your festive spirit?”

Penwright chuckled and shrugged.  “Hey, it’s been a hectic month.”

“That’s no excuse,” she said with mock seriousness and presented her cheek to him.  “Now make up for it.”

“Yes, Petina,” he replied dutifully and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Much better.  Now don’t leave your marefriend hanging.”

Penwright rolled his eyes playfully as she stepped inside and shrugged off her coat.  He then turned to his final guest as she stepped up.

“Happy Hearth’s Warming, Ickle,” he said with a warm smile.

“Happy Hearth’s Warming, Penwright,” she replied.  She looked like the very embodiment of the holiday, a deep red cloak with white trim wrapped around her shoulders and a small crown woven from holly leaves and evergreen branches sitting upon her head.  She pulled him into a warm embrace and he returned the hug wholeheartedly.

Penwright then felt a sensation like a gentle, teasing caress right on his withers.  Magic, he realized, and he knew that particular magical signature.  He glanced up, seeing a mistletoe hanging in midair over them.  A sidelong glance at Petina revealed that daisy-eating grin of hers.  “Always with your contingency—”

“Penwright?” Ickle said.

All thoughts of Petina’s antics were forgotten.  “Yes?”

“Your tie’s a little loose,” she said, tugging on it a little with her hooves.  “Here, let me tighten it for you…”

The next thing he knew, Ickle pulled him towards her by his tie and planted a kiss on his cheek.  Penwright felt a flush of warmth, more out of surprise than any embarrassment.  By the time his mind recovered, she was already inside, the sound of snickering filling his ears.  He chuckled, wondering if Ickle and Petina had planned this.

If that was the case, he was a doomed stallion.  Well, there were far worse fates.

“Now then,” he said, closing the door, “who wants some mulled wine?”


ENDING - Hearts and Hooves

Thank you so much for sticking with me! I apologize if the animations’ not good, I promise I’ll do better next time! And also there’s the voice thing.

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Again, thank you for staying with me and tolerating the lack of content~ I shall get back to the schedule and post some good ol’ fashioned updates in a week!

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