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Bully Pt. 4

Title: Bully pt. 4
Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader
Genre: angst, fluff
Warning(s): cursing, physical violence

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Part One // Part Two // Part Three

This part doesn’t involve Wonwoo but it is important, so be careful if you plan on skipping it.

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Things that have been said in my house sentence meme pt.1
  • "Don't let me watch TV - I'm impressionable."
  • "Do you think ants have a concept of time?"
  • "I'm an inventor - I made this cup holder on my chair so I can drink soda and play video games."
  • "What is this? This isn't music. My ears are being assaulted."
  • "Before you pick those up, I need you to understand I will fight you over them. I will literally slam you into the ground for Oreos."
  • "I'm pretty much Justin Bieber. Minus the ability to sing. And dance. And I haven't dated Selena Gomez - but other than that."
  • "Male lions are a lot like human men. They make the women do everything while they get all the credit."
  • "I wonder if I could fuck the fridge. Not that I would, cause cold. But just...could I?"
  • "I don't want kids. But I'd suffer through hell for nine months if it meant I got to sleep with that guy."
  • "If Dalton Rapattoni doesn't win this season I will personally sue this show for fraud."
  • "Shut the fuck up. I'm on my man period."
  • "We should condition him like a dog. Spray him with a water bottle every time he leers at a woman."
  • "If you wash the dishes I'll let you put your cold feet on my back whenever you want."
  • "Admit it. If you didn't know I wore star wars pajamas you'd want to fuck me."
  • "Three guys and a girl living together. This is like the start of some bad rom-com."
  • "Don't you dare fall in love with me. We've got a good thing going - I don't want pizza night to be clouded by feelings."
You Could’ve Been Killed! (Day 4)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Fandom: NHL

Warnings: Blood mention(?), fighting implied

POV: First Person/Reader’s

Summary: After a fight, Auston’s girlfriend fixes him up

Author: Cymbelline

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“You could’ve been killed!”

“That’s overreacting,”

“You could’ve lost your teeth,” I mumbled as I rushed around the bathroom. “What would I have done without your smile?”

“You wouldn’t find me attractive without my teeth?” Auston asked, holding the ice pack to his face. I paused a minute, thinking. 

“I mean…” There were only a few players that could rock the toothless smile, the question was- would Auston be one of those few? “That’s not what I was saying.” 

“It’s really no big deal, it was just a little skirmish.” Auston said as he watched me. 

“Auston,” I sighed, leaning against the counter, supplies in my hand. “That was a really scary fight, okay? Whether you won it or not, it nearly had me crying.”

“Well, hits like that need to be punished, I was only sticking up for my teammate.”

“I know, I know,” I walked back over to him, looking down at him and his bruised face. Even as he sat on the toilet cover, he was nearly my height. “Just don’t ever do that again,”

“No promises,”

“Then next time this happens, I won’t clean you up!” I taunted as I took an alcohol wipe to the gash on his face. 

“Why don’t I believe that?” Auston winced as I went over his wound. 

“Because it’s not true,” I admitted as I continued to help him. “I’ll always clean you up, I might be even more pissed off, but I’ll definitely still do it.”

“I knew it,” He smiled up at me, causing a grin to spread on my lips. 

“Shut up, did not.” I shook my head. “In all seriousness though, if you fight like that again, I will chew you out whilst I patch you up.”

“So this wasn’t the worst of you lecturing me?”

“Not even close!”


Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Featuring: Tony Stark, F.R.I.D.A.Y., Steve Rogers, T’Challa, Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton, Scott Lang, Sam Wilson

Summary: Your special abilities happen to catch the attention of a certain friendly neighborhood superhero.

A/N: There is back and forth between scenes in Wakanda and scenes in New York so keep that in mind whilst reading.

Part 1   Part 2

“Miss (L/N), you have arrived to your destination,” F.R.I.D.A.Y. said, waking you up from your sleep. You opened your eyes as you saw a giant statue of a panther surrounded in fog. The quinjet began to make its descent on the top of a building where you noticed two figures standing. You exited the jet when it successfully landed on the platform.

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Tuckington AU prompt where Wash wants to ask Tucker to Prom but psyches himself out every time because of reasons / variables to consider, and right as he gives up Tucker surprises him by asking him out in some kind of ridiculous showy way (with probably a few mishaps and someone recording the whole thing on their phone) which leaves Wash equally EMBARRASSED but incredibly happy too.

(I’ve been putting this off, but tbh it took a lot less effort and was a lot more fun to write than I expected it to be!)

“Just go up to him and ask him, it is not that hard.” York insisted, shoving Wash down part of the hallway for emphasis.

“York, you have no idea how much I can’t do that. You think I can just go up and ask?” Wash argued after righting himself, glaring at the two boys who couldn’t understand to just drop a damn subject.

“That’s how you ask people to prom.” York insisted. “Look, it’s Lavernius Tucker, you think his standards are gonna be that high?” North commented, and Wash glanced between the two boys. They watched him with expectation written all over their expressions.

“Jesus Christ. Fine. If it gets you guys off my back I’ll do it.” Wash declared, just wanting to get past this moment.

“Well here’s your chance. He’s right over there.” North said.

“What.” Wait, that wasn’t how Wash wanted this to go. Fuck, how had he forgotten that this was the Junior hall? His life was over.

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The Gentlemen’s Guide
Max would have to hide the grin from his lips. He’d find it extremely cute, and would try not to smile too much just incase that led to you stopping. In fact, he’d probably act as if the injury was more than what it actually was so you’d kiss the areas he said hurt a lot.

Super Trash Bros.bts.2/2 / Super Trash Bros. VS. Dankey Kang.
Ian would tell you constantly that you didn’t need to worry so much and that he was fine, even if he wasn’t. But, he’d chuckle when you told him to shut up and continued to check over his body for something as little as a scratch. And when Max started yelling over to you that you were ruining the shot, Ian would let out a laugh through the pain when you told him to fuck off.

Deadly Twister
You swearing at Chad made would make Joji laugh even though he was going through some pain. He’d say its fine when you lift up his shirt to see the mark Chad left from hitting him with the belt. In fact, you swearing at Chad some more, and asking for an ice pack and just being in charge of everyone would be an absolute turn on for George and he’d make sure to be in pain more often.

Super Trash Bros.bts.2/2 / Super Trash Bros. VS. Dankey Kang.
Chad would just tell you what cunts the boys are for making him do this and you’d agree with, only adding in a few more words that would make him chuckle. Since they practically set him on fire, he wouldn’t need to act like he was pain because you knew. Chad would just flirt with you as you tried to check for burns on his body, saying some inappropriate things as well to see you blush.

No More Moshing! (Austin Carlile)

“Are you sure I look okay?” You asked, looking yourself over in the mirror one more time. Austin leaned up against the bathroom’s door frame.

“You look great as always, babe,” He said, folding his arms over his chest. “It’s just a concert. All you need is jeans and a band tee.” He pointed at my Misfits shirt. “Which you do. Now let’s go!”

“Fine,” you groaned and followed Austin out of the bathroom and out to the car. The drive there was very exciting. You two sang your hearts out to whatever song came on the radio. You sang and shouted out random things to other cars during red lights. This was rare for you two; Austin was always touring or in the studio or out meeting fans, and you were always stuck working. Spending time like this, happy and smiling, was something you both cherished.

“We’re here!” Austin sang, as he pulled up to the stadium Slipknot would be playing at. He parked the car and you both got out, instantly grabbing a hold of each others’ hands. The parking lot was packed, and the doors were just about to open, but Austin had somehow managed to get you guys in before anybody else.

Duality had just ended, and Psychosocial was about to start. Halfway through the song, a mosh pit, or what seemed like a wall of death to you, had formed. People were pushing, kicking, jumping, punching, it was hectic. You tried to distance yourself from the crowd and find Austin, but apparently that wasn’t going to happen. 

Before you knew it, you were right in the middle of the pit. You had been pushed to the ground and were now being trampled by drunken rockers. You screamed, and cried, but it took a while of abuse before anyone would help you up.

“Are you alright?!” The man who had helped you up asked. You shook your head.

“I don’t feel too good,” You admitted. “Can you help me find my boyfriend?” The man nodded.

“What’s he look like?” He asked, leading you away from the craziness.

“He’s tall, has a shit ton of tattoos, he was wearing black jeans and a Slipknot shirt, and bright red shoes,” You explained. “His name is Austin.”

It took about twenty minutes until you and the man named Chris could find Austin. Chris had his arm around you, in hopes of keeping you from getting hurt any more than you already were.

“Austin!” You shouted at his tall figure. He pushed through a few people and his eyes widened.

“(Y/N)! Are you alright?” He asked frantically. “Are you hurt? What the fuck happened? Your nose, oh my God.”

“She got caught in the pit,” Chris told Austin. “She took quite a beating. She could barely walk.”

Chris let go of you as Austin took you into his arms and held you protectively. “Thanks, man.”

“No problem,” Chris smiled at Austin. “Hope ya feel better.” He nodded towards you.

Chris and Austin spoke no longer than a minute, exchanging names and Austin giving him his thanks for helping you. Soon after, you were in the parking lot, sitting on a curb while Austin inspected you.

“You really did get fucked up,” He sighed as he cleaned up the small wounds on your face with tissues he had snagged from a security guard on the way out. “Where else does it hurt?”

“Stomach, head, everywhere.”

Austin frowned and swiftly slid his arm underneath your legs and grabbed a hold of your back, trying to be gentle enough not to hurt you.

“You do realize I can walk on my own, right?” You mumbled into his shirt as he carried you towards the car. Austin breathed out a small laugh.

“I know, but there’s no use in putting you down now,” He said as he approached the car. He managed to open the passenger side door and gently place you in the seat and buckle you in. You thanked him and he smiled.

The drive home was peaceful. Austin didn’t turn on any music and the humming of the engine soothed you enough to fall in and out of consciousness.

“Try not to fall asleep, (Y/N)..” Austin said, lightly shaking your shoulder. “You got your head hit, right?” You mumbled out a ‘yes.’

“Then try to stay awake,” He said as he pulled into the driveway. “Don’t fall asleep.”

He got out of the car, and immediately went over to your side and helped you out. He didn’t make you walk again, and took you upstairs. You had fallen asleep again, and Austin shook you awake.

“Maybe if I take a shower, I’ll wake up,” You said through a yawn. Austin nodded in agreement.

You finally got Austin to let you walk on your own into the bathroom, but you did make him get you an outfit to lay around in for the rest of the night, being you wouldn’t be sleeping anytime soon.

“Here,” Austin said as he walked into the bathroom. “I got you some sweats, undies, and a tank top.” You smiled.

“Thanks,” You said.

“Need anything else?” Austin asked, standing at the door. You shook your head.

“No. I’ll be good. Thanks.”

“Alright, just yell if you need anything. I’ll be in the bedroom.”

You took a long, warm shower. You thoroughly washed your hair, and took special attention to the bruises that were now forming all over your body.

Once out of the shower, you bandaged the wounds on your arms and legs. You changed into the clothes Austin had laid out on the counted for you, and dried and combed out your hair. It was a slow process, being you were in a lot of pain, but you got the job done.

You finally emerged from the bathroom and saw Austin laying on the bed. “You all done?” He asked. You nodded and slowly made your way towards the bed.

“So,” Austin said, sitting up. “Since you’re not allowed to sleep, I have the whole night planned out for us.”

You sat down on the bed next to him. “Okay, shoot.”

“Well, I browsed through Netflix and picked out a bunch of movies. Got some board games from the closet, and even set up your favorite video games,” He said, now getting up from the bed and leaving the room for a moment, only to come back with a large tray of food in hand. “…and made a whole bunch of food, and takeout should be here soon.”

You smiled. “You really didn’t have to do this.”

“Yes I did.”

“No you didn’t,” You chuckled. “But hey, I’m not complaining.”

The rest of the night was spent laughing, eating, cuddling, watching movies, playing video games. Whenever you groaned in pain, or even showed any sort of indication of pain, Austin would jump up and ask what you need. The only thing you really asked was for an ice pack for you head, but that was it.

He stayed up with you all night, and once the sun came up, he finally let you sleep, but he would randomly wake you up to check on you, or see if you’ve fallen into some sort of coma.

Horrible ending, omg. ;-; well, I hope ya like it. c:

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would it be alright to ask abt ur weirdass injury as a kid

when i was in second grade, i tripped over some kids and landed face first into a bunch of stacked metal chairs. i got sent home, and my mom and i made the mistake of icing my face for a couple of hours which… you should not do. 

so yeah, the ice pack damaged my skin cells/muscles or something?? i can’t fully explain it, but one corner of my lips/smiles no longer rises up correctly.

Bruises aren't the only thing we share (right?)

Pairing: Jeamus

WC: 1,980-ish

Rating: T+

AUs: high school; that one post about soulmates sharing bruises which I absolutely cannot link because I’m on a phone

TWs: violence, homophobic/derogatory slurs

Notes: It’s been forever since I wrote a high school AU and man have I missed it!

For the first ten years that he lived, James Wilson was one hundred percent certain that he just had a short term memory when it came to getting hurt; he’d often wake up with random scrapes and bruises that were just turning yellow, all with zero recollection of how he had gotten them.

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Can you write something about how you're sick and the boys take care of you and their babies, too? Please and thank you ♡♡

(daddy!sos is bae)

ashton: ash is the definition of daddy can we just start with that like you’d be in your bed hardly able to get up but you’d be so stubborn about it you’d be like ‘no it’s okay i can take care of the kids you go to work’ but he would refuse to and he’d make food for you all day and go grocery shopping with the kids and get you some trashy magazines for you to read in bed and he’d come in like every half hour and be like ‘you want anything, how are you feeling babe?’ and he’d take your temperature and make sure you were comfortable all day

michael: mikey totally wouldn’t know what to do at first because you were usually the one who told him what to do when one of the girls were sick so he’d just come in with every single over the counter medication the two of you owned and he’d be like ‘which one do you want? or, uh, need, I guess?’ and you’d pick it out and ask him for an ice pack and once you were settled he’d take care of the girls and get them ready for school and you’d just hear him from the kitchen ‘oh, you want a braid like mommy does it? uh… this is a braid, right?’ and hear the kids giggling and you’d laugh too and he’d call ‘don’t laugh babe, it hurts your throat’ but really just because he was embarrassed

luke: he’d be soo worried about you when you wake up all hot and with a sore throat and he’d pull out all the health books and make sure it wasn’t something really really bad and once he realized it was just the flu he’d make you some toast and get some ice packs. your 5 year old son would be outside the room like ‘what’s wrong with mom?’ and luke would say ‘mommy’s not feeling too good today, she needs some space little guy.’ and carry him out to the kitchen and make him some breakfast. he’d come check up on you and sit next to you feeling your forehead asking if you were sure you didn’t want anything else, and your little boy would come in with a ‘get well soon’ card telling you that ‘him and daddy signed it’

calum: calum would be the best like he’d totally poke fun at you for your stuffy nose and when you’d ask him for tissues he’d be like ‘what? a tiddue? darling, i don’t know what a tiddue is’ with a big grin on his face and you’d roll your eyes but he would get them for you and make sure you had the medicine you needed and you had enough blankets and shows to watch and he’d let you be, every so often you’d hear the baby act up and he’d go into her room and coo her until she fell asleep again 

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Useful to You - “WANT”

Thanks to everyone who has shown this fic some love in some shape or form.  I appreciate the support.  Thank you ^_^  Previous chapters here.

Rick sped on the asphalt, vision blurry, but determined to get to his destination–

The hospital.

He glanced in his rear-view mirror, preparing to switch lanes, and saw the redness of his eyes.  He could taste salt in his mouth, as the tears kept streaming down.  But that didn’t matter–none of it did.

He just had to get there; he had to get to her.

… …

“The other guy deserve it?” Michonne asked, holding the ice pack to Rick’s knuckles.  

“Believe me, he did.”  

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“I can’t believe how reckless you can be sometimes, Dean! It’s like you don’t even care…are you even listening to me?” He stares up at you with those green eyes and a slight smile on his face. He didn’t look like he was paying attention to you. “Dean, what are you thinking about that is more important that listening to me?”

“How cute you are when you’re angry.”

You were about to say something else but the words didn’t come out. Instead you stared down at him with a disapproving look.

“You know, sometimes I think you do stupid shit like that just to get me mad.”

“And if that was the case, is it working?” He asked pulling away the ice pack.

“No,” you crossed your arms across your chest.

“Really?” He asked standing in front of you. Now you had to look up at him. “Because that little frown on your face seems to say otherwise.”

Cat and Mouse

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Enjoy my lovelies.

                                                 Stand Alone
Cat and Mouse

Authors Note: This is story I mentioned last night. Once again its long, but I will post the whole thing. xxx

WORD COUNT: ah about 4500

    ‘All I’m saying is that maybe calling her first might have been the better option,’ Sam grumbled as they pulled up in the driveway.
    ‘It’s Y/N, why the hell would we need to call her?’
    ‘Because it’s Y/N, she’s not like Bobby or anyone else Dean she’s more private. The only reason you know her address is because you went through her purse, she never actually gave it too us.’
     ‘And whose fault’s that? If she had of shared it I wouldn’t have snooped.’
     Sam just shook his head at his brother. This was not going to end well, not for the boys or Y/N. Dean couldn’t help but feel excited as he shut off the engine to the impala. They had met Y/N on a case a year ago, and met up a few times afterwards to help each other out on hunts. She was a small time hunter, worked alone usually. But she was quiet, mysterious, and it suckered him in. He loved trying to figure her out, and considered it a challenge. Y/N knew what he was doing so fought even harder to stay private.
    ‘It’s more apple pie than I pictured,’ Dean commented shocked.
    ‘Yeah can’t argue that.’
    The two boys looked at the well cared for front yard, the steps that lead up to a porch with a bench seat on it. Dean grinned when he saw Y/N asleep on the seat, music in her ears and a book in her lap. He approached quietly and went to go wake her up, he didn’t realise however she had sensed someone watching her. Given the events that had taken place recently, she was on edge. As Dean leaned in to pull her earphones out, she punched him in the jaw, sending him stumbling back. Her eyes flew open and her hand went straight to her mouth when she realised who was there.
    ‘Oh my God, Dean I am so sorry.’
    ‘It’s fine,’ he chuckled holding his jaw, watching as she sat up.
    ‘What are you two doing here? How the hell did you even know where here was?’
    ‘Ah we were in the area and got wind that there was a job around. And as for your address, Dean sorta lifted it from your drivers license.’
    Dean watched as her face darkened as Sam spoke.
    ‘You should go. The job is fine. I have it handled.’
    ‘With a punch like that I can believe it,’ Dean smirked.
    ‘I was sorry until I found out you invaded my privacy.’
    ‘Aw come on Y/N, let us help.’
    ‘You should have called first. I could have met you at a motel,’ she sighed.
    ‘Why a motel when you have a perfectly good house?’ Dean questioned, still running his jaw. She had a good arm.
    ‘I keep my private life private for reason Winchester. Having you come up and let yourselves in takes away any security or distance I put in place.’
    ‘Huh?’ Sam asked.
    Y/N just shook her head. Dean watched as she stood, he could have sworn he saw her wince but it was only for a second and then gone. She was shorter than normal. He looked down and realised she was barefoot. He had never seen her without heels before. He looked her up and down and realised he had never seen her like this before.
      She was in a maxi skirt and t-shirt, normally she was a jeans and tank top type.  Her hair was down and natural, it was a lot longer than he thought, it came down and sat at her waist, natural curls and waves in it. She normally wore it up in a bun or braided, but regardless of how she wore it, he never knew how long it was. It was also lighter than he thought, more natural highlights in it. Her face was make up free and it suited her, gone was the eyeliner and smoky eyes. He could see her few freckles and the natural blush she had. He loved it. The look was more relaxed, more natural, more her and she looked gorgeous. He frowned as he wondered why she would hide it behind the mask, the make up, the outfit. He didn’t understand why she didn’t dress like this more often. She looked hot either way, but this girl in front of him was one you could picture spending time with, watching a movie, eating breakfast, hell even cooking breakfast with. The other Y/N they worked with on hunts was more the hot love them and leave them type. He had considered several times, seeing if there was a chance at a friends with benefit relationship. He figured she would have been up for it. But to see her now in front of him, there’s no way he would suggested it. No way he would want it. This woman in front of him, was one you made love to, one you shared the bed with all night and woke up to the next day. One that was a man’s rock not just a release and that just drew him in even more. Despite all his reservations and commitment issues.
    Y/N could feel Dean’s eyes on her, and she averted her own to avoid looking at him. When she did and she saw him frowning she knew what was going on. He didn’t like what he was seeing. No one ever did, but it suited her fine, it suited how she chose to live her life. She was for all intensive purposes a superhero with a secret identity. Ok well maybe not quite like that, she was a hunter with a secret personality. To hunt, there was no way she could be herself. Y/N was too innocent, too kind, too girl next door. It almost got her killed when she first started hunting. So she changed, became harder, tougher, more of a ‘no bullshit’ woman. But she struggled to keep up with it, she hated how emotionally detached it made her. So she made a choice. She reduced her hunting commitments, and chose to live a normal life, her life, who she was and be true to herself, but still hunt occasionally. When she hunted, she took on the her other persona, kept her normal life hidden and it worked. It gave her a way that she could have an out if she ever needed. Most hunters or demons never got close enough to her to be able to recognise her make up free, except the damn Winchesters.  This was what happens when you find yourself comfortable with people, when you allow friends in the hunting world. The lines blur and are crossed and danger follows.
    ‘Just go, please.’
    ‘No, now I’m worried. Are you ok?’
    ‘You’re here, at my house, without an invitation, against my will. No Dean I’m not ok.’ Her words came out harsher than she meant. She realised she was still hurt over his look before. Not that it should matter, the two of them were friends and nothing more. Despite any feelings that came up, they were staying only friends. She had considered more, maybe friends with benefits/booty call relationship, but with how he made her feel some days that would be too hard. And neither of them did relationships so friends and friends only, if that was all they could be. But given how she felt about herself, how self-conscious she was at times. It did nothing for her mood right now.
     ‘I’m fine, I just don’t like mixing business and home life.’
     ‘Why?’ Sam asked.
     ‘Because I don’t.’
     The two men followed Y/N inside her home. Looking around, the home was well and truly apple pie. There was a patched work blanket over the back of the chair, wood fire place, coffee table. It wasn’t too girly, or too masculine, it was a great balance. This was one of those places that you felt at home in, one you knew you were fine to put your feet on the couch or place a beer on the table without a coaster. One you knew without a doubt there was food in the kitchen if you were hungry. Nothing made your mind or body scream awkward or “ok what can I do?” It was that sort of place that screamed comfortable and home.
     Y/N walked through the living room and into the kitchen, grabbing Dean an icepack from the freezer and wrapping it in a towel, before giving it too him. Dean looked at her kitchen, it was the same as the lounge. Old fashioned homely.
     The boys sat at the table and watched as Y/N pulled a cast iron pot from the stove and stirred it. Both boys took in the smell it was amazing.
  ‘The jobs not looking to be that difficult,’ she commented as she got them a beer.
    ‘Any idea on what it is?’ Sam asked.
    ‘Ok, so the plan?’ Dean asked, placing the ice pack on the table.
    ‘You leave, I do my job and everyone’s happy.’
    ‘How about, we stay, we help and you explain all this?’ Dean challenged.
    He watched as her face changed, something he said upset her. Probably all of it.
    ‘Have you found it?’ Sam asked trying to change the subject. He already felt bad that they had invaded her privacy, especially when she didn’t want them here. The last thing he wanted was to upset her more.
     ‘I have it narrowed down to a couple of locations. I was planning on heading out after dark.’
    Y/N got up and lead the boys to the hall down the side of her staircase. They followed her down the stairs to her basement. Here the homey feel of her home left and the tough, industrial isolated life of a hunter appeared. Her basement was more of an ops centre, there was a computer, lore books, maps, notes from the current case, other cases, a treadmill, kick boxing bag and mat.
     ‘This is more the Y/N we know,’ Dean commented quietly to himself. He didn’t see Y/N’s face as he spoke, but Sam did. Some days he wished his brother would learn to keep his mouth shut.
     Y/N felt her heart drop, while it didn’t surprise her it still hurt. She knew she was someone else around the boys, but the essence of who she was, was still the same and apparently if you take away the hunter look they didn’t like her. Well most of the essence, they didn’t know she enjoyed cooking, but that said she had never had the chance to show them either.
    ‘Yeah, sorry for the disappointment,’ she muttered.
    Dean looked up then, and saw the pain in her face.
    ‘Crap Y/N I didn’t-‘
    ‘It’s fine. Forget it, so here’s what I know…’
    Dean watched as she switched into hunter mode; her eyes darkening slightly, that soft sweet look fading off her face, she pulled her hair back into a bun and out of her face as she pulled files she had put together. Dean felt his chest get tight, she looked amazing with it down. He realised then he wanted nothing more than to run his fingers through it, it was something he could picture himself doing. Sitting watching tv together, even while they researched, just absent mindedly playing with her hair.
     ‘So yeah, that’s about it. Like I said I have it under control. There’s no reason for you to stick around.’
    ‘We’re here Y/N, we might as well help,’ Sam offered.
    ‘Fine, whatever. Shower and bedrooms are upstairs. Dinner’s almost ready if you want something to eat.’
    Y/N walked off leaving the two men alone in her basement.
    ‘Dude what the hell?’ Sam snapped at his brother.
    ‘I didn’t mean it how she took it,’ Dean sighed.
    ‘I told you we should have called,’ Sam told him, flicking through the papers she had given him.
    ‘I’m glad we didn’t,’ Dean muttered. ‘We would never have seen this side of her.’
    ‘I get the feeling, no one is meant to see this side of her.’
    ‘Maybe, but I’m glad we did.’
    The boys walked upstairs and into the kitchen watching as Y/N finished off dinner. She placed it on the table and sat down.
    ‘Smells good,’ Dean commented. ‘What is it?’
    ‘Carne Guisada, Mexican beef stew,’ she explained handing them the bowl or tortilla chips.
    They ate quietly and Y/N cleaned up when they were done. Dean offered to help, but she just shook her head. He felt terrible, and had no idea how to explain things. She was now even quieter and more reserved then normal. Y/N went to walk out the kitchen when Dean grabbed her arm.
     ‘Y/N I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m-‘
     ‘It’s fine Dean. Just leave it ok?’
     Sam watched the two of them and quietly got up and left.
     ‘No it’s not fine. I didn’t mean to upset you, I never want to upset you. I just mean we are so used to seeing this other side of you, that this apple pie life version of you is unexpected.’
      Dean watched as she walked off, knowing it wasn’t ok.
      Y/N came out later dressed in what the Winchester’s considered normal for her. Dean looked at her and couldn’t help but feel the other Y/N looked better.
      ‘Well I’m heading out, up to you if you are coming or giving it a miss.’
      ‘Do you at least want to come up with some sort of plan?’ Dean asked.
      ‘I figured I would go in kill it, come home, shower, go bed,’ she shrugged.
      ‘Ok, that will work, but you know we are coming, we can figure out which building to hit first? Try and sort out what it wants.’
      ‘I know what it wants, and it’s not getting it.’
      Dean watched as she walked towards her garage and opened the internal door leading to it. Sam looked at him and both boys ran out to catch her.
       ‘Y/N,’ Sam called. ‘What does it want?’ he asked once they reached her.
       ‘Can you shift the impala?’
      ‘What does it want?’ Dean asked her. ‘Don’t stress we can take baby.’
       ‘My car’s fine,’ she sighed.
       ‘Y/N?’ Dean growled, he was getting annoyed now. More because something wasn’t right, there was more to this that she had told them, more than the information she had given.
       ‘Fine, we take your car,’ she snapped, grabbing her duffle from the boot of her mustang and heading out the front.
        ‘Damn it Y/N, what the hell does it want?’
        ‘You’ll find out soon enough.’
        The trio went to three different warehouses, before almost giving up.
        ‘There’s one more place,’ Y/N said quietly.
        She gave details, it was one she was hoping to avoid. It was the location of a hunt gone wrong not long after she started. A young girl had died, she was hoping he wasn’t there. She didn’t need the memories.
        Dean pulled into the empty carpark, he looked in the mirror at Y/N, her face unreadable. He had a bad feeling about this.
       ‘How about telling us the rest of the story before we go in?’
       ‘How about you learn to but out? Stay here, I will be back soon.’
       ‘That’s not going to happen,’ Sam sighed.
       He watched as she took a deep breath and got out the car. They walked through the door, Sam and Dean checking each corner. Dean started to freak out, Y/N was just walking straight through the warehouse, no concern for her safety. She wasn’t even carrying a weapon. Dean grabbed her arm and shoved her against the wall. He had had enough. This, what she was doing was dangerous and crappy and was going to get her killed.
        ‘What the hell is going on?’
       ‘A demon hunt apparently, now get out of my face Dean or I’ll give you a matching bruise.’
       ‘There is more going on then you are letting on. Spill.’
      Y/N pushed him out of her face and went to walk off, but Dean reached out around her waist with one hand and pulled her back. He heard her gasp with pain and stopped. Lifting her shirt he saw bruising covering one side and a rather nasty stab wound, which had now started weeping again from where Dean had caught the stitches. .
       ‘Son of a bitch,’ he growled. ‘You shouldn’t be here.’
       ‘I have a job to do Winchester. Now get out of my way.’
       Y/N stormed off the boys followed, once this was over they were getting answers. One way or another.
       They entered a room and Y/N flicked on a light, she glared at the walls in front of her covered in her photos. The son of a bitch was stalking her.
       ‘What the hell?’ Dean asked.
       ‘If you are man enough to stalk me the least you could do is be man enough to face me,’ Y/N yelled. She turned around, looking to the rafters waiting for him to drop on her.
       ‘What fun would that be, my love?’
      ‘More than you realise.’
       ‘If I come play your friends don’t get to join in. I’m not one for sharing my toys.’
        ‘Suits me just fine.’
       Dean stepped forward and spoke in her ear.
       ‘I am not letting you deal with this alone, what the hell is going on?’
       ‘Demon trying to kill me. I want to return the favour. I told you go home.’
      ‘Son of a bitch.’
       Y/N swore as the lights went out, but it didn’t stop her, she pulled her demon knife and waited. The hunt had been going long enough, that she could tell where he was.
        ‘I need you to back off Dean. I mean it.’
        She heard a noise and spun, the demon landing a fist to her jaw. She returned the punch, breaking his nose.
         ‘You know it kills him when I make you bleed?’ the demon sneered as he swung a knife and cut her arm.
        ‘You know I don’t give a flying fuck, he’s dead already.’
        Y/N spun and kicked, hearing the demon crash into the wall.
         ‘No Y/N he’s not. You see I’ve kept him for you, a pretty little gift for a pretty little thing.’
        The demon moved and Y/N could no longer tell where he was. The light’s came back on and she watched as he pointed a gun in her direction.
         ‘He screams for you, what he feels is rather pathetic really. Love, at least it’s what he believes is love. You should hear his disgust when I screw around with the others, when I take the whores from the bar back to party. He sits in the little corner of his mind and sobs. He did always plan on you being his first and last.’
         Dean watched Y/N from behind the demon, he could see the flicker of devastation in her eyes, he wanted to kill the bastard in front of him but something about the look on Y/N’s face made him stop. He watched as her lips moved but only slightly, it realised what she was doing, he watched as she got part way through the exorcism and the demon snarled at her.
         ‘I don’t think so my love. You do know I will just come back.’
         The demon watched the smirk appear on her face, it made him uneasy. This girl had changed in the last 12 months he was beginning to think she had a chance at killing him.
         ‘I’ll be back my love, I always do. Next time I will make it more worth the trip.’
         Dean lunged for the demon to stab him, Sam not far behind. But what happened next happened too quickly, and yet it was like time slowed. The Demon shot the gun at Y/N, Dean watched in horror as she dropped. The demon smoking out and the body he was in dropping dead.
       Dean ran for Y/N as she started standing up.
       ‘Cam!’ she screamed, trying to run to the body. Dean grabbed her and stopped her. Sam shook his head, the body on the ground was already dead.
       ‘He’s gone Y/N, I’m sorry.’ He held her as she collapsed in his arms. She was that distraught, she no longer felt the pain in her shoulder from the bullet.
        Dean picked her up and carried her to the impala, leaving Sam to remove all traces of Y/N from the walls and the body.
        ‘Take me home please,’ she sobbed.
        ‘Hospital first, that needs stitches.’
        ‘Police will ask questions. I can deal with it.’
        Dean took her home and helped her fix up her shoulder. He felt bad for leaving Sam to find his own way home, but he knew he would understand.
        Y/N grabbed a beer and headed outside and sat in her hammock. Dean stood in the door watching her. Not sure what to make of it or her. Eventually deciding to go join her.
         ‘Cam was my boyfriend, of well forever. We grew up next door to each other. Starting dating at like 10,’ she laughed softly. ‘We went through medical school back home together and came over to the US for a holiday before starting work.’
       ‘Australia. I got hit on by some guy in a bar and I turned him down. Things started getting weird, things went missing, it was just weird things. Anyway, Cam had organised this picnic but the weather came in, some massive storm. So he did some candle lit indoor picnic, turns out he was planning on proposing. He had just pulled the ring out when the demon possessed him. It attacked me and some guy came in and tried to exorcise it but failed it disappeared. He told me what it was and well it’s been a game of cat and mouse the past 3 years. Apparently it’s fun for him.’
      Dean felt his anger building, he didn’t need the light to see the tears in her eyes, he could hear it in her voice.
      ‘Your side?’
      ‘He attacked after a salt and burn a few days ago.’
      ‘Why didn’t you call in help?’
      ‘I thought I could out run him, hide, not involve anyone else.’
      ‘Thus the two sides to you?’ Dean questioned.
      ‘If people can’t recognise me, they can’t pinpoint where I have been. I have a tattoo that prevents him from tracking me. So he has to find me each time.’
       They sat quietly for a while, Dean brooding and trying not to loose his temper. She should have come to them, should have asked for help. He understood why she kept it a secret but still.
       ‘Come back with us, we can help find him, keep you safe,’ Dean offered.
       ‘Thanks but no. I don’t do friends or relationships or anything. I’m a lone ranger, at least until he’s dead.’
       ‘You don’t have to be Y/N, we can help.’ Dean offered, rubbing a thumb along her knuckles, the action startling her.
       ‘Dean… I don’t… I can’t.’
       ‘I’m not trying for that,’ he replied shocked, he wanted to yes. But crap even he had morals of some sort and now wasn’t the time. ‘I just want to keep you safe Y/N.’
       ‘I doubt it would work out, having me around,’ she said quietly, thinking back to earlier.
       ‘Why wouldn’t it?’
       ‘Really? You aren’t exactly keen on the real me Dean. This right now, is my mask. What you seen when you arrived, is what you get. And that wasn’t exactly something you approved of.’
       ‘Wait, what? No. I love what I saw. I told you, you took it the wrong way.’
       ‘I’m serious Y/N, I love the laid back, relaxed homey you. It’s much more appealing and just feels easier to be around than this hunter version of you. It’s real you and the one I want to see.’
        He watched as she shifted. Y/N’s shoulder was starting to ache, the hammock was a bad idea, she was going to struggle to get out.
       ‘Can you help me out of this?’
        Dean nodded and helped her up, wrapping her in a hug.
       ‘Let us help you Y/N,’ he whispered as he kissed her head. It surprised her how much comfort that one action provided. How much safer she felt right now, with him. She thought back to the times she had shared a motel room and how much better she slept. It was tempting, but sooner or later it would all end bad.
       ‘I don’t do relationships Dean, even friendships and hunting partners. They all end up dead.’
       ‘That’s not a new thing for us,’ he laughed.
       Y/N left to go to bed. She woke the next morning, to the smell of pancakes.
       ‘If I go with you, it’s only until we find him and kill him,’ she said as she walked into the kitchen the next morning.
       ‘We can work on that for starters,’ Dean commented handing her a coffee giving her a lob sided smile.
      ‘I go as me, I’m done hiding behind make up. It takes too long to put on.’
      ‘Less crap to travel with, we’re good for that.’
      Sam walked in, and looked at her. Dean had filled him in last night. He knew how hard it was, the pain she was in right now.
      ‘No promises of a hunky dory, buddy type relationship. I will be keeping myself.’
      ‘I think I understand that, but we can work on it,’ Dean grinned.
      ‘I have a thing about fast food, I can’t handle it for long periods of time.’
      ‘We have a place, we are based at and you have here. So we can move between the two. Stop for a few days or weeks at which ever we are closer at, between hunts,’ Sam offered. ‘I’m not a fast food fan either.’
       ‘If you are happy to cook like we had last night, I will rent a house every night of the week,’ Dean commented. He watched as she considered it, playing with the material on her skirt. He did love those skirts.
       ‘I’m going to regret this aren’t I?’ she sighed.
      ‘Never, it will be great,’ Sam grinned.
      ‘I want one of my car’s at your place,’ she demanded. ‘If things go south I want to be able to leave.’
      ‘Deal, Sammy can drive it there seeming as your out of action.’
      ‘If either of you are hurt, targeted or I even think you may be in danger. I’m gone.’
      ‘Deal,’ Sam said.
      Dean glared at him, that wasn’t happening. Regardless of her worry. He was not letting her face this demon alone. He also had no plans to let her out of his sight until this demon was dead.
       ‘I guess it means I’m packing,’ she frowned standing and heading to her bedroom.
       ‘It’ll be ok, I promise,’ Dean commented as he walked into her room. Watching as she shut a draw. ‘The bunkers the safest place in the world. And I promise, I won’t let him hurt you again.’ He watched as the tears formed in her eyes again, he pulled her into a hug, and just held her while she tried to calm herself down.
       ‘We’ve got your back Y/N. I’ve got it. He’s as good as dead.’