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Au where Yuuri owns a bakery he usually works in the back and Yurio works up front. Viktor comes in like every morning and is used to the greeting the teenager only to be ignored. Well one morning when Viktor comes in Yurio isn't there and it's Yuuri instead. Viktor immediately falls in love and every time he comes back he asks for Yuuri.

victor, probably when he sees yuuri for the first time lmao

  • yurio: viktor what is this book
  • viktor: ...500 funny jokes that will make your kids laugh
  • yurio: burn it
  • viktor: but-
  • yurio: b u r n

Fire/Lava Bendy

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camping trip in college!! the boys never camped back home and they're so excited to do such an "american" thing. would they love it? be terrible at it? over pack? under pack? go swimming in a lake? find some wildlife? would phichit be a glamper? what about hiking? or trying to fish? tent makeouts?? sharing a sleeping bag??? making hot cocoa and snuggling in front of the campfire????

Phichit says to Yuuri that he wants to try out as many “American” things as he can while they’re at school, and Yuuri is the one to suggest camping

They borrow a bunch of camping stuff from friends, including a truck

They absolutely over pack due to everyone’s favorite anxiety ball Yuuri

They greatly underestimate how annoying the bugs would be, especially because they picked a camping spot near a creek

Please picture Jock Yuuri with his biceps out carrying wood for a fire 😏

Despite neither of them ever making a campfire, Phichit is surprisingly good at starting them. He read about different log formations, “teepee” one being good for just a typical bonfire of smores and “log cabin/ platform” being good for cooking food, and has a knack for getting them lit quickly.

Phichit insists they make smores

They leave their phones in the truck so they don’t waste the charge and to have in case of emergencies. But they do bring a disposable camera for the novelty of it all. They both assume it’s going to be a little bit of a train wreck, so they want to document it if they can. Phichit gets some great shots of Mountain Man Yuuri attempting to spear fish and then fall into the water. Yuuri captures bead head Phichit and Phichit gets one of Yuuri with slightly curly hair since the humidity is so high.

Skinny dipping in the lake 😏👍

Phichit isn’t necessarily a glamper, but he really dislikes everything about feeling unclean. They stay there for a long weekend, and they can’t exactly shower when they’re there? (Aside from swimming) He hates how there’s always dirt under his fingernails and always feeling grime on his skin from dried sweat and just being out in the forest

Neither of them have the heart to kill any woodland animals so they bring all their food with them. They still try to fish for fun though.

Phichit SWEARS one night a turkey stuck its head in their tent while Yuuri was sleeping

One day while hiking, they pass a really cute family of deer with two adorable fawns. A different day they get chased by geese.

The first night, Phichit is cold and asks to snuggle up into Yuuri’s sleeping bag. They sleep just spooning like that. The next night it’s Yuuri who crawls into Phichit’s sleeping bag and kisses his neck until Phichit meets him with lips

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Pepper: Salt’s not in it, so I don’t care!

Salt: Omg, like, same!

Pickel: Season one was… Interesting, and I don’t really want to do another one.

Bomb: W-well I w-w-wanted to g-get into s-s-season two. It l-looks v-v-very exciting.

OJ: Well, I don’t really have a reason to be in season two. I won season one, so obviously I don’t need to be in season two.

Paper: Season one left me with enough trauma, so, I’m good.

Paper: Plus, I met my best friend because of it, so I can’t really gain much else.

OJ: Aww, dude.

So apparently Ignis was suffering of back ache
And decided to…not help me?

1. An apology for the video not showing how he ended up walking away (he literally didn’t help): I sadly play this in Xbox and it has a very crappy system of filming I still can’t get a grip of, and therefore I timed incorrectly.

2. An apology to you all who apparently can’t stand another language that isn’t yours. and apparently get very upset when they hear something else.


but i’m pretty sure you already knew that.