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Blood knows no borders, including those that separate planes of existence.  Only in the dreamrealm of Volleri, the center of all unconscious sapient thought, can such otherwise unlikely family gatherings take place.

From left to right:

Nathan, son of Penwright and Nemo @nemovonsilver

Sonata, daughter of Penwright and Ickle Muse @ask-ickle-muse

Deity’s Song, daughter of Ickle Muse and Thauma Disk @ask-thaumaturge-pony

Scriptorium, son of Penwright and Teabiscuits @techmomma

Sea Script, son of Penwright and Calliope @techmomma


HD Portrait Set 1
Alright, I promised to bring these out and did announce it to them at their streams so. Here you all are~!
This is just part 1, there is still more to come and even more to come with the missing ones.

Feel free to make a wallpaper of some sort. But I know some of you will take advantage of this so I will say this now.

ALL ARTISTIC CONTENT IS PROTECTED UNDER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAWS. Do not re-post, copy, or trace my content unless allowed and we’ll be alright.
(Mods of these blogs are automatically allowed.)

All characters posted in this post:

Part 2 and Part 3 coming soon.

Copy Cat appreciation post.

decided to try my best at trying to copy the styles of people that i admire. the art styles i copy belong to there respective artists and this is just a appreciation post because all of these people are awesome!

sorry for my bad skills -_-

Artist include:

jitterbugjive - so many awesome expressions!!!

azula-griffon - The ribbon butt

isle-of-forgotten-dreams - land of giant hair and nice nice ponies :3

dennybutt - amazing!

eleanorappreciates - Senpai :3

braeburned(NSFW) - awesome guy :) braeburnedart (clean blog)

ask-ickle-muse - Amazing person (also Senpai) sorry, i kind of butchered you style -_-

atthefrozenhorizon(cold blooded twilight)(NSFW) - Amazing art, amazing person, when i start drawing better, i want to get into the more detailed anime avenue she does. (also Senpai)

I hope you all like this, i had fun making it and trying to learn about other styles, thank you and have a awesome day!

(ps. new tumblr is not that bad)